Reflection On The NMC Virtual Symposium


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This presentation was prepared for a discussion of last week’s NMC Virtual Symposium 2008 I’m presenting for my department’s monthly Research Showcase. With only 30 minutes to cover the presentation and subsequent discussion I’ve unfortunately had to be brutal in what I leave out - so if you’re work wasn’t included please don’t take it personally. I would have needed several hours to do the symposium justice.

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Reflection On The NMC Virtual Symposium

  1. 1. Reflection on Rock the Academy: Radical Teaching, Unbounded Learning Mike Bogle
  2. 2. About the New Media Consortium “The New Media Consortium (NMC) is an international 501(c)3 not-for-profit consortium of nearly 300 learning-focused organizations dedicated to the exploration and use of new media and new technologies.”
  3. 3. About The Symposium “Everywhere we look, we are seeing new practices for education emerging – some that work, some that don’t, and some that have not yet been fully explored. Rock the Academy: Radical Teaching, Unbounded Learning is about the kinds of change taking place in education all around us. ”
  4. 4. Rock the Academy Promotional Video
  5. 5. Participation Model Approximately 150 people in attendance Two means of attending and participating: The NMC Conference Center on NMC Campus in Second Life Streaming video feed with 2-way live chat
  6. 6. View of Symposium inside SecondLife
  7. 7. View of Symposium from outside SecondLife (video streamed + chatbridge)
  8. 8. Themes & Topics
  9. 9. Themes & Topics new media and digital literacy online collaboration and networked learning DIY Edtech, Edupunk, and learner empowerment open education resources and open content; guerilla learning, games, and activist learning; alternatives to course management systems; backchannels and alternative communication tools; quot;...and any technology or practice that shows promise for engaging students and supporting subversive teaching and learning.quot;
  10. 10. quot;The Revolution Will Be Syndicatedquot; Jim Groom, University of Mary Washington; Brian Lamb, University of British Columbia; Tom Woodward, University of Richmond quot;This presentation will involve some performance art in an effort to quot;revolutionizequot; how we imagine web-based publishing in higher education. Come to this session ready to doff the chains of LMS slavery and join the brave new world of web-publishing in the Age of Syndication.quot; Session Information Download video recording (QuickTime) View on View chat transcript
  11. 11. NMC: There Be Zombies
  12. 12. Resources NMC Conference Overview NMC Conference Program and Recordings My screen casts from the Symposium My screen shots from the Symposium My Blog
  13. 13. Questions? Mike Bogle eLearning Research Officer Learning & Teaching @ UNSW University of New South Wales Email: Blog: