Egypt’S Gods And Goddess

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  • 1. Egypt’s Gods and Goddess Marlon Cruto 8-41
  • 2. Introduction
    • It all started when the Watery Waste of Nun, a chaos god created Egypt with his body where everything was born. One hill appeared from the waters and was called Ben-Ben. The first god of Egypt stood upon this hill and his name was Atum. Atum created a bunch of gods and goddesses to carry on different roles.
  • 3. Gods and Goddesses
    • Atum- creator god
    • Shu- god of air (created by Atum)
    • Tefnut- goddess of moisture (created by Atum)
    • Geb- god of Earth (son of Shu and Tefnut)
    • Nut- goddess of the sky (son of Shu and Tefnut)
    • Osiris- god of the dead and ruler of the under world (son of Geb and Nut)
    • Isis- queen of the dead and ruler of the underworld (daughter of Geb and Nut)
    • Seth- god of chaos (son of Geb and Nut)
  • 4. Gods and Goddesses (continued)
    • Amun/Amun Ra- one of the most powerful gods of Egypt
    • Anubis- god of the dead
    • Aten- form of Ra
    • Khnum- a creator god and god of immundation
    • Khepri- god of creation, movement of the sun, and rebirth
    • Ra- god of the sun
    • Ra-Horakhty- combination of Ra and Horus
    • Sekhmet- goddess of war
    • Sobek- god of the Nile
    • Thoth- writing and knowledge god
    • Nephthys- protective goddess of the dead (son of Geb and Nut)
    • Horus- god of the sky (son of Osiris and Isis)
  • 5. The Legend of Osiris
    • The legend of Osiris was a legend about how Osiris, Isis, Seth, and Horus became gods and a goddess.
    • It all started when he was created by a creation god but some say he was born of Geb and Tut. He was the first king of Egypt and ruled for many years. Osiris was married to his sister Isis and Seth was their brother. Seth was jealous of Osiris so he killed him by throwing him in the waters of the Nile. Isis got his body but Seth found out then cut his body into pieces then spread it thought Egypt. Isis got all the pieces together with the help of Anubis and they healed his body.
  • 6. The Legend of Osiris (continued)
    • They then turned into a god and a goddess to be rulers of the underworld. Osiris and Isis had a son named Horus, he killed Seth to avenge his father. He then turned to a god to be with his mother and father. Seth also turned into a god, to be god of chaos.
  • 7. Conclusion
    • I had told you how Egypt and the gods were created. I have also named some of the gods and their roles they were created. I had also told you about the legend of Osiris. I hoped you enjoyed this presentation about Egypt’s gods and goddesses.
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  • 9. Bibliography
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