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Discover our company Discover our company Presentation Transcript

  • Discover OurCompany
  • Objectives of the session• Refreshment about key AIESEC history and the evolution ofthe organization core work• Delegate understand well the aim of our existence• Delegate understand the AIESEC Cameroon history• Delegate understand that they have to contribute for thesustainability of the organization throughout the new historythey have to make hapen
  • 1939-1945
  • One of the worstmoments in thehistory ofhumanity...
  • 1948
  • Europe isdebilitated afterthe war
  • The entire world isengulfed in anatmosphere of deephatred and distrust...
  • There is a general feeling of angerand hateamong the countries involved ...and an intense desireto avoidanother war at all costs
  • An entire generation of leadersare dead
  • A new generation of leaderswould have to emerge from theuniversities with theresponsibility of rebuildingtheir countries
  • ... it was necessary to preparethe youth of Europefor the challenge awaitingthem.
  • A small group of universitystudentsdiscovers the solution thatwould help develop leadersand alleviate the tensionsamongst countries...
  • They created what would oneday be the largest studentorganization on the planet ...
  • This organization wouldallow students to gainvaluable leadership skillsand reach a new level ofcultural understandingthrough the participation in aninternational work exchange program
  • They created ...
  • 1949
  • The original group of AIESECmembers, 7 students fromdifferent European countries,meet at the first InternationalCongress in Stockholm...
  • …and exchange89 internships!
  • 1953
  • AIESEC is already in 14 countriesincluding the adversaries of the lastworld war and one communistcountry (Yugoslavia)
  • 705 InternationalInternships!
  • 1954
  • AIESEC is present inTurkey
  • AIESEC is now consideredInternational rather thanEuropean
  • 1957
  • AIESEC expandsto theAMERICAS !
  • AIESEC is established inSouth Africa, the firstAfrican nation to jointhe AIESEC network
  • 1961
  • Tunisia becomesthe first part of AIESEC in theMiddle East / North Africa network
  • 1963
  • AIESEC expands to Japan
  • 1965
  • AIESEC expands toAustralia…
  • AIESEC is presenton all continents!
  • AIESEC…there are no borders
  • But you need to understandthat AIESEC evolve withthe world socioeconomiccontext
  • Decade of the 80s
  • 1982-1987: Feasibility Studies started atESSEC-Douala, the Country Partner was AIESEC inGermany1988: Cameroon obtained the Full Member Statusduring the 40 th International Conference at Boston ;USA.1993: The Global Organisation in Cameroonregistered on 180/RDDA/C19/BAPP/Wouri
  • Following the Presidential Decree of 1993creating new universities, 3 new LocalCommittees (LC) were Opened:-LC Douala (1993)-LC Dshang (1993)-LC Buea (1994)
  • Some achievements!
  • 1994: AIESEC-UNCED (United Nation Conference of Environmentand Development), March 19941996: Forum on Social Development in Cameroon, a Youth Insight2000: Seminaire Inter Universitaire sur la Creation d’Entrerise(SIUCE)2004: Online Training on Corporate Responsibility (CSR) with WorldBank2005: Cameroon Career Days _09th-10th December) Hilton HotelYaoundéAfrican Excellence UBS (Union Bank of Swiss) Awards winner2006: AfroXLDS
  • 2006-2007: AIESEC Cameroon reach for the first time the result of50 exchanges2006-2007: African Excellence UBS (Union Bank of Swiss) Awardswinner2010: An AIESEC Cameroon Alumni win the « Entrepreneurshipand Leadership Award »
  • AIESEC Globally today
  • The largest multinational company in the worldleading by youth for the youthHelp youth toexplore and developtheir leadershippotentialFor a positive impact in the society
  • AIESEC Focus on 3 Keyelements to ensure this impact
  • • Leadership experience for his members• Global Internship Program• Global Learning Environment
  • Since 62 years,AIESEC help students tobecome the competentand responsible leaders,open minded challengingtheir world view.
  • … The GIPGlobal InternshipProgram
  • Organizations worlwide,recognize AIESEC as one ofthe key sources for acquiringtop talent for their HumanResource needSince 62 years,
  • Since, AIESEC is Recognized by the UnitedNations through his participation to theSocial economic counsil .
  • AIESEC in figures
  • Presente in more than1 700universities
  • More than45 000members
  • Realize more than9 000Exchanges per year
  • This long story have been wrotenby students, young as you!
  • Because they believed it, they feelit and they took theirresponsibility
  • And you?Start write your own story and the story of theorganization today
  • Welcome to AIESEC…… a world of opportunities