LeaderQuest SharePoint Business Intelligence Presentation


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LeaderQuest SharePoint Business Intelligence Presentation

  1. 1. What is Business Intelligence?Business Intelligence (BI) is about getting the rightinformation, to the right decision makers, at the righttime.BI is an enterprise-wide platform that supportsreporting, analysis and decision making.BI leads to: fact-based decision making “single version of the truth”BI includes reporting and analytics.
  2. 2. • What happened? Past • What is happening? • Why did it happen? Present • What will happen? • What do I want to happen? FutureData Black ERP CRM SCM 3Pty books 7
  3. 3. Microsoft Business Intelligence VisionImproving organizations byproviding business insightsto all employees leading tobetter, faster, morerelevant decisionsAdvanced AnalyticsSelf Service ReportingEnd-User AnalysisBusiness Performance ManagementOperational Applications Embedded Analytics 8
  4. 4. Get more out of the products you own Business User Experience Familiar User Experience Self-Service access & insight Data exploration & analysis Business Collaboration Predictive analysis Platform Data visualization Dashboards & Scorecards Business Collaboration Platform Contextual visualization Excel Services Databased forms & Web Infrastructure and BI Platform workflow Analysis Services Collaboration Search Services Reporting Data Infrastructure & BI Platform Integration Services Content Management Master Data Services LOB data integration Data Mining Data Warehousing
  5. 5. Share Diagrams in SharePoint• Visualize your business intelligence with Visio diagrams• Diagrams can be viewed without having Visio client installed• Full Fidelity rendering with Silverlight, or PNGConnect Diagrams to Data• Use data graphics to build front ends for your real-time business intelligence solutions• Diagrams can be connected to various Data sourcesBuild Dashboards• Use Web Part Connections to integrate with other SharePoint web parts• Use the Mashup API to fully customize your dashboards and manipulate data
  6. 6. Top Features:1 hour later…  Diagrams all live in SharePoint  Diagrams viewable in the browser  Diagrams created once only  Diagrams containing data graphics are refreshable  Diagrams give data context and improve insights into the state of a system
  7. 7. Visio Services Custom Data Custom Data Web partJavaScript ObjectModel Providers Graphics connections• Enables diagrams • Enables refresh • Enables the • Consume and to participate in from non-native refresh of non- provide mash-up data sources. native data information applications. graphic shapes. between Visio services and web parts
  8. 8. Excel Web Excel Web REST API JSOM Access Services Excel ProxyUser-Defined Functions Excel Calculation ServiceExternal Data Sources SharePoint Content Database XLSX / b / m
  9. 9. Provides a browser based view of ExcelAllows interaction within the Excel Workbook Expand / collapse Pivot Table, Sorting, Filtering, ParametersEWA integration with SharePoint filters enableExcel based dashboardsExcel Web App
  10. 10. http://server/_vti_bin/ExcelRest.aspx/Shared%20Documents/File.xlsx/Model/Ranges(‘Sheet!A1’)Handler – the ASPX that handles all Name of the file as you would Path inside theExcel Services REST requests access it in SharePoint workbook. Resource Name Allows access to… /Model The workbook (the binary or the available feeds) /Model/Ranges List of named ranges in a workbook (some of them) /Model/Ranges(‘RangeName’) Specific range. /Model/Charts List of charts /Model/Charts(‘ChartName’) Specific Chart /Model/Tables List of tables (Lists) /Model/Tables(‘TableName’) Specific table /Model/PivotTables List of PivotTables /Model/PivotTables(‘PivotName’) Specific PivotTable