Expanding Customer Relationships


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Expanding Customer Relationships

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Expanding Customer Relationships

  1. 1. Expanding Customer Relationships TrainingEnsuring stellar service Module Outlinetakes its rightful place atthe forefront of your effortsto achieve business results Module Introduction (37 minutes) • Participants watch a video interview of customers and employees discussing the challenges and barriers to selling. • Participants identify barriers that inhibit them from offering additional products or services to customers. Expanding Customer Relationships (2 hours, 11 minutes) • In a large group, participants generate a list of products and/or services they are likely to recommend to their customers. (Options for this activity include participants bringing to class details of a product they are preparing to recommend or the trainer preparing a list of products or services the organization wants the participants to recommend.) • Participants learn how to create a product profile tool that facilitates conversations with customers about one of their own products or services, and are given a template for use with other or future products. • Participants review the four parts of a conversation and discuss how to apply them to a conversation about an additional product or service. • Participants watch a video of a conversation that demonstrates effective cross selling. • Participants identify clues that a customer has an additional need for their own products and services. • Participants identify and practice two types of transition statements, and the appropriate conditions for using them. Developing the 21st century workforce TM
  2. 2. • In pairs, participants practice confirming their • Transition the conversation to learn more about understanding of the customers additional need. additional needs.• Participants practice doing a Close that involves the • Reply with information that helps customers make original need and an additional need for one of their decisions, linking features and benefits to customer needs. own products or services. • Resolve concerns that surface when a customer• In pairs, participants practice a conversation from doubts, misunderstands, or doesn’t like something transition through the Close involving one of their about the advice or recommendation. own products or services. Duration: 4 hoursResolving Customer Concerns (50 minutes) Maximum group size: 15 participants• Participants discriminate among three common customer concerns. Process• Participants watch video scenarios that demonstrate Participants will complete a variety of individual and the steps for resolving customer concerns. group activities, skills practices, video segments, and• In pairs, participants practice resolving customer large group discussions that explore the following topics: concerns using one of their own products or services. • Challenges and benefits of expanding the customer relationshipAction Planning (22 minutes) • Identifying clues to additional needs• Participants identify which barriers to selling they are now better equipped to overcome. • Transitioning the conversation• Participants complete an action plan for applying • Practice satisfying an additional need what they learned when they return to work. • Resolving customer concerns • Action planningAudienceAnyone in the organization whose role includes Components availableexpanding customer relationships by selling additional • Facilitator kit (guide, video, wallcharts, activityneeded products and services. (Participants complete support materials)Guiding Customer Conversations® as a pre-requisite.) • Participant workbook with personal action plan andPurpose removable job aidsTo provide employees with skills to expand the • Level 1 perception assessment (asynchronous PDFcustomer’s business relationship by identifying and and hardcopy)satisfying additional customer needs • Level 2 mastery test (asynchronous PDF andPayoff hardcopy)Participants will learn to: • Level 3 behavioral assessment (asynchronous PDF,• Listen for clues to uncover additional customer hardcopy, and Web) needs and determine if the organization has • Follow-Up Skills Practice (synchronous PDF) products or services to meet those needs. • Multiple Manager-led Application Sessions (synchronous PDF) • Multiple reinforcement messages (asynchronous World Headquarters PDF and hardcopy 8875 Hidden River Parkway, Suite 400 Tampa, Florida 33637 USA Toll Free: 800.456.9390 www.achieveglobal.com © 2010 AchieveGlobal, Inc. No. M01342 v1.0 (08/2010)