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352 new media technique
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352 new media technique


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Published in: Education, Technology, Business

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  • 1. Starting and Maintaining an Organizational Blog
    Warren AlpertMedicalSchool – Brown University
  • 2. The Warren Alpert Blog
    In this tutorial, you will learn:
    • Why blog?
    • 3. Tips from expert AshkonEslami (Edelman PR)
    • 4. How to maintain the blog
    • 5. Dos and Don’ts of Blogging
  • Why Blog?
    Increase online traffic by at least 55 percent
    Share the school’s culture and vision
    Engage all target audiences
    Great platform for two-way communication
    Provide expertise and industry news
    Link to social media sites
  • 6. Maintaining the Warren Alpert Blog
    • Tips from expert AshkonEslami (Edelman PR):
    • 7. Develop ideas for at least 10 different posts before you start blogging.
    • 8. Link to other organizations’ blog posts, in an effort to create an online relationship, and others will link back to your blog.
    • 9. Vary the type of information.
    • 10. Do not provide too much text. It is a good idea to post video, audio, and pictures to keep the interest of your publics.
    • 11. Make sure posts positively reflect the medical school.
    • 12. Link information in your blog to your other social media sites, and your website.
  • Blogging Dos
    • Establish a process for developing blog content and responding to blogs
    • 13. Humanize the medical school
    • 14. But remember to maintain the overall tone of the school
    • 15. Provide expertise and opinions reflecting the school
    • 16. Promote your social media sites in posts
    • 17. Welcome negative feedback(Handling Negative Feedback)
    • 18. Most importantly: Maintain conversation!
  • BloggingDon’ts
    Don’t be anonymous
    Don’t forget to respond to comments
    Don’t be overly sensitive
    Don’t forget to link
    Social media and other blogs; important sites
  • 19. Evaluating the Blog
    Check blog peripherals (Items external to the blog content)
    E.g. Blog statistics, Technorati, etc.
    “Blog peripherals are blog effects, ideals, goals, reactions, responses, external impact–they are not the blog proper, the blog as it exists in itself (Corporate Blog Revolution).”
    Ask yourself: Do you know pretty well what your readers tend to need? Do you then provide it in a manner you think fits with your personal style and with their expectations?
    If your blog meets the needs of your audience, your blog is good, effective, worth continuing forever
  • 20. Blogging Tips & Trends with Darren Rowse
    • Problogger Darren Rowse
    Please click the link to learn professional tips on blogging.
  • 21. References