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148proof Handoff Book

  1. 1. MCAD Advertising Exhibition 2010Project TeamMike BorellKacie ThompsonAmy LaliberteDavid KruegerCoachBoriana StrzokClientKate BodeNikki CrozierMegan Baxter
  2. 2. MCAD Advertising Exhibition 2010Project ObjectiveOur objective is to create a guide and plan of execution for the AdvertisingExhibition that will take place in the spring of 2010. The goal of the event isto create awareness of the ad program internally to the MCAD community, aswell as to the professionals in the ad industry. Our plan will consist of promo-tional ideas, exhibition theme and layout along with the research to back upour concepts and ideas. Overall we want our clients to be able to walk awaywith a book of information they can use to execute the show with the bestpossible results.
  3. 3. MCAD Advertising Exhibition 2010Target AudiencesInternal Audience: External audience:Students ProfessionalsFaculty AlumniPresident Perspective Students
  4. 4. MCAD Advertising Exhibition 2010Research SummaryStudents • Find out about events through e-mails and teachers • Free food • Music and or multiple forms of entertainment • Students want to know who’s work will be in the show, and enjoy seeing previews of work beforehand • They don’t pay as much attention to the all official e-mails • Students are also interested in seeing the process, not just the final productProfessionals • Would like to see other professionals there – Networking • Probably wont come to both opening night and workshops • Rarely hear about MCAD events – notified via e-mail invites • Want to see at least 3-4 solid campaigns during a portfolio reviewPresident • Wants to see more collaboration between majors • Interested in learning more about the advertising program • Disappointed in students only attending exhibit events for free food • Suggested promoting gallery 148
  5. 5. MCAD Advertising Exhibition 2010‘The Show’ Experience SummaryFor a portion of our research, half of our group attended ‘The Show’, the ad-vertising award show hosted at Epic Nightclub in Minneapolis. We observedtheir methods of event promotion, curation of the work, catering, and enter-tainment. The conclusions we developed helped inform decisions we weremaking in our advertising exhibit design.First and foremost, we were disappointed in the craft with which the workwas displayed. Their placement decisions made it hard to view the work andnavigate through the different categories, as well as the campaigns displayedwere dented and tape was visible from all angles. People were tripping overthe contraptions holding up the boards, the walkways were narrow, and theprints were small. These neglected aspects were noted by our group, andinfluenced our choices to make viewing the ads at the MCAD ad exhibit moreaccessible to interact with.The aspect we were most impressed with was the food choice. Other thanthat, it seemed with the loud d.j. and retro lights we were not at an ad showbut just a nightclub, which may have been their intention, but did not feelsuitable to us. It was a beneficial part of our research that gave us a chanceto experience what the professionals are doing, and only further pushed ourdecisions to make the ad event we are planning even better.
  6. 6. MCAD Advertising Exhibition 2010Inspirations
  7. 7. MCAD Advertising Exhibition 2010ToneTo understand the design for the advertising exhibition you have to ask yourself, ‘what is theunifying connection between advertising and the fine arts’? The answer is: the creative process.Artists and advertisers alike use the creative process to develop and progress ideas into thefinal pieces they become, whether that be a billboard, painting, photograph, or commercial, thesame process is underlying and crucial for each. For the exhibition design, this idea of processwas harnessed and became in essence an inspiration that leads to the theme of the event.When you walk into gallery 148 you will feel like you just stepped into an innovative Minneapolisadvertising agency. The bright, energetic colors vibrating from the walls will grab your attentionand pull you in. You will see advertising work come off the walls and become incorporated in allof the different environments in the room. All of the choices made for the event only further tobring awareness and hype to the advertising program, which it is very deserving of.The advertising program at MCAD is innovative, talented, original.The proof is in the process.148 proof
  8. 8. MCAD Advertising Exhibition 2010Name/IdentityWhile our show theme revolves around the creative process, the identity we developed stems fromthis as well. The show will have visual examples of the proofing process that advertisements undergoduring their development. The exhibit will also be proof of the talents and creativity housed in theadvertising program. We also wanted to incorporate the name of the space where the exhibit is beingheld, thus we are proposing to name the advertising exhibition of 2010: 148 Proof. We feel this nameis the most successful because it is edgy and will attract curiosity, as well as reference gallery 148 anddescribe the theme.
  9. 9. MCAD Advertising 14- Exhibition 2010 PROOF O Layout Design Cubicle Area -desks -tacked up process Photo wall -computers w/work -portraits of ad students Slideshow -copywriter & and faculty -digital campaigns art director -dart boardColumn- name of show Viewing Station- shelf with business -One Show pitchescards of ad students Whiteboard -write/erase response to question prompts -arrange/play with word magnets -recorded Lounge Area -shelf of artists’ portfolios Guerilla Ads -couch, chairs, end table -’Cover your -coffee table w/client brochures Heinz’ campaign
  10. 10. MCAD Advertising Exhibition 2010Example: Wall 1
  11. 11. MCAD Advertising Exhibition 2010Example: Wall 2
  12. 12. MCAD Advertising Exhibition 2010Example: Wall 3 Guerilla Guerilla Guerilla Campaign Portfolio BookshelfCampaign 3 Campaign 2 1: ‘Cover Your Heinz’
  13. 13. MCAD Advertising Exhibition 2010Example: Wall 4 Viewing station for One Show Interactive Whiteboard pitches and radio spots what you ? do business card YES! relevant yes they are cool I think they are useless... ads just use twitter... design advertising clients like them it’s your identi ty fun campaign think are fun campaign design are use identity use identity
  14. 14. MCAD Advertising Exhibition 2010Example: Wall 5
  15. 15. MCAD Advertising Exhibition 2010First Floor Hallway Restrooms: -Visine mirror campaigns Gallery 148 -Bathroom stall poster ads From Ceiling -Banner with show logo/name Hallway Walls -“Dakota Jazz Club Silhouettes”
  16. 16. MCAD Advertising Exhibition 2010 Second Floor Student Center SNACKS & BEVERAGESMUSICAL ENTERTAINMENT
  17. 17. MCAD Advertising Exhibition 2010PromotionBased on our research, promotion for the event needs to be excitingand dynamic, as well as implemented early on for increased turn outresults on the opening night. To capture the attention of each targetaudience, we propose to have in school promotions geared towardsstudents and faculty, as well as external promotion for alumni and pro-fessionals.Some creative approaches include asking David Schutten to incorporate a shortradio advertisement project in his spring broadcasting class. We are also propos-ing to place “the 148 special” on the MCAD café menu board the week prior to theshow.
  18. 18. MCAD Advertising Exhibition 2010Tangible Promotion• 148 proof posters hung outside of the gallery space• T-shirts “I am proof” (front) 148 (back) invite illustrators and graphic design majors to design• Contact Doug Nathan to include a promo piece in the alumni newsletter• Cocktail style books describing ‘the recipe for making an ad’• Message in a bottle invite for professionals• Install banners in key traffic areas of the school, with show identity, that direct to gallery 148
  19. 19. MCAD Advertising Exhibition 2010Online Promotion• Facebook event page through Stu Dent• Twitter event page• Ad on the MCAD intranet main page with a gallery of image examples of work featured in the show• Propose to have the event featured on the MCAD internet main page
  20. 20. MCAD Advertising Exhibition 2010Reception ItineraryMarch 19th, 20107:00pm - 9:30 pm• Recruit a team of 3-5 people to over-see the opening reception, to ensure that catering, entertainment, technical aspects, etc. run accordingly to plan.• Food catering by Jasmine 26- setup starts at 6:00 pm• DJ setup and sound check- 5:30 pm• Doors open- 6:30 pm• Event close- 9:30 pm
  21. 21. MCAD Advertising Exhibition 2010Implementation Calendar