Michael Blumfield Writing Portfolio 2011


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a sampling of my writing projects

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Michael Blumfield Writing Portfolio 2011

  1. 1. Websites Copy excerpts: Read to learn–and earn Books bought through the Reading Room help minds grow while earning cash for schools. Cook up a pancake fundraiser Make the batter matter! Bisquick® Pancake Nation makes fundraisers easy. Refreshen the collection What Box Tops have bloomed at your school lately? Gather em up for this new collection sheet!
  2. 2. WebsitesCopy excerpt:Creating a strong structureMy young daughter loves her Legos—connecting thedifferent shapes, creating new forms, stacking them ashigh as she can. …In a way, the rules, regulations, contracts, agreements,titles—all the pieces with legal consequences forbusinesses—are like those Legos. Manage them welland you’ve got a stable structure. Manage themhaphazardly and you’ll get something that might standfor awhile, but eventually will topple.Assembling pieces until they work as a unified whole—that’s what I enjoy as an attorney.
  3. 3. Corporate blogsCopy excerpt:Hospital information technology will be at the center of severalfederal initiatives over the next few years as laws intended toimprove the quality of care, contain costs and promote patientengagement take effect. The implications for revenue cyclemanagement: Invest now to earn later.In 2011, IT leaders will work toward ensuring electronic medicalrecord systems meet obligations established under the HealthInformation Technology for Economic and Clinical Health(HITECH) Act. … … But that’s just the beginning of the changes to hospitalinformation systems. In 2013, not only will they need to implementa more rigorous Stage 2 set of meaningful use criteria (still to bedetermined) but they’ll have to transition from the ICD-9 system ofmedical diagnoses and inpatient procedure coding to ICD-10. Thelatter is a highly complex but critical technological challenge in itsown right—it has roughly five times as many codes as the earlierversion and little backward compatibility.
  4. 4. Websites Copy excerpt: Old-world quality. Modern convenience. Made only with the finest ingredients with no additives, preservatives or fillers, our authentic Italian ravioli, gnocchi and fettuccini are delicious, nutritious and quick. Top them with one of our hearty sauces and you’ve got a little bit of Italy in an instant. Or pop one of our entrees in your microwave and get a steaming hot lasagna, cannelloni or pot pie in minutes. Fantastico!
  5. 5. Emails/Newsletters Copy excerpts: Scoop up Bonus Box Tops To top off their 3 new fruity ice cream flavors, new Fruit Roll-Ups® Scoops snacks are giving away 50,000 Bonus Box Tops. Enter daily for a chance to win for your school! Eat well. Learn much. Enter often. Kix® cereals provide kids with the good nutrition they need—and they’re giving away Bonus Box Tops, too! • 40 schools will win • 1,000 Bonus Box Tops per winner • Enter daily for more chances to win.
  6. 6. Business-to-business Copy excerpt: The New Markets Tax Credit made easy No doubt about it, the New Markets Tax Credit is going to have a tremendous impact on community development finance. Thanks to a federal law passed with bipartisan support, up to $15 billion in investments will receive the credit over the next seven years. That means your borrowers can receive below- market-rate loans to start or expand businesses and add jobs to your community. But if you’re like most community development lenders, you’re not too sure how to steer some of that capital to your community. And you haven’t figure out if it’s worth jumping through the hoops to get it. We can help. We’re Community Reinvestment Fund, a national nonprofit organization that has been helping bring capital to communities since 1989. Along with others, we worked for years to make this tax credit a reality. Since the law’s passage, we have been actively monitoring its implementation.
  7. 7. Brochures Copy excerpts: Destination Doctorate: Travel Advice for Your Journey to a PhD Pursuing a doctorate will be one of the most challenging passages you’ll ever undertake. Thankfully, others have gone before you and scouted out the territory. Take their advice to make the trip as smooth as possible. Remember why you started You had a good reason to start your PhD program, and that likely hasn’t changed. The more you can keep that initial vision real and in front of you, the better you’ll make it through the hard times Adjust to road conditions Everyone has preconceived ideas how a PhD program will work, not all of which turns out to be true. Quickly grasping and accepting the reality of the endeavor is good for your mental health.
  8. 8. Brochures Copy excerpts: 700 Students, 700 Stories Your next four years. A true story. The Right Setting: Small campus. Cutting-edge facilities. 24/7 access. Personal studios. One of America’s coolest cities. Great Characters: 11-1 student/faculty ratio. Engaging visiting artists and lecturers at the top of their fields. Talented classmates from 50 states and beyond. Happy Endings: Jobs in everything from one-person start-ups to Fortune 500 businesses. Alumni work on display at major galleries. Careers as varied as the students who come here.
  9. 9. Targeted emails/direct mail Copy excerpt, dynamic copy, to prospect “Jim Young” Dear Jim, Now that you’ve earned your master’s degree, you may be wondering if you should pursue a doctorate next. Many people do so, of course, for a variety of reasons. … Only you know whether pursuing a PhD is an appropriate goal for you at this stage. You may wish to contact a PhD enrollment counselor by replying to this message or calling 1.888.CAPELLA (227.3552). In the meantime, consider this: How will you feel the first time somebody calls you Dr. Young?
  10. 10. Cause marketingCopy excerpt:Mass cardboardectomies: Trimming postage and preserving resourcesClip a Box Tops coupon. Insert your fingernail between the printed coupon andits cardboard backing. Separate the two, discarding the cardboard.Repeat 78,000 times.That’s what the McCurdy School in Espanola, N.M., asked of its volunteerassistants. Which they did, helping minimize the postage on the stacks of BoxTops mailed in for redemption.McCurdy is located in one of the most economically deprived sections of NewMexico, drawing youths from as many as 100 miles away. Most of the nearly300 students receive financial assistance to cover tuition.So the school relies on volunteers to operate, including a group assigned toclip Box Tops. “It’s a lot of old-fashioned elbow grease,” says a schoolrepresentative. But with the help, the school has bought playgroundequipment, essential school supplies, prizes for science contests, even newcarpeting.
  11. 11. Success storiesCopy excerpt:Crookston keeps goingThe council members turned their gaze to Al, seeking guidance: Shouldwe or shouldn’t we? Al nodded yes.With that headshake, Community Reinvestment Fund landed one of itsfirst—and most important—transactions. The City of Crookston agreed tosell community development loans to the nascent CRF.What Al Chesley, City Clerk and Treasurer, signaled to the somewhatbewildered council members, was that yes, it was a good idea to sellcommunity development loans to the folks from the Twin Cities.The transaction was the linchpin in a series of forward-looking movesmade by Crookston, a city of 8,200 nestled in the Red River Valley. “Weliterally have 300-400 jobs in our community that we wouldn’t have hadwithout those loans.”
  12. 12. Internal communications Copy excerpts: Imagine you’ve met someone who wants to know about Capella but time is short. You’ve got maybe half a minute. How do you summarize what Capella offers to potential students? Here are some ideas. You never know when 30 seconds can change a life. Talking Point 1: You’ll learn what you need to get ahead in your profession. … Talking Point 2: You’ll earn a degree from a university respected by leading organizations across the country. … Talking Point 3: You’ll be encouraged and supported by a team that wants you to succeed. …
  13. 13. EditorialCopy excerpt:Alexis Akagawa–International Student LifelineThe plane from Minneapolis to Ireland was taking off intwo hours, and Ryan Hanson wasn’t going to be on itunless somebody persuaded the airline’s ticket agentto let him on board. The agent mistakenly assumed hewould need a visa to enter Ireland, and Hanson didn’thave one.So he called Alexis Akagawa, MCAD’s internationalstudies coordinator, who promptly called the Irishconsulate in Chicago, got an official fax correcting themisperception, drove to the Minneapolis airport andhanded the fax to the agent. Ryan got on the planeand began his semester abroad at The Burren Collegeof Art in Ballyvaughan, Ireland.Talk about personal service.
  14. 14. EditorialCopy excerpt:Orange County Elections Supervisor Betty Carter saysshe must frequently attend out-of-state meetings tokeep learning about changing election laws andtechnology.In the last two years she has gone to Washingtonthree times, San Diego twice and Hilton Head, S.C.,three times. She’s also gone to Las Vegas, Chicagoand New York, where she spent three nights in a $239-a-night room at the Waldorf-Astoria. All trips were attaxpayers’ expense.During the same time, according to former employees,Carter has refused to order office supplies such as filecabinets and staplers, and skimped on electionsmaterials such as ballots and ballot-marking pens.Three former high-level employees of Carter’s officehave questioned the accuracy of vote counting in themost recent elections because of widespreadproblems. In the primary, Orange County was the lastin the state to finish counting votes.