Activity centered design
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Activity centered design



Successful mobile apps focus on a single, purposeful activity.

Successful mobile apps focus on a single, purposeful activity.



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Activity centered design Activity centered design Presentation Transcript

  • Activity-Centered Design Successful mobile apps focus on a single, purposeful activity. @mblongii @neoinnovate
  • Activity: any purposeful human endeavor @mblongii @neoinnovate
  • Facebook: Keeping up with friends & family ! AKA: Maintaining Social Ties @mblongii @neoinnovate
  • Instagram Photo Sharing @mblongii @neoinnovate
  • Twitter Sharing Status @mblongii @neoinnovate
  • Mobile-Social
 The end of social networks and the rise of activity-centered social apps @mblongii @neoinnovate
  • Twitter v1: sharing status
 “A system where you can SMS message to one phone number and broadcast to all of your friends” @mblongii @neoinnovate
  • $TWTR today: sharing status “Find out what’s happening, right now, with the people and organizations you care about.” @mblongii @neoinnovate
  • + Sharing Status ≠ Listening to Music @mblongii @neoinnovate Music Discovery
  • I'm not going to follow artists if it adds them to my regular Twitter … Not interested in seeing artist's updates in my regular feed. @mblongii @neoinnovate
  • Pointless. You can't listen to whole songs, only 30 second clips unless you have a Spotify account. @mblongii @neoinnovate
  • iTunes Ping 2010 – 2012 ! Replaced by Facebook and Twitter integrations @mblongii @neoinnovate
  • Burbn tried to be too many things. • Check in to locations ! • Make plans (future check-ins) ! • Earn points for hanging out with friends ! • Share photos ! • and much more! @mblongii @neoinnovate
  • Focus on being really good at one thing. “We decided that if we were going to build a company, we wanted to focus on being really good at one thing. We saw mobile photos as an awesome opportunity to try out some new ideas”— Mike Krieger @mblongii @neoinnovate
  • 1 Product 1 Activity Focus on being really good at one thing. @mblongii @neoinnovate
  • Human Activity System Thinking in Systems Deepen your understanding about the interactions between people and their environments. @mblongii @neoinnovate
  • Evolve Your Understanding “Get out of the building” @mblongii @neoinnovate
  • Lead with Questions • How might we encourage more casual carpooling? • What outcome do we expect from this design? @mblongii @neoinnovate
  • Learn through Making Gather concrete evidence through rapid Build, Measure, Learn feedback loops. @mblongii @neoinnovate
  • Thank you! (^_^) @mblongii @neoinnovate