Information Builders Brief Oview


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A brief introduction to Information Builders\' Award-winning technologies, customer-focused mission, customer and industry awards, leading analyst reviews

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  • Information Builders Brief Oview

    1. 1. Information Builders<br />Quick Corporate Overview<br />
    2. 2. Do You Know What You Need To Know…<br />Copyright 2007, Information Builders. Slide 2<br />OPERATIONS<br />CUSTOMERS<br />SALES<br />FINANCE<br />CUSTOMER<br />SERVICE<br />SUPPLY CHAIN<br />HUMAN RESOURCES<br />MARKETING<br /><ul><li> About all your customer interactions?
    3. 3. About the performance of your employees? Your partners?
    4. 4. About the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns
    5. 5. How well equipped are your sales personnel?
    6. 6. Can your call center spot a customer problem? Or an opportunity?
    7. 7. Where are the hidden costs in your processes?
    8. 8. Where are the revenue opportunities?
    9. 9. How has the economy changed the way you manage your business?</li></li></ul><li>Is Information Driving Your Business or Limiting It?<br />Copyright 2007, Information Builders. Slide 3<br /><ul><li>Can you exchange information easily to support your business?
    10. 10. Are you using consistent metrics to manage your strategy?
    11. 11. Do your employees have the information they need?
    12. 12. How much time do they spend finding and manipulating it?
    13. 13. How about your partners? Customers?
    14. 14. Do your people come to meetings with different answers?
    15. 15. Is your business information auditable and compliant?
    16. 16. Can you analyze history, monitor real-time, and predict the future?</li></li></ul><li>Copyright 2007, Information Builders. Slide 4<br />Information BuildersOur Mission<br /><ul><li>To help our customers to better manage their business through mission critical integration solutions and the pervasive use of business intelligence.</li></ul>We provide:<br />Best-of-breed technology<br />Expertise/strategy<br />Partnership<br />Benefits To Our Customers:<br />Improved performance<br />Optimized processes<br />Stronger supply/service chains<br />Reduced risk<br />Compliance<br />Reduced operational costs<br />New revenue opportunities<br />Success!<br />
    17. 17. Copyright 2007, Information Builders. Slide 5<br />Information BuildersOur Partnerships<br />Strategic Partners<br />Technology Partners<br />Systems Integration Partners<br />Solution Partners<br />A growing community of local systems integrators and consultancies.<br />
    18. 18. Information BuildersWe Simplify And Empower Your Business<br />Copyright 2007, Information Builders. Slide 6<br />
    19. 19. iWay Software Integration SolutionsBecause Everything Should Work Together<br />Integration Solutions for Critical Business Problems<br /><ul><li>Business Process Automation</li></ul>Automates and streamlines your processes through integration and modernization of your existing systems/assets (ERP, CRM, Legacy, etc). <br /><ul><li>Business To Business</li></ul>Improves exchange and monitoring of business transactions with your partners.<br /><ul><li>Information Management</li></ul>Manages the quality, timeliness, and accessibility of all information assets.<br />Vertical Solutions<br />Financial Services, Supply Chain, Healthcare<br />Pre-built support for more than 300 IT assets<br />Works with your infrastructure<br />Copyright 2007, Information Builders. Slide 7<br />
    20. 20. WebFOCUS Business Intelligence SoftwareBecause Everyone Makes Decisions<br />Delivers actionable information to your entire business<br />The most complete integrated solution set from a single BI platform<br />Supports the smallest to the world’s largest deployments<br />Internal users, external users, SaaS apps, public web sites<br />WebFOCUS excels at delivering:<br />Custom applications and rich dashboards<br />Complex financial, ERP/CRM reporting<br />Real-time operational information<br />Advantages<br />Usability, Integration, Scalability, Cost<br />Reports<br />Charts<br />Dashboards<br />Custom Apps<br />Data Update<br />Analytics<br />Perform. Mgmt<br />KPI’s/Metrics<br />Scorecards<br />Ad-hoc Query<br />OLAP<br />Predictive <br />Visualization<br />GIS<br />Search<br />Publishing<br />- MS-Office<br />- Adobe<br />Mobile<br />Distribution<br />Archival<br />“Information Builders delivers the best platform for delivering modern ’mash-up’ applications.” <br />Cindi Howsen, BI Scorecard<br />Copyright 2007, Information Builders. Slide 8<br />
    21. 21. Copyright 2007, Information Builders. Slide 9<br />Our Commitment To Provide The Best Customer Service<br /><ul><li>Consulting services
    22. 22. Education
    23. 23. Technical support programs
    24. 24. User community
    25. 25. Customer communications</li></ul>“Information Builders should not be criticized for their passion for their customers.” <br />Mark Smith, President, Ventana Research<br />
    26. 26. Copyright 2007, Information Builders. Slide 10<br />Information Builders<br />Industry Press Recognition<br />
    27. 27. Information BuildersRecent Customer Industry Awards<br />Gartner BI Excellence Award……………<br />TDWI Best Practices Award……………..<br />CIO 100 Award……………………………<br />CIO 100 Award……………………………<br />CIO Magazine Banking Industry Award..<br />Intelligent Enterprise CIO Award……..…<br />Computerworld Best Practices Award….<br />Computerworld Best Practices Award….<br />Ventana Performance Management …..<br />Technology Managers Forum Award…..<br />ISM Human Services Award……………<br />DM Review Innovative Solutions Award.<br />KMWorld Best Practices………..……….<br />State of New York Best Practices………<br />State of New York Best Practices………<br />Richmond, Va PD<br />Richmond, Va PD<br />Coty<br />Hillman Group<br />US Bank<br />US Bank<br />Valero Energy<br />Ford<br />Poudre Valley Hospital System<br />Pershing/Bank of New York<br />State of Louisiana<br />State of Louisiana<br />Hillman Group<br />NYPD<br />NYC HRA<br />Copyright 2007, Information Builders. Slide 11<br />
    28. 28. Information Builders<br />Focused on customer success and innovation<br />Information Builders continues to simplify information challenges<br />Widest-reaching integration solutions<br />Most widely deployed business intelligence solutions<br />Experience base spanning all industries and business problems<br />Market recognition for technology innovation and customer success<br />Most awarded & published customer success<br />Copyright 2007, Information Builders. Slide 12<br />
    29. 29. Copyright 2007, Information Builders. Slide 13<br />Information Builders<br />Let us help you build the next success story!<br />
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