Credit And Employers


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In today's market where you have 10 people for every 1 job available Credit has become a serious consideration when reviewing applicants. For many employer the easiest way to reduce the number of potential applicants is to eliminate anybody with bad credit. As well if you are lucky enough to be currently employed and looking to climb the corp latter, then you will want to make sure your credit is good.

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Credit And Employers

  1. 1. VR-TECH MARKETING GROUP, LLC. 12/21/2009 Dear Employer Enclosed is an information packet for United Credit Education Services. Our company specializes in researching outdated, inaccurate and unverifiable information on credit reports; problems that very likely plague many of your employees, causing them numerous financial hardships. An investigation published in a recent report by the U.S. Public Interest Research Group has shown that one in four credit reports contain errors, many of which result in consumers being denied credit cards, home loans, automobiles or an apartment. By utilizing our service, your company can enhance its existing benefit package while helping your employees achieve their full financial potential. Our processing center employs the latest technology, enabling us to deliver efficient, personalized service. You can feel confident in your employees receiving quick, competent assistance from a company with integrity. Our system has been carefully mapped to provide the customer with the best care possible. First, our team prepares a packet for your employee containing their first challenge letters and information regarding the credit restoration process. Additionally, every 62 days our Processing Center will prepare a set of customized letters for your employees to send to the credit reporting agencies. Our Customer Service team is available by phone Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM-5:00 PM, EST to answer questions for customers. The duration of the credit restoration service is 11-12 months, or through the completion of five cycles. In addition to solving the credit report problems, UCES will also send a detailed progress report to each employee, giving them the status of each account. These reports are sent every 62 days with the dispute packets, but also available online 24 hours a day for customers to view. Feel free to contact me with any questions or to discuss the process in detail. I can be reached at (953) 707-2932 . Thank you for your consideration and I will look forward to your call. Best regards, Mark Bustamonte PO Box 68, Farmington, MI 48332 Phone: (248) 848 9065 Fax: (248) 848 9140