Reconstruction Comes to An End
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Reconstruction Comes to An End



Brief PowerPoint about the end of Reconstruction and the social issues left in its wake

Brief PowerPoint about the end of Reconstruction and the social issues left in its wake



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Reconstruction Comes to An End Reconstruction Comes to An End Presentation Transcript

  • Reconstruction Comes to An End THE AMERICANS SECTION 12.3
  • Southern Resistance Increases Socially  Carpetbaggers: Southern Democrats name for Northerners that come South  Scalawags: Name for Southerners who joined the Republican Party  Rise of the KKK (Ku Klux Klan) “Is This A Republican Form of Government?" Harper's Weekly, September 2, 1876
  • Southern Resistance Increases Politically:  Black Codes: racist state laws that limited freed slaves‟ rights    Poll taxes (pay to vote) [does affect poor whites as well] Literacy test [also affects white voters] Grandfather Clause (if your grandfather could vote in 1860, no poll tax or literacy test)  Amnesty Act – returned the right to vote and old office to many former Confederates  Attempts to stop resistance:  Enforcement Acts:   Oversee elections Send troops against the KKK
  • Public Opinion Changes  Corruption up, people think money is being wasted    Credit Mobilier Affair Whiskey Ring Belknap Bribery  Panic of 1873: people more worried about the economy than punishing the South  Currency dispute: poor want more money printed  Supreme Court is dominated by racists
  • Supreme Court Interpretation  U.S. v. Cruikshank 14th Amendment does not involve people discriminating against people; only the government discriminating  U.S. v. Reese undermined idea all black males can vote: ruled the 15th Amendment didn‟t give right to vote, simply listed grounds on which states could not deny right to vote
  • Changes in the Republican Party  White southern „scalawags‟ not committed to protecting AfricanAmericans  The party splits over corruption  Republicans v. liberal Republicans
  • Election of 1876 Republican- Hayes of Ohio v. Democrat – Tilden of NY • Tilden won popular vote, needs 1 electoral vote more • Florida‟s 20 electoral votes uncertain b/c of KKK violence  So…the electoral college can‟t render a verdict!
  • Compromise of 1877  Hayes became president  Democrats allow it b/c troops will leave the South  Result: “Redemption” – White Southerners regain control of the South **White Supremacy and Home Rule Restored**