Hatch Solar Project Lists


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Hatch Solar Project Lists

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Hatch Solar Project Lists

  1. 1. Solar Power Representative ExperienceYear Project/Client/Location Type of Energy Summary of Services2010 - Flynn Canada Solar PV System Solar PV Electrical drawing review, feed-in tariffPresent Review, Carlisle Energy Services, (FIT) contract due diligence and Ontario, Canada application (H-336293)2010 - Prefeasibility of 19 Solar PV sites, Solar PV From a set of 19 potential sites, bothPresent Thunder Bay Hydro, Thunder Bay, ground and roof mount, determined the Ontario, Canada ranking of the sites based on a number of (H-335880) criteria. Work included developing a 3D model of the sites for shade modeling as well a site visit to gain first-hand knowledge of potential issues2010 Welland Hydro Solar Project, Solar PV Assistance in assessing the opportunities Welland, Ontario, Canada to become a generator of solar power (H-335509) under Ontarios FIT program. General economic analysis was performed for projects that would qualify as rooftop installations and as micro FIT projects. Specific sites were also evaluated from a structural perspective for suitability as rooftop PV sites2010 Renewable Energy Approvals for 15 Solar PV Environmental constraints assessment for PV Sites, Canadian Solar, Ontario, ground-mount solar plants at 15 sites in Canada eastern Ontario (H-335467)2010 - 36-kW Rooftop PV Installation, Solar PV Structural assessment, projectPresent Canadian Opera Company, Toronto, management Ontario, Canada2010 10-MW Solar PV Plant, Peterborough Solar PV Owner’s representative during Utilities Inc., Peterborough, Ontario, construction, review of EPC contractor’s Canada engineering package, Owner’s (H-334478) representative on construction site, PV module testing, noise study, commissioning oversight2010 10-MW Solar PV Plants, Photowatt Solar PV Engineering services: preparation of Inc., Northern Ontario, Canada connection impact assessment packages (H-333698) for submission to transmission system owner on behalf of solar PV project developer 42LIST047 08/2010
  2. 2. Solar PowerRepresentative ExperienceYear Project/Client/Location Type of Energy Summary of Services2010 Solar PV technical due diligence, Solar PV Technical review of modules and ground- energy yield modeling, Spark Solar, mount tracking technology, energy yield Innerkip, Ontario, Canada modeling and uncertainty analysis, (H-335061) correlation of PV system output (actual) to site-specific satellite and meteorological data2010 10-MW utility-scale solar PV plants at Solar PV Environmental constraints assessment; 20 sites in Ontario, Northland Power, and development of preliminary layouts (H-335028) and electrical system design for 10 MW ground mount Solar plants at twenty different sites in Ontario2010 – Pre-feasibility study for a 50 MW CST Solar Thermal Site selection, preliminary resourcePresent power plant, SolAfrica (Pty) Ltd assessment, and a set of Request for (H335005) Proposal document to vendor for the feasibility study phase2010 Rooftop Solar PV Feasibility Study, Solar PV & Preliminary engineering, structural Mohawk College, Hamilton, Ontario, Wind assessment of roof, energy yield; cost Canada estimation; review of client’s rooftop (H-334935) portfolio; scenarios for monetizing the solar systems under the Ontario Power Authority’s (OPA) feed-in tariff (FIT) program. Potential combined capacity of 750 kW2010 – Pre-feasibility study for a 250 MW Solar Thermal Site assessment, technology review andPresent CST power plant, Exxaro Resources recommendation, interface specification, (H334725) evaluation of vendors’ proposals, technical inputs to the business case2010 – Technical due diligence of rooftop Solar PV Technical evaluation of 6 PV systemPresent photovoltaic (PV) system suppliers, technology suppliers for multi-MW Horizon Holdings, Hamilton, rooftop portfolio; economic evaluation Ontario, Canada (H-334490)2009 Close-out phase of the conceptual Solar Thermal Investigation of the business case and study for a 250 MW CST power completion of the conceptual study for a plant, Exxaro Resources 250 MW CST plant near the Lephalale (H334014) area for power generation 2
  3. 3. Solar PowerRepresentative ExperienceYear Project/Client/Location Type of Energy Summary of Services2009 - MeerKAT 4-MW CSP Pilot Plant/0.5- Solar Thermal Technology selection, preliminary designPresent MW Photovoltaic Power Plant & Solar PV specification, bid document preparation, Prefeasibility Study, Northern Cape, prefeasibility study for large-scale CSP South Africa plant (H-333103)2009 Solar PV Constructability Review, Solar PV Environmental screening and Sequoia Energy Inc., Thunder Bay, constructability review for 10-MW PV Ontario, Canada plant (H-333324)2009 250-kW Tracking Rooftop Solar Solar PV Preliminary engineering, structural Photovoltaic Plant, Extrudex, assessment of roof, HV interconnection, Toronto, Ontario, Canada energy yield, review of Design-Build (H-333936) proposal including single axis tracker design2009 - 220-kW Rooftop Solar Photovoltaic Solar PV Preliminary engineering, structuralPresent Plant, Confidential Client, Toronto, assessment of roof, energy yield; cost Ontario, Canada estimation; review of client’s rooftop (H-333752) portfolio; submission of OPA Feed-In Tariff Application2009 4-MW Utility-Scale Solar Photovoltaic Solar PV Preliminary engineering, site selection, Plant, Metallurg Vanadium, environmental screening, energy yield Cambridge, Ohio, USA and economic evaluation; cost estimation (H-333625)2009 2.5-MW Rooftop Solar Photovoltaic Solar PV Preliminary engineering, structural Plant, Brampton Brick Ltd, Welland, assessment of roof, HV interconnection, Ontario, Canada energy yield and economic evaluation; (H-333811) submission of OPA Feed-In Tariff Application2009 100-MW Solar Photovoltaic Plant, Solar PV Environmental screening, preliminary Samsung Engineering and engineering and cost estimates Construction, Southern Ontario, Canada (H-332683)2009– 2 to 10-MW utility-scale solar PV Solar PV Transmission interconnection design,Present plants at 25 sites in Ontario, preliminary engineering and Recurrent Energy, Canada environmental screening of 25 sites for (H-332726, H-333352) utility-scale PV installations (2 to 10-MW) 3
  4. 4. Solar PowerRepresentative ExperienceYear Project/Client/Location Type of Energy Summary of Services2009 Melancthon Quarry Solar PV Solar PV Feasibility study of installing 50 to 100 Feasibility Study, Highland Company, MW of solar power generation as part of Canada a large quarry development (H-332153)2008– Integrate Solar-Combined Cycle Gas Solar Thermal Feasibility study of a 180-MWPresent Turbine Project, Acquasol (150-MW gas turbine combined cycle Infrastructure Ltd., Australia and 30-MW concentrated solar generated (H-327558) steam) power plant for a 10-ML/d desalination plant2008– 8- to 10-MW Solar PV Power Plants, Solar Site selection, equipment specification,Present EPOD Solar, Canada transmission interconnection design and (H-329915) application for multiple 8- to 10-MW solar PV power plants2007– 100-kW solar power for new office Solar Technical and commercial evaluation ofPresent building, Hatch (Corporate), three proposals to install 100-kW of solar Mississauga, Canada photovoltaic panels on the roof and (H-305420) parking lot of Hatch’s new office building2008– Siting of 8-MW solar photovoltaic Solar Site selection, transmissionPresent power plants, Omniwatt, Canada interconnection design and application (H-330440) for multiple 8-MW solar PV power plants2008– Siting of 8- to 10-MW solar Solar Site selection, transmissionPresent photovoltaic power plants, Juwi interconnection design and application Solar, Canada for multiple 8- to (H-329860) 10-MW solar PV power plants2008 – Solar Power Tower, Debswana, Solar Viability study for Solar Power TowerPresent Botswana (Updraft Chimney) project for client, evaluating technical and commercial considerations as well as potential symbiotic projects.2008 Electrical Power Generation Study, Solar, Diesel, Technical and commercial evaluation of Debswana, Botswana Wind, Biomass, distributed and centralised generation (H-329165) Coal options (including solar - thermal and photovoltaic), for client from 10 MW to 100 MW. 4
  5. 5. Solar PowerRepresentative ExperienceYear Project/Client/Location Type of Energy Summary of Services2007– Siting of ten 10-MW solar Solar PV Site selection, transmissionPresent photovoltaic power plants, UPC interconnection design and application Solar, Canada for ten 10-MW solar PV power plants (H-327531)2004 Feasibility Study of Hybrid Solar/ Biomass/ Study of technical, commercial and Renewable Energy Project, Wind financial viability of 20- to50-MW Confidential Client, Dominican renewable hybrid plant using various Republic renewable energy resources (P15645)2001– Renewable Energy Hybrid Power Solar/Wind/ Feasibility study for providing Beaches2002 Plant/Canadian International Biomass Grande Sport and surrounding Sandals Development Agency (CIDA) on resorts in Ocho Rios with electricity from behalf of Sandals Resorts renewable resources, including wind, International, Jamaica solar and biomass (P14049)1999– Renewable Energy Hybrid Power Solar/Wind/ Development of a program for supplying2000 Plants for Isolated Village Biomass electricity, using only renewable energy Power/CIDA on behalf of sources, to rural communities that cannot Government of Bangladesh be connected to the national grid (P13293)1998− Assessment of Generation Wind/Solar/ Assessment of competing generation2000 Alternatives/International Finance Geothermal/ projects for development by private Corporation (IFC), Uganda Hydro investors in Uganda (P12603)1997– Lake Matano Regulation Structure/ Solar Installation of a solar panel backup1998 PT. Inco, Lake Matano, Island of system for the diesel generator to provide Sulawesi, Soroako, Indonesia emergency power for controls and alarm (P12235) signals only1998– Study of Power Distribution and Solar/Wind Review of the existing power distribution1999 Electrical Requirements to Year 2000 and electrical requirements for Airport. for Norman Manley International The study touched on all aspects of the Airport/Airport Authorities of Jamaica electrical system, as well as alternative (P12065) supply sources: wind, solar and cogeneration 5
  6. 6. Solar PowerRepresentative ExperienceYear Project/Client/Location Type of Energy Summary of Services1994 & Feasibility Study of Energy Supply for Solar Feasibility study of a range of energy1999 Davis Inlet Relocation/ Mushuau Innu supply options for a new community Band Council and Mushuau Innu being considered by the Innu, including Renewal Committee, Sango Pond, hydroelectricity, diesel generation, a Labrador, Canada wood-fired cogeneration plant, wind and (P11003) solar PV1992– Integrated Community Energy System Solar/Wind Assessment of renewable energy1993 Evaluation/Public Works Canada, technologies such as solar power or wind Field, British Columbia, Canada power and the integration of these (P10278) sources with other power systems1989– Rural Energy in Nepal/CIDA on Biomass/Solar Established baseline data on the1996 behalf of His Majestys Government availability of resources such as fuel of Nepal wood, biogas, solar energy, and micro (P9202-RE) hydro sites, and many aspects of their potential uses were studied1989– National Electrification Planning Solar/Wind/ Conducted a comprehensive survey and1991 Study/ Ministry of Fuel and Power, Biomass analysis of generation options, including Ghana large-scale generation on the (P8968) interconnected 161-kV system as well as isolated generation sources such as microhydro, solar, wind and biomass1986– Energy Booklet for Remote Lodges/ Solar/Biomass Preparation of an energy booklet1987 Ontario Ministry of Energy, Northern discussing the more cost-effective energy Ontario, Canada conservation and alternative energy (P8004) technologies available to remote lodges1986– Overview of Realistic Energy Options Solar/Biomass/ Acres assessed the various (non-oil)1987 For Northwest Territories Wind alternative sources of energy appropriate Communities/ Energy, Mines and for each Northwest Territories Resources Canada, Yellowknife, community. The options included Northwest Territories, Canada conservation measures, coal, solar, waste (P7802) heat recovery, small hydro, wind, nuclear, biomass, gas and others1984– Caribbean Airports Project, Electrical Solar Provision of electrical design and1990 and Airfield Lighting/CIDA, Various construction supervision services Caribbean Islands and Guyana involving the upgrading of facilities at 19 (P7219-E) airports in 13 Caribbean countries. Solar power was used for some of the lighting at two of the airports 6
  7. 7. Solar PowerRepresentative ExperienceYear Project/Client/Location Type of Energy Summary of Services1982– Study of Alternative Energies, Energy Wind/Solar Evaluation of the economic policies1983 Conservation and Canadas Needs themselves insofar as they affect energy into the 21st Century/Economic conservation and supplies of alternative Council of Canada energies, including cogeneration, wood (P6721) fuels, alternative transportation fuels, small hydro, solar and wind energy, hydrogen fuels, and coal-based liquid fuels1979– Solar Feasibility Studies/Public Works Solar Studies involved evaluating the1980 of Canada, Ottawa and Sarnia, application of active solar energy Ontario, Canada collection and storage systems for (P5610) building heating and for services or domestic water heating 7