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DE F IN E                                Senior Executives           Senior executives define the retail strategy with str...
• Create an organizational commitment that serves as the            • Facilitate knowledge acquisition and skill building ...
About AchieveGlobalIn the 21st century, the level of human skills will determineorganization success. AchieveGlobal provid...
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Achieving Results Through Customer Experience Management


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Developed for the key business issues affecting retailers today, the Customer Experience System offers the retail training needed to create and execute your branded customer experience.

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Achieving Results Through Customer Experience Management

  1. 1. Training Achieving Results Through Customer Experience Management® In the face of relentlessly increasing retail Meeting the unique needs of the retail sector with a cost-effective pressure, delivering a branded customer approach to development experience stands out as a way to build competitive difference, customer loyalty and, most important, revenue. Retail today is harder than ever. Consumers have more choices of where to shop and how to shop, and more and more products are commoditized. Retail organizations know that a consistently delivered branded customer experience will help them win the battle to find differentiation and profit in a highly competitive marketplace. Transforming a retailer into an organization where customer experience drives sales and embodies the brand promise doesn’t happen overnight. It is a culture that must be adapted throughout the organization from the C-suite to the frontline. To ensure success, retailers must inspire and prepare employees throughout the organization. Relevant, Research-Based Content That Drives Results AchieveGlobal built the Customer Experience System based on extensive experience working with consumer-facing organizations and our research into the principles of adult learning in the workplace. We have uncovered not only the key business issues affecting top retailers today, but also clear priorities and skill sets required to create and execute a branded customer experience. The Customer Experience System is designed around this deep understanding of retail and our customers’ needs. Y store associates require the specific knowledge, skills, and behaviors customers our notice, appreciate, come back for, and tell their friends about. Every employee in your organization at all levels and across all functions needs skills that help: • Encourage repeat and increased business by promoting an emotional attachment to your brand. • Transform first-time purchasers—as well as your regulars—into lifelong advocates. • Differentiate your brand in a highly competitive market. • Make your employees champions of your organization.
  2. 2. DE F IN E Senior Executives Senior executives define the retail strategy with strategic skills. DIR E C T Field managers direct the processes that energize strategy using Field Managers organizational skills. DE V E L O P Field and store managers develop associates to succeed at Field and Store Managers the point-of-sale using supportive skills. DE L IV E R Frontline associates deliver at the point-of-sale with Frontline Associates foundational service and sales skills.• Go beyond customer satisfaction by managing • Oversee acquisition of baseline data. customer experiences with efficiency and care. • Define and cascade new processes and activitiesOur research shows that new behaviors are most likely to to other adopted when people: AchieveGlobal consultants work with you to ensure that your• Know what is expected of them and why. service solution effectively achieves lasting results—for both your customers and your organization—by helping you:• Care about the results because they understand the benefits to themselves and the organization. • Clarify direction and results required.• Believe that the processes and resources are aligned to • Move forward by ensuring that processes are aligned to enable them to perform their role effectively. create positive defining moments with customers.• Have the appropriate skills to carry out the tasks. • Sustain momentum through effective performance measurement practices.A Systemic ApproachAchieveGlobal approaches the retail organization at four levels. Field Leaders DIRECT Processes and ResourcesLike any other profound cultural change, serious Customer to Foster a Customer Experience CultureExperience Management takes involvement at every level. By The initial buy-in and long-term commitment of field man-addressing all levels, a comprehensive result is achieved. agement are critical to the realignment of work to support customer experience management. It’s at this level that formi-In the pyramid above, you will see the how we address needs at dable obstacles may appear—the persistence of old ways ofeach level of the organization. serving customers, or the need for resources. Overall, field leaders must enable store managers to support frontline super-Senior Executives DEFINE the Customer visors and associates, who in turn create the desired experience,Experience Strategy one customer at a time.A truly differentiated customer experience begins in the C-suite. AchieveGlobal’s facilitated sessions, which are tailored to yourSenior executives: organizational needs, will help managers to:• Define the experience that supports their brand. • Explore key concepts that form the foundation for a• Establish brand-specific measures. positve branded customer experience.
  3. 3. • Create an organizational commitment that serves as the • Facilitate knowledge acquisition and skill building for the framework for all actions, decisions, and standards. That store associates. commitment—an extension of the overall brand—specifi- • Consistently follow-up and reinforce customer service and cally answers: sales process skills acquired during The Customer Experience - Who are my customers? Tool Kit™ implementation. - What do I do for them? Store Associates DELIVER the Experience - How do I want them to feel about the experience To create the positive defining moments at the heart of cus- we provide? tomer experience management—and to drive incremental• Use customer feedback to create a Customer Experience business—frontline associates need an array of in-the-moment Roadmap and then redesign it to align with the organiza- sales and service skills, including greeting customers pleasantly, tional commitment. asking questions to clarify needs, offering buying advice, handling concerns and service breakdowns smoothly, and• Create a customer experience culture and service stan- expressing sincere appreciation. dards. (Who do I hire? How do I develop them? What are our policies and goals?) In a service environment, payroll costs place an enormous obsta- cle in the way of traditional approaches to skill development.• Prepare to apply the tools on the job with store Through the chats or huddles, store associates are exposed to leadership teams. extremely cost-effective training that is facilitated by their local store management in short events of between 10 and 20Field and Store Managers DEVELOP minutes integrated into the daily workflow.Individual EmployeesClosest to customers and associates who serve them, store Each chat has a reference tool that can be distributed to asso-managers do the work that brings customer experience ciates during the sessions, making it easier for associates tomanagement to life. To help store associates create the desired remember what’s expected of them between meetings.experience, these managers need excellent coaching skills, i.e., By participating in chats, store associates will:giving constructive feedback, recognizing effort and results,and finding opportunities to develop the talents of individual • Acquire knowledge in the areas of customer service andteam members. At the same time, store managers must model sales process.the skills they expect associates to use with customers. • Have practice opportunities with the acquired knowledge.Training modules tailored to your specific organizational needs • Be prepared to effectively utilize acquired customer servicefocus on developing skills that help participants perform the and sales process skills with customers in their store.daily coaching that reinforces results. These sessions explorethe value of positive customer experience, and provide skills for Customization and Tailoringdeveloping others, building constructive relationships, and This system and its components were developed and tested torecognizing employees in order to reinforce behavior. work in a broad range of retail environments.Furthermore, the system is comprised of two high-impact Its discovery- and activity-based design ensures the standardcomponents: activities, exercises, practices, and role plays aren’t just self-tai-• Manager Preparation Workshop (8 hours) loring for your organization, they’re self-tailoring for each specific learner. Learners choose to work out challenges and• The Customer Experience Tool Kit™ situations unique to them, and these “real-life” retail examplesAchieveGlobal’s Manager Preparation Workshop prepares are built in at no additional cost.managers to implement The Customer Experience Tool Kit™ with Any component of the system can be customized to includetheir employees. By attending this session, managers will be able company-specific role plays, policies, or goals. The entireto prepare and deliver chats or mini-training modules on cus- system can be customized to link the necessary skills to thetomer service and sales process effectively with employees prior specific brand experience the organization wishes to the day’s opening, at shift changes, or at close of day. Chat Please contact your account executive to discuss these orscenarios, branded to your organization and situation specific, other customization needs.enable managers to quickly assess the right chat topic for thesituation and quickly review with employees the properresponse behaviors. These unique components ensure thatfield and store managers are able to:
  4. 4. About AchieveGlobalIn the 21st century, the level of human skills will determineorganization success. AchieveGlobal provides exceptionaldevelopment in interpersonal business skills, giving compa-nies the workforce they need for business results. Locatedin over 40 countries, we offer multi-language, learning-based solutions—globally, regionally, and locally.We understand the competition you face. Your successdepends on people who have the skills to handle thechallenges beyond the reach of technology. We’re expertsin developing these skills, and it’s these skills that turnyour strategies into business success in the 21st century.These are things technology can’t do. Think. Learn. Solveproblems. Listen. Motivate. Explain. People with theseskills have a bright future in the 21st century. AchieveGlobalprepares you for that world. World Headquarters 8875 Hidden River Parkway, Suite 400 Tampa, Florida 33637 USA Toll Free: 800.456.9390 © 2009 AchieveGlobal, Inc. No. M01244 v. 2.0 (05/09)