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Ib Corp Overview 2009


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You are welcome to view a brief introduction to Information Builders\' award-winning technologies; customer-focused mission; customer and industry awards; and analyst reviews.

You are welcome to view a brief introduction to Information Builders\' award-winning technologies; customer-focused mission; customer and industry awards; and analyst reviews.

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    • 1. Information Builders Corporate Overview Michael Corcoran Chief Marketing Officer September 8, 2010
    • 2. Information Builders’ Overview Agenda  Company Information  Our Business Philosophy  Lines Of Business  Customer Success  Summary Copyright 2007, Information Builders. Slide 2
    • 3. Your Business Do You Know What You Need To Know… SALES FINANCE OPERATIONS CUSTOMERS HUMAN RESOURCES CUSTOMER SUPPLY CHAIN MARKETING SERVICE  About all your customer interactions?  About the performance of your employees? Your partners?  About the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns  How well equipped are your sales personnel?  Can your call center spot a customer problem? Or an opportunity?  Where are the hidden costs in your processes?  Where are the revenue opportunities?  How has the economy changed the way you manage your business? Copyright 2007, Information Builders. Slide 3
    • 4. Your Business Is Information Driving Your Business or Limiting It?  Can you exchange information easily to support your business?  Are you using consistent metrics to manage your strategy?  Do your employees have the information they need?  How much time do they spend finding and manipulating it?  How about your partners? Customers?  Do your people come to meetings with different answers?  Is your business information auditable and compliant?  Can you analyze history, monitor real-time, and predict the future? Copyright 2007, Information Builders. Slide 4
    • 5. Information Builders Our Mission To help our customers to better manage their business through mission critical integration solutions and the pervasive use of business intelligence. We provide: Benefits To Our Customers:  Best-of-breed technology  Improved performance  Expertise/strategy  Optimized processes  Partnership  Stronger supply/service chains  Reduced risk  Compliance  Reduced operational costs  New revenue opportunities  Success! Copyright 2007, Information Builders. Slide 5
    • 6. Information Builders Corporate Background  A major independent global software vendor  Founded in 1975  Our core values  Customer service  Technology innovation  1,450 employees in 60 offices  12,000 major customer sites  Tens of millions of users  OEM relationships add 30,000+ sites  Strong penetration in all major vertical markets  Significant industry partnerships  Long-term partnerships with our customers Copyright 2007, Information Builders. Slide 6
    • 7. Information Builders Solutions Tailored and Scaled For Any Size Organization Banking Financial Services Manufacturing Consumer Packaged Goods Communications Insurance Retail Natural Resources
    • 8. Information Builders Solutions Tailored and Scaled For Any Size Organization Federal Government State & Local Government Education Healthcare Providers Healthcare Insurers Pharmaceutical Transportation & Logistics Travel & Entertainment Copyright 2007, Information Builders. Slide 8
    • 9. Information Builders Partnerships Strategic Partners Technology Partners Systems Integration Partners Solution Partners A growing community of local systems integrators and consultancies. Copyright 2007, Information Builders. Slide 9
    • 10. Does Your Business Have 20/20? Good For Eyesight, Not For Insight Most organizations access and analyze far less than 20% of their data assets, minimizing the return on their overall IT investment. Services Transactions Documents Messages Databases Applications Most organizations have deployed Business Intelligence to far fewer than 20% of users. (Gartner estimates deployment is as low as 8.5%). Copyright 2007, Information Builders. Slide 10
    • 11. Information Builders Simplifying And Empowering Your Business Copyright 2007, Information Builders. Slide 11
    • 12. iWay Software Integration Solutions Because Everything Should Work Together  Integration Solutions for Critical Business Problems Business Process Automation  Automates and streamlines your processes through integration and modernization of your existing systems/assets (ERP, CRM, Legacy, etc). Business To Business  Improves exchange and monitoring of business transactions with your partners. Information Management  Manages the quality, timeliness, and accessibility of all information assets.  Vertical Solutions  Financial Services, Supply Chain, Healthcare  Pre-built support for more than 300 IT assets  Works with your infrastructure Copyright 2007, Information Builders. Slide 12
    • 13. iWay Software Information Management Advantages For Our BI Solutions  Data Warehouse  Real-time Data Warehousing  Operational Data Access  Real-time Business Activity Monitoring  3rd Party Data Access  Data Federation (Multi-source data access)  Data Quality Management  Master Data Management  Search Index Management (Real-time)  Data Geo-coding Copyright 2007, Information Builders. Slide 13
    • 14. WebFOCUS Business Intelligence Software Because Everyone Makes Decisions  Delivers actionable information to your entire business  The most complete integrated solution set from a single BI platform  Supports the smallest to the world’s largest deployments  Internal users, external users, SaaS apps, public web sites  WebFOCUS excels at delivering:  Custom applications and rich dashboards  Complex financial, ERP/CRM reporting  Real-time operational information  Advantages  Usability, Integration, Scalability, Cost “Information Builders delivers the best platform for delivering modern ’mash-up’ applications.” Cindi Howsen, BI Scorecard Copyright 2007, Information Builders. Slide 14
    • 15. Business Intelligence It’s More Than Just a Pretty Face Copyright 2007, Information Builders. Slide 15
    • 16. Information Builders Performance Management Solutions  Manage all critical aspects of your business  Operations, Finance, Employees, Partners  Link Strategy, Metrics, Operations & Action Strategy  Performance Management Framework Performance  Packaged metrics Metrics  Key Performance & Risk Indicators Operations  Pre-built data model Action  Dashboard & report templates  Customizable and open  Leverages WebFOCUS and iWay  Integrated with Tagetik and Longview CPM  Balanced Scorecard Collaborative certified Copyright 2007, Information Builders. Slide 1
    • 17. Information Builders Enterprise Search Solutions  Simplifying information access and discovery  Widest range of information assets  Real-time feeding of content  Makes structured data searchable  Links intelligently to business intelligence  Dynamic categorization  Built-in result set analytics  Embeds scoring models to predict relevance  Works with Google or Lucene  Dramatically reduced cost Magnify Copyright 2007, Information Builders. Slide 17
    • 18. Information Builders Vertical Solutions Insurance Insurance Performance Foundation INFORM Risk Management (SaaS) Finance SWIFT Integration Secured Exchange Managed File Transfer xBRL Compliance Reporting Government Law Enforcement Integrated Justice Social Services Food Stamp Fraud Detection Healthcare Provider Performance Management Syndromic Alert & Response System HL7 Patient Information Exchange Manufacturing B2B Exchange and Monitoring Warranty Management Logistics (in development) Higher Education Banner Reporting Solution Copyright 2007, Information Builders. Slide 18
    • 19. Our Commitment To Provide The Best Customer Service  Consulting services  Education  Technical support programs  User community  Customer communications “Information Builders should not be criticized for their passion for their customers.” Mark Smith, President, Ventana Research Copyright 2007, Information Builders. Slide 19
    • 20. Information Builders Professional Services Consulting  Best Practices methodology  Complete services offering  Business Intelligence & Integration Assessment Programs  Architecture planning  Application design & development  Project & Lifecycle management  Accelerated project implementation  Customer mentoring  Guaranteed success “We were impressed with Information Builders‘ business process analysis and project management skills. Both were evident during the proof of concept and came to fruition during the development cycle.” Philip Marzullo, CIO White Mountain Re Copyright 2007, Information Builders. Slide 20
    • 21. Information Builders Education  Accelerates your knowledge and self-sufficiency  On-line start-up courseware  Local training facilities or on-site delivery  Developer certification program  Standardized curriculum for:  Developers  Power users  End users  Administrators  Course customization  Train-the-trainer program “We are able to train people quickly and make them extremely productive with the rich product capabilities.” John Sheridan, Director, Administaff Copyright 2007, Information Builders. Slide 21 Copyright 2007, Information Builders. Slide 21
    • 22. Information Builders Customer Technical Support  Industry’s best trained local system engineers  1:1 Account Mgr to Systems Engineer ratio  Average tenure of 9 years  Technical Account Management Program  Industry’s best performance tuning/troubleshooting team  Global 24x7 hotline phone support  On-line support center  Tips, techniques, downloads  FAQ’s  Problem tracking system  Premium support programs  Named support assignment Copyright 2007, Information Builders. Slide 22
    • 23. Information Builders User Community  Summit User Conference  Local user groups  FocalPoint global on-line community  Customer Advisory Boards  Communications  Information  Information Builders Magazine  Product Newsletters “Information Builders’ Summit is by far the best event I have attended in my career.” Chris Brady, CIO, Dealer Services Copyright 2007, Information Builders. Slide 23
    • 24. Gartner Magic Quadrant Business Intelligence According to Gartner… “customers rate Information Builders' software as one of the easiest to use in the industry.” “Customers rate Information Builders' support service among the best in the industry.” “customer references rate Information Builders' product quality among the best in the industry.” “the majority of Information Builders' customer references in the MQ survey consider it as their BI standard.” Copyright 2007, Information Builders. Slide 24
    • 25. Information Builders Industry Press Recognition Copyright 2007, Information Builders. Slide 25
    • 26. Information Builders Recent Customer Industry Awards Gartner BI Excellence Award…………… Richmond, Va PD TDWI Best Practices Award…………….. Richmond, Va PD CIO 100 Award…………………………… Coty CIO 100 Award…………………………… Hillman Group CIO Magazine Banking Industry Award.. US Bank Intelligent Enterprise CIO Award……..… US Bank Computerworld Best Practices Award…. Valero Energy Computerworld Best Practices Award…. Ford Ventana Performance Management ….. Poudre Valley Hospital System Technology Managers Forum Award….. Pershing/Bank of New York ISM Human Services Award…………… State of Louisiana DM Review Innovative Solutions Award. State of Louisiana KMWorld Best Practices………..………. Hillman Group State of New York Best Practices……… NYPD State of New York Best Practices……… NYC HRA Copyright 2007, Information Builders. Slide 26
    • 27. Information Builders Computerworld Smithsonian Honors Recipients Air Canada Federal Student Aid* Oxford Properties Allstate Holland America Lines PACCAR ArvinMeritor Hillman Group Prince George Police Department* Bajados Provincial Council Federal Bureau of Investigation RENFE Bank Of New York/Pershing La Barge RBC Financial Group BMO Bank Of Montreal Legal Aid Society Royal Sun Alliance BBVA – Spain JP Morgan Chase Saint Georges Bank Bell Sygma Jefferson Medical Center Sedgwick James Beringer Blass Wine Estates Medstar Sony BNSF* Medline Industries State of Iowa Caja Espana Merrill Lynch State of Louisiana Caja General de Ahorros Granada Milton Hershey School State of Missouri CANTV Ministerio de Trabajo e Imegracion* Telus Case Corporation Moneris Solutions Trustmark City of Houston, Tx NBC Universidad de Almeria City of Richmond, Va PD Netherlands Home Office United States Dept of Agriculture Columbus City Schools* Newhall Municipal Court United States Dept of Justice CSX Transportation NYC Dept of Housing United States Postal Service Dogmatch NYC Dept of Health United States Transportation Command* Eastern Mountain Sports (EMS) NYC Dept of Human Resources United Way of SE Pennsylvania Erlanger Police Department* NYPD Domestic Violence Valero Energy Corporation Geronimo New York Public Library* Zugar Bank Federal Emergency Mgmt Agency NYU Medical Center * Denotes 2009 Laureate
    • 28. Information Builders Overview Summary  Focused on customer success and innovation  Information Builders continues to simplify information challenges  Widest-reaching integration solutions  Most widely deployed business intelligence solutions  Experience base spanning all industries and business problems  Market recognition for technology innovation and customer success  Most awarded & published customer success Copyright 2007, Information Builders. Slide 28
    • 29. Information Builders Overview Summary Thank You! Let us help you build the next success story! Copyright 2007, Information Builders. Slide 29