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Introducing virtual machines

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  • This is the foundation of “cloud” stuff. Not on tech top 10 anymore – it is just something that is there and just works. What are your experiences with virtual stuff?
  • Basic Pc layout should be well known. This is important in relation to what an OS is doing and how it sees the world.
  • Repetition of the basic structure of an operating system. This is the version with the virtualization software as a program on an OS. It could run as an OS. Some VMWare versions can do this.
  • I included the ones I know of. Is MS virtual PC dead? QEMU handles emulating other architechtures. Libvirt is an agregator, that gives a good interface to different virtualization systems. LXC is a different approach to virtualization
  • Running SDNs requires some hardware somewhere. Perhaps lots of HW. It is the enduser that don't need the HW.
  • There might be a wireshark issue with which interface to listen on... Any difference between * wireless and cabled? * virtualbox and KVM?
  • Itt3 virtual machines

    1. 1. Morten Bo Nielsen – 1/12 Virtual machines IT technology Networking 2013 Autumn
    2. 2. Morten Bo Nielsen – 2/12
    3. 3. Morten Bo Nielsen – 3/12
    4. 4. Morten Bo Nielsen – 4/12 Virtualization software You want to look at libvirt
    5. 5. Morten Bo Nielsen – 5/12 Networks and virtualization ● Software defined networks ● Very dependant on application No more hardware?
    6. 6. Morten Bo Nielsen – 6/12 Exercise Get a virtual machine up and running You choose the virtualization software and the OS to run.
    7. 7. 7Networks and servers - Local VM LAN ● Virtual machines form their own LAN. ● Hidden behind NAT ● Uses Host IP on the outside
    8. 8. 8Networks and servers - Private VM LAN ● Virtual machines form their own LAN. ● No connection to the outside ● One VM may have two NIC and function as gateway.
    9. 9. 9Networks and servers - Direct connection ● No VM LAN ● Each virtual machine has an IP on the outside LAN ● No difference between VMs and host as seen form the outside.
    10. 10. Morten Bo Nielsen – 10/12 Exercise ● Setup a virtual machine with an OS ● (Should be done already) ● Ping your neighbor ● Check wireshark ● Change the network settings ● Redo ping ● Go through all the network options ● Document your findings
    11. 11. Morten Bo Nielsen – 11/12 Storage Later :-)
    12. 12. Morten Bo Nielsen – 12/12 Credits & licences ● Content by Morten Bo Nielsen License: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. ( ● EAL logo might be an issue, please check before you use it. ● Images: Cisco logo, Juniper logo, VM logos, Xen logo, libvirt logo