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Socio economic profile- 2010
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    Socio economic profile- 2010 Socio economic profile- 2010 Document Transcript

    • BRIEF HISTORY OF PARAÑAQUE An Old Village By The Sea In 1572, Parañaque was said to be bounded by Ermita on the north and Cavite on the south. When the Spaniards came, Parañaque was already subdivided. It was so large that communication with the government was so hard. Their means of communication was so crude. People from other places settleThe Spaniards founded the settlement of Parañaque in 1572, here. Somehow they put up their ownfifteen to two hundred forty-three years ahead of its neighbors. government based on kinship andCommence with other Asian people,however, begun longbefore the colonizers came to this “Village by the Sea”. proclaimed their independence. Part of Parañaque was Cavite.Cavite was a “kakabit” or annex of thetown. That is why it was called “Cabite”and later corruption of the word made itCavite. Bacoor was used to be calledbakod (wall) because of the wall thatseparated the town from the mother town.Zapote became independent because thepeople of the place cheated the people ofParañaque. Sapoti means to cheat. LasPiñas came from the word “pilas”meaning to tear-off, for they tore-off theirland from Parañaque. Pasay used to be ricefields wherethe Parañaqueños planted rice. It hasbeen called Pasay stemming from the Parañaque salt beds. A popular source of livelihood for Parañaquenos.word “palay”. The pueblo also separateditself from the mother town. 1
    • As far as the legend of Ermita is concerned, it had been told that a priest whowanted to talk to God went to a vast plain not quite far from the pueblo whichbecame “bahay ng ermitanyo” since the priest became a hermit. From then on, theplace was called Hermita and afterwards Ermita. Several years had passed,conditions changed and Ermita was cut-off from Parañaque. Some immigrantssettled there while others settled in Pasay, established their own independence.The boundaries of Parañaque became definite. Parañaque was said to be known as“Palanyag”, which means embarkation. There came a story that at the mouth ofParañaque River was a tall balete tree which looked like a sail boat, where the wordPalanyag originated. ST. ANDREWS CHURCH- The evangelization of Parañaque started 400 years ago with the arrival of the Augustinian missionaries. The founding religious order chose La Huerta as the site of their mission house. It is now the shrine of the Nuestra Sñra. Del Buen Suceso.2
    • Another story was also been told about the Spaniards who came to the southand upon reaching his destination said, “para na aqui” to the rig driver of the calesahe was riding. But the rig driver did not understand him and presumed that theplace as “Para-na-aqui”. So, everytime he goes to the south, he kept on calling theplace Paranaaqui. Later the place was named PARAÑAQUE and only later theyfound out that paranaaqui means only to “stop me here”.The Actual Origin The town was founded in 1572. It lay proximate to the sea. Parañaqueñostraded with the Chinese, Indonesian, Indian and Malay. People’s means oflivelihood was salt making, fishing, planting rice, shoe making and weaving. Thegovernment was composed of “cabesas de barangay”. The principalia was the localaristocracy. It was a durable social institution. They were the political absorbers.They justified and moderated the demands of the Spaniards. In regard to education,they were offered only to the principalia class because they were the only ones whocould only afford it. Because the shoreline of Parañaque was excellent for docking, it quickly became a barter center. While trade flourished, attracting people from other foreign lands, the Corsair Limahong attempted to sack the town of Parañaque. Whether for control or simply for plunder, his conquest failed. The failed attack in to the annal’s of the country’s history as the “Red Sea Incident” 3
    • Parañaque City TodayBIRD SANCTUARY- Home ofMigratory Birds from NeighboringAsian Country such as: China andas far as Siberia during WinterSeason. Peak seasons from Augustto March. DAMPA- Seafood lovers from all over Metropolitan Manila troop to the various markets of Parañaque City. There are dozen of places to shop for the freshest crustaceans, mollusks, shellfish and other marine and freshwater catch. Courteous Parañaqueño vendors often offer to clean or debone the fish purchase, free of charge, to the delight of consumers.REDEMPTORIST CHURCH- The Shrine ofOur Lady of Perpetual Help in Baclarancontinues to be the most attended church inAsia. It has a seating capacity of 3,000and9,000 for standing devotees.4
    • CASINO FILIPINO- There is never a dull day in Parañaque. Facilities and their distinctive attractions and features allow you to unwind and relax. Splendid shows and tax- free winnings at the countrys premiere casino can make your day an unforgettable experience.SM CITY SUCAT - It is located at Dr. A.Santos Avenue corner Carlos P. GarciaAvenue Extension (C5), Brgy. SanDionisio, Paranaque City, Metro Manila. Itis the first SM Supermall in the city ofParanaque SM CITY BICUTAN - SM City Bicutan was opened in November 2002 in Brgy. Don Bosco, West Bicutan, Paranaque City. It is located at the corner of Doña Soledad Avenue and West Service Road (beside Exit 14, Bicutan Exit) in Barangay Don Bosco, Bicutan,DUTY FREE PHILIPPINES, PARAÑAQUE- Located just a 100 meter away from NAIA1 terminal, all incoming passengers frominternational flight can come and shop atDuty Free Philippines 5
    • NINOY AQUINO INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT Terminal 1 – is the airport serving the generalarea of Metro Manila. AMVEL MANSIONS - is a medium-rise condominium component of a 13- hectare mix-use commercial expense located at Barangay San Dionisio.RAYA GARDENS - Accessible through majorthoroughfares like SLEX, EDSA and C5, ithas access to 24-hour public transportation. AVIDA TOWERS SUCAT - strategically located along Dr. A. Santos Avenue, just across SM Sucat, about 30 to 45 minutes from Makati, 10 minutes from the NAIA, Duty Free Mall and Coastal Mall6
    • The “new four-storey” SUN-VALLEY ELEMENTARY SCHOOL. “New four-storey” High School Building at SUN VALLEY “New four-storey” High School Building at MOONWALK.New Parañaque City Jail locatedat Bgy. La Huerta. 7
    • Rehabilitated Parañaque CommunityHospital situated at Bgy. La Huerta.Rehabilitated Central Fire Station at’ OldSucat Road’, Bgy. San Dionisio. SOCIALIZED HOUSING PROJECT Of Mayor Bernabe & Gawad Kalinga8
    • The Parañaque City Hall located at SAV-1, Bgy. San Antonio The Parañaque City Hall during Christmas SeasonA Landmark of Parañaque City located at Sucat Interchange 9
    • GEOGRAPHY Parañaque was the largest area in the whole province of Rizal. Shoreline. In older times, Parañaque’s shoreline was accessible to barters andbancas which was the only means of transportation to merchants who bartered agriculturalproducts to be sold at Parañaque market. Parañaque was truly a marketing center. Bartersystem was very popular in their lives during those years. Finished products of clothingmaterials and wooden shoes came also through the shores of Parañaque. Boundaries. The boundaries of Parañaque were Taguig in the eastern side whichbecame a pueblo on 1573, Makati in the northern end founded on 1670, Pasay in thenorthwest on 1727 and Pateros in the eastern part on 1815. CUSTOMS AND TRADITIONS Just as another town developed, customs and traditions typical to their place evolvedtoo. These customs and traditions: 1. Sabong (Formal Cockfight) – usually there is a coliseum for this type of cockfight. 2. Pintakasi (Informal Cockfight) –an agreement of two cock owners to have their cock fight. 3. Tupada – another kind of formal cockfighting. The fanatics of cockfighting meet at a small cockpit or arena for an exclusive fight for cocks. Oftentimes, coliseum is needed. If there is a saber for each gladiator, a number of spectators and bettors, the game goes on. CELEBRATIONS AND FESTIVITIES “Caracol” is basically a festivity of boats. There is always a musical band at the endof every procession with hermano y hermana mayors in one of the boats waving and smilingto everyone. CENACULO – PASION : FEAST OF THE RESURRECTION “Pasion” is the chanting of the life of Jesus Christ, his birth, passion and death. “Cenaculo” is the tradition brought by the Spaniards as a means of dramatizing theChristian Faith. The Cenaculo is being observed during lent. It is the enactment of Christ’ssuffering and death. FLORES DE MAYO “Santacruzan” is practiced by going around the whole town by a procession andpraying the rosary commemorating the story about a queen who looked after the missingHoly Cross. There is always a family assigned to prepare food for everyone. Two to threedays later, Flores de Mayo is held. “Flores de Mayo” is a celebration of the discovery of Christ’s cross by Queen Elena,mother of ST. Constantine. The procession is after the litany. The lady participant usuallythe loveliest is the representative of Queen Elena (Sta. Elena) with her son, Constantine asescort.10
    • ORIGIN OF BARRIOS BACLARAN Baclaran is at the north end of Parañaque because of its nearness by the seashore,the place was named after a fishing gear used by fishermen called “baklad”. Baklad is arattan fence placed by fishermen around the fish siblings in order to protect them until theyare readied for sale in the market. Many of these baklads were done right there at theseashore. So, people started calling the place “Bakladan”, corruption of the word made itinto the word “BACLARAN”, hence its name came to be. TAMBO One of the original barrio in Parañaque was named after the tambo, a tall grassbelonging to bamboo family. It is collected and tied to a long handle to produce a broom.Tambo grows abundantly in the place that anyone who needs a “walis” may easily haveone. From then on, the place has been called TAMBO. Local folks started building housesthere and when it became densely populated not even a stalk of the tall grass remain. LA HUERTA La Huerta is a Spanish word meaning “orchard”, a place where young ladies andmen spend their time walking or strolling around. The place seemed like a lover’s lane. It isa garden thickened with fruits, flowers and trees which is a breath-taking sight. La Huerta used to have a very colorful and beautiful garden that even the friars,Spanish señoritos and señoritas enjoyed its ambience. People who lived as far asBatangas could not resist to admire its beautiful sight. Unfortunately, since no one maintainthe garden, the orchard slowly died. Hence, at present, not a single trace of the garden canbe found. STO. NIÑO Parañaque was divided into two (2) parts. The first part and the larger portion isconnected to the mainland, hugging the shoreline of Manila Bay like an enormous sandbar.The second strip of land, east of the river is actually a smaller island surrounded by shallowmarshes and swamps situated nearby which was then renamed after its patron saint, SantoNiño – the Holy Child Jesus. VITALEZ On the third day of April 1978, Barangay Vitalez was created following PresidentialDecree No. 1327. The following subdivisions known as Baltao, Airlane Village, JetlaneVillage, Gat Mendoza and Vitalez were separated to form a distinct and independentbarangay. 11
    • DON GALO Don Galo was a former barrio called Sta. Monica. Limahong’s pirates landed inParañaque in 1574 and established a base which was launched to attack Manila. Thetownspeople led by an intrepid man, named Galo engaged the pirates in battle and hadthem retreating. The Spanish government granted Galo the title of “Don” as a reward for hisheroism. Don Galo was hailed by the barrio folks of Santa Monica. After his death, thename Sta. Monica was changed to his name. From then on, this barrio was called DONGALO. SAN DIONISIO San Dionisio is one of the earlier barrio in Parañaque. Following the Spanishcustoms of naming people and places after patron saints, the barrio was named after St.Dionyssius. Saint Dionyssius was a bishop who defied death in order to propagate ChristianFaith. In previous years, it was a large area consisted of ricefields, salt beds and irrigablelands until they have been converted into several subdivisions. MOONWALK Barangay Moonwalk was created by virtue of Presidential Decree No. 1321 on April3, 1978 signed by President Ferdinand Marcos. The subdivisions were known as MoonwalkPhase I, II, Bricktown Phase I, II and III and Multinational Village of Barangay Sto.Niño. Itbecame an independent and distinct barangay without affecting the legal existence ofBarangay Sto.Niño. SAN ISIDRO Barangay San Isidro was created following Presidential Decree No. 1321 on April 3,1978. The following subdivisions such as San Antonio Valley 2, 6, 12, 15, Clarmen Village,Salvador Estate, Lopez Village, Villa Mendoza and Parañaque Greenheights was separatedand detached from Barangay San Dionisio to form and constitute a distinct and independentbarangay known as Barangay San Isidro. SAN ANTONIO Barangay San Antonio was created following Presidential Decree No. 1327 datedApril 3, 1978. The following subdivisions known as San Antonio Valley 1, 3, 5, 8, 9, 10, 11,Barangay Village, Fourth Estate and Mon-El Subdivision was separated to be known asBarangay San Antonio without affecting the legal existence to the mother barangay.12
    • BF BF, the largest barangay in the City of Parañaque was created by virtue of P.D. No.1320 signed by President Ferdinand E. Marcos last April 3, 1978. The barangay is consistsof sixteen (16) executive residential subdivisions. It has achieved a closer supervision forthe execution of its development programs. Its creation as a barangay amplified theupliftment of the socio-economic well-being of its residents. DON BOSCO For the effective implementation of the declared programs of the government,Barangay Don Bosco was created by virtue of Presidential Decree No. 1322 last April 28,1978. The following subdivision known as: Better Living, Aero Park, Scienceville andLevitown in Barangay La Huerta were detached and separated to form and constitute into adistinct and independent barangay. Its creation hastened up the pace of socio-economicdevelopment throughout the locality. MARCELO GREEN Barangay Marcelo Green was created on the third day of April 1978 followingPresidential Decree No. 1328. Subdivisions known as Severina Diamond, UnitedParañaque Phase 4, Superville, Ireneville Subdivision and Marcelo Green Village inBarangay La Huerta were separated and became an independent barangay known asBarangay Marcelo Green. MERVILLE Barangay Merville was created by virtue of Presidential Decree No. 1325 dated April3, 1978. The following subdivisions known as Admiral Village and Merville in Barangay LaHuerta was detached and separated to form and constitute a distinct and independentbarangay to be known as Barangay Merville without affecting the legal existence of motherbarangay. SUN VALLEY Barangay Sun Valley was created under Presidential Decree No. 1326 dated April 3,1978. Sun Valley, Marimar, Monte Villa de Monsod, Sta. Ana and Continental VillageSubdivision in Barangay La Huerta were detached and separated to form and constitute adistinct and independent barangay. It was created to be known as Barangay Sun Valley. SAN MARTIN DE PORRES Barangay San Martin De Porres was created following Presidential Decree No. 1324dated April 3, 1978. Subdivisions known as: United Parañaque 1, 2, 3, Marian Park andSitio de Asis in Barangay Sto. Niño were separated to form and constitute an independentbarangay which shall be known as Barangay San Martin de Porres without affecting thelegal existence of the mother barangay. 13
    • SOCIO-ECONOMIC PROFILEPHYSICAL PROFILEBoundary: Parañaque City is bounded by Pasay City on the north, Muntinlupa on thesoutheast, Las Piñas on the southwest, Taguig in the northeast and Manila Bay onthe west.Location: Parañaque is located at the geographical coordinates of 121’01” longitude(center) and 14’30” latitude (center). It is situated on the southern portion of MetroManila, approximately 9.5 kilometers south of Rizal Monument.Land Area: The citys’ total land area of 46.57square kilometer is the third largest inNational Capital Region (NCR). It is subdivided into sixteen (16) barangays with twodistinct (2) districts. Respectively District I and II composes of eight (8) barangayseach. The first district comprises Baclaran, Tambo, Don Galo, Sto. Niño, La Huerta,San Dionisio, Vitalez and San Isidro while the second district consist of BarangaysBF, San Antonio, Marcelo Green, Sun Valley, Don Bosco, Moonwalk, Merville andSan Martin de Porres.Topography: The city is relatively flat and situated along the coastline areas of six (6)barangays namely: Baclaran, Tambo, Don Galo, Sto.Niño, La Huerta and SanDionisio. The other barangays such as Moonwalk, Vitalez, San Isidro, BF, DonBosco, Marcelo Green, Merville, Sun Valley, San Antonio, San Martin de Porreshave an elevation ranging from 10° to 35° above water level.Climate: Parañaque experiences the same climate weather condition with other citiesin Metro Manila. Two distinct seasons: wet season from July to September and dryseason for the rest of the year. The city enjoys an annual rainfall of 1.822 mm and34.4°Celsius temperature, a relative humidity of seventy six percent (76%) and athree (3) mile/sec. speed of southeast wind. 15
    • SOIL CLASSIFICATION: The soil in Parañaque is classified under Guadalupe soil. It is a volcanic ejectthat produces a loam to clay loam texture that can hold more water. The soilcontains more clay than silt. It is permeability is low with high swelling capacity.Land Use: As of this calendar year 2010, the following are the land uses in ParañaqueCity. AREA AREA Land Use Square Meter Hectare Percentage (%)Residential 1 169,558 16.956 0.36Residential 2 20,726,783 2,072.687 44.51Residential 3 1,120,864 112.086 2.41Residential 4 356,165 35.617 0.76Commercial 1 1,029,943 102,994 2.21Commercial 2 1,182,597 118,260 2.54Commercial 3 3,921,896 392.190 8.42Industrial 1 1,667,278 166.728 3.58Industrial 2 3,700,851 370.085 7.95Institutional 578,099 57.810 1.24Parks & 1,227,480 122.748 2.64PlaygroundCemetery 1,246,150 124.615 2.68Utilities 1,031,536 103.154 2.22Creeks & Rivers 340,800 34.080 0.73PUD 8,270,000 827.000 17.76TOTAL 46,570,000 4,657.000 10016
    • Zoning: The City of Parañaque, through the Sangguniang Bayan, then passedOrdinance No. 07-027 series of 2007, more commonly known as theComprehensive Land Use Plan and Zoning of Parañaque. It has adapted this legaltool in implementing its land use goals and objectives in its all-out support to developthe city. Under Section 19 of the Zoning Ordinance 07-027, all land development andbuilding constructions/renovations/alterations of residential, commercial andindustrial structures are required to secure the necessary zoning/locationalclearance prior to the implementation of the project. The ordinance will guide, control, regulates the future growth anddevelopment of Parañaque City while protecting public health, safety, peace,comfort and convenience of its constituents.Developments: Commercial and Industrial Development Barangay Baclaran remains the principal central business district while thecorridors of Ninoy Aquino Avenue and Dr. A. Santos (formerly Sucat Rd.) are thesites of the fast growing business and commercial activities like motor shops andfine dining restaurants. There is also an emergence of banking and financial rowsalong Barangay BF, Don Bosco, San Isidro, San Antonio and Moonwalk. Lightindustries are concentrated along the South Superhighway beginning BarangaysSun Valley, Merville and San Martin de Porres. Bay City Development Project Part of the Public Estate’s Authority (PEA) integrated framework plan in thedevelopment of the 1,500 hectares reclamation area known as Bay CityDevelopment Project. The project stretches from Roxas Boulevard in Manila fromthe Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) all the way to the Coastal Road, LasPiñas section covering four cities and municipality. These are the cities of Manila,Pasay, Parañaque, Las Piñas and Municipality of Bacoor. The project aims tocreate a new skyline for the Metropolis and develop the Manila Bay waterfront tointernational standards. There are seven (7) components of the program using the“development by island” approach. The components are Mixed Use Development,Green Zone and Sea Front Promenade, Integrated Movement Networks, adequateWaterways and efficient drainage system, Phase Development District UrbanDesign and efficient Environmental Management. 17
    • The Asia World City Barangay Don Galo and Tambo are hosts to the 200 hectares Asia WorldCity. This is considered to be the largest Island Development Project in the country.Its sixteen multi-storey structured (30-storey high) forms the centerpiece of the urbancenter development. The 183 Marina Properties is divided into four sections: the low densityresidential areas of Marina East and South, mixed use high densityresidential/commercial area and low rise townhouse development. It is conceived asa prime residential subdivision complete with a neighborhood shopping center,pocket parks, recreational center, schools, 5-star hotel and financial district. New Central Business District of Parañaque Local and foreign consortiums together with the Public Reclamation Authority(PRA) will spearhead the large-scale development period and transform a 204-hectare area into an institutional trading center envisioned as the New CentralBusiness District into a tourist oriented business neighborhood using internationalstandards.DEMOGRAPHIC PROFILEPopulation Structure The projected population of Paranaque for the year 2010 is 603,862 with126,057 households. This constitutes for about 4.78% of the total population of theNational Capital Region (NCR) and 0.62% of Philippine population.Population Growth Rate and Projection The trend on population growth of the city for the past thirty (30) years isshown on the following table. 1. Population Growth Trend/City of Parañaque Census Date Population Growth Rate May 6, 1970 97,214 4.52 May 1, 1975 158,974 10.37 May 1, 1980 208,552 5.58 May 1, 1990 308,236 3.98 Sept. 1, 1995 391,296 4.57 May 1, 2000 449,811 3.03 August 1, 2007 552,660 2.94Sources: NSO Records With the growth rate of 2.94 the city is expected to double its’ populationin 23 years.18
    • Projected Population and Household per Barangay Paranaque City 2010 NO. OF BARANGAY POPULATION HOUSEHOLD SIZE HOUSEHOLDSBaclaran 28,535 5,902 4.83Tambo 27675 6,126 4.52Don Galo 9,933 2,094 4.74La Huerta 7,960 1,609 4.95Sto. Niño 30,564 6,456 4.73Vitalez 4,238 874 4.85San Dionisio 66,642 13,804 4.75San Isidro 65,893 13,582 4.85San Antonio 60,781 12,763 4.76BF 87,612 17,959 4.88Sun Valley 38,668 8,375 4.62Marcelo Green 30,656 6,599 4.64Don Bosco 46,184 9,874 4.68Merville 18,672 3,670 5.09San Martin De Porres 25,656 5,246 4.89Moonwalk 54,193 11,124 4.87 Total 603,862 126,057 4.78 19
    • Population Density The city’s population density currently stands at 129.67 persons per hectare. Themost densely populated barangay is Barangay Baclaran with 447.82 pop/ha. Second isBarangay Don Galo with 427.78 pop./ha. Projected Population and Density per Barangay City of Parañaque, 2010 POPULATION DENSITY BARANGAY POPULATION AREA (Ha) (Pop/Ha)Baclaran 28,535 63.72 447.82Tambo 27,675 309.69 89.36Don Galo 9,933 23.22 427.78La Huerta 7,960 53.72 148.17Sto. Niño 30,564 245.97 124.26Vitalez 4,238 57.20 74.09San Dionisio 66,642 622.56 107.04San Isidro 65,893 365.22 180.42San Antonio 60,781 287.19 211.64BF 87,612 769.50 113.85Sun Valley 38,668 177.75 217.54Marcelo Green 30,656 306.19 100.12Don Bosco 46,184 384.75 120.04Merville 18,672 304.40 61.34San Martin De Porres 25,656 155.65 164.83Moonwalk 54,193 377.28 143.64Undeclared Area - 152.99 - Total 603,862 4,657.00 129.6720
    • Population Distribution by Age Group and Gender The number of male compared to the number of female varies for different agegroup. There are more male from the under 1 age up to 14 years of age group. Meanwhile,female outnumber the male between the ages of 15 years old until 85 years of age. AGE COMPOSITION BY GENDER DISTRIBUTION City of Parañaque 2010 AGE GROUP MALE FEMALE POPULATION % DISTRIBUTION Under I 7,790 7,126 14,916 2.47 1 - 4 29,287 27,838 57,125 9.46 5 - 9 32,306 30,616 62,922 10.42 10 - 14 27,838 27,173 55,011 9.11 15 - 19 26,328 31,885 58,213 9.64 20 - 24 29,408 36,594 66,002 10.93 25 - 29 28,381 32,065 60,446 10.01 30 - 34 25,603 27,294 52,897 8.76 35 - 39 21,436 22,525 43,961 7.28 40 - 44 18,840 19,385 38,225 6.33 45 - 49 14,734 14,795 29,529 4.89 50 - 54 11,413 11,354 22,767 3.77 55 - 59 6,582 6,944 13,526 2.24 60 - 64 5,436 5,917 11,353 1.88 65 - 69 3,285 3,902 7,187 1.19 70 - 74 1,993 2,536 4,529 0.75 75 - 79 1,057 1,600 2,657 0.44 80 - over 785 1,812 2,597 0.43 Total 292,502 311,361 603,863 100.00 21
    • Projected Children Population (0-17) by Barangay City of Parañaque 2010 AGES AGES CHILDREN UNDER AGES BARANGAY 1-6 13-17 POPULATION 1 YEAR 7-12 YEARS YEARS YEARSBaclaran 10,558 704 3,906 3,357 2,591Tambo 10,240 683 3,789 3,256 2,512Don Galo 3,675 245 1,360 1,169 901La Huerta 2,945 196 1,090 937 722Sto. Niño 11,309 754 4,184 3,596 2,775Vitalez 1,568 105 580 499 384San Dionisio 24,657 1,645 9,123 7,841 6,048San Isidro 24,380 1,626 9,021 7,753 5,980San Antonio 22,489 1,500 8,321 7,152 5,516BF 32,416 2,162 11,994 10,308 7,952Sun Valley 14,307 954 5,294 4,550 3,509Marcelo Green 11,343 757 4,197 3,607 2,782Don Bosco 17,088 1,140 6,323 5,434 4,191Merville 6,909 461 2,556 2,197 1,695San Martin De 9,493 633 3,512 3,019 2,329PorresMoonwalk 20,051 1,337 7,419 6,376 4,919 Total 223,428 14,902 82,669 71,051 54,806Prepared by:Research & Evaluation and Statistics DivisionCity Planning & Dev’t Coordinator’s Office22
    • Population Distribution Among the sixteen (16) barangays of Parañaque, the largest in terms of populationsize is Barangay BF with a projected population of 87,612; second is Barangay San Dionisiowith population of 66,642 and third is Barangay San Isidro with population of 65,893. Barangay Vitalez has the lowest population with a total of 4,238 seconded byBarangay La Huerta with 7,960 population; and third by Barangay Don Galo with 9,933residents. Projected Population and Gender Distribution by Barangay City of Parañaque 2010 BARANGAY POPULATION MALE FEMALE DISTRIBUTIONBaclaran 28,535 13,670 14,865 4.73Tambo 27675 13,298 14,377 4.59Don Galo 9,933 4,623 5,310 1.65La Huerta 7,960 3,814 4,146 1.32Sto. Niño 30,564 14,642 15,922 5.07Vitalez 4,238 2,030 2,208 0.70San Dionisio 66,642 31,447 35,195 10.89San Isidro 65,893 31,567 34,326 10.93San Antonio 60,781 29,118 31,663 10.08BF 87,612 41,972 45,640 14.53Sun Valley 38,668 18,524 20,144 6.41Marcelo Green 30,656 14,685 15,971 5.08Don Bosco 46,184 22,125 24,059 7.66Merville 18,672 8,945 9,727 3.10San Martin De 25,656 12,291 13,365 4.25PorresMoonwalk 54,193 25,961 28,232 8.99 Total 603,862 288,712 315,150 99.98Prepared by:Research & Evaluation and Statistics DivisionCity Planning & Dev’t Coordinator’s Office 23
    • Dependency Population Parañaque has a working population (from 15 to 64 years old) as a total of 396,919persons. The young dependents are about 31.46% or 189,974 youngsters (from age under1 to 14 years) and 2.80% or 16,970 are old dependents (from 65 to 85 years old andabove). Only 34.26% or a total of 200,699 are dependents to the working population. PROJECTED POPULATION BY AGE GROUP City of Parañaque 2010 Age Group Population PercentBelow 1-14 189,974 31.4615 - 64 396,919 65.7465 and above 16,970 2.80Total 603,863 100.00 Total Dependency = 206,944 x 100 Ratio 396,919 = 52.14 % Young Dependency = 189,974 x 100 Ratio 396,919 = 47.86 % Old Dependency = 16,970 x 100 Ratio 396,919 = 4.2724
    • LABOR FORCE The labor force in Parañaque is estimated at 68.43% OR 413,203 personssubdivided into economically active persons 61.7% or 254,946 persons and noteconomically active persons (house-keepers, students, aged and others 38.3% or158,257 persons. Employed and Unemployed Labor Force Employment rate among the economically active persons is estimated at87.2% or 222,315 employed persons and the unemployment rate is 12.8%. or32,633 unemployed persons. Characteristics of Employed and Unemployed Labor Force The employed labor force is composed of 57.21 % or 127,195 male and42.79 % or 95,012 females. While, unemployed labor force is a constitute of52.68 % or 17,192 males and 47.32 % or 15,441 females. EMPLOYMENT STATUS BY AGE GROUP AND GENDER City of Parañaque, 2010 Age Group In The Labor Force Not in the Labor Force Both Gender Employed Unemployed 15 - 19 23,010 5,309 42,396 20 - 24 34,436 9,593 30,796 25 - 29 37,905 5,539 17,724 30 - 34 34,147 4,210 15,588 35 - 39 26,789 2,166 10,223 40 - 44 21,164 1,729 8,943 45 - 49 16,385 1,246 5,808 50 - 54 11,472 760 6,363 55 - 59 7,670 688 5,143 60 - 64 4,513 611 5,016 65 - over 4,824 782 10,225 Total 222,315 32,633 158,225 25
    • MALE EMPLOYMENT BY AGE GROUP, 2010 Age Group Employed Unemployed Not in the Labor 15 - 19 9,451 2,885 18,622 20 - 24 17,006 4,667 13,169 25 - 29 21,038 2,853 3,632 30 - 34 20,529 2,130 2,587 35 - 39 16,879 1,254 1,371 40 - 44 13,610 1,153 1,176 45 - 49 10,977 578 880 50 - 54 7,556 507 1,355 55 - 59 4,885 342 1,210 60 - 64 2,771 337 1,941 65 - over 2,493 486 4,098 Total 127,195 17,192 50,041 FEMALE EMPLOYMENT BY AGE GROUP, 2010 Age Group Employed Unemployed Not in the Labor 15 - 19 13,559 2,424 23,774 20 - 24 17,430 4,926 17,627 25 - 29 16,867 2,686 14,092 30 - 34 13,618 2,080 13,001 35 - 39 9,910 912 8,852 40 - 44 7,554 576 7,767 45 - 49 5,408 668 4,928 50 - 54 3,916 253 5,008 55 - 59 2,785 346 3,933 60 - 64 1,742 274 3,075 65 - OVER 2,331 296 6,127 Total 95,120 15,441 108,18426
    • Household Population by Religious Affiliations City of Parañaque RELIGIOUS PERCENT BOTH SEXES MALE FEMALE AFFILIATION DISTRIBUTIONRoman Catholic 545,706 264,297 281,409 9.036Aglipayan 1,127 565 562 0.19Islam 2,928 1,360 1,568 0.48Iglesia ni Cristo 11,293 5,530 5,763 1.87United Church of Christ in the 897 426 471 0.15PhilippinesLutheran Church in the Philippines 342 181 161 0.06Phil. Episcopal Church 97 50 47 0.02Iglesia Evangelista 390 193 197 0.06Methodista in Las FilipinasUnited Methodist Church 1,643 760 883 0.27Other Methodist 436 209 227 0.07Salvation Army Phils. 20 8 12 0.00Convention of the Phil. Baptist Church 1,256 572 684 0.21Other Protestant 3,088 1,440 1,648 0.51Buddhist 993 526 467 0.16Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter 866 419 447 0.14Day SaintsJehovah’s Witness 1,715 807 908 0.28Phil. Benevolent Missionaries 410 190 220 0.07AssociationSeventh Day Adventist 1,811 855 956 0.30Evangelicals 9,258 4,359 4,899 1.53Bible Baptist 852 400 452 0.14Southern Baptist 148 61 87 0.02Association of Baptist Churches in 69 30 39 0.01Luzon, Visayas and MindanaoAssociation of Fundamental BaptistChurch in the Phils. 363 146 217 0.06 27
    • International Baptist Missionary 30 11 19 0.00FellowshipMissionary Baptist Churches of the 82 42 40 0.01Phils.Other Baptist 427 198 229 0.07Tribal Religions 42 26 16 0.00Others 3,728 1,840 1,888 0.62None 479 251 228 0.08Unknown 13,366 6,470 6,896 2.21 TOTAL 603,862 292,222 311,640 99.99Prepared by:Research & Evaluation and Statistics DivisionCity Planning & Dev’t . Coordinator’s Office 28
    • Population by Highest Educational Attainment City of Parañaque, 2010 HIGHEST POPULATION EDUCATIONAL MALE FEMALE DISTRIBUTION 5Y/O & Over ATTAINMENTNo Grade 10,207 5,302 4,905 1.91CompletedPre-School 13,586 7,127 6,459 2.55Elementary 132,144 63,446 68,698 24.841st - 4th Grade 59,351 30,034 29,317 11.15 th th5 – 7 Grade 72,793 33,412 39,381 13.68High School 176,293 81,927 94,366 33.14Undergraduate 75,166 35,433 39,733 14.13Graduate 101,127 46,494 54,633 19.01Post Secondary 34,788 17,032 17,756 6.54Undergraduate 6,676 3,624 3,052 1.25Graduate 28,112 13,408 14,704 5.28College- 85,718 42,545 43,173 16.11UndergraduateAcademic 50,752 24,285 26,467 9.54Degree HolderPost- 2,358 1,195 1,163 0.44BaccalaureateNot Stated 26,061 12,417 13,644 4.89 Total 531,907 255,276 276,631 99.96Prepared by:Research & Evaluation and Statistics DivisionCity Planning & Dev’t Coordinator’s Office 29
    • Literacy of Household Population 10 Yrs. old and Over By Age Group and Gender City of Parañaque, 2010 HOUSEHOLD AGE GROUP POPULATION LITERATE ILLITERATE 10 yrs. old & over BOTH SEXES 10 – 14 55,011 53,104 1,907 15 – 19 58,213 57,004 1,209 20 – 24 66,002 65,163 839 25 – 29 60,446 59,536 910 30 – 34 52,897 52,011 886 35 – 39 43,961 43,274 687 40 – 44 38,225 37,836 389 45 – 49 29,529 29,356 173 50 – 54 22,767 22,578 189 55 – 59 13,526 13,248 278 60 – 64 11,353 11,090 263 65 – 69 7,187 7,036 151 70 & Over 9,783 9,411 372 Total 468,900 460,647 8,25330
    • Literacy of Household Population 10 Yrs. old and Over By Age Group and Gender City of Parañaque, 2010 HOUSEHOLDAGE GROUP POPULATION LITERATE ILLITERATE 10 yrs. old & over MALE 10 – 14 27,838 26,736 1,102 15 – 19 26,328 25,855 473 20 – 24 29,408 29,038 370 25 – 29 28,381 27,889 492 30 – 34 25,603 25,215 388 35 – 39 21,436 21,101 335 40 – 44 18,840 18,595 245 45 – 49 14,734 14,649 85 50 – 54 11,413 11,353 60 55 – 59 6,582 6,425 157 60 – 64 5,436 5,330 106 65 – 69 3,285 3,221 6470 & Over 3,835 3,812 23 Total 223,119 219,219 3,900 31
    • Literacy of Household Population 10 Yrs. old and Over By Age Group and Gender City of Parañaque, 2010 HOUSEHOLD AGE GROUP POPULATION LITERATE ILLITERATE 10 yrs. old & over FEMALE 10 – 14 27,173 26,368 805 15 – 19 31,885 31,149 736 20 – 24 36,594 36,125 469 25 – 29 32,065 31,647 418 30 – 34 27,294 26,796 498 35 – 39 22,525 22,174 351 40 – 44 19,385 19,241 144 45 – 49 14,795 14,707 88 50 – 54 11,354 11,225 129 55 – 59 6,944 6,823 121 60 – 64 5,917 5,760 157 65 – 69 3,902 3,815 87 70 & Over 5,948 5,599 349 Total 245,781 241,429 4,35232
    • PERSONS WITH DISABILITY BY GENDER City of Parañaque, 2010 TYPE OF PERSON WITH MALE FEMALE DISTRIBUTION DISABILITY DISABILITYTotal Blindness 159 66 93 2.67Partial Blindness 309 148 161 5.18Low Vision 2,821 1,224 1,597 47.30Total Deafness 170 85 85 2.85Partial Deafness 112 60 52 1.88Hard of Hearing 115 47 68 1.93Oral Defect 192 89 103 3.22Loss of one or 398 213 185 6.67both arms/handsLoss of one or 198 111 87 3.32both legs/feetQuadriplegic 274 145 129 4.59Mentally 383 227 156 6.42RetardedMentally Ill 674 342 332 11.30Multiple 159 101 58 2.66Impairment Total 5,964 2,858 3,106 99.99Prepared by:Research & Evaluation and Statistics DivisionCity Planning & Dev’t Coordinator’s Office 33
    • HOUSEHOLD POPULATION BY ETHNICITY AND GENDER City of Parañaque, 2010 ETHNICITY BOTH SEXES MALE FEMALE DISTRIBUTION Abelling 111 54 57 0.02 Abeyan 303 133 170 0.05 Aburlin 53 26 27 0.01 Aeta/Ayta 88 46 42 0.02 Aggay 112 39 73 0.02 Agta 31 20 11 0.01 Agutaynon/Agutayanon 19 7 12 0.00 Akeanon/Aklanon 1,238 627 611 0.24 Alangan 22 8 14 0.00 Apayao/Yapayao 23 11 12 0.00 Applai 136 67 69 0.03 Atta/Ata/Ati 55 23 32 0.01 Ayangon 21 12 9 0.00 Badjao/Sama Dilaut 43 20 23 0.01 Bagobo/Guinga 34 27 7 0.01 Balangao/Baliwon 12 7 5 0.00 Bantoanon 24 15 9 0.00 Banwaon 132 58 74 0.02 Batak/Binatak 30 19 11 0.01 Batangan 336 178 158 0.04 Bikol/Bicol 32,594 15,871 16,723 5.72 Bilaon 32 15 17 0.32 Binukid/Bukidnon 193 88 105 0.04 Bisaya/Binisaya 29,878 13,693 16,185 5.72 Boholano 1,672 832 840 0.32 Mangyan 5 1 4 0.0034
    • Manobo/Ata-Manobo 257 127 130 0.05 Maranao 1,162 555 607 0.22 Masbateño/Masbateñon 1,757 838 919 0.34 Molbog 1 1 - 0.00 Negrito 11 3 8 0.00Palawan/Pinalawan/Palawanon 128 57 71 0.02 Pangasinan/Panggalato 5,349 2,737 2,612 1.02 Paranon 5 3 2 0.00 Remontado 1 - 1 0.00 Romblon/Rombloanon 523 261 262 0.10 Sama/Samal/Abaknon 186 89 97 0.03 Sambal/Zambal 167 93 74 0.03 Subanen (Sicon, Zambo.,Norte)/Subaben (Zambo. Norte 259 108 151 0.05 & Sur) Sulod 3 3 0 0.00 Surigaonon 1,742 853 889 0.33 Tabangnon 3 1 2 0.00 Tagalog 400,405 195,787 204,618 76.71 Tagbanwa 3 - 3 0.00 Tausug 319 141 178 0.06 Tiboli 8 3 5 0.00 Teduroy 7 3 4 0.00 Ternateño-Chavacano 24 11 13 0.00 Tigwahon/Tigwahanon 1 1 0 0.00 Tinggian 1 - 1 0.00 Tuwali 1 1 0 0.00 Waray 22,485 11,025 11,460 4.31 Yakan 31 23 8 0.01 Yogad 8 8 0 0.00 Zamboangeño-Chavacano 917 412 505 0.17 Other Local Ethnicity 857 403 454 0.16 35
    • Chinese 961 528 433 0.18 American/English 590 338 252 0.11 Other Foreign Ethnicity 992 677 315 0.19 Not Reported 15,623 7,251 8,372 2.99 Total 521,984 254,238 267,746 99.93 HOUSEHOLD POPULATION BY MOTHER TONGUE (DIALECT) City of Parañaque, CY 2010 LANGUAGE OR DIALECT SPOKEN NUMBER OF HOUSEHOLDSAbelling 99Akeanon/Aklanon 15Bikol/Bicol 701Bisaya/Binisaya 1,001Boholano 40Buhid 13Caviteño 13Cebuano 954Cotabateño-Chavacano 29Davaweño 15Hiligaynon, Ilonggo 930Ibanag 28Ifugao 13Ilocano 487Ilongot 29Iraya 110Itawit 15Itneg 298Kankanal/kankaney/Kankanaey 981Kapampangan 160Karay-a 13Maguindanao 28Manobo/Ata-Manobo 42Maranao 67Masbateño/Masbatenon 15Pangasinan/Panggalato 238Romblon/Rombloanon 15Subanen (Sicon, Zambo. Norte/Subaben 43(Zambo. Norte & Sur)Surigaonon 7136
    • Tagalog 118,318 Tausug 70 Waray 505 Zamboangeño-Chavacano 15 Other Local Ethnicity 365 Chinese 44 American/English 401 Other Foreign Ethnicity 156 TOTAL 126,337 NUMBER OF HOUSEHOLDS BY AGE GROUP, SEX OF HOUSEHOLD HEAD AND HOUSEHOLD SIZE Parañaque City, 2010 HOUSEHOLD SIZE Age group Ave. Number ofand Sex 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 H.H. Households of H.H. Size Head ALL AGES 126,058 4,925 12,608 20,176 24,721 22,436 16,795 10,852 13,545 4.76Below 20 829 149 236 226 115 51 16 15 20 2.89 20-29 22,017 1,271 3,884 5,177 5,349 2,846 1,511 620 559 3.67 30-39 36,692 1,362 3,292 5,678 7,774 7,358 5,308 3,003 2,916 4.67 40-49 32,477 880 1,883 3,357 5,705 6,566 5,454 3,816 4,815 5.32 50-59 19,279 545 1,405 2,453 3,353 3,503 2,774 2,195 3,055 5.27 60-69 10,093 399 1,128 1,622 1,777 1,520 1,226 876 1,544 4.95 70-79 3,697 236 603 658 513 473 404 272 538 4.6780 & over 974 83 177 205 135 119 102 55 98 4.15 37
    • HOUSEHOLD SIZE Age group Ave. Number ofand Sex 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 H.H. Households of H.H. Size Head MALE 105,818 2,887 9,054 16,337 21,243 19,803 14,966 9,719 11,806 4.89Below 20 536 75 147 177 75 31 12 7 12 2.95 20-29 19,235 841 3,177 5,322 4,925 2,590 1,372 538 469 3.74 30-39 32,574 885 2,586 4,889 7,024 6,788 4,933 2,808 2,649 4.76 40-49 27,797 553 1,199 2,546 4,757 5,858 4,964 3,524 4,396 5.48 50-59 15,470 283 857 1,729 2,702 2,955 2,406 1,911 2,627 5.46 60-69 7,365 169 647 1,143 1,350 1,181 955 710 1,210 5.16 70-79 2,347 66 354 439 334 324 271 188 372 4.9180 & 0ver 494 15 87 92 76 66 53 33 71 4.60 38
    • HOUSEHOLD SIZE Age group Ave. Number ofand Sex 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 H.H. Households of H.H. Size HeadFEMALE 20,239 2,039 3,553 3,838 3,477 2,633 1,829 1,129 1,740 4.08Below 20 292 74 88 50 40 20 4 8 8 2.8 20-29 2,782 430 707 655 423 256 139 82 90 3.23 30-39 4,119 477 706 789 750 560 375 196 266 3.91 40-49 4,680 327 684 810 948 709 490 292 419 4.31 50-59 3,809 263 548 723 651 548 368 280 429 4.48 60-69 2,728 230 481 480 427 339 271 166 335 4.38 70-79 1,350 170 249 218 179 148 134 84 166 4.2480 & 0ver 479 68 90 113 59 53 21 21 27 3.70 39
    • TOTAL POPULATION BY AGE GROUP, GENDER AND MARITAL STATUS City of Parañaque, 2010 AGE GROUP TOTAL POP. MARITAL STATUS 10 Yrs. Old and BOTH Over SINGLE MARRIED WIDOWED DIVORCED/SEPARATED GENDER Below 20 113,229 105,142 2,939 122 144 20-24 66,024 44,502 13,724 129 432 20-29 60,466 23,930 28,792 243 709 30-34 52,870 12,074 34,349 432 898 35-39 43,993 6,597 32,112 663 1,015 40-44 38,211 3,820 29,496 1,134 1,167 45-49 29,549 2,360 23,212 1,416 903 50-54 22,780 1,615 17,532 1,756 686 55-59 13,527 987 9,984 1,636 364 60-64 11,341 696 7,952 2,054 280 65-69 7,167 491 4,604 1,772 107 70-74 4,518 314 2,552 1,478 62 75-79 2,628 170 1,234 1,125 37 80 & Over 2,597 286 848 1,342 24 TOTAL 468,900 202,984 209,330 15,302 6,828Prepared by:Research & Evaluation and Statistics DivisionCity Planning & Dev’t . Coordinator’s Office40
    • TOTAL POPULATION BY AGE GROUP, GENDER AND MARITAL STATUS City of Parañaque, 2010 AGE GROUP TOTAL POP. MARITAL STATUS 10 Yrs. Old and MALE Over SINGLE MARRIED WIDOWED DIVORCED/SEPARATED Below 20 54,162 51,031 997 42 44 20-24 29,436 20,976 5,174 35 87 20-29 28,356 11,460 13,128 44 199 30-34 25,632 5,571 16,989 99 240 35-39 21,408 2,861 16,220 152 258 40-44 18,783 1,546 15,268 208 369 45-49 14,730 820 12,452 277 248 50-54 11,415 471 9,648 368 231 55-59 6,568 244 5,582 289 113 60-64 5,451 188 4,558 380 113 65-69 3,282 123 2,682 317 39 70-74 1,992 75 1,529 303 28 75-79 1,058 34 768 216 13 80 & Over 792 44 467 243 9 TOTAL 223,065 95,444 105,462 2,973 1,991Prepared by:Research & Evaluation and Statistics DivisionCity Planning & Dev’t . Coordinator’s Office 41
    • TOTAL POPULATION BY AGE GROUP, GENDER AND MARITAL STATUS City of Parañaque, 2010 AGE GROUP TOTAL POP. MARITAL STATUS 10 Yrs. Old and FEMALE Over SINGLE MARRIED WIDOWED DIVORCED/SEPARATED Below 20 59,067 54,111 1,941 81 99 20-24 36,588 23,526 8,550 94 345 20-29 32,109 12,470 15,664 199 510 30-34 27,237 6,503 17,360 333 658 35-39 22,586 3,736 15,893 511 757 40-44 19,428 2,274 14,228 926 797 45-49 14,819 1,540 10,760 1,138 655 50-54 11,365 1,144 7,883 1,388 455 55-59 6,959 742 4,402 1,348 251 60-64 5,890 509 3,395 1,673 168 65-69 3,885 368 1,922 1,454 68 70-74 2,526 239 1,023 1,175 35 75-79 1,570 136 466 909 24 80 & Over 1,806 242 381 1,100 15 TOTAL 245,835 107,540 103,868 12,329 4,837Prepared by:Research & Evaluation and Statistics DivisionCity Planning & Dev’t . Coordinator’s Office42
    • AVERAGE ANNUAL FAMILY INCOME AND EXPENDITURE National Capital Region CY 2006 A. TOTAL AND AVERAGE FAMILY INCOME AND EXPENDITURE BY INCOME CLASS INCOME EXPENDITUREINCOME CLASS TOTAL (million) AVERAGE (thousand) TOTAL (million) AVERAGE (thousand) NCR 734,207 311 609,195 258 Under 40,000 157 29 186 34 40,000 – 59,999 1,532 52 1,669 56 60,000 – 99,999 14,476 84 14,999 87100,000 –249,999 527,747 518 414,013 407 B. TOTAL AND AVERAGE ANNUAL FAMILY INCOME AND EXPENDITURE BY EXPENDITURE CLASS INCOME EXPENDITUREEXPENDITURE CLASS TOTAL (million) AVERAGE (thousand) TOTAL (million) AVERAGE (thousand) NCR 734,207 311 609,195 258 Under 40,000 276 39 235 33 40,000 – 59,999 2,369 64 1,881 51 60,000 – 99,999 21,563 100 18,124 84100,000 –249,999 250,507 194 213,772 166250,000 & over 459,493 564 375.183 461 C. TOTAL AND AVERAGE FAMILY INCOME AND EXPENDITURE BY FAMILY SIZE INCOME EXPENDITUREFAMILY SIZE TOTAL (million) AVERAGE (thousand) TOTAL (million) AVERAGE (thousand) NCR 734,207 311 609,195 258One Person 25,628 190 21,222 157Two Person 60,194 270 49,058 220Three Person 108,769 278 88,175 225Four Person 142,641 307 117,341 252Five Person 128,722 313 110,670 269Six Person 111,201 355 93,335 298Seven Person &More 157,052 371 129,395 306 43
    • SOCIAL SERVICES PROFILE Health Profile 1.1 Health Services The city’s health situation in the last five [5] years can be highly evaluated asoutstanding for being the recipient of Healthy City by the Alliance of Healthy Cities ofWestern Pacific Region. A healthy city is a process of improving the health of city dwellersthrough improved living condition and better health services with various urban developmentactivities through the partnership of public, private and voluntary sectors. Trend of Vital Health Indices Parañaque City, 2009 Health Indices 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 Crude Birth Rate (CBR) 21.27 13.32 9.90 10.38 12.60 14.64 14.04 Crude Death Rate (CDR) 3.46 4.09 4.01 4.85 3.91 3.83 3.53 Maternal Mortality Rate 0.43 0.27 0.29 0.13 1.24 0.24 0.61 (MMR) Infant Mortality Rate (IMR) 14.38 13.03 15.95 19.90 18.56 18.00 15.19 1.2 Births The crude birth rate is a measure of the increase of population through birth statisticsof birth population and registered in the Office of the Civil Registrar. In 2009, the city had recorded 8,227 live births by a crude birth rate of 14.04 perthousand live births. This figure is slightly lower than the previous year, of which 14.64 perone thousand live births. Of these live births, 4,266 (51.85%) were male while 3,961 (48.15%) were female. In 2009, eighty two point ninety seven percent [82.97%] of deliveries were attendedby trained/skilled health personnel. Of which, 45.49% were doctors, 36.14 % were mid-wives, 16.88% were hilots. Almost 8 for every10 deliveries were attended by trained healthpersonnel. Small proportion (35.34%] of deliveries were done at home.Sixty four point sixty twopercent [64.62%] of deliveries in 2009 were either done in government/private hospitals,clinics and lying in.44
    • . 1.3 Morbidity A total of 15,323 patients were seen and examined by the different health centers.Respiratory tract Infection s [25.00%] remain the leading cause of morbidity in Paranaque. This was followedby wound infections [7.8%] and Dermatitis [7.30 %]. Among children less than 5 years,respiratory tract infection was the leading cause of morbidity followed by dermatitis, diarrheaand pneumonia 1.4 Mortality Crude Death Rate [CDR] is a measure of one mortality from all causes which mayresult in a decrease population. There were 2,066 deaths from all causes in 2009 with the crude death rate of 3.53per 1000 population.It was lower by 85.3 % compared to the average rate for the past fiveyears. Highest CDR was reported in Barangay La Huerta with 6.21 per 1000 population andfollowed by Barangay Don Galo and Barangay San Dionisio with 4.66 and 4.30 CDRrespectively. In 2009, biggest proportion [14.09%] of deaths was due to Hypertension followed byCoronary Artery Diseases [13.12%] and Pneumonia [10.89%]. 1.5 Infant Mortality Infant mortality is the death of an infant under one year of age. Infant mortality rate(IMR) measures the risk of dying during the first year of life. It is a good index of the generalhealth condition of a community since it reflects the changes in the environmental andmedical conditions of a community. There were 125 infant deaths from all causes with a crude death rate of 15.19 per1000 livebirths in 2009. Highest in Barangay Don Galo with 39.6 CDR, followed byBarangay BF and Barangay San Antonio with 35.5 and 26.82 CDR respectively. Pneumoniaremains the number one cause of death for children [27.20%], followed by prematurity[15.20%] and Sepsis Neonatorum [12.80 %]. 1.6 Mortality of Children Less Than 5 Years A total of 158 deaths among children less than 5 years registered in 2009 with aproportionate mortality ratio of 19.21 deaths per 1000 livebirths. Barangay BF scoredhighest in frequency with 39 deaths, Barangay San Antonio recorded 22 deaths and SanDionisio has 20 deaths. Common cause of deaths for children less than 5 years were Pneumonia[29.11%],Diarrhea [12.03%] and Prematurity (12.03%). 45
    • 1.7 Maternal Mortality Maternal death is the death of a woman while pregnant or within 42 days oftermination pregnancy, irrespective of the duration and the site of the pregnancy, from anycause relative to or aggravated by pregnancy or its management, but not from accidental orincidental causes. Maternal Mortality Rate (MMR) measures the risk of dying from causesrelative to pregnancy, and childbirth. It is an index of the obstetrical care needed andreceived by the women in the community. There was an increase in Maternal Death Rate from 0.24 per 1000 livebirths in 2008to 0.61 per 1000 livebirths in 2009. Barangay San Antonio recorded two deaths whileBarangays San Dionisio, San Isidro, and Marcelo Green had one death each for 2009. 1.8 Health Resources The Paranaque City Health Office deliver its health services through promotion,protection, preservation and restoration of health of the people in 16 health centers and 3barangay station. On the other hand, the curative aspect is taken cared of by 6 private andone [1] public hospital. Health Manpower: The total health manpower compliment was 246 permanent, casual and job orderpersonnel. This comprises the following: 19 Medical Officer, 21 Dentists, 13 MedicalTechnologists, 43 Nurses, 6 Nutritionist-Dietician, 21 Nursing Attendants, 44 midwives, 14Sanitary Inspectors, 20 Barangay Aides, 10 Dental Aides, 4 laboratory Aides and 31Administrative Support Staff. Health Budget: The City Health Office has a total budget of Php 131,662,487.69 in the current year2009 which is 4.37% of the total city budget. Of this office budget, 69.80% or Php91,902,487.69 was spent for personnel services of its employees. About 18.42% or24,260,000.00 utilized for maintenance and operating expenses. The whole 11.77% or Php15,500,000.00 used for capital outlay.46
    • NUTRITION Being underweight, even mild increases the risk of death and inhibits cognitivedevelopment in children. This leads to less fit and productive adults in the future. Moreover,it perpetuates the problem from one generation to the next through malnourished womenhaving low birth weight babies. o Parañaque City ranks 15 among cities with low prevalence rate of malnutrition. o Slight increase in OPT coverage, 91.10% to 91.52% makes the city find more underweight children. o Among the 16 barangays in Parañaque, Barangays Sto. Niño and Don Galo have the highest prevalence of malrnutrition with 8.94% and 6.42% respectively. Barangay Vitalez with the smallest population size ranked third – 6.28% among the 16 barangays with high prevalence rate of malnutrition. o However, Barangay San Isidro, the second largest population in the city with estimated PS of 11,790 registered the lowest prevalence rate with only2.07%.FLORENCIO V. BERNABE, SR. MEMORIAL HOSPITAL (PARAÑAQUE COMMUNITY HOSPITAL) The lone government hospital in Parañaque is 50-bed capacity located at Quirino,Avenue, La Huerta, Parañaque City. The old hospital has a new constructed building andwith manpower components. Regular Personnel 136 JOB ORDER 8 Medical Specialist 14 Detailed Housekeeping Staff 4 Non-Itemized (Casuals) 28 Detailed CSU Personnel 10 Its medical services is centered on the health need requirements of its constituentsespecially those in the depressed areas who are mostly indigents. Medical services offeredare surgical operations, obstetrical-gyne cases, pediatric cases, pathological (lab)procedures including blood chemistry, radiological (x-ray) procedures, dermatologicalservices, internal medicines, emergency cases/all kinds except those requiring specialprocedures and medico legal cases with complications, out-patient cases (elective orprimary health care) and social welfare services (card holder and senior citizens). 47
    • LIST OF BARANGAY HEALTH CENTERS City of Parañaque, 2010 Barangay Name Barangay Baclaran Health Center1. Baclaran Barangay Family Health Center2. Tambo Bgy. Tambo Health Center (Adelina Puericulture Center) Barangay Health Center3. Sto. Niño Sto. Nino Health Center (Doña Maura S. Pascual)4. Don Galo Bgy. Don Galo Health Center5. La Huerta Bgy. La Huerta Health Center6. Vitalez Vitalez Health Center7. San Dionisio San Dionisio Health Center8. San Isidro Bgy. San Isidro Health Center9. San Antonio Bgy. San Antonio Health Center10. BF Barangay Health Center11. Don Bosco Bgy. Don Bosco Health Center12. Sun Valley Barangay Sun Valley Health Center Bgy. Merville Health Center13. Merville Bgy. Merville Health Center Annex14. Marcelo Green Bgy. Marcelo Green Health Center15. Moonwalk San Agustin Health Center16. San Martin de Porres Bgy. San Martin de Porres Health Center48
    • LIST OF PUBLIC AND PRIVATE HOSPITALS City of Paranaque, 2010 Nature Name Address 1. Florencio V. Bernabe, Sr. MemorialPublic Hospital (Parañaque Community La Huerta Hospital)Private 1. Sta. Rita de Baclaran Hospital G.G. Cruz St., Baclaran 2. Protacio Hospital Quirino Avenue, Tambo Dr. A. Santos Ave., San 3. Parañaque Medical Center (PMC) Antonio 4. Olivarez General Hospital San Dionisio 5. South Superhighway Medical Center Marcelo Green 6. Parañaque Doctors Hospital Don Bosco 49
    • EDUCATION PROFILE A .Day Care Centers There is one hundred and twenty five (125) Day Care Centers scattered in sixteen(16) barangays of Parañaque with one hundred and thirty six (136) Day Care Workers. TheCity government employs one hundred and eleven (111) Day Care Workers and twenty five(25) Day Care Workers are funded by the barangays. Seventy one (71) Day Care Workers are accredited and sixty five (65) are non –accredited Day Care Workers. There are more female Day Care Workers, one hundred andtwenty five (125) compare to eleven (11) male Day Care Workers. For CY 2010 – 2011, the total enrolment in all the day care centers grows to 13,045.With 2 or 3 sessions in each Day Care Center, the average class accommodates 40 pupilsper session. B. Elementary Schools Twenty one (21) public elementary schools cater the formal education of childrenfrom six to twelve years old. Three (3) public elementary schools are situated in BarangayBaclaran and Barangay San Dionisio, while Barangay BF and Barangay Moonwalk have two(2) public elem. schools each. Other Barangays like Don Galo, Don Bosco, Sto. Nino, SunValley, San Antonio and Vitalez have one (1) elementary school each in their barangay.There is no public elementary school in Barangay San Isidro, Merville, Marcelo Green andSan Martin de Porres. Fifty eight (58) private schools suffice the need of elementary education of childrenespecially in barangays with no public school. Barangay San Isidro has ten (10) privateschools, Barangay Don Bosco has nine (9), Barangay San Antonio has eight (8), BarangaySun Valley and Barangay Moonwalk have both seven (7) private schools. C. High Schools The City has ten (10) public high schools. Six (6) public high school are situated inDistrict I and four (4) are located in District II. Paranaque National High School - Mainremains the highest in enrolment 11,719 for school year 2010- 2011. Thirty three (33) private high schools are also found in Paranaque. Barangay DonBosco has the most number of private high schools, eight (8). While Barangay San Antoniohas five (5) private schools and Barangay San Dionisio and Barangay Sun Valley have bothFour (4) private high schools.50
    • D. Performance Indicators For School Year 2010 – 2011, the total enrolment in the city’s public elementaryschools is 16, 616 pupils while public high schools enrolment is 29,795 students. Last school year, the private schools submitted a total enrolment of 11,733 forelementary and 7,506 for high school. Public Elementary School Completion Rate is 77.11 % which means seven (7) out often (10) who enrolled in grade I completed grade VI. Drop-out Rate recorded 0.53 % and theTeacher: Pupil Ratio is 1: 43. Secondary School Completion Rate is 51. 36 % which means only five (5) out of tenwho enrolled in first year completed fourth year. The Drop-out Rate recorded 17.96 % andthe Teacher: Student Ratio is 1: 42. 51
    • LIST OF DAY CARE CENTERS City of Parañaque Year 2010 Number of Day Barangay Name Care CentersBaclaran (2) Baclaran Day Care Center Baclaran Learning CenterTambo (3) Seaside Day Care Center I Seaside Day Care Center II Puyat Compound Day Care CenterDon Galo (1) Don Galo Day Care CenterSto. Niño (6) Gena Day Care Center Libjo Day Care Center Scarha Day Care Center Sitio Libis Halik Alon Day Care Center Santos Compound Day Care Center Valenzuela Day Care CenterLa Huerta (3) La Huerta Day Care and Resource Center Perville Day Care Center San Andres Day Care CenterSan Dionisio (12) Bernabe Phase II Day Care Center Bernabe Phase III -A Day Care Center Bernabe Phase III-B Day Care Center San Antonio de Padua Day Care Center San Dionisio I Day Care Center San Dionisio II Day Care Center San Dionisio III-A Day Care Center San Dionisio III-B Day care Center San Roque - A Day Care Center San Roque - B Day Care Center Tramo Wakas – A Day Care Center Tramo Wakas - B Day Care CenterSan Isidro (15) Napoleon Day Care Center Encarnacion Cruz Day Care Center Silverio Purok I Day Care Center Silverio Purok 3 Day Care Center Silverio Purok 4 Day Care Center Lower Matatdo Day Care Center Matatdo Homes Day Care Center Fortunata Day Care Center Simplicio Cruz Day Care Center Salvador Estate Day Care Center SAV 6 Day Care Center Sitio Nazareth Day Care Center SAV 15 Day Care Center Santos Day Care Center UPS 5 Day Care Center Lower Barangay Day Care CenterVitalez (1) Vitalez Day Care Center52
    • San Antonio (16) Fatima Day Care Center SAV 5 Day Center Lower Barangay Day Care Center Area I Fourth Day Care Center Area 4 Fourth Estate Day Care Center Area 7A Fourth Estate Day Care Center Area 7B Fourth Estate Day Care Center Creek Drive I Day Care Center Creek Drive II Day Care Center Sta. Cecilia Day Care Center Sta. Catalina Day Care Center Lupang Hinirang Day Care Center Seacom Day Care Center Reyes Comp. Day Care Center Lino Type Day Care Center San Pancracio Day Care Center Romulo Reyes Day Care Center Bernardo Compound Day Care CenterMarcelo Green (10) Dama de Noche Day Care Center Sampaguita Hills Day Care Center Landscape Day Care Center Napa Day Care Center Manggahan Day Care Center Kawayanan Day Care Center Sitio Fatima Day Care Center Aroma Day Care Center Armela Day Care Center Cervantes Day Care CenterMoonwalk (10) San Agustin Day Care Center Velarde Hills Day Care Center Moonwalk Ph. I Day Care Center SMGI Day Care Center Samapa Day Care Center Airport Village Day Care Center Tel-Aviv Day Care Center Airborne Day Cere Center Manggahan Day Care Center Timothy Day Care CenterMerville (4) Sitio All-Top Day Care Center Wella I Day Care Center Cubic Day Care Center Malaya Day Care CenterSun Valley (10) Holy Rosary Day Care Center Villa Paraiso Day Care Center G. Bautista Day Care Center Camachile Day Care Center T. Relucio Day Care Center St. Joseph Marimar day care Center 53
    • Sta. Ana Day Care Center Golden Angel Day Care Center Star of Hope Day Care Center Sto. Niño Day Care CenterDon Bosco (6) Sto. Rosario Day Care Center Don Bosco Day Care Learning Center 1 Don Bosco Day Care Learning Center 2 Malacañang Dulo I Day Care Center Sagrada Familia Familia Day Care Center Bernardo Square Day Care CenterBF (16) Arratiles Day Care Center Masville Day Care Center Masville -A Day Care Center Masville –B ( Mangga site) Day Care Center Sto Tomas Child Learning Center Clinic Site Day Care Center Estrada Day Care Center Ipil Site Day Care Center Sampaloc Site 2 Main – A Day Care Center Sampaloc Site 2 Main –B Day Care Center Sampaloc Site 2 Main –C Day Care Center Sampaloc Site 2 Main –D Day Care Center Sampaloc Site 2 B (Bayabas) Villongco Day Care Center Target 1 & 2 Barangay Multi Purpose HallSan Martin de Porres (8) Sitio de Asis Day Care Center Malugay Day Care Center Sitio Pag-asa Day Care Center Humility Day Care Center Sampalocan Day Care Center Marian -PNR Day care Center Sitio Sto. Nino –A Day Care Center Sitio Sto. Niño –B Day Care CenterSources of Data: Barangay Affairs Office54
    • DAY CARE CENTER’S PROFILE Parañaque City, 2010 DISTRICT I DISTRICT II GRAND TOTALTotal Number of Barangays 8 8 16Total Number of Barangays 8 8 16with Day Care CenterTotal Number of Barangays - - 0without Day Care CentersTotal Number of Day Care 43 78 121CentersTotal Number of Accredited 25 46 71Day Care CentersTotal Number of Non- 16 34 50Accredited DCCsTotal Number of Day CareCenters/Structures Fundedby: A) Congressional 5 3 8 B) National Government 1 - 1 C) Local Government 14 40 54 D) Barangay 19 24 43 E) Non- Government/Private 4 11 15 OrganizationsSource of Data: Barangay Operations Office 55
    • DAY CARE WORKER’S PROFILE Parañaque City, 2010 DISTRICT I DISTRICT II GRAND TOTALTotal Number of Day Care 48 83 131WorkersTotal Number of Day CareWorkers: a) City Funded Casual 35 49 84 Permanent 10 11 21 b) Barangay Fund 3 22 25 c) Job Order - 1 1Total Number of Accredited 22 49 71Day Care WorkersTotal Number of Non- 24 27 60Accredited DCWsTotal Number of Male Day 7 4 11Care WorkersTotal Number of Female Day 41 79 120Care WorkersTotal Number of Day CareWorkers on the basis of theirEducational Level: F) Master’s Degree 1 1 2 G) College Graduate 27 49 76 H) Vocational/College 19 32 51 Undergraduate I) High School - 2 2GraduateSource of Data: Barangay Operations Office56
    • LIST OF SCHOOL OFFICIALS Division of City Schools City of Parañaque, 2010 OFFICES NAME POSITION TEL.NO.Office of the Schools Division Dr. Joel T. San Luis, Sch. Div. Supt. 826-79-37Superintendent CESEOffice of the Asst. Sch. Div. Supt. Ms. Helen Grace V. Go Asst. School 826-86-48 Div. SuptAdministrative Unit/Planning Unit Mrs. Salve Tesorero Administrative 826-58-86 Officer VIEducation Supervisor Office Dr. Irene A. Gadil Education 820-13-59 Supervisor IEducation Supervisor Office Dr. Joel T. Torrecampo Education 820-28-23 Supervisor I A. Public Elementary SchoolsDistrict IName Address/Tel. No. Principal/Head NAIA, LA Huerta1. La Huerta E.S. Mr. Nemesio B. Bunnao 826-20-95 Mangga Site, BF2. Masville E.S. Mrs. Dolora M. Zaragoza 541-10-51 Kabihasnan, San Dionisio3. Parañaque E.S. Central Dr. Editha N. Baggayan 829-19-35 Kabihasnan, San Dionisio4.San Dionisio E. S. Dr. Editha N. Bagayon 826-61-02 Kabihasnan, San Dionisio5. Pque. E.S. Unit II Mrs. Sonia V. Bernardo 826-65-66 Fourth Estate, San Antonio6. Fourth Estate Elem. Sch. Dr. Josefina B. Alcantara 825-17-72 San Antonio Valley I7. San Antonio E.S. Unit IV Mrs. Cresencia H. Rosales 825-19-668. Sampaloc Site II E.S. Sampaloc Site BF / 542-34-35 Mr. Gerry C.LumabanDistrict II Multinational Village Moonwalk1. Col. E. De Leon E.S. Mrs. Zenaida G. Estrellado 822-21-90 J. Gabriel St., Don Galo2. Don Galo E.S. Mr. Recto Makinika 851-22-64 Better Living Subd. Don Bosco3. F. Serrano E.S. Mrs. Rosalia L. Morit 823-97-30 Moonwalk4. San Agustin E.S. Mrs. Rhodora R. Villar 828-89-29 Sto. Niño 853-99-615. Sto. Nino E.S. Mrs. Genie Ann T. Santos Vitalez6. R. Gatchalian E.S. Mrs. Marita G. Briones 852-14-71 Mr. Antonio B. Dorado7. Sun Valley E.S. FS FS Sr. Annex / 823-80-31 57
    • District IIIName Address/Tel. No. Principal/Head Pinaglabanan St. Baclaran1. Baclaran E.S. Central Mrs. Rosita E. Placido 832-01-77 Bagong Ilog St. Baclaran2. Baclaran E.S. Unit I Mrs. Teresita S. Rodriguez 831-46-58 Santiago St. Baclaran3. Baclaran E.S. Unit II Mrs. Teresita S. Medina 832-54-46 MIA Rd., Tambo4. Tambo E.S. Main Dr. Aurora O. Barron 851-23-90 C. Santos St., Tambo5. Tambo E.S. Unit I Dr. Bernardo N. Mascarina 851-23-55 Santos St., Tambo6. Camp Claudio E.S. Mrs. Bibiana S. Reyes 851-23-60 PUBLIC HIGH SCHOOLS City of Parañaque, 2010 Name/Barangay Principal/OIC Tel. No. Pque. Nat’l. High School Mr. Urbano E. Agustin 826-40-14 / 829-01-77 San Dionisio (Main) Pque. Science High School Mr. Pablito S. Vibal 825-93-08 /825-93-13 San Dionisio (PHNS Annex) Pque. Nat’l. High School Ms. Ma. Estrellita C. 826-86-16 La Huerta (Annex) Arceo. Baclaran High School Dr. Rosendo C. Abulog 851-85-40 Bac. High School (PNHS Annex) Gerry G. Gatchillar 853-97-28 /906-10-07 Pque. Nat’l. High School Mr. Rafael S. Centina 853-53-46 Don Galo (Annex) Dr. Arcadio Santos National High Mrs. Concepcion C. School 824-51-13/ 776-45-89 Bernaldez San Martin de Porres Masville National High School Mrs. Corazon B. Mandar. 541-02-23 (Annex) Moonwalk High School Mrs. Wilma C. Loria 821-67-02 Sunvalley National High School Mrs. Thelma S. Montiel 821-26-38 58
    • LIST OF PRIVATE SCHOOLS City of Paranaque, 2010 BARANGAY/SCHOOL ADDRESSBarangay Baclaran 1. Sto. Rosario Learning Center Tomas Claudio St. , Baclaran 2. Amanda Child Learning Center Airport Road , Baclaran 3. St. Gabriel Academy J. Gabriel St , Baclaran 4. Brainhire Science School, Inc. J. Gabriel St., Baclaran 5. Sta. Rita de Casia Parochial School Quirino Ave., BaclaranBarangay Tambo 1. Martyrs Enumerical School Quirino Ave. , Tambo 2. Growing Place Pre- School Bayview Village , Tambo 3. Clay and Potter T. Alonzo St., TamboBarangay Don Galo 1. Buensuceso Learning School Mabini St., Don GaloBarangay La Huerta1. St. Andrews School 475 Quirino Ave., La Huerta2. St. Paul College of Paranaque 432 Quirino Ave., La Huerta3. School Haus of Lourdes Quirino Ave., La Huerta4. Dennis Playhouse 7315 San Nicolas St., La HuertaBarangay Sto. Nino1. El Nino de Salambao Academy J.P. Rizal cor. Dahlia St., Sto. Nino2. Gatchalian Learning School Sto. NiñoBarangay Vitalez1. Masterpiece Learning Center L. Garcia St. , Jetlane Village2. Davies Montessori Liwanag St , Gat MendozaBarangay San Dionisio 1. Escuela de San Dionisio Quirino Ave., San Dionisio 2. St. Maria Goretti San Dionisio 3. Casa de Maria San Dionisio 4. Academia de San Miguel Arkangel San Dionisio 5. Father Manuel S. Guerrero San Dionisio 6. Hillcrest Periwinkle School Don Jose Greencourt, Gatchalian Subd. 7. Olivarez College Dr. A. Santos Ave., San Dionisio 8. Holy Mother Learning Center 9. Holy Gospel10. Rogationist College – Paranaque Don Jose Greencourt, Gatchalian Subd.11. Christ Child School, Inc. Irasan St., San Dionisio12. Holy Mary Academy 14 Bernabe Subd., San Dionisio13. Genesis Learning Academy of Paque 7072 Dollar Lane St., Villanueva Village 59
    • NAME ADDRESSBarangay Vitalez1. Masterpiece Learning Center L. Garcia St. Jetlane Village2. Davie’s Montessori Liwanag St. , Gat MendozaBarangay San Isidro 1. Davidville Academy 2. Betty’s Vermillion Academy 10th St. UPS 5 , San Isidro 3. Escuela de San Lorenzo Ruiz Sanches Ave. Greenheights Subd. 4. St. Theresa’s International School of P’que Emilia St. , San Isidro 5. Holy Angel Academy San Isidro 6. Lycee d’ Regis Marie Dr. Santos Ave., San Isidro 7. Le –Sil Montessori San Isidro 8. Mary Immaculate School Sta. Natividad St. SAV 6 9. Blessed Luisa School Valley 2, San Isidro10. Gemille School St Andrew Ave., Lopez Village11. Regina Maria Montesorri VillaMendozaSubd.,SanIsidro12. Sucat Evangelical Christian Academy Banawe St Justina Village, San Isidro13. St Therese De Avila School of P’que Pascual Compd Emilia St., San IsidroBarangay San Antonio 1. Little House of Montessori 39 Press Drive , Fourth Estate, San Antonio 2. Heritage Learning Center 9124 Hernandez Ave. San Antonio Valley 1 3. Kids Choice Academy San Antonio 4. Sucat Evangelical Christian Academy Dr. Santos Ave. San Antonio 5. Kidsland Learning Center San Antonio 6. St Cyr Academy Meliton Espiritu ,. San Antonio 7. United Christian Academy San Antonio 8. International Christian Academy 4505 Extra St. Fourth Estate, San Antonio 9. Legacy Christian Academy San Antonio10. Little Hands & Playhouse San Antonio11. St. Francis Academy San Antonio Valley I13 Ramon Pascual Institute. Dr. Santos Ave., San AntonioBarangay BF 1. Ann Arbor Montessori School BF Homes Phase 3 2. Golden Values School 26 V. Buencamino St., BF 3. Golden Values School 24 Canberra St. , BF 4. John Shannon Montesorri 43 Quezon St., Teoville Subd. ,BF 5. La Enfant Scuola # 9 Dama de Noche ,Tahanan Village, BF 6. Manresa School Candida Maria St., BF 7. Mary Mount School J. Villaroman St. Classic Homes Ph. 2, BF 8. Our Lady of Carmel Tutorial Center 78 Tirona St., BF 9. Pilipino Childrens Montesorri Village Inc. 42 Aguirre Ave. BF 10.Shekinah Christian Learning Center Kirishima St., BF 11.Saint James School of Paranaque 8408 Dr. Santos Ave. , BF 12. Happy Children Learning Center 52 D. Tuason , BF13. Montessori Child Early Learning Center Pablo Roman St. 60
    • 14. Veritas Parochial School Phase 1, BF15. UP South School Rainbow Drive, Goodwill 2, BF16. Child Learning Center, Inc. Rainbow Drive, Goodwill 2, BF17. Scoula Figlie Di Maria Immaculata Villaroman St., BF18. Learning Garden Montessori School 266 Aguirre Ave. , BFBarangay Marcelo Green1. Ville Saint John Academy Maharlika Ave., Marcelo Green Village Ph52. The Master’s Academy Km. 16 West Service Road, Marcelo Green3. Learn and Play Montesorri School 7306 Marcelo Ave. Ph3, Marcelo Green Village4. Village Pre School Marcelo Green Village5. Center For Creative Concepts for Children Marcelo Green VillageBarangay Sun Valley 1. Mother of Devine Grace School of P’que Sta. Ana Village, Sun Valley 2. St. Francis Rossenti Tutorial & Learning Sun Valley Drive School 3. Sacred Heart School Sun Valley Drive 4. Kids Play Camp Learning Center Moonville Subdivision , Sun Valley 5. STI Academy of Paranaque Marimar Village II, Sun Valley 6. Childs Haven School Sun Valley Subdivision, 7. Gift of Advance Learning Montessori Lavender cor. Magnolia St,Sun Valley Subd.School 8. Chella Developmental School Inc. 351 Lite Ace St., Sto Nino 9. Holy Mary of Guadalupe 3702 Sun Valley Drive10. Mighty Christian Academy Ramos Compound, Sun Valley11. Hillside Creative Learning Center Edison Avenue, Sun Valley12. Great Christian Academy Sun Valley Drive13. Christian Harvest Academy 4057 Gardenia St. , Sun Valley Subd.13. Sun Valley Montesorri School Benedictine St. Sta. Ana Village, Sun Valley14. Seed Cosmic Academy West Service Road, Sun Valley15. Creative Valley Learners Center 3690 Sun Valley Drive , Sun Valley Barangay Don Bosco1. Kidsville Creative System Don Bosco2. Kids Choice Don Bosco3. Little Friends Academy 27 Venice St. BLS, Don Bosco4. World of Wonders Learning Center 19 Quirino Ave. South Admiral Village5. Golden Achievers Academy Don Bosco6. St. Leonard Academy Don Bosco7. Kids at Work Don Bosco8. Playschool International Don Bosco9. Immaculate Heart of Mary College Dominic Savio St. , BLS Don Bosco10.Jesu-Mariae International School (JMIS) 73 MHC St. BLS, Don Bosco11. Father Simpliciano Academy Don Bosco12. European International School 75 Swaziland BLS , Don Bosco13. Children of Light Academy Don Bosco14. Golden Achievers Academy B43 L31 Cornelius , Don Bosco15. Christian School of Tomorrow Levitown Estate BLS, Don Bosco 61
    • 16. Paulo Scholastic Chastity de Montesorri Better Living Subd., Don BoscoAcademy17. St. Reymonds Nursery and Kindergarten 69 Saudi Arabia St., BLS, Don Bosco School18. Mother Ma. Magdalena Starace School 42 Russia St. Betterliving Subd. Don BoscoBarangay Moonwalk 1. Bricktown Kindergarten School Moonwalk 2. Little Angels School Moonwalk 3. First Born Preparatory School Moonwalk 4. Philippians Academy Moonwalk 5. Laude School Moonwalk 6. Arc Angel Moonwalk 7. Golden Harvest Academy Moonwalk 8. Risen Christ School Moonwalk 9. Sacred Heart School Madre Isabella de Rosis St. Multinational Vill10. Madre Pia Notary School Timothy St. , Multinational Village 11. Holy Francis School Moonwalk 12. Richfield School Moonwalk 13. Rogationist School Moonwalk 14. Arandia Academy Moonwalk 15. South Kids International School 31 A&B Philip St. , Multinational Village Barangay Merville 1. Kiddie Lab 2 Francis St., Merville Park 2. Merville Learning Center 16 Las Vegas St., Merville Park 3. Kumon Learning Center 32 Washington St., Merville Park 4. Learning Center Inc. 134 Carmelite St., Merville Park 5. Reparatrix Sisters of the Sacred Heart Vienna/ Barcelona Sts. , Merville Park 6. Create Learning Center 29 Calcutta St. , Merville Park 7. Palm Crest School 18 Palm Spring St., Merville Park 8. South Merville School 31 Montclair St. , Merville ParkBarangay San Martin de Porres 1. St. Martin de Porres Kinder School 2205 Narra St. UPS I , San Martin de Porres 2. Paranaque Nazarene Christian LearningCenter 3. Little Ranch Learning Center San Martin de Porres 4. Regis Grace Montesorri 2811 Daang Hari St. Marian Lake View Subd., San Martin de Porres Source of Data: EDP and Barangay Hall 62
    • Tertiary education is being served by fourteen (14) private schools and one (1) publiccollege that is the Parañaque City College of Science and Technology. Tertiary Schools (Private) Barangay Name/AddressBF 1. Ama Computer College Dr. A. Santos Avenue 2. St. Rita College Dr. A. Santos Avenue, BF 3. St. James College Dr. A. Santos Avenue, BFSan Dionisio 1. Olivarez College Dr. A. Santos Avenue 2. STI Computer College Palanyag Rd., Gatchalian Subd., San Dionisio 3. Datamex Computer Institute and Technology Dr. A. Santos Avenue 4. Uni-Cyber College of Science and Technologies 2nd Flr. Ber-Vil Market, Dr. A. Santos Avenue 5, Universal College of Nursing Dr. A. Santos Ave.San Isidro 1. PATTS College Lombos Ave., San Isidro 2. Regis Marie College Dr. A. Santos Ave. 3. Infotech SJP Bldg., D.A.S.A. 4. Premier Computer Learning Center Dr. Santos Avenue , San IsidroDon Bosco 1. Asian Institute of Computer Studies Dona Soledad Ave., Don Bosco 2. Immaculate Heart of Mary College St. Dominic Savio St., BLS 3. Informatics Computer Institute SM Bicutan,Marcelo Green 1. The Master’s Academy Km. 16, West Service Road Tertiary School (Public) Barangay Name/AddressSan Dionisio Parañaque City College of Science and Techonology Kabihasnan, San Dionisio 63
    • HOUSING PROFILE A. Informal Settlers There are approximately two hundred thirty two (232) areas occupying the City ofParañaque, which are considered Urban Mission Areas. Four (4) areas are consideredAreas for Priority Development (APD) and fourteen (14) others are undergoing CommunityMortgage Program (CMP). Barangay Moonwalk has the most number of informal settlers, thirty five (38) followed byBarangay San Antonio with thirty three (33), Barangay Don Bosco with twenty two (23) andBarangay Sto. Nino with twenty two (22) clustered settlements. Household population ineach settlement ranges from 50 to 1,700 families. The city is home to 25,073 informal settler families, covering an estimated 45.131hectares land area . Informal settlers in danger areas are approximately 3,320 families, ingovernment lands are 3,763 families , in areas declared APD are 2,460 families and thoselocated in private lands are 15,428 families. Majority of informal settler dwellings are madeof light materials; only a few are made of concrete and semi-concrete materials. Monthlyincome of these families falls below the minimum wage. Pipelined Housing Projects of the City Government City Government plans to acquire the following properties under the direct sellingscheme for on-site and settlement purposes. 1. Sto. Niño de Coastal, Don Galo Land Area: 8,000 m2 No. of Beneficiaries: 200 Informal Settler Families Land Capacity: Habitat for Humanity Amount Needed: Php 3.6 M 2. Locsin property No. of Beneficiaries: Lead Agency: Habitat for Humanity Amount Needed: Php 12 M 3. Gamboa Property Location and Land Area: No. of Beneficiaries: Lead Agency: Habitat for Humanity Amount Needed: Php 12 M 4 City Employees Housing Project Location: Barangay San Antonio No. of Beneficiaries: 277 Employees AmountNeeded: Php 16 M64
    • SOCIALIZED HOUSING PROJECTS AS OF 20101. Fulgencio Castulo Property Location: Sitio Sto Nino, Barangay San Dionisio Land Area: 3,138 sq. meters Association: Bagong Buhay Homeowners Association Beneficiaries: 101 families2. Sitio GSIS Location: Sitio GSIS, Barangay San Martin de Porres Land Area: 3,129 sq. meters Association: Sitio GSIS Homeowners Association Beneficiaries: 80 families3. Balco Corporation Location: Sitio Libjo, Barangay Sto. Nino Land Area: 3,830 sq. meters Association: Perpetual Help Neighborhood Association Beneficiaries: 96 families4. Chuck Serrano Property Location: Airport Village, Barangay Moonwalk Land Area: 325.60 sq. meters Association: Sacred Heart of Jesus Neighborhood Association Beneficiaries: 16 families5. Dionisia Rivera Property Location: Aratiles Compound Masville, Barangay BF Land Area: 1,316 sq. meters Association: No. 1316 Triangle Neighborhood Association Inc. Beneficiaries: 34 families6. Tonsay Property Location: Sitio Matatdo, Barangay San Isidro Land Area: 400 sq. meters Association: Tonsay Homeowners Association Beneficiaries: 22 families 7. Norma Avelino Property Location: Barangay La Huerta Land Area: 937 sq. meters Association: Daop – Palad Homeowners Asssociation Beneficiaries: 28 families8. Manila Memorial Property Location: Barangay San Isidro Land Area: 3,000 sq. meters Association: Paradise San Isidro Neighborhood Association Beneficiaries: 91 families 65
    • 9. Arcadio Santos Property Location: Sitio Libjo, Barangay Sto. Nino Land Area: 600 sq. meters Association: Sitio Libjo Extension Neighborhood Association Beneficiaries: 20 families 10. Francisco Chua Property Location: Km. 18 East Service Road, Barangay San Martin de Porres Land Area: 3,634 sq. meters Association: Villa Pag-asa Subd. Homeowners Association Beneficiaries: 94 familiesNon-Government Organization Assisted Projects A. GAWAD KALINGA (GK) 1. Maralit Property Location: Barangay Don Bosco Land Area: 6,163 sq. meters No. of Beneficiaries: 254 Informal Settler Families (ISFs) 2. Marva et. al Property Location: Malacanang Dulo, Barangay Don Bosco Land Area: 2, 840 sq. meters No. of Beneficiaries: 116 ISFs 3. Monsod Property Location: Sitio Sta. Ana, Barangay Sun Valley Land Area: 1000 sq. mters No. of Beneficiaries: 40 ISFs 4. Aspillera Location: San Roque Hills Subd., Barangay San Antonio Land Area: 1,822 sq. meters No. of Beneficiaries: 60 ISFs 5. Maxima Valenzuala Property Location: Creek Site, Bgy. Sun Valley Land Area: 1,684 sq. meters No. of Beneficiaries: 44 ISFs 6. Cruz Property Location: El Dorado St., Bgy. Don Bosco Land Area: 2,124 sq. meters No. of Benefiaries: 71 ISFs 7. Elizabeth Cheng Property Location: Sitio Libjo,Bgy. Sto. Niño Land Area: 500 sq. meters No. of Beneficiaries: 16 ISFs 8. Locsin Property Location: Malacanang Dulo, Don Bosco Land Area: 2,500 sq. meters No of Beneficiaries: 82 ISFs66
    • 9. Gamboa Property Location: Malacanang Dulo, Don Bosco Land Area : 2,500 sq. meters No. of Beneficiaries: 80 ISFsB. HABITAT FOR HUMANITY 1. Sagarada Familia Location: Barangay Don Bosco No. of Beneficiaries: 102 ISFs 2. Sitio Fatima Project Location: Barangay Marcelo Green No. of Beneficiaries: 200 ISFs 3. Foremost Golf Inc. Location: 7-B Tropical Lane, Fourth Estate, Brgy San Antonio Land Area : 300 sq. meters No. of Beneficiaries: 28 4. Santos Property Location: Bgy. Sto. Nino Land Area : 521 sq. meters No. of Beneficiaries: 28 67
    • LIST OF DEPRESSED AREAS City of Paranaque 2010 District 1 BARANGAY BACLARAN 1. Sitio San Juan 2. Bagong Sikat ( Purok 4 and 5) 3 Bagong Lipunan Riverside 4. Sta. Rita ( back of Sta. Rita Church ) 5. Sitio Maligaya 6. Mactan St. (bet O. Peña St. and Dimasalang St.) 7. J. Gabriel (F.B. Harrison beside Iglesia ni Cristo) . BARANGAY TAMBO 1. Riverside III (SASNI) 2. Riverside III ( KAPITBISIG) 3. Riverside III ( RNA) 4. Riverside II (Sigma Alpha ) 5. Riverside II (Vistacol ) 6. Riverside II ( SAMARITA) 7. Riverside I ( Patrol 117) 8. Kabesang Cillo 9. Agripina St. 10 .KABATA (Mepar I and 2 St) BARANGAY DON GALO 1. Sto. Nino de Coastal 2. Dorina Neighborhood 3. Balagtas St. Riverside Gym ( Sta. Maria Homeowners) BARANGAY LA HUERTA 1. P. Dandan St. 2. Riverside La Huerta 3. N. Rodriguez 4. J. de Leon 5. Tabon 6. Lambingan Bridge68
    • BARANGAY VITALEZ Banana CompoundBARANGAY SAN DIONISIO 1. Kay Boboy Bridge 2. Back of SM 3. Ilog Palanyag 4. Himlayang Palanyag 5. Back of Lorenzana 6. Sitio Sto. Niño Phase I , II & III 7. Muslim Christian Neighborhood 8. Barrio Magdalena 9. Kaytalise (Back of PNHS) 10. Back of Saulog (Quirino Avenue) 11. J. De Leon Coastal 12. Tramo I & II 13. J. de Leon Coastal 14. Kalayaan Neighborhood 15. Poultry 16. Lim Compound 17. Kuliglig (Olivarez Compound) 18. Lupang PangarapBARANGAY SANTO NIÑO 1. Pascor Drive A & B 2. Halik Alon 3. Gena North 4. 1st St. Extension. 5. 2nd St. Extension 6. 17th St. Extension 7. J.P. Rizal Bridge 8. Libjo United Riverside Extension. 9. Dahlia Riverside 10. Bernardo Compound 11. Sta. Theresa Multi Riverside 12. Ninoy North 13. Ilalim ng Tulay (Ninoy) 14. Sitio Libjo Area I ,2, 3 , 4, 5, 6, & 7 15. Kaingin 2 ( Diamond St. Santos Compound) 16. Riverside Gate I 17. Valenzuela Compound 18. SCARHA (Kaingin I) 19. Sakap, Sakap Riverside, Sakap Extension 20. Sta. Maria 21. Sanctuary 22. Venus Neighborhood 69
    • BARANGAY SAN ISIDRO 1. Silverio Compound Purok I, II, III, IV 2. Matatdo 3. Manggahan II ( Lower Matatdo) 4. Sitio Nazareth 5. SALIKAPA ( Lower Matatdo) 6. Bukid Site 7. Sitio Fatima 8. Napoleon Compound 9. Espiritu Compound 10. Cruz Compound 11. Santos Compound 12. Sitio SARIKAP 13. Booksite 14. Creek Side (Lopez) 15. San Roque Creekside District II BARANGAY SAN ANTONIO 1. Reyes Compound 2. Garden Site ( Bernardo Compound) 3. San Vicente Ferrer 4. Sto. Domingo Magkakapitbahay 5. Sinagtala 6 .Lopina Compound 7. Banana Site 8. Tropical Lane 9. Lino Type 10. Area 7 -A 11. Budoni 12. Lupang Hinirang 13. SEACOM 14. Variety 15. Hontiveros Compound 16. Business Lane 17. Cultural Lane 18. Greenville 19. Lower Barangay 20. Fatima 21. Creek Drive I & II 22. Area 7 - B 23. Sta Catalina 24. Pictorial Lane (Area 5) 25. Area 7 - C 26. Sta Cecilia 27. Felipe Compound70
    • 28. Fame St. 29. Industry Extension (Area – 3) 30. Area 4 –Creekside 31. Lazaro Compound 32. Area 1 33. Area 2BARANGAY BF 1. Masville 2. Villonco 3. Clinic Site 4. Ipil Site 5. Target Range I 6. Target Range II 7. Sampaloc Site (Phase I) 8. Sampaloc Site (Phase II) 9. Sampaloc Site (Phase III) 10. Sampaloc Site (Phase V) 11.J. Estrada Compound 12. Lagoon 13. Gov. Santos West Riverside 14. Bagong Silang 15. United Sto. TomasBARANGAY SUN VALLEY 1. Cul de Sac 2. Purok Cherry East 3. Sitio Bagong Pag-asa 4. Sapang Maligaya 5. Villa Paraiso 6. Bukid Area 7. Riverside 8. Camachile 9. Brotherhood Compound 10. Lower Sta. Ana ( Zone 1,2,3,4,5 & 6) 71
    • BARANGAY MARCELO GREEN 1. Annex 31 Creek 2. Kawayanan 3. Ilang - Ilang 4. Napa Compound 5. Armela Compound 6. Annex 31 Extension 7. Bagong Sibol 8. Champaca Extension ( Creeksite) 9. Landscape 10. Manggahan 11. Aroma 12. Cervantes 13. Daang Hari 14. Fatima 15. Sampaguita 16. Yellow Bell / Sun flower BARANGAY DON BOSCO 1. Kawayanan 2. Kambingan 3. Denmark 4. Indonesia 5. France Dulo 6. Santos Compound (San Lorenzo Ruiz – Lot 1,2,4,6,7,8 ) 7. F. Serrano – Annex 55 / Creekside 8. Taiwan Extension 9. Switzerland Dulo 10. Sagrada 11.Vatican 12. Sitio Gitna (El Dorado) 13.El Dorado. 14. Malacañang Dulo Phase I 15. Felicity Dulo 16. Annex 46 17. Bernardo Square 18. Manggahan 19. St. Joseph 20. Camella Creekside 1 21. Salazar Compound 22. Annex 22 23. Bernardo’s Village72
    • BARANGAY MOONWALK 1. Purok I Area A,B,C 2. Purok II 3. Purok III - San Agustin 4. Purok III – Sagana Compound 5. Purok III - Fast Track Kawayanan 6. Purok IV – Alano Compound 7. Purok IV – St. Marys Neighborhood 8. Purok IV – Kodak Compound 9. Purok IV – A CAA Neighborhood 10. Purok IV - San Juan Neighborhood 11. Purok IV – St. Paul Neighborhood 12. Purok IV – Scarlet Ibaba and Kawayanan 13. Purok V - Jerusalem Compound 14. Purok V – St. Francis 15. Purok V – St. Francis Extension 16. Purok V - Taduca Neighborhood 17 .Purok V I - Unity Neighborhood 18. Purok VI - Rivera St. Neighborhood 19. Purok VII C – 4 Bliss Neighborhood 20. Purok VII Ipil – Ipil Neighborhood 21. Purok VII SMGI Gulayan 22. Purok VII Marcelo Compound 23. Purok VII Timothy St. 24. Purok VII Papa Cruz Compound 25. Purok VII Manggahan 26. Purok VII Morales Compound 27. Purok VII Reyes Compound 28. Purok VII Bicol Region 29. Purok VII Riverside 30. Purok VII Bulaong Compound 31. Purok VII Galatia St. 32. Purok VII SAMAPA Compound 33. Sitio Haise I, II, & III 34. Sitio Sunrise 35. Sitio E. Rodriguez Extension 36. Sitio Libjo 37. Sitio Kenko 38. Velarde Compound 73
    • BARANGAY MERVILLE 1. Manggahan 2. Wella Compound 3. ]Sitio All-Top 4. Sitio Tuyuan 5. Sitio Malaya 6. Cubic Site 7. New Orleans Circle BARANGAY SAN MARTIN DE PORRES 1. Sitio Malugay 2. Sitio De Asis 3. Sitio PNR 4. Sitio Sto Nino 5. Sitio Pag - asa 6. Sitio GSIS 7. Sitio Marian 8. Sitio Sampalocan74
    • B. Subdivisions and Townhouses BARANGAY BF HOMES South Bay Gardens Subdivision BF Homes Parañaque Phase I BF Homes Parañaque Phase II & III BF Homes Parañaque Phase IV, V, & VI-A BF Classic Home Village BF Executive Village Camella Homes -Sucat Goodwill – 2 Subdivision Ireneville I Jackielou Ville Subdivision Maywood I North Concha Cruz Circle RGV Homes RGV Homes/Garden Homes 500 Tahanan Village Phase I & II Teoville Subdivision Phase I & 2 Winners Circle Southgate Homes Elyssium Lucas Townhomes RGV Townhomes (Villaroman cluster) St. Rita Village Camella Homes Parañaque 2 BARANGAY SAN MARTIN DE PORRES United Parañaque Subdivision 1 & 3 (United Hills Subd.) United Parañaque Subdivision 2 Makati South Hills Marian Lake View Park 1 Tinzelhomes 1 BARANGAY STO. NIÑO PR Ville Subdivision Pacific Grand Villas 75
    • BARANGAY MARCELO GREEN Marcelo Green Village Phase 1 Marcelo Green Village Phase 2 Marcelo Green Village Phase 3 Marcelo Green Village Phase 4 Marcelo Green Village Phase 5 Marcelo Green Village Phase 8 Marcelo Green Village Phase 9 Aquino Village Buensuceso Homes 1 & 3 Equity Homes 7 Greenvale Homes 1 Greenvale Homes 2 I.D.I Village Ireneville Subdivision 11 Marcelo Green Village Phase 6, 7, 10 Maywood Village 2 Milbrae Subdivision San Antonio Valley 25 Phase 2 & 3 Severina Diamond Subdivision 1, 11, 111 South Greenpark Subdivision South Greenpark Village 5 Superville Annex Subdivision United Parañaque Subdivision 4 & 6 Universal Solid Homes Westborough Homes Better Living Annex-31 V.V. Dionisio Compound BARANGAY MERVILLE Inland Executive Haven Merville Park Subdivision Molave Park Subdivision Phase 1 & 2, Annex I & II South Admiral Village (Queens) Buenavida Homes Buensuceso Homes 2 Camella Homes – Nichols Cubic Homes City View Countryhomes Citihomes Regency Finehomes Molave Townhouses Parkview Homes Subdivision Philippians Townhouse Plantersbank Homes Portmax Subdivision (Merville) Raya Gardens South Greenpark Subdivision Phase 1-A, 1, 2, 4, 7 Woodsville Viverde Mansions76
    • BARANGAY DON BOSCO Aeropark Subdivision Phase I & II Better Living Subdivision Remmanville Scienceville Subdivision Valley Vista Village Better Living Annex 15 & 16 Better Living Annex 18 & 19 Better Living Annex 1 & 2 Better Living Annex 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29 Better Living Annex 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 40 Better Living Annex 3, 4, 5, 7, 9 Better Living Section I Better Living Section II Better Living Section III Better Living Section IV Better Living Section V Better Living Section VII BLS – South Arch. Camella Homes Par. –Bicutan Camella Homes Par. 3 Annex Chateau Elysee (right-of-way) Chateau Ville Clemencia Homes Bicutan Don Bosco Village El Dorado Townhomes 1 & 2 INA Executive Homes 1 & 2 Levitown Villas Levitown Estate Phase VI Maharlika 5 Manhattan Villas Nayong Maharlika 2 Palm Grove Prince Court 1 & 2 Savio Compound South Haven Townhomes St. Louie Townhomes Villa Aurora TownhomesBARANGAY TAMBO Bayview Garden Homes Bayview Garden Homes 2 Bayview Village Concorde Subdivision Phase 2 Concorde Subdivision 1 Jade Villa Executive Townhomes II MIA Townhouse Sentosia Homes Sunset Village Villa Carolina Townhouses III Villamar 77
    • BARANGAY SUN VALLEY Sun Valley Subdivision Better Living Annex 41 Countryside Village I to V Executive Heights Subdivision I Executive Heights Subdivision 11-A & B Happy Glenn Loop Marimar Village Monte Villa de Monsod Moonville Subdivision Parkview homes I & I-A Ramos Village Reman Subdivision South Pointe Townhomes St. Louise Compound 8 Sta. Ana VillageBARANGAY SAN DIONISIO Avida Towers Bernabe Subdivision CH Woodsrow Executive Townhomes Don Jose Greencourt Eriberta Townhomes Gatchalian Village Gatchalian Subd.-1 Jaleville Subdivision La Strada Homes R. Medina Subdivision 2 R. Medina Subdivision 2-A RSG Airportville Subdivision Phase 3 Top Land Subdivision Tudor Garden Villanueva Village78
    • BARANGAY MOONWALK Multinational Village (main) Phase I, II, III Airport Village Airportview Subdivision Armstrong Villas Brentwood Heights Townhouses Bricktown Subdivision Cecilia Village 1 Cecilia Village 2 Chateau Elyssee China Park Gardens CRC Multinational Village Phase III-B Cristina Village Cristina Village -2 (Erorita) Colonial Townhouses Delta Ville Pag-ibig Subdivision Donna’s Ville Embassy Garden Homes, MIA Eriberta Court H & E Townhouses H & E Townhouses 1 Hiyas Ville Subdivision Isabelle Garden Homes Isabella Townhouses Las Villas de Manila Las Casas 100 Townhouses Luxureville Matheus Realty Townhomes Moonwalk Village Phase 1 Moonwalk Village Phase 2 Moonwalk Village Phase 3 Multinational Subdivision (Shrineville) Multinational Village Annex East Multinational Garden Townhomes Pag-ibig sa Parañaque Parkview Homes Peter Townhomes RSG Townhouses San Agustin Village Scarlet Homes 1 & 2 Sherwood Townhomes Sheryl Mirra Compound Silver Homes Silverland Multinational Silverland Village 11 Southgreen Park Village Phase-3 South Centerpoint St. Francis Subdivision TLR Classic Homes TDI Multinational Village 79
    • Triumph Homes Universal Solid Homes Verdant Subdivision BARANGAY SAN ANTONIO Barangay Village Buensuceso Homes Casita Cecilia Garden Homes Camella Classic Townhomes-Sucat Cas Filipina 11 Subdivision Don Aguedo Bernabe Subdivision Dreamland Sucat Subdivision El Fuentebello Sukat 2 El Fuentebello Subdivision Equity Homes-1 Equity Homes 5 Equity Homes 5-A Finasia Homes (Monte Carlo) Forth Estate Subdivision Southwinds Subdivision Goodwill 3 Subdivision INA Executive Homes Jestra Villas JAM Compound Landcore Homes-1 Magdiwang Subdivision 1 (Raymonville) Malacañang Village Meliton Subdivision Mon-El Subdivision Montecarlo Townhomes Nehemiah Golden Homes NOCOM Compound Raymondville Executive Village Raymondville Residencia Luisita Rexiville Subdivision San Antonio Valley 1 San Antonio Valley 1X San Antonio Valley VIII San Antonio Valley V San Antonio Valley X San Antonio Valley X1 San Antonio Valley 111 Santiago Homes St. Martin Village Welcome Village 1 Welcome Village 280
    • BARANGAY SAN ISIDRO Camella Homes Parañaque 2 Camella Homes Parañaque 3 Clarmen Village Creek Drive De La Cruz Compound Esperanza Garden Homes Equity Homes 2, 3, 4, & 6 Filinvest Homes Parañaque Fortune Homes Fortunata Village Phase 11 (Housing Project) 2 Fortunata Village Phase 2 Fountain Breeze Garcia Heights Ph. 1 Greenheights Townhomes Garden City Subdivision Justina Village Lopez Village Lopez Village Phase 1-A Matatdo Homesite Nerzan Compound Parañaque Greenheights 1 & 11 Parañaque Greenheights 111 & 1V Parañaque Greenheights V Plaza Crest Primavera Homes (Sukat) Rainbow Village 2 Salvador Estate San Antonio Valley 16 Phase 1 San Antonio Valley 11 San Antonio Valley VI San Antonio Valley XIII San Antonio Valley XV San Antonio Valley XII San Antonio Valley XIV San Dionisio Village Subdivision St. Catherine Subdivision United Parañaque Subdivision 5 Valentino Executive Village Veraville Homes Villa Lourdes Villa Mendoza Subdivision Westmont Townhouse 81
    • SOLID WASTE MANAGEMENT CONDITIONS(CALCULATIONS & ASSUMPTIONS) In the absence of specific data on waste generation of areas like townhouses,compounds, apartments, blighted areas, etc., the total daily waste generation was computedbased on the factor 0.6 kg. per person per day as set by the Japanese InternationalCooperation Agency (JICA) Study. The waste generation per person per day is illustrated as follows: 2000 0.562 2001 0.573 2002 0.585 2003 0.596 2004 0.597 2005 0.600 2006 0.600 2007 0.600 2008 0.600 The average per capita waste generation rate for Metro Manila (0.6 kg./person perday) is estimated from the results of the Metro Manila Solid Waste Management MasterPlan, funded by JICA, in 1999. The total generation rate estimate is therefore calculated by multiplying estimatedpopulation 585,644 (CY 2009)) by the estimated average per capita waste generation rate(0.6 kg/person per day) equating to approximately 351 tons, thus; 585,644 x 0.6 = 351,386.4 kg / 1,000 = 351.39 tons Considering that one household comprises an average of five persons, it isestimated that a family generates 3 kg of waste per day.82
    • A Study for the Proposed Collection, Hauling and Disposal of Garbage of the City of ParañaqueFactors: A. Population 2010 1. Projected population of 2010 based on 2007 NSO National Census: 603,862 2. Estimated residential waste: 362.317 tons 3. Estimated commercial / industrial waste: 59.12 tons 4. Estimated waste reduction due to segregation and composting: 103.42 tons 5. Estimated waste / garbage to be collected and disposed 318.017 tons B. Approximate Distance from Dispatch Area to Dumpsite 1. Distance from Dispatch Area to Different Barangays. Barangay Distance Barangay Distance (Km) (Km)Baclaran 4.60 San Antonio 8.40Tambo 3.20 BF Homes 7.10Vitalez 4.10 Marcelo Green 9.07Don Galo 2.20 Don Bosco 6.70Sto. Nino 2.00 San Martin De Porres 10.70La Huerta 1.40 Sun Valley 8.30San Dionisio 0.40 Moonwalk 2.90San Isidro 3.20 Merville 5.50 Total Distance = 79.77 Kms. Average Distance = 4.98 Kms. Ave. Dist. Back & Forth = 9.97 Kms. 83
    • WASTE GENERATION PER BARANGAY CITY OF PARANAQUE 2010 2010 BARANGAY WASTE WASTE PROJECTED GENERATED GENERATED NO. OF TRUCK POPULATION PER DAY PER DAY REQUIRED (KGS.) (TONS) Baclaran 28,535 17121.00 17.121 5.349 Tambo 27,675 16605.00 16.605 5.2015 Don Galo 9,933 5959.80 5.9598 1.865 La Huerta 7,960 4776.00 4.776 1.6385 Sto. Niño 30,564 18338.40 18.3384 5.508 Vitalez 4,238 2542.80 2.5428 0.8275 San Dionisio 66,642 39985.20 39.9852 12.1775 San Isidro 65,893 39535.80 39.5358 12.235 San Antonio 60,781 36468.60 36.4686 11.2965 BF 87,612 52567.20 52.5672 15.8695 Sun Valley 38,668 23200.80 23.2008 7.2095 Marcelo Green 30,656 18393.60 18.3936 5.803 Don Bosco 46,184 27710.40 27.7104 8.3985 Merville 18,672 11203.20 11.2032 3.723 San Martin De Porres 25,656 15393.60 15.3936 4.787 Moonwalk 54,193 32515.80 32.5158 10.066 TOTAL 603,862 362,316.40 362.317 111.96 On average, collection trucks are assumed to transport approximately 3.25 tons ofwaste. In one day, the cumulative 362.317 tons of waste generated will therefore require111.48 trucks trip (362.317 tons divided by the average truck carrying capacity of 3.25 tons),for residential area only, thus; 362.317 tons / 3.25 = 111.48 On the other hand, some waste from businesses, industries and institutions arecollected daily and hauled by a private hauler, but majority by government contractor, towaste disposal sites. Some of commercial / industrial establishments have a recycling/ reuseprogram. The recyclables recovered are generally collected then sold to junk shops.Recyclables are included in the total waste generated.84
    • WASTE SEGREGATION The segregation of wastes shall primarily be conducted at source to includeresidential households, industrial, commercial, institutions, and agricultural sources.Waste Category For purposes of segregation, wastes shall be categorized into the following: 1. bio-degradable 2. recyclable 3. hazardous 4. residual In which case, each residential households, institutions, industrial, commercial, andagricultural units that generate such solid waste shall adequately provide for a separatecontainer for each type.Separate Containers for each type of Solid Waste Prior to collection of solid wastes by the authorized accredited garbagehauler/collector, the individual house holds, industries or commercial establishments andinstitutions who generate the same are required to have separate containers for each typeof waste. Such containers must not exceed what an ordinary person can reasonably lift andshould make adequate provisions for easy collection and handling. For bulky wastes, it will suffice that the same be collected and placed in a separatecontainer and in a designated area. However, in the event that the size of transportationavailable and being used by the authorized accredited garbage hauler/collector cannotaccommodate such bulky waste, then the residential household, institution, industrial,commercial and agricultural unit that generate the same must separately arrange for itscollection and disposal. Each container, depending on its use shall be properly marked of identified for theon-site collection as “compostable,” “recyclable,” or “special waste.”COLLECTION Collection of solid waste shall be done in a manner that prevents damage to thecontainer and spillage or scattering of solid waste within the collection vicinity. For thispurpose, the use of sealed garbage plastic bags and/or special containers is mandatorybefore a collector or handler collects such solid wastes. 85
    • As far as practicable, solid waste shall be collected on a door-to-door basis. In theevent however that the size and/or road condition is inaccessible to the transport mode ofand effectively prevents the assigned collector/handler to collect such solid waste on a door-to-door basis, then an Eco-Aide shall be assigned in the area or household group whichshall be responsible for collecting such solid waste and bringing the same at the designatedpick-up point. For this purpose, an appropriate collection schedule shall be fixed and anindividual household/residence shall not be allowed to bring its solid waste generatedoutside his/her residence when not in accordance with such schedule.Training, Equipments & protection for Collectors and Handlers All collectors and other personnel directly dealing with collection of solid wastes shallbe given the necessary training and shall be equipped with personal protective equipmentand paraphernalia such as, but not limited to gloves, masks and safety boots, to protectthem from the hazards handling solid wastes. The equipments to be used in the collection of solid waste shall be fabricated,operated and maintained in such a manner as to minimize health and safety hazards to solidwaste management personnel and the public. Also they shall be maintained in goodcondition and kept clean to prevent the harboring of vectors and creation of nuisances.Accreditation of Private Collectors or Haulers and Eco-Aides Only authorized collectors/haulers and Eco-Aides shall be allowed to collectresidential, commercial, industrial and institutional solid wastes. In which case, thecollector/hauler or Eco-Aide should be able to demonstrate its full capacity and capability toobserve and carry out the proper segregation, collection and disposal. For this purpose, anyindividual or entity shall be required to secure the appropriate accreditation from the City’sSolid Waste and Environmental Sanitation Office (SWAESO). The above-mentioned rule shall likewise apply to commercial haulers servingbusiness establishments and industries.Separate Schedule and/or Collection of Different Solid Waste The use of separate collection schedules and/or separate trucks of haulers shall berequired for specific types of wastes.Scheduling of Collection The barangays shall determine the appropriate time and day for the collection ofeach type of waste in its area. Such being the case, the authorized collectors/haulers ofEco-Aides shall be required to coordinate with the barangay for the proper collectionscheduling.86
    • NON-COLLECTION OF CERTAIN TYPES OF WASTESKitchen Wastes Kitchen wastes, generated by residential households shall no longer be collected.Instead, the same should be brought to the Neighborhood Center for composting. In casesuch facility is not available in the area, then the same should be individually composted bythe household concerned.Yard Wastes Yard wastes, such as grass clippings and leaves, shall be collected by the accreditedcollectors or haulers, only when necessary, and to be solely determined by the latter. Tree branches, should, before they are collected by the accredited collectors orhaulers, must be broken into at most by one (1) meter and dshould be bonded appropriatelyby strong rope, string, or any other device and shall not be collected loose and scattered.Hazardous Wastes Collection of hazardous wastes such as but not limited to medical waste, usedbatteries, used engine oil, solvents, pesticides, flammables, dead animals, explosives, anddangerous chemicals shall be done in accordance with Republic Act 6969 and only by thosecollectors and haulers, duly authorized and accredited for such purpose. However, used diapers may be collected by the City’s authorized collector or haulerprovided that the same had been properly segregated placed in a separate container orplastic bag, sealed with appropriate markings and identification.Prohibition of Bulasi System “Bulasi” or scavenging system shall not be allowed and no person shall collect orremove any stored solid waste that has been arranged for collection, including recyclables.Also, authorized garbage collectors and haulers are strictly enjoined to prohibit anyindividuals or group of individuals from engaging in the “bulasi” or scavenging system, whilesuch solid wastes collected are in their custody. Any collector or hauler who allows theperpetration of such practice may be stripped of their authority and accreditation by the CityGovernment. 87
    • TRANSPORTATION OF SOLID WASTESMode The road size, condition, and capacity shall be taken into consideration indetermining the carts, pedicabs, vehicles and all other types of transport to be used inhauling solid wastes.Markings and Identification of Transportation For purposes of identification, the carts, pedicabs, vehicles and other types oftransport shall bear the body number, the name and telephone number of the contractor oragency collecting the solid waste.Additional Requirements in Cases where there is no Separate Schedule/Trucks for DifferentTypes of Solid Wastes Where there are no separate schedule/trucks is being made/used for different typesof solid wastes, the vehicles used for the collection and transport of solid wastes shall havethe appropriate compartments to facilitate efficient storing of sorted wastes while in transit.The waste compartment shall have a cover to ensure the containment of solid wastes whilein transit.Design of Carts, Pedicabs, Vehicles and Other Types of Transport Carts, pedicabs, vehicles and other types of transport used in hauling solid wastesmust be designed in a manner that will avoid and eliminate spillage while in transit.STORAGE OF SOLID WASTEMaterials Recovery Facility (MRF) An MRF shall be established in every barangay or cluster of barangays, where bio-degradable waste for composting and mixed non-biodegradable wastes for finalsegregation, re-use and recycling shall be conducted. Such facility shall be set up in abarangay-owned or leased land or any suitable open space to be determined by thebarangay or cluster of barangays thru its Sanggunian. The MRF shall be designed to receive, sort, process and store compostable andrecyclable materials efficiently and in an environmentally sound manner. In addition theMRF shall likewise make provisions for adequate storage for composts and recyclables, andact as a composting depot for those generated by households and neighborhoodassociations.88
    • Operation of Junk Shops and Yards Owners and Operators of junkshops and yards including those livelihood creationcenters and enterprises dealing with recyclable materials, shall conform to the building, firesanitation, noise, air, sidewalk, peace & order and zoning requirements. In addition, it shalllikewise secure clearance from the SWAESO prior to the commencement of their operationsand/or renewal of their business permits.DISPOSAL OF SOLID WASTEHousehold and Neighborhood Association Composts Compost generated by individual households and neighborhood associations mayeither be used, sold and/or transferred to the Barangay MRF, at the option of the individualor neighborhood association concerned.Compost generated and/or stored at the MRF The SWAESO shall, with the assistance of Parañaque Solid Waste ManagementBoard, search for and determine existing markets for composts, and assist the Barangay orCluster of Barangay’s MRFs in selling and marketing the same.Disposal or Residual Waste Non hazardous residual wastes which can neither be composted nor recycled shallbe transferred to a long-term storage of disposal facility or sanitary landfill. 89
    • POLICE PROTECTION SERVICES The Police Headquarters resides in its own building near Kaybuboy Bridge in SanDionisio. It has a total strength of three hundred and fifty nine (359) policemen with a ratio ofone (1) policeman for every one thousand nine hundred and ninety (1,990) inhabitants(1:1,990). For the year 2009, there are four hundred sixty five (465) index crimes’ reportedagainst persons – murder, homicide, physical injury, rape; and against property – robberyand theft. Out of 465, there are three hundred and ninety seven (397) index crimes solvedwith 85.37% crime solution efficiency. Meanwhile, there are two hundred and thirty nine (239) non-index crimes recordedand two hundred and thirty three (233) non- index crimes solved with ninety seven pointforty eight percent (92.71%) non-index crime solution efficiency. Parañaque has a total crime volume of seven hundred and four (704) and sixhundred thirty (630) total crime-solved and a crime solution efficiency of eighty nine pointforty nine (89.49%).IV. GENERAL LAW ENFORCEMENT 1. Statistics for 2009OFFERENCE REPORTED SOLVED PERSONAL ARRESTEDMurder 25 12 16Homicide 28 9 10Physical Injuries 88 77 102Rape 30 28 33Robbery 134 118 183Theft 151 148 209Total Index Crime 465 397 558Total Non – Index Crime 239 233 312Grand Total 704 630 870Crime Solution Efficiency 89.49%90
    • HEADQUARTERS: OFFICE OF THE CHIEF OF POLICEOFFICE/DIV. OFFICER-IN-CHARGE TELEPHONEChief of Police P/S SUPT. ALFREDO C. VALDEZ (DSC) 826-81-82Deputy of Police for P/SUPT. TEOFILO ANDRADA 820-96-82Admin.Deputy of Police for P/SUPT. BENLINER L. CAPILI 826-81-82OperationAdmin. Div. P/INSP. ARMANDO VILLAR 826-50-80Intelligence Unit PC INSP. MICHAEL Q. CHAVEZ 826-28-77 loc. 110Operation and Plan PC INSP. ARNOLD C. DUGAS 826-81-82Div. loc. 105Police Community P/S INSP. ROLANDO SANTIAGO 826-84-31Station Investigation 820-73-14/Div. 826-28-77 loc. 113Special Operation P/S INSP. ARMANDO VILLAR 826-81-82Group (SOG)Warrant Section P/INSP. REYNALDO L. MARCELLA, JR. 826-84-31Station Anti-Illegal P/S INSP. ROQUE TOME 826-84-31DrugsSWAT/EOD (OIC) P/INSP. JOEY T. CAISE 826-84-31Theft & Robbery/ SPO3 FRANCISCO S. CRUZ 826-84-31Follow-up Sec.WCCD P/INSP. GODOFREDA ESTRELLA 826-28-77ANCAR SPO4 ALBERTO R. SANGALANG 826-28-77City Hall-Detachment P/INSP. JOEY T. CAISE 826-74-64 91
    • POLICE COMMUNITY PRECINCTSPolice Community P/SUPT. TEOFILO A. Quirino Ave. cor. Taft 832-01-07Precinct No. 1 ANDRADA Ave. Ext. BaclaranBaclaranPolice Community PC/INSP. ARIEL BAIT Quirino Ave., La Huerta 826-72-40Precint No. 2La HuertaPolice Community PC/INSP.ENRIQUE Bicutan Interchange, Don 823-08-58Precinct No. 3 C. SY BoscoDon BoscoPolice Community P/SINSP. ABRAHAM YP Commercial Complex 826-14-15Precinct No. 4 GABUNA Dr.Arcadio Santos Ave,San Isidro San IsidroPolice Community PS/INSP. MARLON D. LC Gatches St. , BF 809-36-04Precinct No. 5 BESOÑABFPolice Community P/INSP. MUJALNI Sucat Interchange , San 553-10-03Precinct No. 6 DUGASAN AntonioSucat HighwayPolice Community P/INSP. REYNALDO Amvel Park, San Dionisio 820-96-82Precinct No. 7 M. DELA PEÑASan DionisioPolice Community P/S INSP. HARRY 854-85-68Precint No. 8 DINEROSSource of Data: Office of the Chief of Police92
    • FIRE PROTECTION SERVICES Parañaque Fire Station has three (3) sub-stations including one (1) Central FireStation with a total strength of sixty three (63) BFP Personnel. Thus, a fireman to populationratio is 1: 51,707. Fire Stations City of Parañaque Year 2010 Station Location1. Central Fire Station (Mother Unit) Dr. A. Santos Ave., San Dionisio Tel. No. 826-91-312. La Huerta Sub-Station No.1 Quirino, La Huerta Tel. No. 826-31-763. BF Homes Fire Sub-Station No. 2 Elsie Gaches St. Phase I, BF Tel. No. 852-46-824. BLS Fire Sub-Station No. 3 Bermuda St. Annex 40 Better Living Subdivision, Bgy. Don Bosco The City Fire Station has three (3) units of Super Tanker contains three thousandfive hundred (3,500) gallons of water, three (3) units of FMC Pump one thousand (1,000)gallons capacity, two (2) of IZUZU fire trucks, one (1) unit EMS Ambulance. The operation activities of City Fire Station were generally focused on two (2) vitalaspects of its mandated mission: Fire Supervision and Fire Prevention. For fire prevention aspect, the tool is on the strict enforcement of the Fire Code.There were twelve thousand (12,000) business establishements inspected and collected atotal of eleven million eight hundred seventy two thousand pesos (Php11,872,000.00) asFire Code Fees for 2009. For fire supervision activities, the task is on the increase effectiveness in fire fightingand to avoid chaos in the fire scene. In addition, achieve cooperative effort and coordinationamong constituents and fire personnel and maximize utilization of the limited fire fightingequipments. Records showed that there were one hundred fourty seven (147) fireincidences in 2009 with Php 17,116,600.00 estimated cost of damages.Source of Data: City Fire Marshall, City Fire Office 93
    • ECONOMIC PROFILEAgriculture Resources1. Farming Annual production of vegetables which consists of pechay, mustard, kinchay,spring onion, lettuce, spinach and camote reached up to 20.996 MT. These urban farmingis in small scale since it only utilized the vacant lots in Barangay BF and BarangayMoonwalk. Urban farming was slowly introduced to households in mission areas and publicelementary schools to mitigate hunger, ensure food for every family, and reduce malnutritionof children. The local Agriculture Office provided fifteen (15) kilos of seeds dispersal tohouseholds in mission areas, to teachers who conduct supplemental feedings, schoolchildren and city employees for them to start receptacle gardening of vegetables.2. Fishing Municipal fishing is the source of livelihood for two hundred nineteen (219) fishermenwhich are confined along coastal areas of Manila Bay. In 2009, the average catch ofbanak, salinyasi, buging, kapak, alimasag, galunggong, dilis, kitang, bangus and hiponreached to 70.755 MT. While fifty kilos of Bangus on each harvest by four operators on thefishpond production. Other fishing activities like safrahan, mussel and oyster culture, and manual hookand bait (long range) are also available. There are 23 safrahan owners and 15 mussel andoyster culture owners in our coastal waters. All fish catch in our municipal waters and otherfishes from nearby coastal cities are sold by bulk called “banyera” in our ParanaqueFisherman’s Wharf (Bulungan). It was called bulungan because prices of banyera with fishare bid in whisper. This would allow the seller to give the banyera to the highest bidder. There are 180 registered municipal fishing boats that move around the coastal waterswith100 motorized boats and 80 non-motorized boats. Twenty five (25) commercial fishingvessels are based on the coastal waters of Parañaque. All banca owners are required toregister their banca (tonnage of 3 and below). The Local Agriculture Office sperheaded the surveillance operations against illegalfishing guided by the City Ordinance on Fisheries Conservation and Law Enforcement. Theestablishment of Bantay Dagat in our coastal waters is a big step towards conservation ofthe fishes in our municipal waters.94
    • Municipal Fisheries Production (MT/Year) YEAR MUNICIPAL (MT) 2000 133.850 2001 124.663 2002 217.952 2003 103.765 2004 115.862 2005 155.725 2006 125.730 2007 104.940 2008 163.18 2009 172.503. Livestock and Poultry Livestock and poultry business is still the main source of living of 58 farmers inParanaque. They are mostly swine, goat, duck and poultry. During inventory andinspection of livestock, there are 383 swine, 520 poultry, 61 ducks, and 58 goats provideincome to livestock growers. The Agriculture Office provides information disseminationtrainings/seminars, and home visits..4. Anti Rabies Vaccination Program The City Agriculture Office conducts regular anti-rabies vaccination for dogs to minimize/eradicate rabies among constituents bitten by dogs. This is done in all barangays of thecity. Last 2009 there were 7,636 dogs vaccinated, 122 cats and 2 monkeys.Source of Data: City Agriculture Office 95
    • Business and Commercial Establishments There are 13,564 business and commercial establishments have been issued withbusiness permits and licenses in 2010. Out of 13,564 establishments 11,189 are renewals,2,159 are new business and 216 closed their establishments. With the registeredbusinesses 131 are Banking Systems, one hundred and twenty five (125) are commercialbanks; two (2) savings banks; two (2) rural banks; and two (2) other banks. There are alsoone hundred and forty nine (149) manufacturers, one hundred fifty three (153) wholesalers ,two hundred thirteen (213) importers, six hundred thirty six ( 636) services , forty (40) realestate developers, sixty six (66) distributors, fifty four (54) holding company, twenty eight( 28) exporters , one hundred fifty three (153) pawnshops, one hundred twenty one (121)laundry, forty four (44) eatery/ refreshments and 1,169 registered sari-sari stores in the city. BUSINESS PERMITS ISSUED City of Parañaque 2010 BARANGAY NEW RENEWED CLOSED TOTAL1. Baclaran 183 1,091 9 1,2832. BF 446 1,738 46 2,2303. Don Bosco 241 1,267 33 1,5414. Don Galo 43 153 2 1985. La Huerta 22 268 2 2926. Marcelo Green 107 547 12 6667. Merville 48 268 4 3208. Moonwalk 107 611 10 7289. San Antonio 166 932 15 1,11310. San Dionisio 210 1,323 20 1,55311. San Isidro 199 1,060 21 1,28012. San Martin de 46 176 5 227Porres13. Sto. Niño 83 532 12 62714. Sun Valley 109 436 9 55415. Tambo 115 619 13 74716. Vitalez 34 147 2 183Project Site-Pque 0 2 1 3Within Pque. City 0 19 0 19GRAND TOTAL 2,159 11,189 216 13,564Source of Data: EDP96
    • LIST OF COMMERCIAL BANKS City of Parañaque 2010BARANGAY/COMMERCIAL NAME ADDRESSBACLARAN 1. Land Bank of the Philippines 714 Roxas Blvd., Baclaran 2. Union Bank of the Phils. 2/F Baclaran Supermall, F.B.Harrison St. 3. Bank of the Phil. Islands Unit 7 A Power Station Aseana, Bus. Park, Macapagal Blvd., Baclaran 4. METROBANK Quirino Ave., Baclaran 5. METROBANK Quirino Ave. cor. Taft Ave., Baclaran 6. Allied Banking Corp. 119-A Quirino Ave., Baclaran 7. United Coconut Planters Bank 4010 Airport Rd., Baclaran 8. Banco de Oro Cor. Airport Rd., & Quirino Ave., Baclaran 9. City State Savings Bank 260 Protacio Bldg., Quirino Ave., Baclaran10. RCBC Savings Bank 3916 cor. Quirino Ave. & Aragon St., Baclaran11. Banco de Oro UniBank Redemptorist Rd., Baclaran12. Rizal Commercial Banking Corp. 21 Taft Ave. Ext., Baclaran13. ASIATRUST Bank Ground Flr., Buenavista Bldg., Quirino Ave., BaclaranTAMBO1. Rizal Commercial Banking Corp. 411 Quirino Ave., Tambo2. METROBANK Roxas Blvd., Bayview, Tambo3. Bank of the Phil. Islands # 7 MIA Rd., Tambo4. Bank of the Phil. Islands c/o Uniwide Coastal Mall, Roxas Blvd.,TamboLA HUERTA 1. Union Bank of the Phils. Cor. Medina St. & Quirino Ave., La Huerta 2. Banco de Oro Unibank 422 Quirino Ave., La Huerta 3. Phil. Savings Bank (PS Bank) Quirino Ave. cor. M. Rodriguez,La Huerta 4. May Bank Phils. 1070 Quirino Ave., La Huerta 5. RCBC Savings Bank Quirino Ave., Public Market, La Huerta 6. Bank of the Phil. Islands Courtyard Mall, Public Market, La Huerta 7. GSIS Family Bank 0452 Quirino Ave., La HuertaVITALEZ1. Bank of the Phil. Islands IPT Bldg. NAIA Terminal I, Vitalez2. Phil. National Bank Arrival Area IPT I, NAIA Complex, Vitalez 97
    • STO. NIÑO 1. Bank of Commerce IPT Bldg., Terminal I Arrival Area, Sto. Niño 2. Phil. Trust Bank Departure Level, NAIA, Sto. Niño 3. United Coconut Planters Bank Skyfreight Bldg., Aquino Ave., Sto. Niño 4. Export and Industry Bank Unit 707-3 Columbia Bldg., Ninoy Ave., Sto. Niño 5. China Trust Phils. Commercial Bank Units N & O Columbia Airfreight 707 NAIA, Sto. Niño 6. Banco de Oro Universal Bank Skyfreight Bldg. II Unit 4 & 5 Sto. Niño 7. Banco de Oro Unibank Units 1 & 2 JJM Bldg. II, Unit 4 & 5 Sto. Niño 8. Banco de Oro Universal Bank Arrival Lobby, NAIA Terminal I, Sto. Niño 9. Rizal Commercial Banking Corp. JJM Bldg., Ninoy Aquino Ave., Sto.Niño10. Phil. National Bank Pagcor Casino PIRC, Sto. Niño11. Bank of the Phil. Islands Columbia CPLX Ninoy Aquino Ave., Sto. Niño12. Land Bank of the Phils. Deplaning Level IPT Bldg., NAIA Arrival, Sto. NiñoSAN DIONISIO 1. METROBANK Quirino Ave., Kabihasnan San Dionisio 2. Banco de Oro Unibank 147 C/F SM City Sucat Bldg., D.A.S.A., San Dionisio 3. METROBANK Dr. Santos Ave., EVACOM, San Dionisio 4. Allied Banking Corp. Oyster Plaza Bldg., NAIA, San Dionisio 5. Banco de Oro Unibank 1st Flr., SM City, San Dionisio 6. RCBC Savings Bank 8138 Dr. A. Santos Ave., San Dionisio 7. Bank of the Phil. Islands 0648 Dr. A. Santos Ave., Kabihasnan Rd., San Dionisio 8. Bank of the Phil. Islands Virra Mall Unit 5 G/Flr., D.A.S.A., San Dionisio 9. Allied Banking Corp. Departure Level, NAIA, San Dionisio10. Bank of the Phil. Islands G/Flr., Oyster Plaza Bldg., NAIA, San Dionisio11. Union Bank of the Phils. Ber-Vil Market, Dr. A. Santos Ave., San Dionisio98
    • SAN ISIDRO 1. Phil. National Bank D.A.S.A., San Isidro 2. Union Bank 8200 Dr. A. Santos Ave., San Isidro 3. Union Bank of the Phils. JAKA Plaza, Dr. Santos Ave., San Isidro 4. Security Bank Corp. Dr. Santos Ave., San Isidro 5. China Banking Corporation MTF Bldg., Dr. Santos Ave., San Isidro 6. United Coconut Planters Bank 8281 LT Bldg., Dr. Santos Ave., San Isidro 7. Land Bank of the Phils. 8260 Dr. Santos Ave., San Isidro 8. Allied Banking Corp. 8193 AC Raftel Bldg., DASA 9. Phil. Veterans Bank GF RIDC Bldg., Sucat Rd. cor. Lopez San Isidro10. Bank of the Phil. Islands 8171 Dr. Santos Ave., San Isidro11. Banco de Oro Unibank 8320 cor. DASA & Villa Mendoza San Isidro12. PREMIER Dev’t. Bank Dr. Santos Ave., San Isidro13. China Banking Corp. Kingsland Bldg., DASA, San Isidro14. Phil. Bank of Communications 3 & 4 Kingsland Bldg., DASA, San Isidro15. BPI Family Bank Lot 9 Blk. 1 Greenheights DASA16. Bank of the Phil. Islands Cor. Dr. Santos Ave. & Kabesang Seg. San Isidro17. East-West Banking Corp. LE LURIEL Bldg., Dr. Santos Ave., San IsidroSAN ANTONIO 1. Bank of Commerce 8281 Dr. Santos Ave., San Antonio 2. Phil. Savings Bank 8787 Dr. Santos Ave., San Antonio 3. Rizal Commercial Banking Corp. 2nd Flr. Santana Grove, Dr. Santos Ave., Soreena St., San Antonio 4. METROBANK Dr. Santos Ave., San Antonio Valley I 5. Banco de Oro Unibank Dr. Santos Ave. Branch, San Antonio 6. Planters Dev’t. Bank JAKA Plaza, San Antonio 7. BPI Dr. Santos Ave., & Mon-El Subd., San Antonio8. Traders Royal Bank South Super Hi-way, San Antonio9. Banco de Oro Unibank 8385 Dr. Santos Ave., San Antonio 99
    • BF 1. Bank of the Phil. Islands 8366 Dr. Santos Ave., BF 2. Citibank Savings Aurora Commercial Bldg., Pres. Ave., BF 3. METROBANK Dr. Santos Ave., Ireneville, BF 4. Union Bank of the Phils. 55 Pres. Ave., BF 5. HSBC Savings Bank Pres. Ave., BF 6. Phil. Savings Bank 11 Pres. Ave. cor. Elizalde St., BF 7. METROBANK Aguirre Ave., El Grande, BF 8. United Coconut Planters Bank UCPB Bldg. cor. Sucat Rd. & SSH, BF 9. Metropolitan Bank & Trust Co. Aguirre Ave., BF10. Rizal Commercial Banking Corp. Unit 101 Centermall Bldg., Pres. Ave., BF.11. Security Bank Corp. Pres. Ave., BF12. East-West Banking Corp. Cor. Pres. Ave. & Marcos St., BF13. Allied Banking Corp. 43 Pres. Ave., BF14. Banco Filipino Cor. Elizalde & Elsie Gaches St. BF15. Banco de Oro Unibank J. Elizalde St. cor. Pres. Ave., BF16. Export & Industry Bank GF Aurora Bldg. #30 Aguirre Ave.17. BPI Family Savings Bank Cor. LIRAG St., BF, Dr. Santos Ave & Pres. Ave., BF18. BPI Family Savings Bank Cor. Pres. Ave. & Cabarrus St., BF19. BPI Family Savings Bank Cor. El Grande St. & Aguirre Ave., BF20. Phil. Trust Bank Dr. Santos Ave. cor. Sta. Ritra St., BF21. Banco de Oro Universal Bank 65 Pres. Ave. cor. Aguirre Ave., BF22. ASIA united Banking Corp. GF Pergola Mall Aguirre Ave. cor. Gatches St., BF23. Banco de Oro Unibank 8406 Dr. Santos Ave., Sucat BF24. China Banking Corp. Aguirre Ave. cor. Elsie Gatches St., BF25. Bank of the Phil. Islands L4 Pres. Ave., BF26. Bank of the Phil. Islands BPI Bldg., Aguirre cor. E. Gatches St., BF27. Banco de Oro Unibank 326 RGM Bldg. Aguirre Ave., BF28. China Banking Corp. A. Aguirre Ave. cor. El Grande Ave. BF29. Bank of the Phil. Islands Max Rest. Complex, Dr. Santos Ave., BFMARCELO GREEN1. Union Bank of the Phils. Rodeo Bldg. Km. 18 West Service Rd., Marcelo Green2. Banco de Oro Unibank Columbian Motors Compd., Km. 16, West Service Rd., Marcelo Green3. BPI Family Bank REDITO Bldg., Marcelo Green100
    • DON BOSCO1. Union Bank of the Phils. 28 Doña Soledad Ave., Don Bosco2. Bank of Commerce Doña Soledad St., Bicutan, Don Bosco3. Security Bank Corp. Blk. 13 Lot 4 & 5 Doña Soledad, BLS, Don Bosco4. METROBANK Doña Soledad, Bicutan, Don Bosco5. RCBC Savings Bank 133 Doña Soledad Ave., BLS., Don Bosco6. Banco de Oro Unibank 43 Doña Soledad Ave.BLS, Don Bosco7. BPI Family Savings Bank 51 Doña Soledad Ave., BLS, Don Bosco8. Allied Banking Corp. # 50 ABC Bldg. Doña Soledad Ave., BLS, Don Bosco9. Banco de Oro Universal Bank Doña Soledad Ave. cor. France St., BLS10. Rizal Commercial Banking Corp. 14 Doña Soledad Ave. cor. Argentina St., BLS11. East West Banking Corp. 100 Doña Soledad Ave., BLS, Don Bosco12. Banco de Oro Unibank LGP Doña Soledad Ave., SM City Bicutan13. Bank of the Phil. Islands Doña Soledad cor. Nigeria St., BLS14. Bank of the Phil. Islands 32 Doña Soledad St., Bicutan, Don Bosco15. China Banking Corp. Bldg. A SM Bicutan, Don Bosco16. Phil. National Bank 32 Doña Soledad St., Bicutan, Don Bosco17. Bank of the Phil. Islands 177 Doña Soledad Ave., BLS18. CHINA Bank Corp. Doña Soledad Ave., BicutanSAN MARTIN DE PORRES1. Allied Banking Corp. 2110 Iba St., East Service Rd., San Martin de Porres2. METROBANK East Service Rd., Bicutan, San Martin de PorresMOONWALK1. Banco de Oro Unibank Seal I Bldg. Armstrong Ave., Moonwalk2. BPI Family Savings Bank 129 Armstrong Ph. I, MoonwalkSource of Data: EDP 101
    • REAL ESTATE DEVELOPERS City of Parañaque, 2010 BARANGAY/COMMERCIAL NAME ADDRESSBACLARAN1. Star Builders Realty 1081 Lapu-Lapu St., BaclaranTAMBO1. Bay Resources & Dev’t. Corp. Tambo, Parañaque2. Asia World Properties Phil. Corp. Unit 2D Washington Tower, Aguinaldo Blvd., Tambo3. Granview Realty & Dev’t. Corp. Roxas Blvd., Tambo4. Buensuceso DLMP & Realty 502 Quirino Ave., Tambo5. Agritruction, Incorporated 0211 Quirino Ave., Tambo6. Reylark Dev’t. Corp. 2712 MIA Rd., TamboLA HUERTA1. Berrod Dev’t. Corp. 0421 Quirino Ave., La HuertaSTO. NIÑO1. Gly Dev’t. Corp. KLG Bldg., Del-Bros Ave. cor. V. De Leon, Sto. Niño2. Pacific Ace Mgt. Corp. 3F, Pamcor Bldg., Pascor Drive, Sto. Niño3. Twin Mountain Realty Corp. #35 Pacific Drive Pacific Grand Villa, Pascor Drive, Sto. Niño4. Jupiter’s Real Estate Ventures 8410 Gomburza St., Ilaya, Sto. NiñoSAN DIONISIO1. Avida Land Corp. Dr. Santos Ave., San Dionisio2. Robert Gatchalian Realty RG Eng’g. Bldg. Dr. Santos Ave., San Dionisio3. Dela Cerna’s Agape Prop. 7259 A. Bonifacio St., San DionisioSAN ISIDRO1. PHINMA Prop. Holdings Lombos Ave. (near PATTS) Dr. A. Santos Ave., San Isidro2. D.O. Plaza Estates Inc. (DOPEI) Unit 15 3F Legaspi Towers 3001, Roxas Blvd., Manila/Plaza Crest San IsidroSAN ANTONIO1. TAO MAO HOLDINGS CORP. L3 & B15 Nuestra Señora de Lourdes St. SAV I, San Antonio2. Canlas-Genova Realty Inc. 269 San Pancrasio St., San Antonio102
    • BF1. Landco Pacific Corp. 51 Centermall Bldg., Presidents Ave., BF2. Landco Leisure Dev’t. Inc. 3F Centermall Bldg., #51 Pres. Ave., BF3. Landco Pacific Ctrs. Inc. 51 Centermall Bldg. Pres. Ave. BF4. Fuego Dev’t. Corp. 2nd Flr. Centermall Bldg., Pres. Ave., BF5. Great City Dev’t. Corp. Elsie Gatches St. cor. Gil Puyat St.6. Tera Prime Realty & Dev’t. Inc. 76 B Altarejo’s Bldg., W. Vinzon St., BF7. Marcon Properties Corp. #12 A. Andaya St., BFDON BOSCO1. SM Synergy Properties Holdings Corp. Chateau Elysee Doña Soledad Ave. BF2. J & W Construction & Dev’t. Co. 148 Don Bosco St., BLS, Don Bosco3. Rosewind Dev’t. Co. 24 Argentina St., BLS, Don Bosco4. Realcor Inc. 24 Argentina St., BLS, Don BoscoSUN VALLEY1. City and Land Developers Parkview Homes Subd., Sun Valley2. CDC Realty Inc. Sta. Ana Drive, Sun ValleyMOONWALK1. Luxure Prop. & Dev’t. Corp. Matthew St., Multinational Village, Moonwalk2. Rafeli Realty & Dev’t. Corp. Doña Soledad Ave. Ext. Moonwalk3. East West Home Realty & Dev’t. Corp. L4 B4A John Pail St. Multinational Village, MoonwalkMERVILLE1. DMCI Project Developers, Inc. Km. 138 West service Rd., Merville2. Robinsons Land Corp. Edison Ave. cor. W. Service Rd., Merville3. VAY Dev’t. Corp. 64 Vienna St., Merville4. Transnational Dev’t. Corp. 4 Jordan St., MervilleSource of Data: EDP 103
    • LIST OFMANUFACTURERS City of Parañaque, 2010BARANGAY/COMMERCIAL NAME AddressTAMBO1. Industron, Inc. 4522 Bataan St., Tambo2. Jaytee Lighterage & Services Co. Goodwill Subd., Tambo3. Yotolvo Corp. 2712 MIA Rd., Tambo4. Mercelles Corp. 603 Quirino Ave., TamboDON GALO1. WellKnit Manufacturing Corp. 3410 Factor Compound, Don GaloLA HUERTA1. Eddie’s Lumpia Wrapper Parañaque Market, La HuertaSAN DIONISIO1. San Miguel Corp. Bernabe Subd., San Dionisio2. Consolidated Wood Products Dr. Santos Ave., San Dionisio3. Chelson’s Manufacturing Int. 0675 Quirino Ave., San Dionisio4. TMI Food Processing Inc. 8526 J. De Leon St., San Dionisio5. New Creation Manufacturing Inc. 1435 Quirino Ave., San Dionisio6. KN Industries, Inc. 8163 Dr. Santos Ave., San Dionisio7. Leilani International Inc. 8106 Dr. Santos Ave., San Dionisio8. Fitline Mfg. 6564 J. De Leon St., Gatchalian, San Dionisio9. Secure Cosmetics Mfg. 8128 Old Sucat Rd., San Dionisio10. Beleron Enterprises 183 Canaynay Ave., Bernabe Ph. 3, San Dionisio11. Leilili International Inc. 8107 Dr. Santos Ave., Sucat, San Dionisio12. Ultra Design Mfg. Co. 8525 Juanita de Leon St., San Dionisio13. EPSM Manufacturing 5532 Salvador St., San DionisioSAN ISIDRO1. CEO Advertising & Mfg. Corp. 7572 Cruz Compd., San Isidro2. FUCHS Lubricants Phils. Inc. 8280 Dr. Santos Ave., San Isidro3. PPLM Industrial Corp. 5 Emilia St., Eddie Boy Compd., San Isidro4. M/V King Mfg. Corp. 8183 Sucat Rd., San Isidro5. INDAB Trading 8842 Dr. Santos Ave., San Isidro6. Premium Articles Inc. L8 B2 R. Diaz St., Fortunata Vill., San Isidro7. GKL Trading #1 Narra St., Dr. Santos Ave., San Isidro8. Genuino Ice Co., Inc. San Leonardo St., Vitalez Compd., San Isidro9. JTC Pallet Inc. Dr. Santos Ave., San Isidro10. KS Plastic Industrial Corp. 7568 Cruz Compd., San Isidro104
    • STO. NIÑO Address1. Tire World Sales and Retreading Inc. Access Rd., Multinational Village, Sto. Niño2. Gen. Parts Mfg. Corp. Access Rd., Multinational Village, Sto. NiñoSAN ANTONIO1. GTVL Mfg. Industries Inc. 7000 A. Santol St., Mon-El Subd., San Antonio2. SCICI Industrial Corp. L-2 8 PSD San Antonio3. Manly Plastics, Inc. Dr. Santos Ave., San Antonio4. A Greeting Card L2 B2 M. Espiritu Subd., San Antonio5. Gartech Mfg. Inc. Dr. Santos Ave., San Antonio6. Golden Harvest Knitting Corp. L6 Richill Industrial Compd., Espiritu Subd., San Antonio7. CB Phil. Manufacturing Corp. Philcor Drive, Dr. Santos Ave., San Antonio8. Best Drug Industrial Inc. 768 Ma. Susafe St., SAV I, San Antonio9. SIGMA Food Products 9647 San Pancrasio St., San Antonio Valley I, San Antonio10. Markling Home Furniture & Decors Filway Dev’t. Corp. Comp., Dr. Santos Ave., San Antonio11. JUDEA Enterprises G/F Unit G 8361 Dr. Santos Ave., San Antonio12. Gen-Sen Int’l. Systems Technologies Co. 81 Dr. A. Santos Ave., Sucat, San Antonio13. Ting-Ting’s Bird & Animal Cages Center #8 San Antonio Valley I, San Antonio14. AMDP Controls Sales and Services 6 Aguinaldo St., San AntonioBF1. Kraft Foods Phils., Inc. 8378 Dr. A. Santos Ave., BF2. Basic Box Industrial Corp. 8426 Dr. A. Santos Ave., BF3. BIO Research, Inc. 8362 Dr. A. Santos Ave., BF4. Stoneworks Specialist Int’l. Corp. 8358 Dr. A. Santos Ave., BF5. Non-Woven Fabric Phils. Inc. 8404 Dr. A. Santos Ave., BF6. Uniwin Computerized 21 Doña Irenea St., BF7. Hapihouse of Concepts Corporation 15-4 Blue St., Goodwill II Subd., BF8. Remedios Manufacturing Corp. 48 Henares St., BF9. Horizon Business Group Inc. 414 El Grande Ave., BF10. Mutual Paper Board Box Corp. 8426 Dr. A. Santos Ave., BF11. Ultimate Comfort Food Products Pergolla Mall cor. E. gaches St., Aguirre Ave., BF12. Albertito’s From Tuyo Foods 80 T. Evangelista St., BF13. Funminds 3rd Flr. 8428 Dr. Santos Ave., BF 105
    • SUN VALLEY Address1. Lamoiyan Corp. Km. 15 West Service Rd., South Superhighway2. Classic Character Inc. 38 Sta. Ana Drive, Sun Valley Subd.3. Everbright Net & Twine Mfg. Corp. Edison Ave., Km. 14 SS Hi-way, Sun Valley4. H & E Mfg. Corp. 6032 cul de sac St., Sun Valley5. Aloha Plastic Products Inc. L. Marquez St., Edison Ave., SSH, Sun Valley6. Peers Industrial Corp. 330 SSH Sun Valley7. Vibrant Manufacturing Co. Inc. Moral Bldg. Km. 14 Edison Ave., SSH, Sun Valley8. Golden Maple Industrial Corp. 41 Sta. Ana Drive, Sun Valley9. A Le Paul Inc. Sta. Ana Drive, Sun Valley Subd.10. Guess Label & Weaving Corp. Sta. Ana Drive, Sun Valley Subd.11. Lacto Asia Pacific Corporation 8469 Km. 15 West Service Rd., Sun Valley12. Golden South Enterprise Sun Valley Subd., Sun Valley13. Slovenia Asia Pacific 043 Poblete Comp. 14 Service Rd., Sun Valley14. Far Eastern Knitting Corp. Sta. Ana Drive, Sun Valley15. Art of Gold Enterprises Inc. 322 Benedictine St., Sta. Ana Village, Sun Valley16. EMB Natures Mgf. Corp. Sta. Ana Drive, Sun Valley17. Fancy W/V Manufacturing Co. Sta. Ana Drive, Sun Valley18. Phil. Parts Feeding Technologies Inc. Gate & Warehouse #5 Km. 15 West Service Rd., SSH, Bicutan, Sun Valley19. Quality Panels Inc. Poblete Compd. 343 Interior West Service Rd., Sun Valley20. ICE Corp. Inc. 8012 Edison/Leviste Ave., Sun Valley21. Diamant Boart Phils. Inc. 345 South Super Hi-Way, Sun ValleyDON BOSCO1. Globe Mallow Int’l. Ent. Corp. A 223 2F SM City Bicutan, Don Bosco2. SHATO MARA Corp. B 3 L 3 & 4 Doña Soledad Ext., BLS, Don Bosco3. Hayden Mate & Mfg. & Trading Corp. Unit 3 JDP Bldg., 76 Doña Soledad Ave., BLS, Don Bosco4. DOLIE Personal Care Products L 37 & 38 B 9 Albania St., Annex 40, BLS, Don Bosco5. Miraculous Medal Enterprises #19 Redwood St., Levitown Ph. 6, Don Bosco6. AYN Corporate Wears Int’l. Inc. Cyber Bldg., 101 Doña Soledad Ave., Don Bosco106
    • MARCELO GREEN Address1. Columbian Auto Car Corp. Km. 16 West Service Rd. Marcelo Green2. Leslie Corporation #4 Dama de Noche St., UPS IV, Marcelo Green3. Fortune Packaging Corp. 20 Main Ave. Severins Industrial, Marcelo Green4. MHE DEMAG Inc. Acsie Rd., Severina Industrial, Marcelo Green5. Asian Chemical Corp. 1 UPS IV Sampaguita St., Marcelo Green6. CLOROX Int’l. Inc. Mindanao Textile Acsie Ave., Km. 16 West Service Rd., Marcelo Green7. Tradesphere Industrial Comm’l. Inc. 12 Main Ave. Severina Indt’l. Estate, Marcelo Green8. KOPPEL Inc. ACSIE Km. 16 South Super Hi-way, Marcelo Green9. Autocarpets B14 L4 Sampaguita Ave., UPS IV, Marcelo Green10. Problend Food Corp. Km. 19 Sampaguita Ave., UPS IV, Marcelo Green11. Dhunwell Corporation 8 UPS IV Dama de Noche St., Marcelo Green12. HOLCIM Phils. Inc. Severina Indt’l. Estate Km. 16 SSH Bicutan Marcelo Green13. Design Packaging Industries Km. 17 South Super Highway14. Columbian Manufacturing Corp. Km. 19 West Service Rd., Bicutan, Marcelo Green15. VARI Coat Inc. Km. 16 Severina Industrial Complex, SSH, Marcelo Green16. Globe Plastic Inc. No. 6 Industrial St., Km. 16 SSH, Marcelo Green17. Phil. Chemical Lab. Inc. Km. 18 United Parañaque Subd., SSH, Marcelo Green18. KOLOR Industries Inc. Km. 16 Severina Marcelo Green19. PHILPRIME Global Corp. 17 Main Ave. Km.16 Severina Subd.20. Varitech Design & Km. 16 Severina Industrial Estate South Super Hi-way, Marcelo Green21. EJ Metals and Allied Products Km. 17 Cervantes St. SSH, Marcelo Green22. BETISE, Inc. LDC Comp. Cervantes St. Km. 17 SCEX, West Service Rd., Marcelo Green23. EC Soft Packaging Corp. Cervantes Drive Bormacheco Compd. Km. 17 West Service Rd., Marcelo Green24. BOFARLU Inc. MINTEX CPD Acsie Km. 16 SSH, Marcelo Green25. American Packaging Corp. Severina Ave., Severina Diamond Subd., Marcelo Green26. Hyper Pack Manufacturing Inc. 9-B Dow Jones Int’l. Compound, Km. 19 107
    • 27. A. C. Hernandez & Co. Inc. 3 Acsie Ave., Severina, Marcelo Green28. OPTIFLEX Manufacturing Inc. #1 Dama de Noche cor. Sampaguita Marcelo Green29. New World Label Mfg. Corp. Champaca St. Ext. UPS IV, Marcelo Green30. Phil. Burners Mfg. Corp. Champaca St. UPS IV, Marcelo Green31. Polynum International Inc. W-9 Km. 19 West Service Rd., Marcelo Green32. Rainchem International Inc. Bay II, Cervantes Compd., West Service Rd., Marcelo Green33. Montanes Agri-Commodities Inc. #2 Dama de Noche St. UPS IV, Marcelo Green34. Island Industrial Powder Corp. 840 South Super Hi-way Marcelo Green35. RTI System Automation Inc. 3rd Row C Cervantes St., Bormacheco Comp., West Service Rd., Marcelo Green36. Good Name Prints & Supplies Inc. 7620 Chestnut St., Marcelo Green37. Road Markers International Inc. L4 B1 B Champaca Rd. UPS IV Industrial Subd., Marcelo Green38. West Bee Concrete Products Inc. 1740 West Service Rd., South Super Hi-way, Marcelo Green39. United Defense Manufacturing Corp. Km. 19 West Service Rd., Marcelo GreenMERVILLE1. MFT International Corp. M. Greenfield Merville Access Road, Merville2. Qualitech Electronics Km. 14 West Service Rd., South Super Hi- way, Merville3. Minipack Phils. Inc. 3 Panama St., Merville Park Homes, Merville4. World Power Multi-Products Inc. Edison Ave., Merville5. Golden Sun Farm Inc. 40 Palmspring St., Merville6. Strings Unlimited Inc. Km. 14 Edison Ave., MervilleMOONWALK1. Metro Index Garments Inc. Ph. 3 Thomas St., Multinational Village Moonwalk2. Dessert Station Corp. 15420 E. Rodriguez, Moonwalk3. M.M. Guanzon Inc. 23 Saint Anthony St., CRC Multinational Village, Moonwalk4. Metro Arms Corp. 4821 Daang Batang St., Moonwalk5. Chang BTC Knitting Mills Corp. 16 D3 Jerusalem St., Multinational Village6. ALPATRI Mfg. Inc. 426 Cooper St., Moonwalk108
    • SAN MARTIN DE PORRES Address1. American Wire & Cable Co. Inc. 8508 Km. 16 SSH, San Martin de Porres2. Green Cross Inc. 2150 Iba St., UPS I, San Martin de Porres3. Solid Laguna Corp. 2000 East Service Rd., Bicutan, San Martin de Porres4. Alvace Corporation Km. 16-17 East Service Rd., San Martin de Porres5. Eltupak Phils. Inc. #17 Le Marian Road 2, San Martin de Porres6. Gonzalo int’l. Inc. 3 Marian Rd II East Service Rd., San Martin de Porres7. Soon To Be Famous Ent. 220 Lanao Lake Rd., Marian Lakeview Park8. New Mayon Adhesive Mfg. Co. Km. 18.5 SSH UPS, San Martin de Porres9. Philtec Label Corp. 8 Dama de Noche St., UPS IV, San Martin de Porres10. Pinesbel Mfg. & Trading Corp. #8 Felix Baes St., Perpetual Village, San Martin de Porres11. MACHUCA Tile Inc. Rd. I Marian Park Subd., San Martin de Porres12. HI GRITS INC. Rd. I, Marian Park 2 East Service Rd.13. Año Shoe Factory B 1 L 7 Marian Rd., Marian Park Subd., San Martin de PorresSource of Data: EDPMarkets There are eighty-five (85) markets catering the consumer needs of the population.Of these number, eighty-four (84) are private markets located at different barangays andonly one (1) public market situated at Barangay La Huerta. 109
    • List of Markets/Talipapa City of Parañaque Year 2010Barangay Baclaran Flores Market (wet & dry) Lilia Aranda Market (dry) Aling Clara/s (wet & dry) Mabuhay Market (wet & dry) Mommy’s Market (wet & Dry) Mama Ched Market (dry) Zeugirdor (dry) Yniguez Market (dry) Esguerra’s Market (dry) Cora’s Market (dry) Casalla Market (dry) Tuding Market (dry) T.G. Reyes Market (dry) Tuding Market (dry) Villanueva Market (dry) Gasgonia’s Market (dry) R. Flores Market Micar Market (dry) Hernandez Market (dry) Tagle Market (dry) Cruz Market (dry) Lapid Market (dry) Gasgonia Market (dry) DOS Market 2 (dry) Seaside Market (wet & dry) Buenavista Plaza Market Carpark Freshfood Baclaran Super Mall (dry) Cabrera Shopping Center (dry) Baclaran Cinema I Cruz Market (dry) Francisco Arcade (dry) Baluyot Comm’l. Ctr. (dry) Fashion Square (dry) Apolinario Market (dry) Mega Jhem 2000 (dry) T.G. Reyes Market (dry) Baclaran Cinema 2 (dry) Berma Shopping Centre (dry) FUAGVMI Redemptorist Mall (dry) MICAR Shopping Center (dry) M.M. Fashion Market (dry) R.P.G. Market (dry) Ibarra Market (dry) Romar Garment Center dry) . Renato Savales Market (dry) Jamal Market (dry) Salik Market (dry) KFR Royal Palace (dry) Auro-Vir Bldg. (dry) Baclaran Commercial (dry)110
    • BVDCI Market (dry) Heinkel Commercial (dry) R. Jaodrique Market (dry) Roferxan Bldg. (dry)Barangay Tambo Tambo TalipapaBarangay La Huerta Parañaque Public Market Fisherman’s WharfBarangay San Isidro Dr. F.C. Santos Sucat Square Mart Delos Santos Market Silverio Purok 4Barangay San Antonio Bernabe Shopping Center Wet/Dry Market San Antonio Wet/Dry Market Fourth Estate Wet/Dry Market San Antonio Livelihood Stalls (Dela Paz St., SAV I) Barangay Bagsakan (Area 7B 4th Estate)Barangay BF BF Palengke Masville TalipapaBarangay Don Bosco Don Bosco TalipapaBarangay San Martin de Porres Bicutan Market 111
    • Barangay Sun Valley Sun Valley Drive TalipapaBarangay San Dionisio Parañaque Fresh Food Center Boracay Food Court Doon Po sa Amin sa Parañaque Maja Food Court Ber-vil Market Nes Commercial ComplexBarangay Marcelo Green MGV Complex Manggahan Area Kawayanan Area Sampaguita Hills Sitio Fatima Ilang-Ilang ValleyBarangay Moonwalk Moonwalk Phase I Talipapa – Armstrong Avenue San Agustin Talipapa – San Agustin Village Kababayan Talipapa – E. Rodriguez AvenueSource of Data: Public Market112
    • WATERWORKS Much of the water supply comes from Manila Waterworks and Sewerage System(Maynilad Water) whereas quite a number used pumps and artesian wells especially thosein the depressed areas. Water supply is no longer the major problem of the residents of theCity Government of Parañaque has done everything to provide potable and adequate watersupply. It has constructed sixty nine (69) pumps and artesian wells in the different blightedareas of the city. On the other hand, the availability of water in District I and II are provided by theMWSS and some portion only comes from deep well. At present, the main source of wateris far up north (Bulacan). Parañaque is approximately 27 kms. From existing BalaraTreatment Plant and 32 kms. From La Mesa Treatment Plant.POWER SUPPLY MERALCO supplies the power needs of Parañaque. Power service is distributed tothe following types of consumers: residential, commercial and industrial purposes.TELECOMMUNICATIONS The existing telecommunication network of Parañaque is being served by PLDT andSMART but, PLDT covers the largest cross section of the sixteen barangays. Expansion and upgrading of then system by way of XC5 Program is completed fromBarangay San Antonio up to the South Superhighway including Moonwalk, Don Bosco, andMerville. The program also includes Sucat Barangay BF, San Isidro, San Dionisio and LaHuerta. This includes the completion and expansion of projects in Barangays Baclaran,Tambo, Don Galo, Sto. Niño, Ninoy Aquino, San Martin de Porres and the Coastal Marinaand Asia World areas. Four (4) telecommunication companies serves Parañaque namely: GLOBE,SMART, Philippine Telegraph and Telephone Company (PT & T) and the Phil.Communication (PHILCOM). Parañaque Central Post Office and an annex in the City Hall serves the postalsystem. 113
    • CITY GOVERNMENT OF PARAÑAQUE DIRECTORY OFFICE / DEPT. HEAD / CHIEF OF OFFICE TELEPHONE NOS.City Congressmen1st District Congressman HON. EDWIN OLIVAREZ 485-92-90/401-81-152ND District Congressman HON. ROILO GOLEZ 820-52-56CITY MAYOR HON. FLORENCIO M. BERNABE JR 820-77-83City Administrator ATTY. NELSON DE JESUS 820-34-48Secretary to the Mayor 829-09-29VICE MAYOR HON. GUSTAVO TAMBUNTING 826-67-66/829-09-88City Council Secretary ATTY. LINO C. SANDIL 542-32-58/541-69-55DISTRICT I HON. JASON WEBB 826-43-81 HON. VANESSA M. MARQUEZ-SALIC 829-09-81 HON. RAQUEL G. VELASCO 826-39-49 HON. RUFINO ALLANIGUE 820-47-94 HON. ROSELLE P. NAVA 821-38-52 HON. RICARDO L. BAES 820-48-91/820-46-50 HON. BRILLANTE INCIONG HON. ERIC OLIVAREZ 820-11-07DISTRICT II HON. ENRICO T. GOLEZ 829-09-98 HON. CARLITO D. ANTIPUESTO 829-09-84 HON. RYAN YLLANA 829-20-37/703-47-23 HON. VALMAR SOTTO 820-41-45 HON. EDWIN BENZON 825-17-39 HON. CONCHITA A. BUSTAMANTE 542-32-60 HON. BENJO BERNABE 621-27-64 HON. FLORENCIA AMURAO 820-88-43ABC President HON. TEODORO VIRATA 826-85-75Liga ng mga BarangaySK President MARINELLE P. FORMENTERA 829-08-77Accounting MARILOU TANAEL 829-09-44/541-51-16Agriculture PETRA E. FEROLINO 826-74-64Assessors SOLEDAD SAMONTE 826-82-81Barangay Operations FE S. FACTOR 829-99-53 J/CHIEF INSP. MA. LOURDES C.BJMP City Jail PACIONBJMP City Jail J/SUPT. DANIEL J. DEQUITO JR. 826-16-83/726-81-21 114
    • POLICE COMMUNITY PRECINTHEADQUARTERS P/Supt. Alfredo C. Valdez (PS) 826-81-21 Chief of Police / 826-81-82 515-23-13PRECINT 1 (BACLARAN) P/Insp. Maximo Tanghal 832-01-07PRECINT 2 (LA HUERTA) P/Sr. Insp. Arnold Dugas 826-72-40PRECINT 3 (BICUTAN) P/Insp. Enrique C. Sy. 823-08-58/ 829-08-66PRECINT 4 (YP, SAN ISIDRO) P/Insp. Harry Dineros 826-14-15PRECINT 5 (BF) P/Insp. Michel Chavez 809-36-04PRECINT 6 (S-HWAY) P/INSP. Mujalini Dugasan 553-10-03PRECINT 7 P/Insp. Joey Caise 820-96-82PRECINT 8 P/Sr. Insp. Abraham GabunaD.E.U. 826-84-31S.I.D. PCP2 826-28-77/ 826-50-80 (admin)S.O.G. HEADQUARTERS 820-96-82S.W.A.T. 826-84-31 COURT DIRECTORYClerk of Court Atty. Clemente Boloy 5423259RTC Branch 257 Hon. Rolando G. How 8255702RTC Branch 258 Hon. Raul E. De Leon 5415435RTC Branch 259 Hon. Zosimo V. Escano 8255732RTC Branch 260 Hon. Helen B. Ricafort 8255726RTC Branch 274 Hon. Fortunito Madrona 8255755RTC Branch 194 Hon. Leoncia Dimagiba 8253585RTC Branch 195 Hon. Aida MacapagalRTC Branch 196 Hon. B. Artemio M. Luna II 8231876RTC Branch 77 Hon. Jose S. Jacinto 8268219RTC Branch 78 8268176Prosecutor’s Office 4254005Mediation Center Office Reylito Elbo 5415426 / 8226660 117
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    • MAJOR ROADS AND SECONDARY ROADS City of ParañaqueMAJOR ROADS SECONDARY ROADS 1. Roxas Boulevard 1. Edison Avenue 2. Coastal Road 2. Sun Valley 3. Redemptorist Road 3. Marcelo Avenue 4. Airport Road 4. Severina Avenue 5. Seaside Drive 5. Sampaguita Avenue 6. NAIA Road 6. Greenheights Avenue 7. Quirino Avenue 7. Filipinas Avenue 8. Ninoy Aquino Avenue 8. Press Drive 9. Dr. A. Santos Ave. (Sucat Rd.) 9. San Pedro St.10. Kabihasnan Medina 10. Palanyag St.11. Doña Soledad Avenue 11. J. Elizalde St.12. Armstrong Avenue13. Merville Access Road14. Iba St.15. East/West Service Road16. South Super Hi-Way17. President Avenue18. El Grande Avenue – Lopez Avenue19. France St.20. Aguirre Avenue21. San Antonio Avenue22. Canaynay AvenuePrepared by: Research, Evaluation and Statistics Division CITY PLANNING DEVELOPMENT COORDINATORS OFFICE TRAFFIC CONGESTED AREA City of Parañaque AREA BARANGAYBicutan Interchange Barangay San Martin de PorresSucat Interchange Sucat RoadCananay Avenue/EVACOM Along Sucat Road, Bgy. San DionisioKabihasnan Road Barangay San DionisioMIA Road Quirino Avenue, Barangay TamboMia Road Along Coastal RoadBaclaran Rotonda Barangay BaclaranPrepared by: Research, Evaluation and Statistics Division CITY PLANNING AND DEVELOPMENT COORDINATORS OFFICE140
    • TOTAL ROAD NETWORK City of Parañaque LENGTH OF TOTAL ROADS FORBARANGAY CATEGORY ROAD CONCRETING NATIONAL LOCAL NETWORK AND ROAD ROAD REHABILITATION 3,325 8,522SAN National 28,826 3,325ANTONIO Local 32,151 28,826 Sub Total 150BF National 105,299 105,299 Local 105,299 Sub Total 500MERVILLE National 930 930 10,230 Local 10,230 Sub Total 11,160 11850SUN National 18,596 18,596VALLEY Local 18,596 Sub Total 600SAN National 12,540 12,540MARTIN DE Local 12,540PORRES Sub Total 5,360MARCELO National 21,820 21,820GREEN Local 21,820 Sub Total 366 14,070DON National 45,987 45,987BOSCO Local 46,353 Sub Total 2,789MOONWALK National 38,097 38,097 Local 38,097 Sub Total TOTAL 358,186 42,268 20,070 337,017 OR Or Or Or 358,186 42,268 kms. 20,070 337,917 Kms. kms. kms.Source of Data: City Engineering Office 141
    • TOTAL ROAD NETWORK City of Parañaque TOTAL LENGTH OF ROAD ROADS FORBARANGAY CATEGORY NETWORK CONCRETING NATIONAL LOCAL AND ROAD ROAD REHABILITATIONBACLARAN 825 National 1,505 1,505 Local 11,255 11,255 Sub Total 12,760TAMBO 590 National 4,501 4,501 Local 6,131 6,131 Sub Total 10,632DON GALO 655 National 630 630 Local 4,824 4,824 Sub Total 5,454STO. NIÑO 440 National 1,370 1,370 Local 6,087 6,087 Sub Total 7,457LA HUERTA 825 National 496 496 Local 3,646 3,646 Sub Total 4,142SAN 825DIONISIO National 4,947 4,947 Local 12,813 12,813 Sub Total 17,760SAN ISIDRO 4,082 National 2,200 2,200 Local 8,655 8,655 Sub Total 10,865VITALEZ 440 National 3,100 3,100 Local 3,100 Sub Total TOTAL 72,170 8,682 15,649 56,521 OR OR Or or 72.170 8.682 Kms. 15.649 56.521 kms. kms.Source of Data: City Engineering Office142
    • List of Barangay Captains City of Parañaque 2010 DISTRICT 1 Name Barangay Address Tel. Nos. 851-10-52ROLANDO CAILLES Baclaran 207 Bagong Buhay St., Baclaran 854-09-60 to 61 851-02-72GODOFREDO B. 852-87-12 Tambo Seaside Square, TamboDE LEON 853-20-65 M. Dimatimbangan St. cor. E.MARILYN F. Don Galo Aguinaldo Blvrd. (Coastal Rd.), 852-98-69BURGOS Brgy. Don Galo 853-56-16ISMAEL V. DE LEON Sto. Niño E. Rodriguez St., Sto. Niño 852-01-28 852-74-77 825-60-48ERNESTO B. JOSE La Huerta Quirino Ave., La Huerta 829-61-52 826-21-75 P. Burgos St. cor. El FilibusterismoPABLO R. OLIVAREZ San Dionisio 825-66-10 St., San Dionisio 666-13-92 8276 Dr. A. Santos St.,EUSEBIO JAPLOS San Isidro Bgy. San Isidro 851-00-78TERESITA A. Vitalez Gena St., Airport Village, Vitalez 852-40-42GATCHALIAN 821-36-47 143
    • DISTRICT 2 Name Barangay Address Tel. No. 842-46-82JEREMY S. BF Elsie Gaches St., Phase I, BF 809-88-43MARQUEZ 809-25-06LEOPOLDO C. San Antonio 138 B Sta. Lucia St. SAV I 825-35-20CASALE 823-64-14 Don Bosco Park, Ceylon St.,TEODORO C. VIRATA Don Bosco 824-17-04 Better Living Subdivision 822-32-78 to 79 4156 Sampaguita St., 823-02-30DANIEL SANTOS Sun Valley Bgy Sun Valley Hall 821-41-43 821-19-51CLEMENTE Armstrong Ave. cor. Glenn St., Moonwalk 821-24-08ADVINCULA Moonwalk Phase 2 (Fax) 823-94-29CHRISTOPHER Marcelo Ave., Marcelo Green 821-07-35AGUILAR Bgy. Marcelo Green 776-27-98 San Martin de 545-28-14THELMA C. SINGSON Porres East Ervice Rd., SMDP 545-29-06GLORIA C. Daly Road, 822-15-92 to 93 MervilleGUTIERREZ Merville Park Subd. 822-13-41s 144
    • 145