Bath CS Meetup: Content Strategy Gets to Work


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Join Bath Content Strategy Meetup for an evening with content strategist Margot Bloomstein, author of Content Strategy at Work: Real World Stories to Strengthen Every Interactive Project. Even if content strategy isn't your job, content's probably your problem--and probably more than you think.
You or your business has a message you want to deliver, right? You can deliver that message through various channels and content types, from Tweets to testimonials and photo galleries galore, and your audience has just as many ways of engaging with it.
So many ways, so much content... so where's the problem? That is the problem. And you can measure it in time, creativity, money, lost opportunity, and the sobs you hear equally from creative directors, project managers, and search engine marketing specialists.
Content Strategy at Work offers an unparalleled collection of case studies and interviews from a range of industries and project times for real-world examples and approaches you can adopt, no matter your role on the team. Margot will share perspective and bring some of those case studies to life with Q&A and a drawing for a free copy--or get yours ahead of time from Amazon UK.

Presented at the Bath UK Content Strategy Meetup, #BathContent, April 11, 2013 in Bath, UK.

Bath CS Meetup: Content Strategy Gets to Work

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  5. #BathContent | @mbloomsteinThis is not how to havemore content.This is about how to havebetter content. © 2013
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  14. #BathContent | @mbloomsteinWhy content strategy?Because we all want the same thing,but content keeps screwing it up. © 2013
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  23. Confront your content
  24. Confront your content…and your communication goals.
  25. If you don’t know what you need to communicate,how will you know if you succeed?
  26. #BathContent | @mbloomsteinEstablish themessage architecture. © 2013
  27. #BathContent | @mbloomsteinEstablish themessage architecture. © 2013
  28. #BathContent | @mbloomsteinWhat’s a message architecture?A hierarchy of communication goalsthat reflects a common vocabulary.A little thing with big impact. © 2013
  29. #BathContent | @mbloomsteinHow could we prove this is a car not likeanything else out there? It’s a small car,but it’s premium. You get a Porsche 911ride for a fifth of the cost. It’s gothistory… but in Europe.You need to give people content to givethem history. © 2013
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