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Features of civilization
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Features of civilization

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Eight Characteristics of Civilization

Eight Characteristics of Civilization

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  • 1. Chapter 1.3
  • 2. Cities Center of trade centers of cultural diffusion
  • 3. Central Governments needed to oversee irrigation projects and other public works ensure steady supply of food create and uphold laws defend citizens collect taxes
  • 4. Complex Religion gods controlled forces of Indus Valley Prayer Statuettes nature priests were needed to convey the will of the gods it was everyone’s responsibility to make sure the gods were happy
  • 5. Job Specialization rapid technological Weaving advance makes mastery in all skills impossible people will focus on the task or craft they are best at artisans emerge who are efficient in their field artisans develop techniques and technologies to make their task easier and more efficient
  • 6. Social Classes people were ranked in society based on the importance of their job priests and warriors were typically considered the most important
  • 7. Arts & Architecture Ziggurat art was created in order to express beliefs and to honor important figures and deities most major construction were building for religious purposes – temples, tombs – to honor their gods
  • 8. Public Works projects that the government needed to provide in order to help society run more efficiently – irrigation, temples, construction of walls, and more ensured that all task – even undesirable tasks – were completed
  • 9. Writing usually originated with Cuneiform priests initially used to create calendars and keep records of offerings to the gods government will use writing to keep track of public records – taxes, treaties, “official” documents