EcoDomus presentation to Chicago BIM/IPD Community


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Igor Starkov's presentation on his company's approach to data sharing and COBie is summarized in this presentation. EcoDomus is a leader in getting design and construction data to be useful in facility management.

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EcoDomus presentation to Chicago BIM/IPD Community

  1. 1. Lifecycle BIMFacility Data Management EcoDomus © EcoDomus, Inc. 2008-2011
  2. 2. About EcoDomus• Software and consulting firm with headquarters in San Francisco, and representation in Washington DC, Chicago, New York, Dallas & LA• International partners: Australia, China, India, Russia, Brazil• Focus on BIM and Lean for Building Lifecycle Data Management• Some of our clients: The Largest Entertainment Company EcoDomus © EcoDomus, Inc. 2008-2011
  3. 3. Why are we talking today? Most likely you are managing buildings and want toutilize the power of Building Information Models (BIM) for your Facility Management program. EcoDomus © EcoDomus, Inc. 2008-2011
  4. 4. You Can Do It Today!Building Information Model (BIM) Geographical Information System (GIS) Integrate BIM with CMMS, BAS, GISComputerized MaintenanceManagement System (CMMS) Building Management System (BMS) Computer Aided Facility Lifecycle Building Support Provider Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Management (CAFM) EcoDomus © EcoDomus, Inc. 2008-2011
  5. 5. Why You Need Integrated BIM for Your Facility NIST GCR 04-867, Cost Analysis of Inadequate Interoperability in the U.S. Capital Facilities Industry • 66% of interoperability losses are borne by Owners • $0.23/ existing SF/year EcoDomus © EcoDomus, Inc. 2008-2011
  6. 6. Why Couldn’t You Do It Before? At the financial completion of a project, the construction manager typically delivers a truck-full of boxes (or CDs containing PDFs) to the facility manager. It is assumed that this information can assist the facility manager to maintain, operate, and track assets within the building. More often than not this information is delivered months or years after the building has been occupied and is ultimately placed in a storage room where it is never used. EcoDomus © EcoDomus, Inc. 2008-2011
  7. 7. Business Workflows Improved by BIM/FM 1. Maintenance Work Order Management 2. Emergency Service Request / Disaster Recovery 3. Energy Systems Analysis / “Greening” of Facilities 4. Visual Work Orders 5. Visual Inventorying / Assets Reconciliation 6. Facility Condition Assessment 7. Life Safety Assets Inspections EcoDomus © EcoDomus, Inc. 2008-2011
  8. 8. 1: Maintenance Work Orders Given: - CMMS application generates a work order Task: - Technicians are expected to complete the work in reasonable time, and they need information about the system or the equipment to be serviced Solution: - Click the Link to the EcoDomus viewer to view the details about equipment that needs servicing. EcoDomus © EcoDomus, Inc. 2008-2011
  9. 9. 1: Maintenance Work Orders The EcoDomus software opens a 3D view of the equipment that should be serviced. Equipment properties are displayed automatically. EcoDomus © EcoDomus, Inc. 2008-2011
  10. 10. 1: Maintenance Work Orders The equipment’s corresponding documents are attached, and can be accessed immediately. EcoDomus © EcoDomus, Inc. 2008-2011
  11. 11. 2: Emergency Service Request Given: Pipe burst. Immediate response is required. Task: How to mitigate the risk ASAP? Solution: Use the EcoDomus O & M Portal to find the shut off valve for the appropriate water system within seconds. EcoDomus © EcoDomus, Inc. 2008-2011
  12. 12. 2: Emergency Service Request Select the Hot Water System in the list of Systems and see which valves belong to it, then select the valve. Or Search for “valve”. Or navigate to the room where you think the valve is located to confirm that its there. EcoDomus © EcoDomus, Inc. 2008-2011
  13. 13. 3: Energy Systems Analysis • Building controls are managed by the intelligent Building Automation System (i.e. Honeywell, Siemens, Schneider Electric, or Johnson Controls). • A “cold call” is received that room 101 is “too cold”. BAS doesn’t throw any alerts. And a check of the BAS doesn’t show anything out of the ordinary. EcoDomus © EcoDomus, Inc. 2008-2011
  14. 14. 3: Energy Systems Analysis • Go to Room 101 in the O & M Portal. • Select a VAV and review it’s set points vs. actual data. Review the VAV’s properties. • Trace the other components of the same air supply system. • Review any previous work orders performed on the equipment. EcoDomus © EcoDomus, Inc. 2008-2011
  15. 15. 4: Visual Work Orders • Use the Tablet PC (offline/online) to redline the broken equipment. • Create a notification that will be emailed to the technician as an image file, and will create a work order in the CMMS based on equipment’s unique ID linking the work order with the asset. • Items with issues are colored in the model until the issue is resolved. EcoDomus © EcoDomus, Inc. 2008-2011
  16. 16. 5: Visual Inventorying Given: Tens of thousands of facility assets/records in FM application. “As-built” 3-D model of the facility claims to be accurate (laser scan / converted drawings). Task: Verify accuracy of data. Solution: Map 3-D objects to FM records via EcoDomus software. EcoDomus © EcoDomus, Inc. 2008-2011
  17. 17. 5: Visual Inventorying Link 3D objects with database COBie/FM system values: creating BIM (intelligent 3D) out of CAD (3D drawings only) EcoDomus © EcoDomus, Inc. 2008-2011
  18. 18. 6: Facility Condition Assessment Given: Tens or hundreds of buildings under management. Task: How to improve budgeting of repairs and renovations in the most optimal way. Solution: BIM-based Facility Condition Assessment for spaces and assets improved by real-time data from sensors. EcoDomus © EcoDomus, Inc. 2008-2011
  19. 19. 7: Life Safety Assets Inspection • On a Tablet PC, while being in the facility, quickly identify the items required to be inspected in the model. • Use extensive data to analyze performance and compliance factors. • Update information, then later sync new information to the FM application. • Generate compliance reports or create work orders in primary apps. EcoDomus © EcoDomus, Inc. 2008-2011
  20. 20. Construction Operations Building informationexchange (COBie) • COBie is methodology for collecting project data once it becomes available and storing it in a common dataset. • Provides for open standard delivery of building information to owner. • For use in Planning, Design, Construction, and the Operation phases. It is required by: • Department of Veterans Affairs • NASA • Department of State • Texas A&M University • Indiana University • GSA • US Army Corps of Engineers US ACE, Engineering Research and Development Center (c) 2009 EcoDomus was the First Construction Software Company to be COBie certified EcoDomus © EcoDomus, Inc. 2008-2011
  21. 21. COBie: Benefits for Owners • Quick upload of handover data into CMMS (minutes vs. months) • Data Quality Control due to standardized datasets • Learn how to run the facility before you move in (if on-time data entry enforced) • Enable as-built configuration management (if EcoDomus middleware is used) • Save data entry time by using smart objects (Revit families, SPie) Manufacturer Serial Number Other fields: Replacement Cost, Installation Date, Vendor, etc. EcoDomus © EcoDomus, Inc. 2008-2011
  22. 22. COBie: Quality Control • Data validation via automated quality control – make sure COBie rules are followed • Owner requirements control – making sure the correct information is provided • OmniClass rules for attributes , naming conventions, and documentation EcoDomus © EcoDomus, Inc. 2008-2011
  23. 23. Suggested Workflow for COBie Owners provide detailed project requirements based on existingFacility Management Program. A/E’s, FM technology consultants, and Contractors help set up a program if it doesn’t exist. A/E/C project team members create a detailed BIM/COBie Execution Plan based on owner’s project requirements. Continuously collect and check quality of entered data and documents throughout the project in the appropriate software (like EcoDomus). Final acceptance of data handover as a COBie spread sheet or, preferably, as a dataset imported into CMMS/CAFM Continuous improvement of a Facility Management Program feeds future projects’ requirements. EcoDomus © EcoDomus, Inc. 2008-2011
  24. 24. Old As-Built BIM Workflow Design BIM Construction BIM (Revit) (Revit) At t a c h Naviswork PDF’s s MEPF CAD File Shop Drawings “As Built” Handover Deliverable Results: 1) Design BIM is not field-verified and often inaccurate. 2) No construction data quality control implemented = inaccurate data. 3) Navisworks file quickly becomes outdated and difficult to maintain. 4) No integration with the owner’s FM packages (CMMS/CAFM). EcoDomus © EcoDomus, Inc. 2008-2011
  25. 25. Improved As-Built BIM WorkflowDesignArchitectural Add/Modify COBie File and MEPF Re-VALIDATE YES to Contractors VALIDATE Design Correct Model For COBie ? (reference only) For COBie Model Data (Revit) NO SUBCONTRACTOR INPUTConstruction Construction Model (Revit) Import Navisworks Field Update Updated Verified COBie File COBie File Subcontractors Include File CAD Models PDF’s (CADduct, QuickPen, etc) NOCommissioning Update Architectural Update COBie Show Changes in and MEPF Model to As Built As Built File / Dataset with Compared to (Revit) Commissioning Data Design EcoDomus © EcoDomus, Inc. 2008-2011
  26. 26. Benefits of Improved Workflow Results: 1) Design BIM is now “As Built”: field-verified and accurate, and it’s a file in the format that owner can work with 2) Construction data quality control implemented – accurate data 3) Navisworks file is used for easy model navigation but not critical in maintaining model data, since data is stored in SQL database or in COBie file 4) BIM is integrated with CMMS/CAFM via EcoDomus: allowing both to be synchronous and up-to-date. EcoDomus © EcoDomus, Inc. 2008-2011
  27. 27. From Construction to Operations EcoDomus PM™  EcoDomus FM™ Operations Design & ConstructionDesign Team Facility Managers • Architects • Maintenance Techs • Engineers DATA • Space Planners BASE • Specifiers • Building Control Eng.Contractors • Service Managers • Subcontractors • Energy Managers • Manufacturers Maintenance ContractorsCommissioning Agent EcoDomus © EcoDomus, Inc. 2008-2011
  28. 28. Getting BIM Data into EcoDomusAfter exporting BIM data from Revit into the EcoDomusdesktop database its synced to the web EcoDomus © EcoDomus, Inc. 2008-2011
  29. 29. Thank You! Mitch Boryslawski Igor Starkov 415-391-2440 571-277-6617 San Francisco, CA Reston, EcoDomus © EcoDomus, Inc. 2008-2011