Concrete Poems
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  • 1. Concrete Poems
  • 2. mcromeroriera@gmail.comConcrete Poems What are they? A concrete or shape poem takes the form of the subject of the poem.
  • 3. Concrete Poems Level: All levels Materials: 2 pieces of white paper Aim: Improving students’ writing and approaching them to literature.
  • 4. Concrete Poems Procedure, Part I: - First, you must pick a theme: for example, let’s say you want to write a poem for Valentine’s Day, so your theme will be love. - Next, pick a shape: following your theme of love you can choose a rose, a heart or even the letters L-O-V-E - After that, get out two pieces of paper: one is for the final copy, so put it aside. - With the other piece, write your poem. Do not worry about the shape yet, just write your poem.
  • 5. mcromeroriera@gmail.comConcrete Poems How to write a poem? • Again, following our example, you’re writing a love poem. Close Whatever moves your heart will your eyes and think about your partner or about different types of love: best friend, life, a pet… make a wonderful poem! • Think abou their qualities, what you love the most about them, why you are attracted to them. Maybe star at a picture of them for inspiration.
  • 6. Concrete Poems Procedure, Part II: - Now you have your poem written, draw with a pencil the shape you chose before. - You may have to play around with the shape so that your poem fits. -Finally, add a photo or other colourful resorces to make it even nicer.
  • 7. Concrete Poems
  • 8. Concrete Poems
  • 9. Concrete Poems
  • 10. Concrete Poems