Build a Buzzing Podcast With Little or No Money


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Build a Buzzing Podcast With Little or No Money

  1. 1. BUILD A BUZZING PODCAST WITH LITTLE OR NO MONEY !! Thursday, August 14, 2008 BUZZ Mark Linder BUZZ
  2. 2. About the Presenter… Mark Linder Entrepreneur, Foreign Currency Trader, Investor and former Fortune 500 executive. Early Podcaster featured on PodShow/Mevio since their beta days. Speaker at 2008 SXSW and last years New Media Expo. Independent producer of podcasts for a variety of organizations. Has worked on a many New Media projects one of which included heading the team which brought Barack Obama to Second Life. Based in Dallas, Texas, he currently produces three podcasts for Mevio, operates Internet Radio Stations and has a soon to be released in print, audio book. email me at mbl on Twitter and Pownce e2kplanet on Skype
  3. 3. Buzz? Buzz Creating positive comments and impressions about your podcast which drive growth, increased subscribers. Executing strategies that provide a vehicle for contagion. Infectious Chatter, What’s Hot, What’s Attractive
  4. 4. Ok…now what is CONTAGION ? Contagion is the essence of Creating Buzz. Contagion is people talking to one another…any way possible. In a perfect world, the effect is viral. Contagion IS the Conversation, the Conversation IS the Contagion.
  5. 5. Am I Too Late to the Party? As of July 11, 2008…on Feedburner alone Number of podcast and videocast feeds: 249,728 Source: Feedburner website July 16, 2008 -
  6. 6. Although Awareness Has Stabilized… “The Podcast Consumer Revealed 2008” - The Arbitron/Edison Internet and Multimedia Study by Tom Webster - Vice President, Strategy and Marketing - Edison Media Research - April, 2008
  7. 7. There is still room in the space…
  8. 8. Growth Will Go to the Select Few… • Those with quality content • Those who listen to the audience • Those who “converse” with the audience • Those who are truthful with the audience • Those with passion • Those with a strategy • Those that execute at a high level
  9. 9. What Does Buzz Have to Do With All That? • Creating Buzz focuses you on your audience and the leverage they possess • Focuses your limited time, energy and limited resources on the new R.O.I. (Return on Relationships*) • Having a plan and strategy to create Buzz causes activities that bring you closer to your audience, build listeners/watchers & loyal followers (subscribers) and true evangelists for your content *Special thanks to Chris Brogan and Julien Smith for the term taken from their manifest “Trust Economies”
  10. 10. But…First Things First “Lay Some Groundwork” • Make it easy to subscribe • iTunes “iTunes accounts for 75% of all podcast downloads, according to Podtrac” Podcast User Demographics, May 7, 2007 – eMarketer • Turn on the comments, you want and need feedback • Voice Mail “Hot Lines” – – • Chicklets
  11. 11. More…First Things First • Make it easy to hear you, or see you
  12. 12. And Finally…Make it Easy to Find You • Have a home and a few “vacation” properties • Get in various Podcast Directories, find extensive list at below link
  14. 14. Buzz Starts With Relationships and our Consumers are Social! “The Podcast Consumer Revealed 2008” - The Arbitron/Edison Internet and Multimedia Study by Tom Webster - Vice President, Strategy and Marketing - Edison Media Research - April, 2008
  15. 15. Social Media Social media describes the online technologies and practices that people use to share opinions, insights, experiences, perspectives and media itself. Social media can take many different forms, including text, images, audio, and video. These sites typically use technologies such as blogs, message boards, podcasts, wikis, and vlogs to allow users to interact. Source: Wikipedia
  17. 17. The “Trusted Link” Not So Tall Tales… • How 7 People Became 350 Million 10,000 People 7 People 1 Person 350 Million People
  18. 18. Your “Trusted Link” Critical Execution of Your Strategy • If you don’t have the trust, you can’t get the trust… “The power of the Internet makes it easier for people to fall in love with you faster. But beware—it also makes it easier for them to fall out of love with you faster.” The New Rules of Viral Marketing: How Word-of-Mouse Spreads Your Ideas for Free David Meerman Scott – April 4, 2008 • Where do I start? – Start with Family, then Friends – Move on to Business Relationships – Find people of Influence in the Space – Build Relationships – Take a Chance…
  19. 19. The Next Steps… • Get on the Social Mainstream & Start Building Relationships • Twitter & Pownce (and others…) Start talking to people, let them get to know you • Second Life Get to know people in an unconventional environment • Digg, Get feedback and give feedback • Don’t forget “old school” Social Media • Yahoo Groups • Craigslist
  20. 20. More Next Steps… • Turn on Social Bookmarking, make it easy for others to share your content
  21. 21. Learning Lessons from YouTube* • YouTube was designed and build with community as its founding principle. • YouTube made sharing content easy. • YouTube encouraged its users to personalize their public profile pages. • YouTube’s user Interface was restrained and simple. • YouTube’s search functionality, although not its strongest point, consistently bested Google Video’s functionality. *from Citizen Marketers by Ben McConnell and Jackie Huba, 2007
  22. 22. Turning Lessons Into Action • Community? Is your space worthy of a community? If so, create one... Is your content easy to share? Are you functional? • Is it easy to find you? Easy to hear and see you? (If not, go back to “First Things First”) • Is it easy to “converse” with you? (If not, turn on your “Comments” and get on the Social Media mainstream and build some relationships) • Is it simple to hear/watch your content? (If not, go back to “First Things First”)
  23. 23. Action You MUST Do! • Tell everyone about your podcast • Target and locate people most likely to identify with your podcast, your content • Provide tools to make it easier to share information (YouTube lessons and “First Things First”) • Study how, where and when your audience opinions are being shared • Listening and responding to supporters, detractors, and neutral
  24. 24. You, Your Podcast, Your Brand You are a Brand, Your Podcast is a Brand & Collectively Both are a Brand Brand building of “you” (Social) is in many ways different than the brand building of the podcast.
  25. 25. So is Social Media Enough? • Not no, but hell no… – Find high profile entertainment or news to talk about your Podcast – Brand Marketing (Logo, website appeal) – Referral Marketing (trade promo’s with others) – Word of Mouth (ok, this is Social Marketing) – Press Releases – Facebook Ads (can be low cost and reach hundreds of thousands of people)
  26. 26. Facebook Ad – One Ad Case Study (May 2008) One Month One Ad (5/8 to 6/8) Total Spent $51.80 Impressions 600,494 Episode Request Increase for 5/08 +119%
  27. 27. Press Release – One Press Release Case Study Cost of Press Release $60 1244 Reads/Downloads by Influentials 62 Appearances in Various Blogs* 192 Appearances on News Feeds/Pages* 68,060 Total Headline Impressions *Tracked by Google Alerts
  28. 28. Now for Something Completely Different* Isn’t that is what Buzz is all about? • Google “Lively” Create a space to build relationships. • Second Life Explore and find enthusiasts. • Eco-Safe Be “green” and make your work sustainable. *after Monty Python
  29. 29. Now for Something Completely Different* Isn’t that is what Buzz is all about? • Bitstrips Have some fun and tap a new network. • Friendfeed Open a “room” for like minded people.
  30. 30. The Building Buzz To-Do List • Always improve your Quality • Join or build a community then • Go back and review “First participate, listen and learn Things First” (easy to from these relationships subscribe, easy to watch/listen, • Do something completely easy to find, in iTunes, different comment and feedback system • If something is “news worthy” in place, voice mail) then do a press release • Get your podcast in podcast • Use Twitter/Pownce to let new directories relationships know you have • Get Social start building something new out there. relationships • Get in a virtual world • Turn on Social Bookmarks • Try an inexpensive Facebook • Find evangelists for your ad and measure effectiveness podcast • Tap into new networks like • Trade show promos with those Bitstrips… with similar audience • Tell everyone
  31. 31. Questions?
  32. 32. Credits Feedburner Facebook Tom Webster , VP Strategy and Marketing, Podcast 411 Edison Media Research Twitter eMarketer Digg Chris Brogan “The Trust Economy” Hi5 Julien Smith “The Trust Economy” ITunes Flickr mySpace Second Life Google Photobucket Skype Utterz K7 Communications LinkedIn Feedplayer Orkut Podcast Pickle Slideshare PuPu Player Pownce Wordpress Dave Meerman Scott “The New Rules of Viral Blubrry Network Marketing” Typepad Craigslist Mevio YouTube Blogger Ben McConnel “Citizen Marketers” CC Chapman Jackie Huba “Citizen Marketers” Accident Hash Ning Bitstrips PrWeb Friendfeed EcoSafe Bedtime Stories My Kids Love