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Marketing Apartments to Active Adults
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Marketing Apartments to Active Adults


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In this presentation you will learn some do's and don't relative to leasing apartment homes to active adults.

In this presentation you will learn some do's and don't relative to leasing apartment homes to active adults.

Published in: Real Estate

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  • Transcript

    • 1. Marketing apartments to active adults
    • 2. To preface
      • Active Adults are not statistics
      • Home really is where the heart is
      • Taglines
        • The third age
        • Forward Living
        • Gray Wave
        • Aging in place
      • Redefining small
      • Right-sizing not down-sizing
      • It is a process; it is not a traditional leasing process. It takes time
      • Not homogeneous, can’t make sweeping generalizations
      • Healthier and Wealthier than previous generations
      • Embrace youthful lifestyle
      • Want new pursuits and to fulfill undone areas of their life
      • Motivated by lifestyle change not real estate purchases
    • 3. Active Adult Living
      • Age 55+
      • 21% of the population is age 55 or older
      • 330 an hour
      • 25% of population by 2010
      • 75 to 80 million people
      • Born between 1946 and 1964
      • $2 trillion to spend annually
      • 22.3 million have incomes over $50,000
      • Half will continue to work; consulting and telecommuting
      • Very discriminating when searching for housing
      • They love to gab
      • Desire independent living
      • Desire to remain very active
      • Desire a sense of community
      • Do not desire to be confined
      • Not all active adults desire to move to another city, state or country
      • Climate is important
      • Can focus more on wants vs. needs
      • Young at heart
      • Want to avoid stress
    • 4. Trends
      • Want to be close to family
      • Moving back from Florida and Arizona
      • Moving back to the city from the burbs
      • Overwhelming choices to com
      • Smart living (for older Active Adults)
        • Fridge that tracks use
        • Flooring that tracks movement
    • 5. How they receive information
      • News junkies
        • Television:
          • 80% watch both regional as well as national news
          • Watch more TV than any other activity
            • Up to 6 hours a day
            • News, game shows and talk shows
            • Top networks; Hallmark, TCM, Golf Channel, History Channel, Fox News, CNN, AMC, and TWC
        • Newspapers:
          • 80% read the newspaper daily or several times a week
          • Top Sections of the newspaper; general news, editorial page, business/finance, sports, food/cooking
        • Internet (according to Nielsen/NetRatings, active adults are the fastest growing age group online
          • 70% of active adults go online (57% for news, 76% to purchase goods and services)
          • Use search to find information
          • More likely to use print or product labels to go to websites
    • 6. What they face
      • When they want to move
      • Where they want to move
      • How much they can afford to spend
      • Proximity to healthcare
      • Choices are growing
      • Do we need two locations
      • Does my spouse have the same dreams
      • Climate
      • Purpose
      • Work?
      • Volunteering opportunities
      • Are we close to friends and family
      • Want to be close to the city
      • Want to be close to the beach
      • Want to be close to small town and cultural events
      • Want to be near a lake or river for fishing
      • Close to resorts for weekend getaways
      • Might move more than once
      • They are on a fixed income
      • Failing eyesight
    • 7. Questions they ask themselves
      • Do I want to maintain my current home as I age?
      • Am I willing to leave the home where I raised a family?
      • Do I enjoy being a part of a community?
      • Do I want to live around others my age?
      • Would I like to live in a facility with amenities such as a pool and golf course?
      • Am I comfortable living in an apartment?
      • Do I have the income or savings necessary for monthly rent?
      • They make lists of things they enjoy and then they prioritize them
    • 8. Benefits they look for
      • Low maintenance cost and time commitments
      • Security
      • Low cost
      • Freedom
      • Camaraderie
      • Close to family and friends
      • Uber-premium customer service
        • Work on emotions and how you make them feel
          • Key elements: timing, dependability, communication and flexibility
    • 9. Community Amenities
      • Super huge community centers
      • State of the art fitness facilities
        • Access to trainers and assistance in diet, health and well being
      • Indoor/Outdoor swimming pools
      • Saunas
      • Shuffleboard
      • Bocce ball
      • Arts and Crafts
      • Libraries
      • Computer labs
      • Game rooms
        • Wii and other life enhancing video games
      • Spa
      • Tennis courts
      • Basketball courts
      • Horseshoe pits
      • Walking trails
      • Restriction on children
    • 10. Apartments in General
      • Single Family Feel
        • Single Story
        • 2x1 and 3x2 most popular floor plans for apartment living
          • 900 to 2000 sq. ft.
        • 1x1 if older than 75
        • Want space to be uniquely theirs (choice)
        • Open space with lots of light
        • Urban settings
        • Smaller developments
        • Attractive scenery
    • 11. Apartment Amenities
      • Single floor
        • Master, Kitchen, Living and Laundry
      • If 2 story: guest live upstairs
      • Home offices
      • Free wi-fi in unit and hotspots in the clubhouses and pool areas
      • High-end kitchens
      • Granite Countertops
      • Hardwood floors
      • Tiled Bathrooms
      • Few steps or stairs
      • Toggle switches
      • Lever handles
      • Wider doors
      • Shower with a seat
      • Little of no maintenance or upkeep (yard, snow or landscape)
    • 12. How to reach them
      • Websites
      • Print media guides (Senior Outlook: For Rent Magazine)
      • Rotary Club and other social meetings
      • HR health fairs
      • Company specific seminars
      • Newspapers stories
      • Television stories
      • Infomercials
    • 13. Marketing Words to avoid
      • Retiree
      • Senior Citizen
      • Aging
      • Elderly
      • Golden years
      • Silver years
      • Prime time
      • Mature
    • 14. Marketing Messages that work
      • Emphasis “Active”
      • Value/Affordability
        • Benefits
        • Lifestyle they want
      • Sense of community
        • Both social and intellectual
      • Amenities
        • Social in nature
        • Enhance experience around dining and activity
    • 15. Where to market
      • Channels that deliver news and information
        • Websites (must emulate the personality of your community)
          • Video, hosted tour of community and specific units
          • Easy to create and share conversation; forums, blogs
          • Maps and downloadable colorful and designable brochures
        • Banner ads on relevant news oriented sites
      • Online communities; Web 2.0 or social media sites around the follow:
        • News, local dining, activity calendars, message boards, local events, weather, games, downloadable handbooks
      • Branded E-newsletters
      • Blogs
      • Search engines ( )
      • Media press releases
        • Lifestyle, health and business reporters
        • Grand opening, unique people in community, national trends that you can localize to your community
    • 16. Website tips
      • Larger fonts or at least the ability to increase size
      • Easy to navigate, simple, clean, consistent
      • Provide checklists of things to think about
      • Lists of questions to think about
      • Provide common answers to those checklist and questions
      • Test it with users and be open to change
      • Link to sites dedicated to active adults
      • Pay for links if need be
      • Think about PPC (pay per click); Google’s adwords
      • Get SEO counsel
      • Be prepared to follow up fast; they expect it
    • 17. Resources where you can learn more
      • (Forrent magazine)