Retail Success Case Studies


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When your workforce has the right tools and skills to exceed customer expectations, they drive revenue, differentiate your brand, and captivate loyal customers. Learn how these retailers have reached these goals by developing their leaders and

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Retail Success Case Studies

  1. 1. Retail SuccessCase StudiesOur experience and research shows that adopting an organizational culture that promises to deliver positivecustomer experiences is critical to improving key retail metrics. Revenue growth stems from the ability of storemanagers and associates to exceed customer expectations and increase loyalty. In addition, employees who arecapable to perform their jobs at the highest standard correlates with increased operational efficiency.The case studies that follow reveal the successes our clients in various retailmarkets have experienced. Thesevalidate that a retailer’s competitive advantage needs to be in the customer experience they deliver. Being equippedwith the tools to foster a workforce that creates definingmoments for customers will drive revenue, differentiateyour brand, and captivate loyal customers.Specialty retailer increases conversion ratesThe growing popularity of this specialty retailer’s high quality product alone was driving increased traffic,but sales remained static. This drop-off in customer conversion was attributed to lack of employee-customerengagement. As shoppers browsed the store and showed interest in merchandise, store employees weren’tinteracting with them. As a result, employees were constantly missing opportunities to make sales and theretailer’s customer conversion rates were at an all-time low. Developing the 21st century workforce TM
  2. 2. Specialty retailer increases conversion rates (cont.)AchieveGlobal implemented a training approach that would strategicallyprovide value and be very easy for store managers to roll out to theirteams. The training focused on three critical areas of improvement: (1) aservice-tosales commitment, (2) interactions that create defining momentsfor customers, and (3) follow-up activities for store managers to use asreinforcement tools.Having their stores staffed with teams that were fully equipped with theability to go above and beyond customer expectations, the retailer saw anincrease in customer satisfaction, as well as a 3-percent increase in conversion rates within the first yearof implementation. Big box store rapidly improves sales per square foot This big box retailer wanted to ensure success through tough economic times by fostering a culture that catered to the customer. To differentiate their brand and stay ahead of competition, the retailer wanted to enhance the quality of service they were currently delivering. AchieveGlobal helped them build a stronger service culture by engaging with the District Managers first, showing them how to cultivate a culture of customer service and, in turn, cascade that down to frontline employees. Field Management and AchieveGlobal knew it was vital to get StoreManagers excited by the opportunities customer experience management presents.One way the importance of changing their service culture was communicated was through recurring in-store discussions.All cross-functional teams and departments took part in these “huddles,” brief training sessions that were led by storesupervisors, which provided a better organizational understanding of why a customer-centric culture was so important.The solution focused on building renewed customer excellence skills, behaviors, and attitudes. Just six months afterapplication of the tools and practices from AchieveGlobal’s Customer Experience Toolkit™, this big box retailer not onlyimproved perceived value of the brand, but was also able to boost sales per square foot by $1.55.Specialty retailer reverses customer complaintsGetting five customer complaints to every one customer call was a majorwakeup call to this specialty retailer. Their outmoded sales strategy reliedon frontline associates pushing products onto customers the second theyentered the store. This idea of “pushing” a customer to buy not only turnedtheir customers off at the time, but it prevented them from ever wanting toreturn—which is obviously a retailer’s worst nightmare.Floor staff needed to be able to understand the customer’s needs – from whatthey were shopping for, to how much they wanted to spend, to what level ofassistance they desired. At the same time, managers needed to be able to understand how to motivate employees to, firstand foremost, change their sales process, and second, embrace the idea of creating a branded customer experience.
  3. 3. Specialty retailer reverses customer complaints (cont.)AchieveGlobal equipped store management with the ability to effectively coach their teams and assess areas ofopportunities to develop better sales techniques. Management was also prepared to execute shift-starters and huddleswhich help to get buy-in of store sales teams.As a result of the recommended change in sales processes and the implementation of the Customer Experience ToolkitTM,the retailer was able to reverse the ratio of customer complaint calls to satisfaction calls. As a result, customercomplaints were reduced to a 1:5 ratio, meaning for every five customer satisfaction calls the retailer received, therewas only one customer complaint.Specialty retailer improves up-selling strategy to increase revenueHaving a low average sale per transaction plagued this trendy retail chain since its start-up. To increase bottom-linefigures, Store Associates needed to be able to sell more products to every customer they served. AchieveGlobal recommended that Sales Associates should be developed to boost sales volume per transaction by increasing the number of units sold per customer. This was an ideal strategy for the retailer because many of their products were related and could be easily aligned with others. District Managers were given the tools to cascade skills down to Store Managers and Associates. One of the main goals of the implementation was to focus on building customer rapport by learning what the customers need, and knowing the features and benefits of products so that they can match a need with a product.Employees understood how to ask the correct important questions during customer interactions. This enabled them touncover customer desires that would allow for relevant recommendations and solidify the need for additional products.As a result, the retailer increased average units per customer from 2.7 to 4.1.Big box retailer maximizes engagement and reduces turnoverThis specialty retailer wanted to reduce employee turnover, especially withintheir field management group. In the past, Field Managers were likely to leavethe organization because they were constantly daunted by incrediblepressures to meet sales goals. The goals felt impossible to attain because manyof the Managers didn’t have the proper leadership skills or tools to motivateothers to perform at levels necessary to achieve goals.AchieveGlobal helped the retailer understand what drives revenue from acustomer point of view. Management needed to be able to drive, coach,and reinforce skills in an adaptable format that was easy to execute withstore employees.Once managers were provided the skills, they were taught how to apply them in a manner that would increaseoperational effectiveness in three main areas: Sales, Product, and Operations.
  4. 4. Big box retailer maximizes engagement and reduces turnover (cont.) District managers and store employees saw that the organization was taking an added interest in their success and felt the tools they were given from the Customer Experience ToolkitTM delivered the results the organization desired. Within the first year of implementation, turnover was significantly reduced from 45-percent to 30-percent. Big box retailer reduces payroll cost of training Having store employees off of the floor for hours at a time to attend classroom training sessions meant inflated payroll costs for this big box retailer. The retailer wanted an effective solution that would reinforce critical skills, while not taking away from an employee’s time on the sales floor. AchieveGlobal helped managers obtain the skills to provide on-site coaching, feedback, and recognition. Management teams went through the Customer Experience ToolkitTM, which allowed them to deliver training themselves instore– where employees needed it the most. Chats and implementation guides assisted managers in coaching others to support revenue generation through creating a branded customer experience. Follow-up activities and tracking tools were used to follow progress. Managers served as coaches, which reduced the need for in-class training and, therefore, labor expenses. Knowing that management was standing behind them and providing on-site coaching, employees felt empowered to perform better and maintained confidence on the sales floor. As a result, in addition to the reduction in cost of payroll training benefit, there was a decrease in employee turnover. About AchieveGlobal In the 21st century, the level of human skills will determine organization success. AchieveGlobal provides exceptional development in interpersonal business skills giving companies the workforce they need for business results. Located in over 40 countries, we offer multi-language, learning based solutions - globally, regionally and locally. We understand the competition you face. Your success depends on people who have the skills to handle the challenges beyond the reach of technology. We’re experts in developing these skills, and it’s these skills that turn your strategies into business success in the 21st century. These are things technology can’t do. Think. Learn. Solve problems. Listen. Motivate. Explain. People with these skills have a bright future in the 21st century. AchieveGlobal prepares you for that world. World Headquarters Developing the 21st 8875 Hidden River Parkway, Suite 400 Tampa, Florida 33637 USA workforceTM century Toll Free: 800.456.9390© 2011 AchieveGlobal, Inc. M01261 v. 2 (07/2011)