Using data to drive content strategy without being creepy


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With all the data you have on your target audience, it’s easy to personalize your story on an individual level, just right for the time of day, location, device, where they just came from, their buying habits, their friends’ preferences—and it can be downright creepy, too. Scary examples abound, in modern horror flicks and everyday Facebook tricks. So, how do you keep your story on target, and what content types, frequency and editorial style work, without going too far?

In this session, you’ll see examples from several brands that walk the line and hear how customers reacted when they’ve gone too far. Then, you’ll leave with ideas of how to enrich the customer experience with a positive association of anticipatory service, rather than an invasion of privacy.

Presented at Content Marketing World 2012, Columbus; #CMWorld, September 6, 2012.

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Using data to drive content strategy without being creepy

  1. Using data todrive content strategy without being creepy Margot Bloomstein Appropriate, Inc. @mbloomstein • #cmworld @mbloomstein #cmworld
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  4. • © 2011 @mbloomstein #cmworld
  5. Content strategy: planning for the creation,aggregation, governance, and expiration ofuseful, usable, and brand-appropriate contentin an experience. @mbloomstein #cmworld
  6. Data forcontenttargeting? (cc) Chel.Pixie @mbloomstein #cmworld
  7. data  information  knowledge  wisdom @mbloomstein #cmworld
  8. data  information  knowledge  wisdom context @mbloomstein #cmworld
  9. data  information  knowledge  wisdom context relevance @mbloomstein #cmworld
  10. data  information  knowledge  wisdom context relevance application @mbloomstein #cmworld
  11. We can motivate application. @mbloomstein #cmworld
  12. We can motivate application. (cc) John C. Abell @mbloomstein #cmworld
  13. We can motivate application. @mbloomstein #cmworld
  14. Just don’t be creepy about it. @mbloomstein #cmworld
  15. Context @mbloomstein #cmworld
  16. Every timeyou confusecontext withdevice @mbloomstein #cmworld
  17. Context (cc) Euphoria @mbloomstein #cmworld
  18. Context (cc) Euphoria @mbloomstein #cmworld
  19. Context (cc) Euphoria @mbloomstein #cmworld
  20. Context (cc) Euphoria @mbloomstein #cmworld
  21. Context (cc) Euphoria @mbloomstein #cmworld
  22. You know me. @mbloomstein #cmworld
  23. You know me.But do I know you know me? @mbloomstein #cmworld
  24. You know me.But do I know you know me?Do I want you to know me? @mbloomstein #cmworld
  25. You know me.But do I know you know me?Do I want you to know me?And is it good for me if youknow me? @mbloomstein #cmworld
  26. Sometimes it’s good. (cc) BentWright @mbloomstein #cmworld
  27. Sometimes it’s bad. (cc) BentWright @mbloomstein #cmworld
  28. @mbloomstein #cmworld
  29. “…shows you information you regularlysearch for or could be relevant to you becauseof your current location, including weather,nearby restaurants, schedules for the next busstation, how long it’s going to take you todrive home and currency information if itfinds you are in a different country. @mbloomstein #cmworld
  30. This is one of the few Google services thatreveals how much the company really knowsabout you. @mbloomstein #cmworld
  31. The reason it doesn’t quite feel like that yet isbecause of the limitations of the service.There is so much more Google could do withthis service, but it feels as if Googledeliberately kept some features back for thetime being to ensure that users can get usedto how it works before adding more tools. @mbloomstein #cmworld
  32. Sometimes it’s good. @mbloomstein #cmworld
  33. @mbloomstein #cmworld
  34. Sometimesit’s creepy. © Dimension Films @mbloomstein #cmworld
  35. “Targeting” a pregnant teenager (cc) Jr conlin @mbloomstein #cmworld
  36. Ubiquitous Zappos @mbloomstein #cmworld
  37. Ubiquitous Zappos @mbloomstein #cmworld
  38. How do you walk the line? @mbloomstein #cmworld
  39. How do you walk the line?Pace yourselfLet users see their dataDate, don’t stalk @mbloomstein #cmworld
  40. Pace yourself. @mbloomstein #cmworld
  41. Let users see their data. @mbloomstein #cmworld
  42. Date, don’t stalk. @mbloomstein #cmworld
  43. Don’t be creepy.Margot © 2011 @mbloomstein #cmworld
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