Collaboration Is Key Session 101 V8


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Cost Estimating with BIM requires web collaboration - simple business processes that are possible with today's technology tools. Collaboration is the first step in cost estimating.

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Collaboration Is Key Session 101 V8

  1. 1. RevUp Render presents Collaboration Tools for Revenue Growth - “Seeing the Picture” Working together with open standards, building industry professionals can solve almost any problem using always improving tool sets
  2. 2. International Design Studio's 20 person team completed a 100,000- square foot competition in 2 months IDS also helped Chermayeff and Poole collaborate on the web BIMStorm LAX is an AIA BIM Award winning international collaboration project with other BIMStorms in place around the globe
  3. 3. International Design Studio leader, Ry Bruscoe has lead easy project web site creation and operation for BIM rendering acceleration When you manage the important data about a lot of building issues, you are more productive and more profitable.
  4. 4. Solving building industry problems with collaboration tools is one of the most sustainable areas of job growth and value creation Using web collaboration software can be highly profitable
  5. 5. There are many web collaboration systems This IDS project web site shows shows some of many collaboration tools that can build new revenue streams through model management
  6. 6. International Design Studio has developed RevUp Render to accelerate BIM rendering speed and improve decision making for model managers, stake holders, clients, officials and citizens
  7. 7. For a South Korean, 80-story High Rise. . . What took 72 hours . . . was rendered in 12 hours with RevUp Render
  8. 8. Chermayeff and Poole - a multi-use project rendered in 15 Minutes after not being able to render at all Peter Chermayeff, FAIA has worked with Buckminster Fuller and sees how accelerating collaboration helps tell complex stories with clear and simple images.
  9. 9. Chermayeff and Poole Tying images to data - cost data - helps people make decisions
  10. 10. Huntington Beach, California - GreenFest Case Study
  11. 11. Costs related to more complex decisions can be laid out graphically Energy costs can be estimated for buildings and for communities How many cars will come off Pacific Coast Highway at what times?
  12. 12. Huntington Beach can compare data visually for challenging projects Collaboration tools increase success
  13. 13. Collaboration tools include RevUp, ONUMA, Solibri, Navisworks and others - there are many tools to use to improve decision making. They don’t replace human interaction - they enable web-based action
  14. 14. Huntington Beach collaboration opportunities are extensive Although this geodesic dome over the city is not likely to get approved
  15. 15. Huntington Beach is likely to explore construction sequencing on large projects with impacts on traffic and multiple issues . . . The impact of the schedule on the cost can be shown
  16. 16. Creating meaningful data images for owners, stakeholders and citizens improves profitability It involves collaboration . . . and it is a repeatable process.
  17. 17. Thank you for the opportunity to present about collaboration tools. Special thanks to ONUMA, Inc. for use of images and knowledge. We will now join sponsor Ry Bruscoe for a demonstration of his International Design Studio project web site and see a demonstration of his RevUp Render rendering accelerator web service, which is sponsoring the event.