US Coast Guard Academy BIM Video - An Overview


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A five minute video on the use of BIM at the US Coast Guard Academy is summarized in this presentation. A link to the video is included.

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US Coast Guard Academy BIM Video - An Overview

  1. 1. American Institute of Architects Technology In Architectural Practice 2011 Convention - New Orleans
  2. 2. Video Library Short video summaries of key presentations Organized by the AIA TAP buildingSMART alliance, Associated General Contractors and others
  3. 3. Focus on OwnersFederal, state and local governments and private entities Presentations of projects and protocols
  4. 4. Achieving high-level goals Military discipline applied to building industry transformationDoD, DHS, GSA, USACE, USCG, CCC and other success stories Video overview organized by ONUMA, Inc.
  5. 5. People naturally resist changeRewards transparently tied to goals improve measurable achievements Case studies act as business behavior pattern models
  6. 6. Earn revenue during a building’s entire life cycle Facility Management services expansion is already occurring Give owners what they want for decades
  7. 7. Be proactive Write the standards, don’t follow themParticipate in the buildingSMART alliance
  8. 8. Multiple video summaries are available - search ONUMA AIA Convention videos are numbers 69 - 91Most videos are about 5 mins - no video is more than 20 mins
  9. 9. US Coast Guard AcademyChief of Facilities, Engineering Divison, USCG Academy
  10. 10. US Coast Guard AcademyNew London, Connecticut – video linkOne of five national service academies
  11. 11. US Coast Guard Academy Use of business processes and tools learned at USCG HQ“We spend a lot of time and resources recollecting the same data.”
  12. 12. US Coast Guard Academy A pier for the USS Eagle is an active project “I want the opportunity to collect the data once and then reuse thatdata over and over and only update the small changes that happen.”
  13. 13. US Coast Guard Academy Multiple views of the planned pier“. . . I get better information earlier in my planning processes and then continue to reuse it in the life cycle of that asset . . . ”
  14. 14. US Coast Guard Academy Pier project plan view based on data from multiple web programs“. . . as an owner, we want to take advantage of the different platforms . . . ”
  15. 15. US Coast Guard Academy“. . . I want different ways to display my data for different users . . . ”
  16. 16. US Coast Guard Academy Despite different platforms and users, there is one owner“. . . I want the data to belong to me . . . and be able to use it. . . ”
  17. 17. US Coast Guard AcademyMore than two years have been spent rolling out software and proceseses “. . .at the end of the day, a better way to manage our facilities. . .”
  18. 18. Video Library Short video summaries of key presentations Organized by the - search “ONUMA” for all AIA videos