Eat more veggies!


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Eat more veggies!

  1. 1. Eat more veggies!The Benefits of Being a Vegetarian
  2. 2. The Vegetarian HistoryWhile no one knows the true beginning of vegetarianism,many believe the origin was long before recorded history.Forging for nuts and berries must have been easier than hunting animals! Nuts & Berries Rock!
  3. 3. Famous Vegetarians in History• Pythagoras Pythagoras was a• Leonardo da Vinci Greek mathematician and until the word• Benjamin Franklin vegetarian was• Albert Einstein created, non-meat• George Bernard eaters were often Shaw called Pythagoreans!
  4. 4. Why Become a Vegetarian? There are many different reasons people adopt a vegetarian lifestyle.• Religion – some religions forbid the eating of all or some flesh.• Ethical – the use of factory farming practices and the inhumane treatment of animals is on the rise.• Health Effects – antibiotics and hormones are being used in factory farmed beef, poultry and pork.• Economic Reasons – the price of meat continues to rise and other sources of protein offer a more affordable source.
  5. 5. So Many Vegetarians!Harvard Women’s Health Watch reports thatthere are six to eight million adults just in the United States who are some form of vegetarian. Vegans, lacto-ovo vegetarians, ovo vegetarians and partial vegetarians all have different standards but are all still considered vegetarians.
  6. 6. Vegans have a very restrictive attitude and won’t eat anything that had a face! They don’t eat any meat or use any products derived from animals. This includes: • Gel capsules for medicines• Eggs • Film for cameras• Dairy Products • Leather• Honey • Cosmetics or products• Gelatin where animal testing has been utilized
  7. 7. Vegans are driven by a desire to lead a more compassionate and humane lifestyle. Did you know…• Poultry is crammed into tiny cages.• Chickens have their beaks cut off to prevent stress fighting in the small spaces they are forced to live in.• Animals are fed antibiotic laced feed and some are slaughtered as early as two months old. No animal should have to endure this treatment. Vegans want animals to live a healthy and happy life.
  8. 8. Other Types of Vegetarians• Lacto-ovo vegetarians will not eat meat, poultry, fish or eggs but they do consume dairy products.• Ovo vegetarians will not eat meat, poultry, fish or dairy products but may eat eggs.• Partial vegetarians usually avoid all meat but may sometimes eat fish or poultry. They usually consume dairy and eggs in their diet.
  9. 9. A Healthy Vegetarian Lifestyle What you need: Be aware…• Cookbooks • Don’t become a “junk• Vegetarian Blogs and food vegetarian”. Fried forums with other non- vegetables still have the meat eaters. unhealthy attributes of• B-12 supplements – this anything that is fried. vitamin is only found in • Lentils, beans, soy and animal products so a whole grains are a supplement is important. vegetarian’s best friend.
  10. 10. The Benefits a Vegetarian May See Lower Cholesterol Blood Pressure Control Lower Weight and BMI
  11. 11. Vegetarian Plate = Healthy Plate In an effort to get away from ourfast food lifestyle many American’sare trying a vegetarian regimen. Asthe number of vegetarians rise, we will see a decrease in many illnesses and long term health concerns. This movement is foranyone who wants to live a longer, healthier and improved life.