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  • 1. Church Megatrends
    Presented by Bill McMillan
    Executive Vice President
    October 13, 2011
    The New Normal in Church Giving
  • 2. Strategic Analysis– Data driven strategiesUnderstanding the top 10 areas of an integrated stewardship strategy
    Three Trends Related to Church Giving
    Trend 1
    Trend 2
    Intentional Major Donor Strategy–Discipleship for those who have the gift of giving
    Demonstrate Giving Impact–Connecting the giver to the impact of the gift
    Trend 3
  • 3. Trend: 1 – Strategic Analysis
    Annual Assessment
    Strategic approach to growing generosity culture
    Analyze strengths and weaknesses
    SSAT (
  • 4. Ten Steps to an Integrated Stewardship Strategy
  • 5. Trend 2: More Intentional Major Donor Cultivation
    Between the Campaigns
    Annual Major Donor Retreats
    Major Donor Small Groups
    Major Donor Entrepreneur Team
    • Connect to other donors
    • 6. Peer-to-Peer
    Planned Giving
  • 7. Trend 3: Demonstrate Giving Impact
    Connect the gift to the vision
    Over and above projects
    • The New Normal Project – Granger Community Church
    Annual Giving
    • Eagle Brook Community Church – Annual Report
  • Granger Community Church
    The New Normal Project
  • 8. Granger Community Church
    How are we doing page
  • 9. Granger Community Church
    The difference it made
    • First ever seven figure gift
    • 10. Giving grew even with 20% unemployment
    • 11. Didn’t call it a campaign
    • 12. Very few “extra events”
    • 13. People understood the vision by the time the “ask” was made
    • 14. Intentional major donor events
    • 15. Transparency
  • Eagle Brook Community Church
    Excerpt from annual report – Impact Highlights
  • 16. Eagle Brook Community Church
    Excerpt from annual report – Capital Campaign Impact
  • 17. Thank You
    At RSI Committed we are committed to join together with churches, to creatively resource vision and encourage people to experience the joy of giving and the impact their gift makes on the world.
    For more information on the 10 strategies
    webinar on No Shortcuts. Nov. 8 12:30 CST.
    We are in a “New Normal”