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Wesley Ebook slides mastered

  1. 1. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 81. Email2. Instant Messaging3. News Groups4. Blogs5. Online conferencing6. Communication video7. Communication Evaluation
  2. 2. Email is short for electronic mail. It is a method used to transfer electronic information from one person to another.Information transferred can be text, pictures, mp3 files, documents or very small video files. The email server will alsostore all the information for free! There are many email networks, such as: Gmail, yahoo mail, AOL, and Hotmail. Emailis a great way of communication as it allows you to share the things you want with others. „Electronic mail predates theinception of the Internet, and was in fact a crucial tool in creating it‟ so without email the internet would not be the sameand might not of advanced as far as it has today. „Even with attachments, however, e-mail messages continue to be textmessages‟ this extract from an online article shows that emails are none other but text messages that allows us to attachfiles to send to a recipient. Email is very useful and different providers are in constant competition. I personally preferyahoo as it has a simple and easy to navigate layout. So presentation is important- also the colour is too as it needs to beinviting to the eye. However files above 20 mb are unable to send as there are limits on the data that is transferred in 1message. Some IM‟s exceed this to 50 mb so Email is far more limited when it comes to the cap on the amount of datayou are allowed to send. In addition to this there is no age range when it comes to email as it is used by everyone. Thenon-internet route of email would be to post them in the content mail. This is why electronic mail is so popular as you nolonger have to wait 1 week for a letter. So email has made our lives so much more simpler and has even bought about thebirth of instant messaging.1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
  3. 3. Instant messaging is far more popular than email. This is because email is not always that fast, whilst IM is. Anotherreason would be that with email you would usually have to click a few stuff before you can access the content the personhas sent to you. However with IM it automatically pops up, and if you are using a mobile device it comes through in apush notification- this alerts you straight away and when you swipe across the screen you get the information straightaway. IM is also beginning to take over tasks that we would use on email; so besides being able to send notes back andforth we can also send pictures, video, documents, sounds and web links. But the key most important feature is that youcan also create a chat room. Chat rooms allow multiple people to have a discussion and view everything at the same timetogether. Email is not chat room compatible, so this is the main advantage of instant messaging over Email. Here are arange of instant messaging providers… Whatsapp, ebuddy xms, Facebook messenger, Nimbuzz and iMessage. These aresome of the more well known IM‟s out there. „Already, more than four in 10 adult Internet users in the United States useinstant messaging software, and one in five IM users is sending instant messages at work, according to a survey releasedyesterday by the Pew Internet & American Life Project‟. The extract from washingtopost.com shows that already IM isalready starting to become a large part of peoples everyday lives! This suggests that because of its speed a practicalityInstant messaging is far more better than Email will ever be. IM is used mainly by teenagers and it is targeted specificallyat that age group. As it is used for social interaction and communicates with a lot of slang.1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
  4. 4. News groups are essentially just one big discussion group. They post updates on news from different locations around theglobe. So it is an online bulletin board. News groups will generally come in two types, binary and text. A news group willfocus on one topic of interest allowing other users to contribute to it. So if I were to read a news group I would be wellinformed as I would have gathered the knowledge of a particular area of interest, the news group I would get all thatinformation from would be a text based news group. Binary news groups allow users to upload files and have othersdownload it at their leisure. The amount of downloads allowed is unlimited! However this could be a problem asbandwidth could be small and some users may not be able to access the content. However most newsgroups allow usersto download files using their own broadband speeds. This allows easy access to the files shared by the author of theinformation creating a spread of information to an unlimited amount of recipients around the globe. Here are someexamples of different news groups: Google, Usenet, Microsoft and yahoo. „Every day on Usenet, the "blind men and theelephant" phenomenon is evident, in spades. In my opinion, more flame wars arise because of a lack of understanding ofthe nature of Usenet than from any other source‟ meaning News groups can create a lot of arguments as there will bemany conflict of interests. This is a disadvantage to news groups as you can never be sure that the information displayedis the right information. This will lead to confusion and arguments online. News groups audiences would mainly beadults unless the topic was gaming. The non-internet solution would be a newspaper.1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
  5. 5. People use blogs to communicate with people around the world. Blogs tend to be about peoples lives, containing manyphotos and details of when and where plus what was happening when they took the photo. Blogs are also used by manymusic artists in an attempt to connect with their fans and share their daily lives and new music. Blogs could also be for abusiness to show off their product- however this is not usual and overall Blogs are just used by everyday normal peoplewho have an interest in indulging in online affairs of the people they are interested in. People also use blogs so they canet paid by Google ad choice… So they create a blog that will be popular to a wide audience. Once people visit the blogand click the adverts then they will be able to get paid. Popularity is a large purpose in the culture of blogging as youwant a lot of people to view your content. Blogs are a very large aspect of the information age. They can be viewed anywhere! In addition to this they are easily accessible and can be very funny. However they can be formal or informal; itdepends. But blogs are not for communication but essentially only there to be informative. Blogs should not be used as apoint of reference as there is no guarantee that the information displayed is actually correct. The age range for blogsvaries as it can be used by anybody who wishes to display information about their lives.Here is a blog I created as an example, it also has adverts imbedded: wesleymichaelsmontreal.blogspot.co.uk1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
  6. 6. Online conferences is when you go online, using a webcam to have a conversation with a group of people over the internet (usually work related).This is far better than the non-internet solution, as you would have to travel to a particular destination and stay there and wait for the conferencebefore you can even think of heading back. Plus as it takes place over the internet, you can now have host a conference venue from any where inthe world. The advantages to online conferencing is that is cheaper as there is no travel or accommodation costs; people will feel more confidentas it is face to face; discussions are enriched with useful comments and suggestions. Online conferencing „Online conferences aresynchronous, asynchronous, or a combination of both. An example of asynchronous conferencing is the discussion forum type ofconference, where people post messages, which the system stores, and which other people can respond to when they log on‟ so this is an excellentway to allow online conferencing to carry on for a long period of time. Online conferencing is designed for adults who need to discuss matterswith other people regarding a business of some sort. Online conferencing may include the following features and more: online polls, mailinglists, RSS feeds, Wiki, web logs, instant messaging, collaborative document, editing personal and shared calendars. Online conferencing allowsyou to work from home! „As a result, web conferencing can remove the restrictions and isolation previously associated with working from home‟said an online article commenting on the benefits of online conferencing. So there is virtually no draw backs to online conferencing as it hasenabled so much that we thought impossible a decade ago.1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
  7. 7. Over all communication will always be a large part of our everyday lives. It help us allstay in contact with each other. Communication has come a long way over the pasthundred years, now being able to send information to one another in a fraction of asecond as preferred to information being delayed from us for a period of 3 months backin the day when we depended on the postal service and messengers to deliver keyinformation to others who we needed to read it. Some of the benefits of communicationare: You don‟t have to be in the same area to talk to anyone anymore, you can instantlysend messages with attachments attached to them, plus you cannot be the only one notto know about a particular subject ever again. Services like Facetime and Skype canfacilitate this, as it allows you to actually webcam others on mobile devices, macs orcomputers. The disadvantages of communication is that you either need to have anetwork signal or connected to Wi-Fi to be able to communicate online with others.1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
  8. 8. 1 2 3 4 5 6 71. Train timetables2. Train Timetable sheet3. News Services…4. Digital Schedule5. Real time information video6. Real time info evaluation
  9. 9. Train timetables are apart of real time information as it is information on when the train will be arrivingat the station that is accessible by anyone who wants to know and has the means of going about it.Before the non-internet solution would be to actually go to the train station and there will be a boarddisplaying the times of when the trains are due to arrive. Now a days if you go to the train station youwill not only find the times displayed but also how many minutes there is till the trains arrive and it willdisplay if they have been delayed. A website created for real time information would bethetrainline.com, this gives you times on when the trains will arrive. This makes traveling much moreefficient as now you can plan your route without having to worry about waiting around for a very longtime. Another advantage would be that you wont get lost again! You can plot your route and find exactlyhow to get there and what train lines you need to take. This will allow you to track how much yourtravel costs will amount to. „Public can also get train information through SMS by sending the trainnumber to a mobile number‟ said an online article explaining the relevance of real time information ontrain services. What this shows us is that Real time information is now so entwined in our lives that it iseasy to not even notice it.Train timetables can now be accessed even on a handheld device, allowing everyone to stay updatedwith any changes in the times the trains shall be arriving. So the internet has had a large role in thecreation of Train timetables as it has allowed us to advance in staying in sync with anything that is dueto happen to interrupt the flow of our day to day lives; nevertheless it is there to inform too.1 2 3 4 5 6 7
  10. 10. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
  11. 11. News services keep you up to date with their online websites! They allow us to go onlineand access real time information about news that is currently happening in the world at thatvery moment. Examples of news services are: BBC, RT, Sky, Fox and ITV. Traffic reportsare under real time information also. The traffic is monitored by CCTV cameras thatcapture live feed of what exactly is happening on the road out there. The weather and trafficreports are then streamed through the news services that allow you to view it on a televisionset or on any internet capable device. Being allowed to access information that would beimpossible to know or predict is a large part of real time information. The non internet waywould not even exist as you would never be able to get the current scope of traffic orweather. However you could use a news paper, but that is unreliable. Plus not all areastraffic reports are available, including the weather as this may be inaccurate and bepredicted the wrong way.1 2 3 4 5 6 7
  12. 12. This is a picture of the digitaltime table that you can findupon many London bus stopsthat tell you how long it isbefore your bus arrives.This is a picture of a digitalschedule board at an airport.This is important as passengersneed to know what time theycan expect to arrive at theirdestination.1 2 3 4 5 6 7
  13. 13. Real time information is fast, simple and easy to access. You can get it in all sort of forms.You just have to know what people want and make a way for them to access a live timetablethat can be changed at anytime, such as the time board at an airport which will change tosay if a flight has been delayed, or if it is late and if it is on schedule. The weather can beaccessed on any handheld device (On an iPhone all you have to do is swipe down thenotification centre and you have know the weather for your location straight away). Thelocation services on your device uses a satellite feed to pin point where you are on theplanet and allows you to know what the weather will be like for that day. This is all done viathe internet; mechanising us with the equipment to never not know what is going on aroundus ever again. Real time information is also heavily based on time as it is meant to guide uson how to get to our destination in the quickest and safest way possible. This is why allservices be it: weather, traffic, bus, flight are all interlinked as if either one of thosevariables go wrong then this will result in delays, however with real time information wecan always find a way of getting around all of that.1 2 3 4 5 6 7
  14. 14. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 81. Online gaming2. iOS gaming video3. Radio Players4. Home Cinema5. Media6. Gambling7. Entertainment evaluation
  15. 15. Online gaming is the use of the internet to compete with other players live from anywhereon the planet. This can be done using consoles such as: Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, PC, 3DS, PSP.However, in recent years iOS gaming has revolutionised to allow a massive onlinemultiplayer in games using game centre or game developer private servers. So there aremany routes you could take if you wanted to participate in online gaming. However onlinegaming is not totally great as games can be overridden with lag, which causes everythingto go far more slower than it should go in single player. Here is a game that I enjoy. One ofmy favourite iOS online games would be NOVA3 as it has console graphics, and ismassively interactive FPS with virtually no lag during gameplay. However there is a smalllag spike when joining a map. The video below will show you an example of NOVA3 inonline multiplayer mode. As you can see the display is perfect and up to the standard of aconsole game map, plus critics say that iOS software is rapidly stepping up to the qualityof console gaming. So in the near future we might see more brilliant graphic online gamesfor iOS. The non online version would be to go to an arcade centre where you could verseyour friends at Pac man or other games such as that one.1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
  16. 16. Radio players is basically a radio online but instead of using radio waves totransmit audio (which is the non-internet option) it instead streams mediaseamlessly, allowing us to listen to our favourite radio broadcasters, such as:iPlayer Radio, Q radio, CBS radio, AOL radio including Yahoo music. Theseservices can not be paused or rewind as they are live streams. Online radiosstreaming have become apart of our lives. With online radios, you are now able tolisten to the radio on an internet capable device, the plus side is that the quality ofthe sound is extremely good as there is no radio interference.1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
  17. 17. Home cinema is a large part of online entertainment as you can watch movies by downloading offservices such as: Sky, Virgin, Netflix, Love Film and apple TV. It is being used as a way toentertain people using movies without having to ever leave your house and go to the cinema, thisis because as soon as the movie gets released on DVD its also placed on some of the above listedsites. „The reason people arent going to the movies is because theyre at home downloadingmovies‟. This is an extract from an online article talking about how entertainment has becomewidely based within the home. Technology has made it easier to stay at home and do all thethings we used to have to go out into town in order to do.1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
  18. 18. Media entertainment is not the sort of entertainment that would naturally spring to mind whentalking about entertainment, however it is a largely global aspect of society that keeps loads of usglued to our televisions, smartphones and tablets. For example: BBC News, BET, VEVO, RT andmany more all act as media entertainment. The best form of this is celebrity entertainment whoall owe their fame to technology. Technology has allowed us to transfer peoples work through theinternet, over the radio and directly to the television. This media form of entertainment isavailable in many forms, such as: Art, text, music, movies, drama, sport and news coverage arethe main subjects of media today. Technology has advanced so much that it now allows thosemain subjects to travel across the global information highway so that everyone can potentiallyhave access to all of the previous content mentioned.1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
  19. 19. Gambling online is a fairly recent advancement in technology. You may have seenadvertisements on the TV beckoning you to try by giving you around £20 free play whenyou sign up. They take and hold your credit card information and will pay the money intoyour account if you win. However the money on your card will be taken if you lose, so onso forth. An example of a gambling site would be 888 casino. When you join them you get£5 absolutely free. However in a poker game people complain about “bad beats”, this isonly from losing players as the site is totally legit and it is possible to actually make aprofit when playing. There is also another form of online betting which is Sports gambling.Sports gambling will allow you to place a bet on a horse and if they win you get a form ofonline credit which you can then either put straight to your bank account or onto a PayPalaccount. Online gambling has made gambling even more accessible but also means it ismore easy to get addicted and lose all financial consciousness as the money is digital andyou can lose your sense of reality.1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
  20. 20. Entertainment as a whole has taken many turns in different directions. I do not condone ingambling online as I think it is just another way for big online fiends to make money out ofpeople. However there are other good forms of entertainment, my favourite being Media. Weall know that we love to search up our favourite celebrity and see whats going on in theirlife… So much so that we feel as if we ourselves were apart of their life even though they haveno idea who we are. Online gaming has allowed users who love playing the same game tobattle each other and compete to see who the best gamer actually is. Radio players however aredying out in popularity as fewer people are listening to the radio- the only time being when weare in the car. Home cinema has revolutionised the way we entertain our selves forever! Fewerpeople are going to the cinema as it is simply just so much cheaper to rent a film bydownloading it. This means that film rental stores such as blockbusters will also soon die outalso. With so many of the old ways dying out, what does that mean for the future ofinformation transportation? Will we never have to leave our homes again? It is coming to thatday, and what a sad day it will be.1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
  21. 21. 1 2 3 4 5 6 71. Music and Film2. Upgrades and Software3. Download video4. Archiving5. Archiving video6. Download Services evaluation
  22. 22. Music is a large part of the downloadable services culture. One of the most popular music download services would be iTunes. It allows you todownload music straight onto your PC or apple capable device, there are also other sites which you can download music such as: Amazon,Napster, Tesco digital, play digital and Bearshare! Downloading music gives you the power to listen to your music on an audio capable deviceanywhere in the world. This is because you do not have to stream media in order to listen to downloaded music. The non Internet versionwould be a CD that you would have to go into a store to purchase. Nowadays you can download any song or album you want on just aboutanything. Downloaded songs allow you to pause rewind and play back your song without a waiting time; playing exactly where you want tohear it with out any waiting for it to load as it has already been installed in your device. iTunes used to be the only legal download serviceavailable online. Times have changed, thankfully, and there‟s now more choice for music lovers than ever before said a review on whichservice was cheaper. Amazon has been proved cheaper than iTunes, so now the competition on pricing for albums and songs should start to geta bit more competitive. You are also able to download films. Again you are also able to download films from iTunes! iTunes offers a wideselection of films that have just been released on DVD. With films that you have downloaded, there is no buffering as it has been fullydownloaded. You can download films right on to your sky viewing box too. All you must have is the means of paying for it all and you canwatch as many as you desire.1 2 3 4 5 6 7
  23. 23. Upgrades are improvements made to an app for example.You can get frequent updates or not a lot it depends onhow big and dedicated the app developers are. Here is anexample: there has been a recent update to the camera+app in the App Store that now allows you to store yourphoto essays in iCloud lightening box. This is a newfeature that enables your photo essays to sync in betweenall your apple devices. So you can make improvements toan app that already exists on your device that you havepre downloaded before by the route of an update. Youcan also get a software update such as: iOS6, windows 8and android. Software is a computer program tellingcomputers what to do and how to do it. Software is alsothe layout and display on your computer operatingdevice. Software also as to be very interactive so it iseasy for users to interact and do what the want to do withit. For example iPad has a multi touch gesture displaywhich allows you to use 4 fingers to switch screens orclose a screen to access the main menu.1 2 3 4 5 6 7
  24. 24. X drives is an earlier version of online storage. Xdrive enabled data to be stored and retrieved from theWindows Explorer file manager using the X: drive letter as the remote drive designation. Anothermethod of archiving would be iCloud as it allows you to store information such asphotos, text, music, and videos in the cloud. Another site is something called media fire, this lets youstore pictures and documents. Another special feature of media fire is that it allows others to access yourdocuments. Also iCloud does the same thing in their new software update of iOS6 which allows you toshare your photos in the photo stream with your friends. The non Internet solution of this would have tobe in a filing cabinet, this is troublesome as it takes up a lot of room. Archiving has helped many peoplebecause of its free storage space which you can expand by buying more space if need be.1 2 3 4 5 6 7
  25. 25. Archiving will always be a necessity as humans need to store a their history and all the thingsthat help them develop financially and be successful. This is best done through the internet asit is cheap and affordable. Rather than buying filing cabinets to store all your informationwhich governments and official legal firms still do today. However if it is all online where itis backed up onto separate servers then it becomes a whole lot easier to support the needs ofyour customer as their information is easily accessible. This principle is also valid whendealing with storing information for private use online. iCloud allows you to storephotos, emails, reminders, documents and notes which you can access on anyiPhone, tablet, and computer in the world (as long as iCloud is not blocked). Downloadservices can also be synced onto all of your devices once you have downloaded a song. Thiswill automatically be downloaded onto all your devices which saves time. Upgrades andsoftware are just the infrastructure of the digital world being made more sophisticated but allof them are completely useless without the internet as there is a limited way that you canentertain yourself with these products if the internet is not available. Download services havebeen made more widely accessible thanks to the devices that we use and soon everyone willhave made some form of download.1 2 3 4 5 6 7
  26. 26. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 121. Communication2. Change3. Banking and Shopping4. Information Age video5. Education6. Safety and Security now7. Safety and Security before8. Employment Opportunities9. Entertainment and Leisure10. Entertainment11. Conclusion of the Information Age
  27. 27. CommunicationCommunication is changing the way we conduct our lives as now we can communicate with anyone anywhere in the world as long as wehave a data signal, cellular network or connected to Wi-Fi! As the world continues to move, so does the advancement of technology. Everyyear sheds light on improvements to yesterdays devices and new inventions appearing on the horizon. At the centre of it all is a desire tospeed up communication across the globe, with the intention of making inconveniences a thing of the past. This was an article talking aboutthe improvements of devices and inventions. The further we go the more easier it is to communicate with others. Means of communicationexist mainly through mobiles as there are many platforms that you can use to keep in touch with one another. Social lives can now neverbreak apart as even when not in person you can still have contact with the people you care most about! Professionally it has taken a massiveleap forward as now you can communicate with your colleagues over twitter for example. Sending updates or on Facebook inviting people toevents. You can also message people on apps such as Viber. Viber will even allow you to make free calls over the Internet, therefore enablinga way of cheap voice communication. Life in the Information Age has truly revolutionised communication as now we can even talk face toface on a live webcam. This can be used socially or for business, FaceTime is a prime example of this as it allows you to contact anyonethrough the webcam built into the front screen of your phone. This makes technology portable which in 2008 was not possible!I personally use communication in apps the most such as: Viber, Facebook messenger, Whatsapp, and iMessage which is pre installed on aniOS device. These apps allow me to stay in touch with anyone I please. Another method of communication would be online gaming onplatforms such as Xbox although this is more trouble than its worth and its easier to get in touch with someone on an app. So game consolecommunication is not practical source of communication. I also find that Skype is a great method of communication as recently it wasintegrated into Facebook so they could reach out to millions of users who use Facebook, information had changed as I used a USB donglewith 3G data and could still talk for hours online with just 500mb of data.Facebook is also rolling out voice chat on their messenger app, this will allow people to communicate using voice chat over the Internet. Thiscan even be done over 3G however as it is not as fast as Wi-Fi the connection is poor, although there is the other but more expensive optionbeing 4G however this is rare in the UK.1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
  28. 28. 1452-Printing Press1790- Semaphore1837-Telegraph1876-Telephone1890-Radio1895-Film1940-Television1940-Computers1973-InternetTelephone was abreakthrough asit gave us adirect link ofcommunicationusing our voices.Which was evenlyprinting ink ontoany writablemedium.An alphabeticalflag wavingsignal systemA method usedto transfer amessage acrossa wire.A method used totransfer a voicemessage usingradio waves.A series ofmoving pictureswithout sound.Television wasused to transmitmoving imagepicture on liveTV, for examplea news report.Computerswere used tosend emails butthis was moretypical of thebusiness sector.Is the most ultimate method of communication yet, as it offerseverything the previous technology did and more. Including a quiterecent instalment in the technological world called video chat.1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
  29. 29. Banking and shoppingBanking and shopping has now been made so much easier thanks to online banking. Onlinebanking allows you to enter your account information and set up your security and passwordso only you can access your account online. Online banking allows you to make onlinepayments too, so you can transfer money to different accounts at your leisure. Also Barclayscard is offering a new service that operates completely on you using a sticker that you placeon the back of your phone and you can pass over a scanner in a shop and purchase whateveritems you want as long as they do not go over £15. Online banking is available on smartphones too, some banks such as Natwest, allows you to send money to your contacts by justusing their mobile number as long as they have a Natwest online banking account.My life has a large amount of online banking in it. I use online banking to transfer myincome into my other account and sometimes even into my off shore account in Switzerland.Bing able to bank is using the Internet is a major breakthrough in technology. 40 years agoyou would have to go to your bank directly in order to access your money. Plus even furtherback down the line you wouldnt even be able to use anything but a cheque to give othersmoney so they can place it into their bank account. However there were many problems withthis system as many con artists took advantage of the frail banking system of cheques. Youcould go into a store and pay them with a cheque, the cheque could bounce and you wouldof got away with the goods whilst the shop owner got conned. Now a days the system ofpayment is instant! Just one swipe of a credit card and pin will instantly draw the money outof your account. However... Because the transaction is immediate, it makes it easy forpeople to steal using a different method... Online fraud. They can pose as an institution andwhen you give them your bank details, withdraw as much as they want from it! This iscalled an account take over: An account takeover can happen when a fraudster or computercriminal poses as a genuine customer, gains control of an account and then makesunauthorised transactions. These fraudsters will then purchase online goods that will be paidwith the money from your account. This is the main danger of online banking that affectspeople from all backgrounds.1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
  30. 30. EducationLife in the Information Age when it comes to education is far easier than how it was years ago. Todays computer technology allows us to accessa whole new world of learning opportunities. However it is most important that learning is done in ICT as the world runs on computers. Withoutcomputers modern society as we know it would collapse, therefore it is paramount that the younger generation is taught via computers so that theywill not be a stranger to technology. Websites for learning which are most visited are: BBC bite size, academic earth, and iTunes which offers arange of lectures and books to be downloaded absolutely free.My education in the Information Age evolves around Apple products. I use ibooks to download the books I need for English; iTunes U todownload lectures whilst also downloading audio versions of books. You dont even have to download lectures and audio books you can streamthem straight to your apple device. Pages is an app that works like Microsoft word but in my opinion it is far better. Pages allows you to do yourwork on your iPad or iPhone and have it sync in the cloud so you can access the updated version of your work on either device once connected toWi-Fi. It also allows you to finish your work on your Mac as it syncs in the cloud so you can finish your work at home. Little children can also beeducated on tablets with the learning apps it offers. Things to help them with everyday things such as Maths and English. Science is also availableon iPads as you can get an interactive iBook that can teach you about the different subjects in science. Education also links in withcommunication because now you can email your teacher if you dont understand and get them to reply back explaining what to do. With classprojects you can webcam your friends and do the work together at the same time. Or use instant messaging if you cant webcam.Online schools offer flexibility with schedules as well as payment plans, but like any major decision, choosing an online degree program and anonline school requires a little research and asking the right questions. Is the school accredited? What credentials do they offer? What programs areavailable? This shows that Online schools are available but you must choose one that suits your means. Back before education in the InformationAge the only education you could Receive was from books and your teachers, now a days the information that was limited is now unlimited (withunlimited broadband) allowing us to access all the information on any subject we need to research. I havent stepped foot in a library for two yearsnow due to this vast change in technology. Books that I need I can get in less that 60 seconds giving me no reason at all to go to the library. Soeducation wise I always have the information I need with me.1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
  31. 31. The law enforcement agencies uses information in the form ofradio so that they can direct and ambulance where to go orpolice or fire department. This is all essential when in a case ofnation security such as the one in 9/11 where the emergencyresponse team needed to radio everyone to get them allmobilised. And the airports received the information throughthe telephone ordering them to ground all flights. The resultleaving the US closed to the world in a matter of minutes. Thewhole world knew about the situation in an hour, this showsthe true scale of what technology is capable of when it workstogether through the radio, TV, and any communicationdevice. It can shut down a whole country in minutes. Anotherform of security would be ADT, when your house is beingburgled it sets of off an alarm which is relayed at ADTheadquarters and then in turn they call the police to thatlocation.1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
  32. 32. Before the information age safety and securitywould have to be handled by the local sheriff andeven before that there was next to no enforcementof the law, this was called the middle ages.However as time moved on safety and security didthe same, so as we entered the mid 20th centurysafety and security were the prime topics of anycountry. Police would patrol the street and as nobody had a phone if an attacked happen that personwould have to walk to the station to report it and bythen the attacker had got away long ago. It alsomeant that when solving a murder there was nosuch thing as DNA as they did not have the meansto detect such things, so almost always the evidencethat people were convicted of was circumstantialand therefore people were wrongly prosecuted.1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
  33. 33. Employment opportunitiesEmployment opportunities are in the Information Age arevery high as you could be anything from a game developer toan IT technician. In an ideal world computers will alwaysneed someone to control them and reach the peak of theirabilities. We are a leading online game development firmseeking highly motivated individuals for the position ofSenior Net Web Developer. This was a job opening in Artixentertainment which games company that makes MMORPGgames. In order to apply for the job you had to send all yourqualifications including some of the work you have done inyour previous occupation in game development in IT all in anemail attachment.You can also sign up to apprenticeships online that will payyou whilst you train for jobs such as:Logitech, Microsoft, and Apple. All those companies arecomputer companies that train you in what you need to knowin hope that you might get a job with them at some point intime after you finish your training. Another employmentopportunity online would be by going to job site which is aplace that can help you change jobs to make you happy withyour occupation.Back before Internet you would have to go out and search fora job yourself or go to the job centre. Which granted is still inuse today but looking for a Job on the Internet seems to be themode that most people choose today. There was also jobs thatappeared in News Papers too however these days not so manyjobs appear in the papers. I personally have not gone lookingfor a job, but I would go looking for an apprenticeship onlineone day if need be.1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
  34. 34. Entertainment and leisureLife in the Information Age has made entertainment far easier to come by. You can find entertainmentvia: Consoles, Online movies, computers, tablets, smart phones, Apple TV, and MMORPGs. One ofmy favourite methods of entertainment would be MMO games as you can play with others online andanyone that you know can play as all they need is a laptop/ computer with Internet access and theycan play along with you. This gives way to a massive online multiplayer where multiple players canchat and duel each other and gain experience and credits and level up. This gives way for competitionand is what makes this method of entertainment so addictive. However for more serious players whowant to be better than the rest, you can now buy points or memberships that can help you get the bestin game stuff possible to allow you to be better than all the free players. Therefore paying forentertainment is much more rewarding.Leisure wise would be music and ordering. You can order shirts from your favourite artists label suchas: YMCMC, oVoXo, Black Pyramid, MMG and many more. So due to being able to order theirmerchandise you get what you want and pay online which relates to Online banking. Another form ofentertainment would be VEVO and YouTube. These sites allow you to stream videos, the mostpopular form of video being music videos allows you to access music for free. You can even make aplaylist using VEVO.Console games have been going for a few decades now. Now you can buy console games online anddownload them straight on to your console and play the game... However it is rumoured that in theupcoming PS4 you will be able to stream games straight through to your console withoutdownloading them and still be able to play and save on an online server. This will become arevolutionary way of playing and adopt the way MMO games are operated but on a much largerscale. Game disks would have an RFID tag embedded in them, and the gaming console would readthat tag to determine if the game could be played in that game console. This tells us that games willonly be able to played by one console only. This will be the end of having pre owned games. Leadingto an era where people will be downloading games more often. So as memory is limited the need forstreaming games will become far more needed and widespread creating a huge gaming society thathas people from different places in the world who stream video games. It will also become part ofleisure as you can meet people on PlayStation network and talk to them and make friends. Interactingwith others on voice chat whilst playing games is always needed to make the game feel more realisticthis helps users to be in touch with the game and experience emotions as they grow attached to thegame and the people they meet inside it. A good example of this would be the plot in Spy Kids 3.1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
  35. 35. Unfortunately the information age wasn‟t always around, so what did people do forentertainment before the information age? People used to draw, write, read, play with otherpeople or spend time together as a community. However you must take into considerationthat working class people spent most of their time working and therefore entertainmentwasn‟t really anything that was needed. However we have seen since Ancient Greece thecreation of theatre and how that was used to entertain the people, also the use of coliseumswhere a large crowd would gather to see men kill each other… Kind of like what we gettoday in the cinema when we go to see an action movie. My most favourite type ofentertainment back before the internet would have to be learning how to play an instrument.Today we can play instruments on a computer my personal favourite being garage band onan iPad. Nevertheless entertainment wasn‟t as vast and wide spread as it is today as youwould have to travel in order to find true entertainment. However in the 20th century peoplewould gather round the radio and listen to stories being told and the news, this typical of anyfamily. Then along came the television and families still gathered around the TV to watchtheir favourite TV listings. „145 million people watch video online in the U.S., compared toabout 290 million who watch traditional TV.‟ This says that more people are beginning toneglect the old ways and move on to watching TV on the internet instead.1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
  36. 36. The information age has always appealed to most as being the age of change; rapid change thatyou must be flexible about when entering, and open to new ideas that will eventually change youreveryday day to day life. The internet has obviously drawn us further away as a family but closertogether globally, which is a strange but true fact as most people can not go an hour withoutlooking at their smart phone this is including adults over 40. We can find out the latest sportsresults, watch music videos, download book and far more. When we study the past and howsociety was run it was more isolated… So isolated that the states in the south of America starteda civil war as they had overtime made a way of life for themselves and felt that they shouldbecome an independent country. Today that would never happen as everything is so linkedtogether that at the first moment of a riot the police are straight on seen and everything is morecontrolled and the situation is kept under wraps as the law agencies gather information and cansend it directly through to the cops radio so they can arrive where they need to be at thatparticular time. So the information age has made a huge impact of safety and security, which hasto be one of the biggest changes that we have seen, as it is so hard to get away with a really bigcrime, even if it is online. Such as: hacking into NASA, hacking into someones bankaccount, stealing codes, hacking into the CIA etc. You always get caught at the end of it due tothe age of information. So is the information age a good thing or a bad thing? It is whatever wemake of it.1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
  37. 37. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 111. What is it?2. Dismantling the Digital Divide3. Motivation/ Fear4. Economical5. Special Feature: China6. Digital Divide Geo7. Geographical8. Online and Offline9. Measures taken10. Digital Divide conclusion
  38. 38. The Digital Divide is economic inequality. It is were a some people do not have any accessto communication technologies or information, the Digital Divide in America is a greatexample as some people do not have access to and communication technologies orinformation such as the Amish community. However there is also Global Digital Divide asthe majority of Africa has no access to any of the technologies that is so widely available infirst world countries. Digital Divide will be extremely consequential on places without itsuch as: Businesses, Hospitals, Schools, countries, and most importantly individuals whoseek information that is not available to them in their area. Countries will not go out andspend tax payers money to make their country digitally accessible as they have other farmore important things to spend what little money they have on. When money is not spent onbuilding up the countries infrastructure, a Digital Divide is then created. This is through nofault of the people but simply a result of capitalism. Farmers in first world countries are ableto use the internet to find a buyer and export their goods successfully to different countries,this allows mass production and more income for farmers. However some farmers in thirdworld countries are forced to sell their produce locally and therefore they get a lot less fromdoing so and it prevents them from going into mass production. This is an example of whathappens in the absence of communication technologies, which is a prime example of theDigital Divide.1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
  39. 39. The motivation to use the internet is very high! Since the internet was created over 3 billionweb pages has been set up, you can learn; set up a business; pay your bills; shop online; playgames; socialise; watch music videos and listen to music online all whilst never leaving thecomfort of your home. These would be the main motivations of using the internet. Howevermost importantly, the internet is the biggest archive centre in the world where anyone canaccess anything they need to know. You can even find out about your own familyhistory, making the internet nothing but a huge well of knowledge just waiting to be tappedinto and accessed by who so ever needs it. People who fear it in first world countries such asAmerica would be the elderly as they have no idea how to actually use the internet thereforethey do not see its overwhelming benefits. In America „54% of people not using the Internetin America think it would not only have no positive value on their lives but actually do themharm.‟This tells us that America‟s Digital Divide is quite vast which is expected as it is sucha large country. The motivation for some people isn‟t enough and the fear of failure whileonline keeps people away from using such a recent invention, the fact that the internet hasgrown in popularity in such a small amount of time leads many people to believe that theinternet is in fact evil, which is why they would rather stay as far away from it as theypossibly can.1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
  40. 40. The economical side of the Digital Divideis that people without access to technologyare less likely to succeed in life. Itdeveloped countries the internet is a keycomponent in civil life that they aim toguarantee their citizens. Technology is partof the information infrastructure as peoplecan use it to make productivityimprovements to their business. Also a lotof trade is done online such as the stockmarket where people will trade shares indifferent companies. This helps theeconomic growth of a country and allowsthem to improve the lifestyle of theircitizens; giving them a competitiveadvantage over other countries.In China economic growth is made inindustry and a lot of the stock marketsindustry is based in China. China‟sindustry would not be as huge as it is todayif it wasn‟t for computers. This is becausea lot of westerners have funded them andthe projects and made it a success throughusing the internet.1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
  41. 41. The diagram on the online and offline page will show you that less than a quarter ofChina‟s population is online. It is said that the amount of people online reflects a country‟seconomic wealth, yet with only a bit less than a quarter of the people online china has stillmaintained their place as one of the worlds largest economic powers. How does a countryloan out over 6 Trillion dollars to the US and still have pocket money left over? This isbecause of China‟s vast population 1,344,130,000 to be exact. Therefore around 250million people in China are online. Now that is more than enough to boost any country‟seconomic wealth. However this creates a Digital Divide as the rest of the 80-85 percentileof China has no way of ever accessing the internet and therefore they are stuck inpermanent poverty, which is why the rich in China are so rich while the poor will live onaround £20 a month. The internet has made a large gap in class and the social hierarchy ofany country, as all you have to be is creative and very clever and you can make millionsonline for example: Creating and designing an app can make you thousands and once youinvest that money into promoting your next app you can make millions in no time at all.Therefore China‟s economic supremacy is largely due to the internet and all the otherinvestors from wealthy nations, who order products and pay China to make it happen.1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
  42. 42. The diagram below shows how many internet users there are world wide:1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
  43. 43. Locally in the United Kingdom the Digital Divide is not that wide spread as the wholecountry is pretty much linked up together. This is because England is actually an island that isseparate from other countries and therefore we must always have contact with our interestsaround the globe to maintain Britain‟s economic and military supremacy… However thereare places up in Scotland Wales which are known for their isolation and therefore broadbandproviders do not see any need to go to those areas as there are only a few villagers living inthose areas. Globally it is a different story as some countries such as the majority of Asia donot have access to the internet or any communication technologies. This leaves thempermanently isolated and the government does not have the funds to do anything abouttherefore they are left in digital limbo. The excluded areas in the UK are left to use dial upconnections which can be extremely slow and makes it almost impossible to access theinternet or phone lines. People in California are using wireless technology (Wi-Fi) to accesscomputing skills to teach them how to use it effectively. The rural areas in the UK will canobtain Wi-Fi but at their own expense therefore that can be a setback when it comes tomaking it actually happen leaving the many parts of rural Britain in Digital darkness.1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
  44. 44. The chart shows the percentage of people globally that have access to the internet.1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
  45. 45. The measures taken to narrow the gap with the Digital Divide has been absolutely huge asthe countries that have made it so far in Digital success are now helping the third worldcountries along by giving them old versions of technology that no one no longer wants.However this will mean that they are still behind us in terms of technological standards. Onthe contrary we are doing it to contribute to the future of those countries as we want them tobe able to advance in terms of education and to influence their culture with a westernideology. This is because of the Americanisation that is taking place globally with Americaintroducing their idea of democracy and political power upon the world. If charities helptake developing countries out of technological exclusion eventually the world will beinterconnected. This will mean donating and helping to build governments so that they inturn can shorten the digital gap in their country. It is not enough to give a few select peoplea computer as we must consider the political aspects. We must build up the country‟seconomy so that they can provide that themselves and continue to do so in the later years tocome; improving the social, educational and cultural aspects of all developing countries.Socially people will be connected to their friends and relatives abroad helping people feelmore connected than ever before.1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
  46. 46. In conclusion, the Digital Divide is no where near over, the impact of war and poverty willalways plague humanity as far as the near future is concerned. Which leaves countries at adisadvantage as foreign companys do not want to come and invest in creating broadbandservices up and down a country if they are unsure of its safety, plus because of the poverty inthe country barely anyone could ever afford to even take that risk and set up their ownbroadband company for a country. The extent of this will leave a country behind in terms ofadvancement. However it is possible for a country to catch up, however it would take themaround 50 years and they would have to develop at a neck breaking pace in order to evercatch up. However that would mean that the quality of the product will be poor as it wasmade in a rush. However they could develop economically and get another country such asChina to make it all for them. This is very far fetched and undeveloped countries simply donot have the resources to do that. The internet would make democracy work far better asmore people could take part in elections and find out more about politicians backgrounds, sothis could drive a country forward politically. „The accessibility of rural areas to the Internetis a test of the digital divide. But nowadays there are different ways to eliminate the digitaldivide in rural areas‟, which is power lines and satellite communications. All in all the DigitalDivide is making small progress but there are some countries that just don‟t have the meansto ever catch up.1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11