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  • 1. Dandruff Marlee Breakstone
  • 2. Dandruff
  • 3. Seborrheic Dermatitis • A common skin condition caused by the overproduction of sebum (an oil that lubricates the skin and hair) • May be caused by the way some people’s immune systems react to an overgrowth of natural fungus on the skin
  • 4. Who Gets Dandruff? • All people are prone to getting dandruff • Men and women of all ages • Worsens during an eczema flare-up • Worsens during cold weather (winter)
  • 5. Symptoms • White or yellow flakes that easily rub off of your head • Crusty/Red/Raw scalp • Itchiness • Hair loss if untreated (rare cases)
  • 6. Common Locations • Head • Inside the Ear • Armpits • Belly Button
  • 7. Dandruff Is Not Contagious And Can Easily Be Treated
  • 8. Treatments • Dandruff Shampoo Zinc Pyrithione •Head & Shoulders •Selsun Salon Tar Shampoo •Neutragena •T/Gel Salicylic Acid •Ionil T Selenium Sulfide •Selsun Blue Ketoconazole •Nizoral
  • 9. • Most cases can be treated using over-the- counter shampoos • Some worse cases may require prescription shampoos, steroid creams or antifungal creams to help relieve irritation
  • 10. How To Live With Dandruff • Don’t wear dark colored clothing • Treat it by using a shampoo recommended to you by a doctor
  • 11. There Is No Cure For Dandruff, But If You Treat It Then No One Will Have Any Way Of Knowing That You Are Affected By It
  • 12. Bibliography "Dandruff." TeensHealth. Kidshealth.org, 2013. Web. 26 Sept. 2013. "Dandruff (Seborrhea) Slideshow Pictures: Causes, Treatments and Prevention." RxList. Rxlist.org, 2013. Web. 26 Sept. 2013. Staff, Mayo Clinic. "Dandruff: Treatments and Drugs." Mayo Clinic. Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research, 23 Nov. 2010. Web. 26 Sept. 2013.