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SIGMA Marketing Capabilities

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Sigma Linked In Capabilities

  1. 1. 11/7/2008 Profile and Capabilities SIGMA Marketing Group, LLC © 2008 SIGMA Marketing Group/Confidential
  2. 2. SIGMA’s Client Experience SIGMA Facts SIGMA’s Corporate headquarters • is located in Rochester, NY, with a satellite office in Richmond, VA. Founded in 1985, SIGMA is a • privately held, limited liability corporation Employs 80+ full-time • employees. SIGMA has been rated in the top • 50 integrated marketing agencies by Advertising Age for the past 8 years. 11/7/2008 © 2008 SIGMA Marketing Group/Confidential Page 2
  3. 3. SIGMA’s Mission to help Fortune 500 companies with innovative marketing solutions designed to increase ROI Knowledge Marketing Sales Management Strategy Optimization Using marketing research Strategic programs built Optimizing and and statistical methods to off customer insights automating the delivery pinpoint the right delivered in a of marketing messages audiences and uncover key 1:1 fashion for progressively higher selling insights to customers and results prospects Friday, November 07, 2008 © 2008 SIGMA Marketing Group/Confidential 3
  4. 4. SIGMA’s Competitive Differentiators Integrated Marketing Solutions to Solve Business Problems– Using technology • as an enabler to grow and expand customer relationships for our clients. Strong Industry Experience—Over 20 years experience in Financial Services, • Business to Business and Consumer Relationship Marketing with Fortune 500 clients Knowledge Based—SIGMA focuses on the ability to fully leverage the customer • data to drive corporate revenue, using insights to drive marketing strategy that can be automated and optimized. Multi-Channel/Media Neutral-- SIGMA offers marketing solutions in a wide range • of marketing channels, including the internet and mobile markets. Brand Focused—SIGMA offers strong brand integration services, ensuring that • every marketing action taken is consistent the client’s brand promise Strategy & Messaging Touch Point Strategic Marketing Metrics and Project and Creative and Campaign Targeting Technology Measurement Management Strategy Management Friday, November 07, 2008 © 2008 SIGMA Marketing Group/Confidential 4
  5. 5. SIGMA’s Solutions Expertise Services Available to Support Your Business • Relationship Management • Tactical Implementation Account Services • Strategic Planning • Project Management Account Planning Knowledge Mining Marketing Research • Marketing Strategy • Business Assessment Models • Direct Marketing Research • Business Intelligence Analyses • Customer Retention, Acquisition • Internet Research and Growth Predictive Modeling • Customer Profitability Analyses • Customer Relationship Research • Product Mix and Purchase Advanced Analytics • Marketing Campaign • Qualitative Studies Pattern Analyses Management • Intelligence Gathering • Customer Segmentation Systems • Data Enhancement Strategies • List and Data Enhancement • ROI Analysis • Ad Hoc, Pre-/Post-Program Purchasing Analyses • Forecasting • Product Development Research • Creative Development and • Video Production • Direct Mail Positioning • Web and Multi-media Design • Print Production Branding, Creative • Copywriting • TV and DR Broadcast • Mail Services Messaging & Advertising • Illustration • Branding • Internet and Mobile Marketing • Print Ads • Collateral Database Development Application Development Interactive and Management and Management • Database Design and Build • Web Application Development • Landing Page Development and and Hosting Hosting • Warehouse Design and Build • Campaign Management • Email Development and • Network Management Database Marketing Deployment • Lead Management • Data Security Technology • Search Marketing • Web Services (SOAP) • System and Data Integration • Online Ad Consulting • BI and Collaboration Portals • List Processing • Touchpoint Collection • Software Consulting • CASS/DPV Certification • Hardware Consulting Page 5 © 2008 SIGMA Marketing Group/Confidential August 2007
  6. 6. Leveraging Customer Knowledge Analytics & Research We look for customer knowledge that can be turned into concrete • strategies that will drive our clients’ businesses. Our analyses become the platform for marketing programs and strategies. Ultimately, SIGMA’s strategic approach places emphasis on attaining the • most complete picture of your customers to understand their current and potential value to the company in order to provide the greatest opportunity for Marketing ROI Who What When Why How Attitudinal Demographic and Purchase triggers Usage dimensions dimensions of Effective strategies Firmographic for customers and of customers and customers and for customers and dimensions of non-customers. non-customers. non-customers. non-customers. customers and When will What is being non-customers. Why are What type of purchases purchased? segments communication is Who is in the occur? buying? most effective? market? Page 6 © 2008 SIGMA Marketing Group/Confidential 11/7/2008
  7. 7. Database Marketing Marketing Technology Technologies Customer Database Management is the Foundation of Our Client Relationships – Success in database marketing requires a marriage of technology, analytical and marketing expertise. – We have made an ongoing commitment to a superior technological infrastructure by investing in technologies as soon as they are practical for our clients marketing needs – We turn your data into an information powerhouse, with continually improved systems that can automate more and more marketing processes, from data hygiene to personalized messaging and campaign management. – Experience working with thousands of data sources of varying formats and structures has taught us the value of key quality control procedures and tools that are built, maintained and enhanced. 11/7/2008 © 2008 SIGMA Marketing Group/Confidential Page 7
  8. 8. SIGMA’s Marketing Technology Marketing Technology Blueprint Components Data Hygiene Environment • – SIGMA deploys best in breed ETL, hygiene and data consolidation tools and methodologies to deliver quality data to our client’s databases. Customer Database • – A database repository that will integrate customer data with external data, campaign data and performance data. – Enables automated monthly update processes in a relational environment to support analytical and marketing campaign deliverables. Analytics Environment • – Environment tuned for high-level analytical tools like MarketMiner and SPSS enables sophisticated analytics applied by highly trained users. Web Reporting Portal • – Internet access to real-time data and reporting for management and designated partners. Lead Management Portal • – Delivers customer intelligence to your sales and marketing team. – Provides new contacts for marketing and sales. – Allows for more productive contact targeting using prior response information. Campaign Management • – Automates and streamlines the development of one-time, ongoing or triggered marketing programs Page 8 © 2008 SIGMA Marketing Group/Confidential 11/7/2008
  9. 9. Messaging and Creative Strategy The SIGMA Creative Difference Left Brain and Right Brain Creative • Work The real value comes when we put our heads together. Because our analytical people know so • much about the target audiences and segments, our creative team has all the ammunition they need to craft a design and copy approach that fits the target with unmatched precision -- 11/7/2008 © 2008 SIGMA Marketing Group/Confidential Page 9
  10. 10. Managing 1:1 Touch Point and Campaign Messaging Touch points Management Mobile Messaging : End to end management of • promotional campaigns delivered through text. Direct Mail: SIGMA developed, printed and • mailed over 150 million pieces of direct mail in the last 18 months. Email: SIGMA helps clients choose email • providers, we manage the email provider relationships and manage complex email campaigns. Web: SIGMA designs, hosts and manages web • micro-sites and portals designed to deliver measurable interactions with our clients customers Lead & Response Management: SIGMA • manages the responses generated by campaigns – whether through the development of micro sites, telemarketing, or automated fulfillment operations 11/7/2008 © 2008 SIGMA Marketing Group/Confidential Page 10
  11. 11. Mobile Messaging Touch Point Technologies and Campaign Management We offer Technology and Support for Mobile and Text Messaging Idea Creation Campaign optimization Testing Carrier interfacing Hosting List management Platform management Short code management Technical consulting Concept development Technical & client Campaign creation support Marketing planning Real-time reporting Client support Short-code acquisition (USA and Canada) Sales support Page 11 © 2008 SIGMA Marketing Group/Confidential Page 11 11/7/2008 11/7/2008
  12. 12. Direct Mail Touch Point and Campaign Management SIGMA printed and • Managing the Direct Mail Process for ROI mailed over 150 million pieces of direct • Format – Choosing the most cost effective formats from years of experience in response history and production mail in the last 18 efficiencies months. • Offer Design – managing the most expensive part of the campaign • Volume --Use of analytics to minimize quantities while maximizing response rates drives down costs • Response – Aggressive testing for responsiveness and ROI Page 12 © 2008 SIGMA Marketing Group/Confidential 11/7/2008
  13. 13. Implementing Touch Point and Campaign Email Solutions Management SIGMA helps clients choose email • providers, we manage the email provider relationships and manage complex email campaigns. Managing multiple data Sources – Reporting – Delivery Management – ISP White & Black Listing Support – Dynamic Personalization – Automation capabilities – Return Path Testing – Page 13 © 2008 SIGMA Marketing Group/Confidential 11/7/2008
  14. 14. Touch Point Web Development – and Campaign Management Micro Sites and PURLS SIGMA develops • campaign-specific micro sites to control the flow of data, leads and responses PURLs bring • consumers to customized sites designed to capture responses and deliver value in the form of content, or offers. Page 14 © 2008 SIGMA Marketing Group/Confidential 11/7/2008
  15. 15. Web Development Portals for Distributed Marketing to Customers and Channel Partners Sales Playbook used by 5000+ Xerox Direct and Agent Sales force Marketing Storefronts for resellers, channel partners and small customers Page 15 © 2008 SIGMA Marketing Group/Confidential Page 15 11/7/2008
  16. 16. Touch Point and Campaign Management Telemarketing Methodology We competitively Consult Design Execute source and manage telemarketing Kickoff Call guide Outbound Calling vendors from program concept Call Strategy Data compile 48 hour review through completion. Tactical Plan Training Hot lead delivery Program Expectations Set up 800# Reporting System/Process set up Weekly sessions Refine process Page 16 © 2008 SIGMA Marketing Group/Confidential 11/7/2008
  17. 17. Reporting and Campaign Analysis Metrics and Measurement Reporting SIGMA approaches every solution with • the objective of maximizing results for our clients. Three types of reporting help us measure success. Results Reporting shows progress on an – initiative, usually quantitative. Campaign Analyses Campaign Analyses – • Measurements for overall campaign Return on Investment include program and marketing strategy recommendations. Dashboards Metrics Dashboard reporting: – • Summarize success metrics on a single page for clarity • Give our clients easy visibility to results that can be passed up in their organization 11/7/2008 © 2008 SIGMA Marketing Group/Confidential Page 17
  18. 18. Thank You! Questions? • Martha Bush, SVP Strategy & Marketing • 585-242-4125 • SIGMA Marketing Group, LLC 1850 Winton Rd. South Rochester, NY 14618 Page 18 © 2008 SIGMA Marketing Group/Confidential 11/7/2008