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Playaway digital_tutorial_2


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Published in: Education
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  • 1. Playaway Using Playaway in your Classroom
  • 2.
    • Having trouble with your reluctant readers?
    • Need a new way to reach your students?
    • The school library is now offering a new technology service to assist you in improving student literacy.
    • Playaways can be checked out from the library to English classes.
    • Come to the library and see the amazing titles that go along with your curriculum. 
  • 3. What is it?
    • - Preloaded, credit card-sized, all-in-one audiobook
    • - requires no MP3 player
    • - only need AAA battery and set of earbuds
    • - over 1800 titles
    • - across 27 genres
    Image from:
  • 4. How Teachers can use it
    • - Encourage your reluctant readers
    • - Improve reading comprehension
    - Direct, easy to use - Slow down the reader's voice for improved retention - Place digital bookmarks   Image from:
  • 5. Integrates With Curriculum
    • Each Playaway comes with a CD-ROM containing:
    •      lesson plans
    •              worksheets
    •                      quizzes
    •                              project ideas
    •                                          handouts
  • 6. Playaway Care and Etiquette
    •      Playaways are easy to care for!
    •      Just replace the battery when needed and that's it!
  • 7. It's easy to use for any grade level!      Just press play then go! Image from:
  • 8. Advantages
      • Does not need a separate player.
      • Easy to carry.
      • Good for a single listener or...
      • Can be plugged into a desktop speaker for the whole class to listen to while they follow along in their books. 
      • Aligns with curriculum.
      • Lesson plans and forms provided.
  • 9. Sample Lesson Plan
    • Materials:
    • Lord of the Flies Playaway Audiobook
    • Lord of the Flies paperback (class set)
    • Lord of the Flies study guide packet
    • 1.  Review story up to present part in full class discussion.
    • 2.  Listen to Chapter 5.  Play Audiobook on Playaway through desktop speakers.
    • 3.  Students will follow along in their paperback book with the audio.  Stop the audio every so often, answer study guide questions.  Ex: The effect of fear on the complex characters.
    • 4.  Discuss the effect the audio has on the story.  Do the characters change in their mind?  How does listening differ from reading it on their own?
    Image from:
  • 10. Curriculum Alignment
    • The previous lesson was designed with the following curriculum standards in mind:
    • §110.31. English Language Arts and Reading, English I
    • (b)  Knowledge and skills.
    •      (5)  Reading/Comprehension of Literary Text/Fiction. Students understand, make inferences and draw conclusions about the structure and elements of fiction and provide evidence from text to support their understanding. Students are expected to:
    •             (A)  analyze non-linear plot development (e.g., flashbacks, foreshadowing, sub-plots, parallel plot structures) and compare it to linear plot development;
    •             (B)  analyze how authors develop complex yet believable characters in works of fiction through a range of literary devices, including character foils;
    •             (C)  analyze the way in which a work of fiction is shaped by the narrator's point of view;
    •              (D)  demonstrate familiarity with works by authors from non-English-speaking literary traditions with emphasis on classical literature.
    •      (24)  Listening and Speaking/Listening. Students will use comprehension skills to listen attentively to others in formal and informal settings. Students will continue to apply earlier standards with greater complexity. Students are expected to:
    •             (A)  listen responsively to a speaker by taking notes that summarize, synthesize, or highlight the speaker's ideas for critical reflection and by asking questions related to the content for clarification and elaboration
  • 11. What do others say about Playaway?
    • "Plug your students into something you can feel good about; engage their learning and open a world of reading to them in a whole new dimension." 
    • "...the Playaway may be the most convenient means available for getting audiobooks to your students." - Jeff Hastings, Highlander Way Middle School, Howell, MI.
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