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    Determination Led Her to
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Inside JEVS feature success story


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Inside JEVS feature success story

  1. 1. Making Hope Happen for... Determination Led Her to Oksana and computer literacy classes. They also receive case management services and a New Life in a New Land attend interviewing, resume-writing, and Oksana Chubok lived in a small town in job readiness and retention workshops. the Ukraine, dreaming of the day she and Oksana used every opportunity that the her family could live in a free country. Center for New Americans offered to She arrived in the United States in May learn how to find a job that would connect 2006, and eight months later was working her with the Russian-speaking community. in the office of a prominent dermatolo- She wanted to help others from her home gist in Northeast Philadelphia country in the same way she was helped Oksana, 34, is married to Ihor and they by the program. Oksana’s employment have a young son, Illya. They reside in counselor, Yana Kanevsky, says, “Oksana Northeast Philadelphia. In her native worked hard in class and was one of the best students in both her vocational an administrative assistant and an country Oksana was a Russian language interpreter who could help with Russian teacher. After arriving in Philadelphia, English and computer classes. She was tenacious and very proactive in her job speaking patients. Oksana was offered the County Assistance Office referred her the job after the first interview. When she to JEVS Center for New Americans. search, and always encouraged her classmates to follow her example.” called Yana to inform her about this great Staff there helped Oksana find employ- opportunity, her voice was trembling ment, improve her English language With Yana’s help, Oksana began work on from joy. She enjoys working in the office skills, and upgrade her computer skills. her résumé after living in Philadelphia for and feels good about helping Russian The JEVS Center for New Americans less than two months. She never wavered patients better understand prescriptions helps refugees, asylees, and victims of from her goal, which was for her family to and directions from the doctor. Not only trafficking prepare to enter the workforce, be self-sufficient and productive members had her dream come true, but her success find satisfying jobs ranging from labor of the Northeast Philadelphia community. helped her decide to further her education to professional positions, and become She never refused to go on a job interview and attend classes at the Community self-sufficient members of society. or to fill out a job application. College of Philadelphia. Participants benefit from attending In January 2007, Oksana received a Vocational English Language Training call from the office of Dr. Goldman, a For more information (VELT) classes, acculturation workshops well-respected dermatologist. He needed Center for New Americans • 215.728.4210 Individuals Seeking Refuge in the United States Center for New Americans’ Clients, 2006-2007 Refugee Stats for the United States 2007 serving Philadelphia, Bucks, Chester, Delaware, and Montgomery counties 2.81% 16.6% 15.1% 0.3% 1.73% 48.7% 43.5% 41.1% 18% 1.1% 8.9% 2.16% Africa Former USSR Middle East Caribbean Asia Other 6 Inside JEVS Spring 2007 U.S. refugee statistics from the Cultural Orientation Resource Center,