Reward and recognition


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  • The Objective of this session will be for;Members to understand the concept of Rewards and Recognition in AIESEC to let the members know how this Has been done in the past and how it has impacted or influence the organization nationally or locally.And lastly How can this be carried out nationally or locally
  • By doing awards and recognitions, members are motivated to work and the lazy ones to also work.It can be a way to involve partners and Alumni in the organization and it can as well be a means ofPartners promoting themselves like through the MTN awards, it makes them to have a bigger name.And lastly, rewards that come along with financial sum can very much help entities in kick start project implementation.
  • Reward and recognition

    1. 1. REWARD andRECOGNITIONPresented by:Alain BONGBI@NLDS – UpGrade 2013Douala
    2. 2. Session Objective• Understand the Concept of Reward andRecognition in AIESEC.• Why Reward and Recognition in AIESEC ?• How/Strategies ?
    3. 3. Research from some principles of managementby great management scientist like FAYOL andTAYLOR shows that Reward and Recognitions aresome of the best strategies to motivate workers inan Organization to work and improve organizationalperformance and to develop their working skills.Introduction
    4. 4. Reward and Recognitions in AIESEC is a key toolin the talent management department which is useto stimulate or motivate members and entities todrive their personal development and at the sametime improve on the organizational growth byevaluating performance and measuring successes.In AIESEC
    5. 5. • To motivate members• To make the lazy members active• To improve on membership retention• To drive LCs towards organizational goals• To involve Alumni and Partners to the Organization• To provide support to members and entities and lastly• Recognizing Partners and Alumni personally, alsomotivate them to come close and contribute to theorganizational benefits.Why Reward and Recognition ??
    6. 6. There are several ways to how we canimplement Reward and Recognition inAIESEC, some of which can be;• Entity based Awards• Team based Awards• Portfolio based Awards and• Personal or Individual based AwardsThe HOW and Strategies
    7. 7. You should take note that Reward and Recognition isnot an instant function but a continues function, i.e.we can evaluate from time to time, quarterly, fromstart to end of a term, project or team experienceetc…Some strategies to engage and prepare membersand entities for this by;• Training• Planning and Setting the goals with them• Coaching• Performance Tracking• Rewards and RecognitionThe HOW and Strategies
    8. 8. Entity Award IndividualAwardsReward and Recognition
    9. 9. Entity Award Individual AwardsReward and Recognition
    10. 10. Now talking about Planning and Setting goals with theteam, members or entities, you have to;• Let them know at the beginning of the term aboutthe various Awards and Recognitions for them tohave a focus• What are the criterions?• What/When will it be (sometimes optional)?• Analyze Performance• Always attribute Recognition to all KPIs ofstrategies leading to entity growth.The HOW and Strategies
    11. 11. Rewards and Recognition at timespushes members and entities to losefocus on results and quality and stayfocus on just rewards, which it in turnsbring competition and less inter entityrelation and conflict in the organization.Key Drawback
    12. 12. • A strategy to overcome this especially at the level of theLCs is by setting goals with the strategies to attain thembase on the realities, capacity and potential of individualentities.• The same strategy can apply to LC levels when it comesto teams.• Set up MoS to compare/differentiate being goalsoriented and Results oriented.• Some awards could be alternating and skipping years(that is to say an award that was launch this year shouldnot be repeated next year, however can come thepreceding year)Solution to Drawback