BIMStorm 2011 Annoucement


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ONUMA Inc is starting an online brainstorm - or BIMStorm - focused on Healthcare + Education this coming Monday, October 31, 2011.

Happy Halloween.

You might want to tell staff and strategic partners about this free exposure to award winning use of software and processes used by the Department of Homeland Security, US Army Corps of Engineers, US Coast Guard, General Services Administration, California Community Colleges, other government entities and private companies.

Attached is a PDF explaining how Kaiser Permanente and California Community Colleges are involved in the BIMStorm. Below is a direct link to the free registration.

I am available by phone or email to anyone interested in learning more about these proven processes that produce dramatic reductions in costs and schedule while ensuring improved quality.

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BIMStorm 2011 Annoucement

  1. 1. ! 2011 HEALTHCARE + EDUCATION Two Owners FOUNDATION for CALIFORNIA COMMUNITY COLLEGES Produced by: Building Informed Environments™ - 2011
  2. 2. BIMStorms® are award winning building industry events and open to anyonewho wants to participate, learn and collaborate. BIMStorm wraps up the year inBIM by highlighting new industry processes at Ecobuild in Washington DC andvirtually online. This year’s BIMStorm theme is healthcare and education. We arepleased to have two owners submitting projects to the BIMStorm. The OwnersKaiser Permanente is one of the largest healthcare organizations in the worldwith 8.7 million members, 167,300 employees, 14,600 physicians, 35 medicalcenters and 431 medical offices. Kaiser Permanente will be submitting twoprojects into the BIMStorm.The California Community College System (CCC) serves 2.75 millionstudents at 112 California locations and is the largest system of public highereducation in the world. They will be submitting two projects into the BIMStorm. How to ParticipateOwners submit their projects to the BIMStorm for no cost, supported bysponsors. BIMStorm teams are invited to participate by reviewing the projectsfrom the owners, identifying an area of interest and then participating in thevarious exercises in the BIMStorm. A team can be a single person, or a group ofparticipating individuals or companies. The definition of participation in theBIMStorm is intentionally loose. One may jump in on a specific aspect of theprocess or be involved at many levels. Some prepare by attending webinars.Webinars begin in October and conclude on December 7th and 8th. Join thewebinars: Why?Owners are seeking teams to lead them into the future. The industry andtechnology are advancing faster than most owners can keep up with. Be anindustry leader by learning from BIMStorm and demonstrate your capabilities toowners. BIMStorms are not a competition but a recognition of teams andindividuals that change the industry. Previous BIMStorms have resulted inexposure in industry publications and real world projects. Where to Start Free to Participate - Supported by Sponsors Join us on October 31, 2011 for an introductory Webinar.https:// - 2011
  3. 3. BIM 2 STORM HEALTH 2 STORM TM ® BIMStorm® for HealthcareKaiser Permanente along with the Department of Veterans Affairs, and theDepartment of Defense Healthcare System, is a member of the BIM HealthcareConsortium (BHC). The BHC along with many other owners in the building industry areworking to define how BIM can support the full life cycle of facilities. The BIMStormHealthcare runs from October 2011 - January 2012, and will be the focal point at theBIMStorm Theater at the Ecobuild conference on December 7 - 8, 2011. KaiserPermanente is submitting two project types. Teams are encouraged to select one ormore project or a specific part of a project to participate on. Project #1 BIM to the Life CycleThis is for a project that is under construction. The project is currently using BIM. TheBIM and associated project data will be shared with participants who can use this datato enhance the workflow to support project data moving to the lifecycle usingstandards such as COBie. Teams may also use the BIM to focus on specific workflowssuch as:• Creating target performance goals for energy use and sustainability• Tracking performance, live sensors connected to BIMThis is a unique opportunity to use the BIM from a project that is ongoing from KaiserPermanente as a starting point for other studies. Project #2 Program Requirements to DesignThis is a project that is being planned. Teams will be provided with programrequirements and site to design the project using BIM. Tracking client requirements onthe project and validating the results in various stages of the project will be part of thisproject. - 2011
  4. 4. BIMEDU STORM ® TM FOUNDATION for CALIFORNIA COMMUNITY COLLEGES BIMStorm® for EducationThe California Community Colleges (CCC) serves 2.75 million students at 112California locations and is the largest system of public higher education in the world.The CCC FUSION System (Facilities Utilization, Space Inventory Options Net) with theentire California inventory of 71 million square feet of buildings and spaces, along withthe CCC Geographic Information System (GIS) Collaborative of campuses andbuildings is now available in BIM at varying levels of detail. The BIMStorm for Eductionwill focus on projects within the CCC system using the data from the FUSION+GIS+ONUMA System. The BIMStorm Education runs from October 2011 - January 2012,and will be the focal point at the BIMStorm Theater at the Ecobuild conference onDecember 7 - 8, 2011. Goals will include: how to more efficiently manage valuableresources statewide, how to connect BIM to energy use, prediction and managementof facilities. Project #1 Planning to Life CycleOwners do not have a beginning and an end to managing facilities. It is an ongoingprocess. Planning happens that then needs to be implemented and managed for thelife-cycle and the plan needs to be constantly adjusted for changing needs. How canBIM support the full life cycle? This project will focus on an entire campus master plan. Project #2 Program Requirements to DesignTeams will be provided with program requirements and site to design the project usingBIM. Tracking client requirements on the project and validating the results in variousstages of the project will be part of this project.A building from the Los Angeles Community College will be included that is underconstruction right now as a case study of how to take BIM into Facility Managementusing COBie. - 2011
  5. 5. Sponsored by: ________________________________ Co-Sponsors: Platinum + ________________________________ Gold____________________________________________________________ Silver____________________________________________________________ Bronze____________________________________________________________ - 2011