Catherine's products and services presentation


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Catherine's products and services presentation

  1. 1. Catherine Ochún Soliz-ReyHello, friends and family! It’s Catherine here. I have recently started myown home-based business that I am beyond excited about…As you probably already know I am going on to my second year ofcollege, and as I am seeing my loan debt increase, I am trying to positionmyself for success from now! I would greatly appreciate if you could helpme out by trying out at least one of my services! I am offering a lot ofessential products and services so please go through each slide.I do have a personal website however I thought creating apowerpoint might be a good way to “squeeze” all of these greatproducts/services into one document…especially to send it out toclose family or friends. On slide 3 there is some documentation (incase you have any skepticism!). Each slide is a different product .Happy Shopping!
  2. 2. Now before you start to look at my many many, many AMAZING products, I just want to go over some things! My Representative number (RIN )is: L491178 This number is very important, it will be at the top of every page just in case you forget it. You will need when you decide to sign up for any of products of services. That’s the only way I will get credit for what you sign up for so be sure to write it now. On each slide there will be a “click here for more info” or a “learn more” button, which will lead you to a webpage with all the information you need, or if you just want learn more about the product/services. If you interested in seeing the business opportunity of a lifetime then click here! If not please help me out by being a customer. You have nothing to lose. You will just beOpportunity doing me a favor. Also, if you any referrals that would be lovely! Thanks so muchFreedomIntegritySuccess Love,Vision Catherine
  3. 3. Vision, Integrity, Opportunity, Freedom, Success Click here for more documentation 5LINX.NET/THEREALDREAM (646) 730-5955 ASKCATHERINEHOW@GMAIL.COMClick for opportunity “A closed mind is the most expensive thing you can own.”
  4. 4. Ready, Get Set, Lets go!Feel free to contact me with any questions!
  5. 5. RIN#L491178 The 5LINX Velocity™The 5LINX Velocity™ tablet features dual front and rear facing cameras, built-in Wi-Fifor connection to the Internet without wires, 8GB internal storage and a vibrant 8"touch-screen display for easy navigation. The tablet can deliver up to 32GB ofadditional memory via optional micro SD card. Ideal for work and play, the easy-to-usetablet lets you surf the Internet, access e-mail, social networking sites and much more.Stream your favorite music, movies and TV shows from the Internet in full HD 1080pquality. The 5LINX Velocity™ tablet comes pre-loaded with the GLOBALINX®Mobile Video (GMV) App so users can make and receive voice and video callswhenever a Wi-Fi network is available Follow this link to get more info and order!What’s included:5LINX Velocity™ tablet with latest Android™ 4.0 operating systemFree Leather caseFree Ear phonesPower SupplyUSB CableOwners Manual
  6. 6. RIN#L491178 GLOBALINX®GLOBALINX®Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), is the technology that allows you to makephone calls using a broadband Internet connection instead of a regular phoneline. The main benefits are cost savings, larger calling areas and additionalcalling features at no additional cost. Simply select a plan and device that bestmeet your calling needs and you’re ready to start enjoying GLOBALINX service.GLOBALINX Calling Plans starting from only 14.95!!•Digital Home Phone ServiceUnlimited local, long distance and mobile calls anywhere in the U.S. and Canadaplus great calling features, E911 emergency service and more – all for one lowmonthly fee! International calling plans available.•Business VOIP ServicePhone service that exceeds your expectations and meets your budget. Plusunlimited long distance and great value-added calling features – all for one lowmonthly payment!
  7. 7. RIN#L491178 Through partnerships with the leading national wireless Carriers, 5LINX Mobile offers the latest phones and accessories at a great savings. Whether you’re starting a new account or upgrading your phone, you’ll find there is something for everyone. Save $100’s Vs. In-Store pricing Instantly Check Upgrade Eligibility Same Great Verizon, Sprint & T-Mobile Plans & Phones No Contract Phones from the Hottest Pre-paid Carriers New Accounts - Upgrades - Pre-Paid - Add-A-Lines RIN# L491178
  8. 8. Here is a snapshot I took of some of the many free phones I offer on my website!! No Catch!CLICK HERE TO GET YOUR FREE PHONES AND SEE OUR OFFERS!
  9. 9. RIN#L491178 Choose Between the top 2 leading satellite providers in the U.S. 5LINX® offers an affordable alternative solution to the cable monopolies. Why pay more for cable when you can get more channels, enjoy digital quality, and save money every month with satellite television.
  10. 10. Click for full NY flyer NJ 5LINX Energy Program 5LINX Energy Program brings competitive supply natural gas and electricity offers to residential and commercial consumers in select deregulated markets. Our goal is the increase awareness of deregulation; provide energy savings tips, and alert consumers to the benefits of choosing competitive offers. The program continues to expand its U.S. and Canadian footprint in both the residential and commercial markets by forging new partnerships. Visit the website to learn more and see if an offer is available in your area today! You Have Nothing to Lose• If you choose Major Energy as your supplier, your local utility will continue to deliver thenatural gas and electricity to your home, and you should continue to call your local utility if your power goes out. • Rest assured that you will continue to receive the same level of natural gas and electricity delivery, emergency response and meter reading from your current utility• You will continue to receive one monthly bill that is issued by your utility. Your utility bill will change slightly, as you will be able to see the breakdown between the supply, the distribution and delivery portion (the utility’s charges) on your bill. • It’s easy to enroll, and it’s FREE!
  11. 11. RIN#L491178 Broadband Internet Explore your options of available providers in your area for high speed internet. 5LINX® offers some of the fastest and most reliable internet connections for your home.
  12. 12. RIN#L491178  With almost 10 million cases of identity theft every year in the U.S.,  It’s a Fact… this crime has reached truly  ✔ Identity Theft is the fasting growing epidemic proportions. crime in the U.S.  ✔ The average amount of fraud per  Think about it… We insure our car, victim is $31,356 our health, and our home without  ✔ The average victim spends 22 days even questioning the importance of to repair the damage this protection. Yet the vast majority  ✔ Over 50% of ID crimes go undetected of people don’t protect their very for 5 months or more own identity!  ✔ Identity theft is costing Americans  5LINX ID GUARD is the absolute over $50 billion a year BEST way to protect your  ✔ In the last 5 years, approximately  Identity. 5LINX ID GUARD is simple, 500 million records containing effective, and just plain works! It’s  personal identifying information of the only ID protection you’ll ever United States residents stored need.  in government and corporate databases At just $14.95 a month! were either lost or stolen  (source: ITRC) Click here to see full Click here for more info to Protect Your―Self‖ TODAY with 5LINX ID flyer!! GUARD!
  13. 13. RIN#L491178Whether you want protection for your home, apartment or even a smallbusiness, our security systems offers the most flexible range of monitoringoptions. You can be confident to find a plan that will fit your needs and mostimportantly, fit your budget.What is 5LINX Security Systems?5LINX Security Systems provided by Protect America Inc. specializes in GEWireless Security Systems for your home or business. Protect America is one ofthe fastest growing security companies in the United States offering the mostaffordable and comprehensive security systems, video monitoring, and homeautomation packages nationwide. The partnership between 5LINX and ProtectAmerica Inc. enables 5LINX to provide affordable and reliable security servicesfor our customers. With 5LINX Security Systems you can choose from anassortment of packages, including one specifically designed for a business.
  14. 14. RIN#L491178 Click for full flyer Save money every time you accept a credit or debit card for payment. You’ll enjoy the lowest rates in the industry.Credit Card Processing & Merchant ServicesCentury Payments is a nationally recognized industry leader in electronic paymentprocessing. We have been recognized in both the Dallas 100 and the 2011 Inc. 500 listsof fastest growing, private owned businesses. We achieved this growth by offering state-of-the-art products and services that help business owners accept all major forms ofpayment. Make a difference with every swipe counts Benefitting Susan G. Komen for the Cure®, Every Swipe Counts is an innovative program that changes the way payment processing affects the world. For every new account activated, Century Payments will donate $25 directly to the selected program partner, as well as a percentage of ongoing gross profits. Payment processing is a necessary service for every merchant, but Century Payments can help make every card-swipe a part ofsomething bigger. It’s fast and easy to join, and is backed by Century Payments’ industry- leading service and support
  15. 15. RIN#L491178 How do you currently keep in contact with all your customers?... You see, every business or organization should be able to answer this question, but frankly most can not. The best thing about TextAlertz is that it provides you with an immediate solution to this problem. Think about it… if you dont have an instant and effective way to reach out to your customers or members, how can you possibly get the most out of your relationship with them? TextAlertz gives you the power to do just that—communicate with speed and impact to the people that matter most. TextAlertz mobile marketing is the perfect solution for your business or organization for several reasons: •Its Easy (you can be up and running in 10 minutes) •Its Effective (97% of text messages are opened and read) •Its Fast (reach your entire base instantly with the touch of button) •Its Affordable (your own on-demand communication system for $2/day) •Its something your customers want! •Click here to see how it works for free!
  16. 16. RIN#L491178 Click for full flyer Now there is a fast, affordable and easy way to stay in contact with your congregation. Text Communication is a powerful new way to reach out to your followers. Find out why faith-based organizations of all kinds are using ChurchAlertz.ChurchAlertz allows you to build and nurture your relationship with your congregation.Here’s why ChurchAlertz mobile marketing is the perfect solution for your organization.It’s Easy - (you can be up and runningin 10 minutes)It’s Effective - (97% of text messagesare opened and read)It’s Fast - (reach your entire baseinstantly with the touch of button) ―We were hesitant to try something new at first, but now I don’t know what we would do withoutIt’s Affordable - (your own on-demand ChurchAlertz. Every time we send ancommunication system for $2/day) announcement we see an immediate response.It’s something your members want! Attendance at mass has even increased thanks in part to a special verse we send every Saturday as a friendly reminder.‖ -Father Michael, Sacred Heart Church
  17. 17. RIN#L491178Securely Backup and Protect the Digital You.Whether its music, photos, movies, or tax returns, you rely on data. 5LINX Data Vaulthelps protect your valuable property with secure, offsite, automatic backup services thatare easy to use and keeps your data safe from catastrophic loss.State-of-the-art encryption, cross-platform support (Mac, Windows, and Linux),automatic backup, historical versioning, and retention of deleted files for as long as youmay need them.An easy, flexible, and secure solution for making sure all of your important documents,pictures, music, and movies are in constant synchronization among any number of yourdevices.Distribute all file types, including documents, music, movies, and pictures with whomeveryou like in private ShareRooms. You can create as many ShareRooms as you need, theresno limit.
  18. 18. RIN#L491178 Click for full flyer Get virtually everything your small business needs to decrease costs andincrease profits in one inclusive package, including our exclusive text marketing service.Owning your own business can be hard and finding ways to decrease costswhile increasing profits can be even harder. Do you find yourself trying tocompare services from a number of different vendors just to cover youressential business needs? Trying to arrange separate contracts for multipleservices can be tedious and time-consuming. Wouldn’t it be easier if you couldget all of your external business services from a single, trusted provider?5LINX® already offers the most complete suite of services for the home and forsmall business: Phone, Internet, Satellite TV, Home security, and Energy. Nowcomes the most impressive alignment of services targeted specifically for thegrowing business owner. Business Elite Services.
  19. 19. RIN# Vision, Integrity, Opportunity, Freedom, SuccessL491178 NOW THAT YOU HAVE GOT THE CHANCE TO SEE MY VARIOUS PRODUCTS. CALL ME! I APPRECIATE THE HELP SO MUCH. LOVE, CATHERINE INDEPENDENT MARKETING REPRESENTATIVE 5LINX ENTERPRISES INC. (646) 730-5955Click for my “The entrepreneur builds an enterprise; the technician builds a job.”personal website - Michael Gerber
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