Presenting classroom content with the i pad


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A presentation to help teachers figure out how to use iPads in their classrooms.

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Presenting classroom content with the i pad

  1. 1. Presenting Classroom Content with the iPadNow that I have an iPad in my classroom, what can I do with it? TNT Conference 2012 Room 214 from1:35-2:25 Meredith Boullion & Georgia Broussard
  2. 2. Some Background & This Presentation• I am fortunate to have been awarded grants to purchase technology for my classroom.• My classroom currently has 15 iPads for student use, a projector, and an Activeboard.• I’ve been trying to best create content for the iPads and figure out how to manage them all since April.• This presentation is intended to share the best of what I’ve learned through the process.
  3. 3. Option #1: an Apple Projector Adapter The Good… The Not So Good…• Enables you to connect an iPad • Will not work to show videos to a projector using the same (United Streaming, student- VGA cable that is used to made, etc.), only still images connect your computer to the and presentations projector• Easily found at Wal-Mart or• Inexpensive: average cost between $20-$40• Easily connected
  4. 4. Option #2: Document Camera The Good… The Not So Good…• Can be run through your • Expensive – from $75 and up laptop to your projector• Enables you to view any content that is visible on the iPad screen – including video• Easily view both teacher produced content and student produced content
  5. 5. Option #3: Apple TV Air Play The Good… The Not So Good…• Any Apple device in the • $99 classroom can be wirelessly displayed via the device• Can share web pages and video• Easily display student work• Password protected
  6. 6. Presentation Options
  7. 7. Apple Keynote• Create presentations on an iPad, iPhone, or Mac and access via the iCloud•
  8. 8. Apple KeynoteThe Good…• A lot like PowerPoint The Not So Good…• Visually appealling • It isn’t free, the app costs $9.99• Easy to use and create • Only available on Apple devices• Can be saved as PowerPoint, pdf files, and • If you have more than one iPad mov files linked to your account, your presentations show up on all• Can be saved in the iCloud devices with the app (including and accessed from any Apple student used devices) device• Any updates or changes are made to single presentation
  9. 9. • Create presentations on a whiteboard with drawing tools• Record the presentations to share•
  10. 10. The Good… The Not So Good…• Free • Only available for Apple• Easy to use and create devices• Handy for all subjects• Students find it easy to use, too• Can make videos of your lessons for students to view later (RTIE, absences, etc.)• Make videos similar to those shown on Khan Academy• Once you create an account you can save your presentations and email or copy and embed the link
  11. 11. • Create interactive, teacher-paced lessons• Include content, video, polls, questions, quizzes• Lessons created through their website and then launched via the teacher app• Nearpod website
  12. 12. The Good… The Not So Good…• Free app • Works best with multiple• Fairly easy to use student devices • Nothing for Android• Lots of Webinars for training systems, but can be viewed• Can use already made through computer browsers content (their site or your • Can only save 10 presentations own PowerPoints) for free, then it costs $10 per• Teacher paced presentations month• Include interactive features • Up to 30 students per session (polls, questions, quizzes) for free, then up to 50 with the $10 subscription• Can include video • Requires access to Internet via wi-fi
  13. 13. *Please install the free app, student version on your Apple devices (student socrative clicker)• Turns any Apple device (phone, iPod, iPad) into a response system• Used to develop review games, polls, and quizzes•
  14. 14. The Good… The Not So Good…• Turn any device into a • Best with multiple devices clicker (iPads, iPods, iPhones) • Requires access to the Internet• Teacher version available via via wi-fi connection Apple or Android • Not available for students in the• Interactive polling, review Android market games, and quizzes• Student results downloaded as Excel spreadsheet or emailed to teacher
  15. 15. • Enables the teacher to monitor classroom device usage by mirroring the screens onto a teacher screen• Can also be used to communicate with students and create polls and quizzes•
  16. 16. The Good… The Not So Good…• Monitors all computers in • $199 for the year the classroom by displaying • Cannot limit iPad apps, only their screens on your websites desktop• Can limit websites• Can send and receive messages• Can deliver quizzes and polls• Free 30 day trial
  17. 17. • Please install and open the Socrative student app. • Enter the Socrative Classroom #: 63473. • Draw a number for the first question response.• We’ll take a quick quiz to demonstrate how it works.• I’ll draw for prizes from those with the best scores.
  18. 18. Time to Research, Install and PlayWe hope you have found this presentation to be informative and useful.  Meredith Boullion & Georgia Broussard