Valu Based selling for small business owners August, 2013 session one


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Valu Based selling for small business owners August, 2013 session one

  1. 1. Consider us your businessConsider us your business partner…partner… Only Better!Only Better!
  2. 2. Who is @MichaelBowers?Who is @MichaelBowers? District Center Manager for Ohio SBDC at Columbus State since 2002 SBDC State Star for Ohio in 2007 Won the SBA Innovation and Service Center of the Year for Ohio and SBA Region Five in 2007 Striving to accelerate the growth of entrepreneurship and small business innovation. #RunNerds Marathoner. What's worth doing is worth doing for 26.2!
  3. 3. Who is the Ohio SBDC atWho is the Ohio SBDC at Columbus State?Columbus State? An experienced & award winning team providing no-cost, one-on-one business management advice with four centers to serve you at one location: Core SBDC Manufacturing & Technology SBDC International Trade Assistance Center Latino SBDC
  4. 4. A team who serves nine counties including: Who is the SBDC at Columbus State?Who is the SBDC at Columbus State? •Delaware •Fairfield •Fayette •Franklin •Licking •Logan •Madison •Pickaway •Union
  5. 5. Visit my small business blog at Ideas2Deals.comVisit my small business blog at
  6. 6. Value Based Sales Community?Value Based Sales Community?
  7. 7. Nothing happens in a business until someone sells something. Why Sales?Why Sales?
  8. 8. Why Sales?Why Sales? 8
  9. 9. No Stupid QuestionsNo Stupid Questions (Although I will talk & Tweet about(Although I will talk & Tweet about you afterwards)you afterwards) I love you all it just may not seemI love you all it just may not seem like it (Tough Love)like it (Tough Love) Ground RulesGround Rules
  10. 10. It’s All About TheIt’s All About The Story…Story… What’s YourWhat’s Your Story?Story?
  11. 11. Introduce Yourself / Pitch Me What do you do? Why are you here? Pitch UsPitch Us
  12. 12. Getting YourGetting Your Ideas To SpreadIdeas To Spread
  13. 13. There are so many options andThere are so many options and media now that are competing formedia now that are competing for consumers’ attention that it is easyconsumers’ attention that it is easy for them to ignore traditionalfor them to ignore traditional “Push” advertising“Push” advertising Traditional Advertising Won’t WorkTraditional Advertising Won’t Work
  14. 14. Be RemarkableBe Remarkable Key To Success…Key To Success…
  15. 15. Being Good Is Easy To IgnoreBeing Good Is Easy To Ignore
  16. 16. Being Safe Is BadBeing Safe Is Bad
  17. 17. Want To Hear From You Want To Ignore You Work The EdgesWork The Edges
  18. 18. Earn Attention Of People ThatEarn Attention Of People That Want To Talk To YouWant To Talk To You Build Trust With ThemBuild Trust With Them They Will Share With Their FriendsThey Will Share With Their Friends Key To Success…Key To Success…
  19. 19. Everybody SellsEverybody Sells Either you are selling them on buying from you or your are selling them on buying from your competitor
  20. 20. Why Sales?Why Sales? Nothing happens in a business until someone sells something.
  21. 21. It’s All About CustomersIt’s All About Customers
  22. 22. Key to SalesKey to Sales  Create Value For The Customer  Find the customers’ pain and solve it!
  23. 23. What Makes a Sales Person?What Makes a Sales Person?
  24. 24. Why Sales?Why Sales? If you have a product or service that helps people you have an obligation to sell it to them.
  25. 25. Key to SalesKey to Sales  Sales Presentations  Build Rapport = Trust  Probe / Question  Prescribe a Solution
  26. 26. Biggest Key to SalesBiggest Key to Sales CLOSING ~ Ask for the sale Logical conclusion to the sales process
  27. 27. You need to “target” and “focus” on what will be most successful You can not focus your attention on “Everyone” and “Everything” Everyone isEveryone is NOTNOT your Targetyour Target
  28. 28. Vision / MissionVision / Mission vision statement ~ a picture of your company in the future. Your vision statement is your inspiration, the framework for all your strategic planning. mission statement ~ articulates the company's purpose. It is why you do what you do
  29. 29. Marketing AnalysisMarketing Analysis  Who is your Target Customer?  What do you know about your customer?  What markets are you competing in?  How are you positioned?  What is your competitive edge?  How does price affect your positioning?
  30. 30. Market ResearchMarket Research Prove or Disprove There is someone out there to buy your product? There is someone out there to buy my product at my price
  31. 31. Market ResearchMarket Research WHO: Demographics: the statistical data of a population, especially those showing average age, income, education, etc. WHY: Psychographics: the “hot button” words of your customers that reflect their reason for buying. This is the basis of your overall messaging.
  32. 32. Market Research “How To”Market Research “How To”
  33. 33. Reference USA • Demographics USA • US Census Bureau • Direct Marketing List Source Where Are My Customers?Where Are My Customers?
  34. 34. Industry Information • Reference USA • County Business Patterns •D&B Regional Business Directory • Harris Ohio Industrial and Services Directories Who Are My Competitiors?Who Are My Competitiors?
  35. 35. • Thomas Register of American Manufacturers • Food & Beverage Market Place • American Wholesalers & Distributors Directory • Directory of Chain Restaurant Operators Special DirectoriesSpecial Directories
  36. 36. Main Library 96 S. Grant Ave., Columbus, OH 43215 645-2ASK • Science, Business and News is located on the 3rd floor. Hours are: Mon.-Thu. 10-8, Fri. & Sat. 10-4, Sun. 1-5. Source of Research InformationSource of Research Information
  37. 37. Are You MarketingAre You Marketing Or Selling?Or Selling?
  38. 38. Marketing and SalesMarketing and Sales You need to do both but remember they are separate activities connected by your brand and your messaging.
  39. 39. Everything you do to promote your business to get customers to buy your product/services on a regular basis. What is Marketing?
  40. 40. What is Sales? The exchange of goods or services for an amount of money or equivalent
  41. 41. Why Sales?Why Sales? Marketing costs money ~ Sales makes money
  42. 42. Everything you do to promote your business to get customers to buy your product / services on a regular basis What is Marketing?What is Marketing?
  43. 43. Marketing Your BusinessMarketing Your Business  Set Goals  Identify your target market  Establish Your Objectives  Map out your tactics  Construct your budget  Build your timeline  Execute - Evaluate - Execute
  44. 44. Building Activity Above Your Sales Funnel Marketing Is…Marketing Is…
  45. 45. Are You Marketing Or Selling?
  46. 46. Why Sales?Why Sales? Nothing happens in a business until someone sells something.
  47. 47. Why Sales?Why Sales? If you have a product or service that helps people you have an obligation to sell it to them.
  48. 48. Set The StageSet The Stage ProspectingProspecting
  49. 49. Make Your Own GameMake Your Own Game More now than ever before you are able to change the rules of the game through use of social media tools. These game changing tools can allow you to bring your message to more people than ever before for less money than ever before.
  50. 50. Make Your Own GameMake Your Own Game Just having the tools will not make you successful. It is the strategy in employing the tools that will make you successful. By understanding where you want to go you can come up with innovative ways to promote your concepts, ideas and brand.
  51. 51. ProspectingProspecting How Full is Your Funnel?How Full is Your Funnel?
  52. 52. The Power of DigitalThe Power of Digital Know Your Prospect Build Fans Convert
  53. 53. Why Participate?Why Participate? Marketing is changing The need to spend money on push advertising is diminishing “Word Of Mouth” is a click away
  54. 54. This is where the magic happens and by magic I mean SEO and CONVERSION. Your Website Is CriticalYour Website Is Critical
  55. 55. Your Website Is CriticalYour Website Is Critical
  56. 56.
  57. 57. ProspectingProspecting Networking: Combine pleasure and business. Cold calling: Calling people with no known interest. Trade Shows: Have a strategy to convert Direct mail: Send flyers and information. Referrals: Get people to give you leads. Prospecting clubs: Collaborating with other sales people. On-line sourcing: Finding useful detail online. Your website: Is a very powerful tool. Social Media: On-Line Networking.
  58. 58. NetworkingNetworking • It’s not about you • Build a relationship • Have to keep moving • Don’t be that Guy/Girl • There is no prize for collecting business cards • Be expected to be there
  59. 59. Trade ShowsTrade Shows • Go to the conferences and exhibitions where your potential customers go. • Make presentations that will impress them with your products and services. Give out copies of your paper and other material. • Hold 'clinics' where customers can come and discuss their difficulties and issues. • Man the stands and talk to as many people as possible. and draw them into sufficient conversation to discover their potential as a customer • Give out your card, of course. Also get their cards.
  60. 60. Direct MailDirect Mail • Develop and write marketing material that will appeal to your audience. • Provide clear and easy contact information, such as: • Web address • Email address • Free phone number • Pre-paid postcard • Send it through the mail or otherwise deliver it to their door. • Make sure that all calls and messages go to a specialized location that can respond rapidly and knowledgeably. • Quickly follow up on all responses.
  61. 61. ReferralsReferrals Getting referrals is a preferred method of getting leads. After refusal: After you have been turned away or not made the sale is a great time to ask for a referral. But why should a person give you a referral when they could easily just blow you off? We generally dislike refusing and turning away other people, so when we say no, we are more likely to agree to give a referral to the sales person. • After the close: After people have bought from you, they are feeling the post-close warmth and are thus more ready to help you. • After great service: If you sell someone a great product or give them great service, they will help you in return by referring • Any other time: People are often giving you referrals and don’t know it, pay attention.
  62. 62. Prospecting ClubsProspecting Clubs • Work together with other sales people to share the burden of prospecting. • You can even do this with sales people from other companies where they are selling complementary products. • You can either work very closely together on a daily basis or meet up every now and again to discuss how the business and general prospecting is going. As well as sharing leads, also share methods and ways of converting prospects into customers.
  63. 63. On-Line SourcesOn-Line Sources • Find information about individuals and organizations who might buy from available information such as their blogs and information on company officers. • Companies often have web pages on their sites that describe their history, organization and products. • There are also many useful websites and firms that provide company information, such as Hoover's and Dun and Bradstreet. • Look also for articles by and other information about the person you are investigating. You might even find their blog.
  64. 64. ProspectingProspecting
  65. 65. Cold CallingCold Calling • Be respectful: You have entered their territory uninvited and must show that you are worthy of their time. • Go for yes: Getting agreement sets a pattern whereby they are more likely to agree. • Ask for time: If you ask them for a few minutes and they say yes, they will feel obliged to give you that time. • Get to benefits quickly: You need to sustain their attention by showing “what's in it for them”. • Get to next meeting: Success in cold calling often means getting permission to continue the conversation later • Expect No ~ Keep Moving, It’s a numbers game
  66. 66. Cold CallingCold Calling • 80% of all new sales people fail because of call reluctance. • The telephone as your stage. • What is the purpose of your call? • Is your message clear, concise and consistent? • The entire purpose of your approach is to get invited into the conversation.
  67. 67. Cold CallingCold Calling • If you had the cure for cancer, how many cancer patients would you approach each day? • We ask questions to identify or create an opportunity. • In every call something is being revealed to you. Are you listening for the opportunity? • Don’t overcome objections. Work with them. • What action do you want this person to take?
  68. 68. The Ohio SBDC at Columbus State p. 614-287-5294 For Information on SBDC ActivitiesFor Information on SBDC Activities