Deltares r&d highlights 2008


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Deltares r&d highlights 2008

  1. 1. R&D Highlights 2008 R&D Highlights 2008 PO Box 177 2600 MH Delft The Netherlands T+31 (0)88 335 82 73
  2. 2. 2009 2010 2011 2012 Concept implementation Delta Committee recommendation validation by measurements at guideline Deltadikes extreme high water scenarios Models tool elaborated kit guideline/num. model “Deltaplan” wave forms guideline/ num. model morphology wave forms Deltadike design scenario development morphology models tool kit PhD Ensemble simulations
  3. 3. 13 C/12 C - 13 C/12 C 13 sample standard C( / ) = 13 12 1000 C/ C standard
  4. 4. Surface water Intake Pump EDS pipeline ? 1 2 3 4 Zone 1: Forebay (inflow & distribution towards the screening zone) Zone 2: Screening zone (removing debris from flow) Zone 3: Second distribution zone (distribution towards the pump compartments) Zone 4: Pump compartments (intake into pipeline network)
  5. 5. policy social system individuals, groups institutions goods - interventions (risk) fuel, fibers, food, … changed morphology, eutrophication, … services + interventions (mitigation) filtration, recreation, … program of measures ecosystem structure and functions Biophysical science
  6. 6. The future is uncertain There are many ways to get there. Suppose your dream is…. and there are different possible Live with futures. water ? present present future future present future What if your dream is threatened? Large population Live with This may be a way to get there. growth water Live with Large population Live with Climate change water growth water is worse than expected a fsluitdijk change to Climate change storm surge g ree n rivers is worse than rese rve space water green rivers conservati on afsluitdijk change to expected storm surge barrier afsluitdijk change to storm surge floating houses reserve space green rivers green rivers reserve space water islan d in sea water green rivers conservation conservation green rivers present future present future present future Can your strategy cope or do you need to choose another path? What if your dream changes? G iv e n th e u n c erta in ties a b o ut th e fu ture , Live with water afsluitdijk change to w ha t is the m os t su c ce s sful storm surge barrier green rivers reserv e spac e water afsluitdijk change to green rivers conservation storm surge barrier island in sea green rivers water energy w a te r m a n a ge m e n t stra teg y ? reserve space water green rivers conservation floating houses present future Make present future money with Make money with water water Are you flexible enough to change?