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My story

  1. 1. Meet Brittany Husted
  2. 2. Born and raised in Suttons Bay, Michigan (the pinky finger)
  3. 3. Graduated from Suttons Bay High School in 2003. Played soccer and was an editor for the yearbook.
  4. 4. Attended Western Michigan University and majored in journalism 2003-2007 Wrote for the student newspaper called the Western Herald. Was named the 2006-2007 Writer of the Year.
  5. 5. Traveled to Europe for a study abroad trip for six weeks before graduation 2007 Studied European Art and Culture
  6. 6. Got my first job as a reporter in August 2007 at a small newspaper called the Three Rivers Commercial-News. Covered city council and school board meetings, plus feature stories.
  7. 7. Wanted to write for a bigger newspaper, so I soon moved to Adrian, Michigan where I wrote for The Daily Telegram in February 2008. Covered one city council, two village councils, three school boards and seven townships. Also wrote feature stories, including one called “Celebrating 95 Years,” which won a Michigan Press Association award and the Michigan AP Editorial Association. *See next page for the preview of the article.
  8. 8. Continued to play soccer in Adrian, Michigan, both on indoor and outdoor co-ed leagues.
  9. 9. Due to the economic recession, got laid off from The Daily Telegram in December 2008. Then moved to Milwaukee to be with her fiancé who is in medical school in January 2009
  10. 10. Freelanced for the Daily News in West Bend, while also volunteering at the Next Door Foundation and read books to kids ages 3-7 January-July 2009.
  11. 11. Then decided to attend graduate school at Marquette University, specializing in mass and health communication in August 2009. Also pursuing a certificate in digital storytelling Brittany in front of the Marquette library, Summer 2009
  12. 12. Am also a research assistant for two faculty members in the communication department; Dr. Goldzwig and Dr. Nettleton.
  13. 13. Meanwhile, got a part time job at the Medical College of Wisconsin as a Public Affairs Writer in March 2010. Write press releases on grant announcements and faculty appointments, and also write content for publications such as the Alumni News and Dean’s Report.
  14. 14. I can write. I know AP style and my grammar is excellent. I can translate medical jargon into lay mans terms. I can create stories for the Web and in videos. I love talking with and interviewing sources.
  15. 15. I am organized. I am open and honest, and learning to take criticism well. I am a user of social media. I am technology savvy. I will do a great job working for you.