Inside JEVS feature success story


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Inside JEVS feature success story

  1. 1. CLIENT SUCCESS STORY JEVS Human ServicesMaking Hope Happen forHer Life is an Inspiration to Fellow Émigrés Stephanie hen Stephanie Marcel came to the United States sheW spoke little English, had no job and no money, and was living with her two young children in a studio apartment. A native Haitian, she felt isolated and found it difficult to function in the English-speaking world—until she walked through the doors of JEVSNortheast EARN Center in 2009.Before immigrating to the United States, Stephanie had been a certifiednursing assistant. Her accreditation didn’t transfer to the United States, soshe was working a minimum wage job. Overworked and underpaid, she waslaid off and could not find another job. Stephanie was referred to the EARNCenter where she attended ESL (English as a Second Language) classesprovided by District 1199C, an agency that provides a range of educationalservices including GED (General Education Development) classes.Her teacher also helped her improve her math skills and study for the U.S. “ Citizenship Test. EARN staff helped her find “It was very clear that assistance with child care, transportation, and JEVS’ EARN Center education, enabling her to concentrate on gave Stephanie the learning the language effective support she and finding work. needed–not only to find On January 12, 2010, not a job with us but also to long after Stephanie came to the EARN keep it.” – D R , R N AOMI OSENBERG IRECTOR IGHT TO Center, a horrific earth- HEALTH PROGRAM quake hit Haiti. Naomi PARTNERS IN HEALTH Rosenberg, Director of the Right to HealthProgram at Partners in Health, immediately flew to Haiti and brought back asmall group of seriously injured people. They were hospitalized, then movedinto a house in Germantown, Philadelphia where they could continue to livetogether and receive medical care. Rosenberg needed someone to providenursing care and support, and she knew JEVS could provide her with a qualityemployee. Stephanie was perfect for the job. Not only did she understand thelanguage and culture but she had the necessary medical background. OVERCOMING OBSTACLES TO HELP OTHERS When Stephanie Marcel (pictured with her daughter Ludgena) was unemployed,she foundRosenberg says, “Stephanie doesn’t just do tasks you give her, but is always job search assistance,English classes,and emotional support at JEVS Northeast EARN Center.looking for what more she can do. She is still connected to Haiti and Now she is a self-sufficient medical aide,friend,and inspiration to survivors of theunderstands what it’s like to be far from home.” Stephanie often takes her Haitian earthquake.patients to the park, the movies—anything to help them get their minds offtheir problems. The adults are taking ESL classes, so Stephanie uses her Stephanie’s job with Partners in Health has helped her become self-sufficientknowledge of English to help them practice. Resident Losanna Hyacinthe and more confident. She and her children now live in a larger apartment,says, “She helps me with writing, reading…everything!” and she plans to go back to school to learn more English and earn certification as a nurse or medical assistant in the United States. “I’m very, very happy.On March 31, 2010, Stephanie passed the U.S. Citizenship Test and was My life has changed. Before, I had a bad life, but now my life is new.”sworn in as a citizen two weeks later. Stephanie went on to win the 2010Governor’s Achievement Award and 2010 JEVS Inspiration Award. “The families see Stephanie as someone who has come here and not only For more informationmade a life, but has grown professionally,” says Rosenberg. Northeast EARN Center / 267.350.8500INSIDE JEVS PG.6 • WINTER 2011