AIA TAP Videos - Introdution and US Veterans Affairs overview


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The American Institute of Architects' Technology in Architectural Practice committee organized a series of videos that explain the benefits of Building Information Modeling software and related business processes. This 20-slide presentation provides an overview and links to the source videos produced by ONUMA, Inc.

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AIA TAP Videos - Introdution and US Veterans Affairs overview

  1. 1. American Institute of Architects Technology In Architectural Practice 2011 Convention - New Orleans
  2. 2. Video Library Short video summaries of key presentations Organized by the AIA TAP buildingSMART alliance, Associated General Contractors and others
  3. 3. Focus on OwnersFederal, state and local governments and private entities Presentations of projects and protocols
  4. 4. Achieving high goals Military discipline applied to building industry transformationDoD, DHS, GSA, USACE, USCG, CCC and other success stories Video overview organized by ONUMA, Inc.
  5. 5. People naturally resist changeRewards transparently tied to goals improve measurable achievements Case studies act as business behavior pattern models
  6. 6. Earn revenue during a building’s entire life cycle Facility Management services expansion is already occurring Give owners what they want for decades
  7. 7. Be proactive Write the standards, don’t follow themParticipate in the buildingSMART alliance
  8. 8. Multiple video summaries are available - search ONUMA AIA Convention videos are numbers xx - xxMost videos are about 5 mins - no video is more than 20 mins
  9. 9. Dept of Veterans Affairs Renee Tietjen, Senior Architect A key presentation on building expendituresA building’s entire life cycle costs are related to a $1 bill
  10. 10. Dept of Veterans Affairs Renee Tietjen, Senior Architect“We are responsible for caring for our veterans and making sure thattheir health care is the very highest that we can possibly give them.”
  11. 11. An owner’s request“Help us as owners to deliver that health care for our veterans.”“Building Information Modeling can help streamline our data so that we are able to keep track of what we do.”
  12. 12. Dept of Veterans Affairs 2012 construction budget is in excess of $1 billion“This chart shows how we are currently spending our money.”
  13. 13. .1 Cent for Early PlanningUrban Planning, Traffic Planning, Emergency Response Planning and others
  14. 14. .5 Cents for Design Architectural and Engineering design services“It is very important for us to be able to look at the total building life cycle costs and make sure that not only are our buildings aesthetically beautiful. . .”
  15. 15. 3 Cents for Transition Costs Building Commissioning, Data Transfer“. . .but also have equal emphasis on delivering a product that is functional.”
  16. 16. 9.4 Cents for Construction Construction of new projects and renovations“We feel very strongly that we need to stop focusing as much on the early stages of design and construction. . .”
  17. 17. .84 Cents for Operations Operations are the bulk of building expenditures“ . . . and make sure that we include our operations component in how we want responsibilities to be increased with our architect, engineers and contractors communities.”
  18. 18. The Question “Are our our facilities meeting our requirements to deliver care efficiently?”“It is clear that when we talk about the value of our money, we need to focus onmaking sure that we are doing the right job in how we provide our health care.”
  19. 19. Dept of Veterans Affairs Rene Tietjen, AIA Senior Architect“New technology can make the work we do as an owner be more efficient.”
  20. 20. Video LibraryShort video summaries of key presentations Organized by the AIA - search ONUMA