SODAR AND LIDAR REMOTE SENSING SERVICES        RENEWABLE POWER                                        Sonic Detection and ...
SODAR AND LIDAR REMOTE SENSING SERVICES                                     CONTINUED        RENEWABLE POWER              ...
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Sodar and Lidar Remote Sensing Services


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Sodar and Lidar Remote Sensing Services

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Sodar and Lidar Remote Sensing Services

  1. 1. SODAR AND LIDAR REMOTE SENSING SERVICES RENEWABLE POWER Sonic Detection and Ranging (SODAR) and Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) are portable, ground-based, remote sensing techniques to directly measure wind profiles and turbulence characteristics over the entire blade- swept area of modern wind turbines ranging in height from 30 to 160 meters. These measurements decrease uncertainty in extrapolated wind speeds from meteorological towers and therefore available wind energy estimates for every project. Hatch, through its acquisition of GPCo, has many years of experience in remote sensing measurement programs in various climates and conditions across North America. Our custom campaigns typically range from three months to a year or more and are usually orchestrated with on-site tower measurements. Hatch optimizes the performance of each SODAR or LIDAR machine by considering site-specific terrain and climate. Regular on-siteGround-based remote sensing equipment maintenance and data retrieval are conducted to ensure consistent andmeasures wind profiles accurate data acquisition. REMOTE SENSING MEASUREMENT CAMPAIGNS • Complement conventional anemometry measurements for a more accurate understanding of the wind resource at and above turbine hub heights • Provide continuous profiles of all three wind velocity components as well as turbulence data at 10 meter intervals from 30 to 200 meters in height • Perform Initial site prospecting/ Feasibility measurements SODAR AND LIDAR APPLICATIONS FOR WIND ENERGY • Detailed wind shear and profile analysisMeasured and extrapolated wind speedprofiles: SODAR and Met Tower • More comprehensive input data for site wind flow modeling • Turbine inflow and rotor plane energy production estimation studiesCONTACTS • Detailed turbine wake effect and array loss studiesRay Kavanagh • Offshore and remote site assessmentGlobal Director, Wind Power • Simple multi-site spatial or seasonal wind variability or complex terrainTel: +1 403 920 studiesMichel CarreauDirector, Renewable PowerTel: +1 514 864 5500 x 6108mcarreau@hatch.caLouis AugerGeneral Manager,Wind Resources AssessmentTel: +1 514 864 5500 x 6501lauger@hatch.caTim DwyerManager, Wind ResourcesTel: +1 801 649 3672tdwyer@hatchusa.comRon Higson Remote sensing can precisely measure the wind resource at and above hub heightDirector, Renewable PowerTel: +61 7 3166 42CAPA034/10/2010
  2. 2. SODAR AND LIDAR REMOTE SENSING SERVICES CONTINUED RENEWABLE POWER SERVICES Site Evaluation and SODAR Deployment • Site obstruction analysis • Ambient noise/echo/line-of-sight analysis • Equipment calibration and characterization • Signal-to-noises ratio and data reliability checks Operational Support/Maintenance • Daily satellite/cell link for data download and operational checkSODAR at a proposed wind farm site • Routine site visits: weekly to bi-monthly • Local personnel maintenance training Remote Sensing Instrumentation • Experience with multiple equipment manufacturers • Custom power supply systems: solar, wind, gas/diesel generator, or AC • Auxiliary sensors: temperature, relative humidity, pressure, precipitation • Special features: GPS, precipitation mitigation measures Data Analysis and Quality Control • Robust multi-tier data analysis processTriton SODAR • Rigorous data QC using in-house software tools • Operational signal quality, data reliability, recovery rates Custom Data Analysis/Software Development • Ability to produce client customized data • Internal development of software tools On-Site Met Tower ComparisonDaily wind speed measurements • Used in most campaigns • Provides on-site data validation, reference data Standard Monthly and Annual Reporting • Standard tower correlation data • RS data profiles: vertical, horizontal, inflow angle, turbulence • Essential plots, tables and QC reports • Complete, concise and easy-to-readHourly wind speed measurement