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St lucia holidays - excursions, tours & activities

  1. 1. Destination Guide St Lucia Holidays Online agency of the year 2010/11 Connect Contents Cox Tours 23 www.stluciaholidays.netSaint Lucia Introducing St Lucia Excursions, Tours & Activities 3 The Reef Kite + Surf Centre Sea Spray Cruises The Visitor Channel 24 25 26 excursions@stluciaholidays.netExcursions, Tours Our Planet Centre Saluna Watersports 4 5 Restaurants 044-845-365-6565& Activities Hackshaw’s Boat Charters Rent-A-Ride Car Rental 6 7 The Cliff at Cap Restaurant Fire Grill Restaurant 27 28 Best Rates 24 Hours Car Rental 8 The Coal Pot Restaurant 29 Bateau Mygo Sailing Charters 9 Spice of India 30 Dreamy Weddings & Tours 10 Big Chef Steakhouse 31 Eastern Caribbean Diving 11 Tapas on the Bay 31 Mystic Man Tours 12 Buzz Restaurant 32 Scuba Steve’s Diving 13 Jacques Waterfront Dining 33 A-Touring Services 14 Real St. Lucia Tours 15 St. Lucia Executive 16 Spice Travel 17 The Health & Beauty Day Spa 18 Vistarama Tours 19 The Exodus Adventure 20 St Lucia Luxury Car Rental 21 LucianStyle 22 Copyright © 2001-2012 St. Lucia Holidays Limited, all rights reserved.
  2. 2. Destination Guide St Lucia Holidays Online agency of the year 2010/11 Connect Introducing Saint Lucia Soufriere and the popular mineral baths, www.stluciaholidays.netSaint Lucia Your arrival in Saint Lucia presents you with a beautiful landscape of mountains, rainforest and pristine beaches and your sulphur springs, Diamond Falls and Botanical Gardens are not to be missed. excursions@stluciaholidays.netExcursions, Tours long sun soaked days can be filled with adventure, culture, romance and Reduit Beach, possibly Saint Lucia’s most beautiful beach and the Rodney Bay 044-845-365-6565& Activities relaxation. Marina is to be found in Rodney Bay along with a wide variety of shops, bars The capital city is Castries, which has a and restaurants.‘Browse through the metropolitan feel and here is located the main post office, duty free shopping, the Pigeon Island, a 44-acre National Park, ispages of this guide Cathedral, Fort Charlotte, Government joined to the mainland by a man-madeand discover the House and the harbour. Vigie Beach, causeway and here you can explore the Choc Beach and La Toc Beach are 18th century British Fort and Fort Rodney.excursions, tours & nearby as well as the main towns ofactivities that will Rodney Bay and Gros Islet. To make the most of your holiday, honeymoon or wedding in Saint Lucia wehelp you discover recommend that you browse through the The towering majestic Pitons are a touristwhy Saint Lucia is draw and these two volcanic plugs rise to pages of this guide and discover thesuch a unique nearly 800m high and can form part of a excursions, tours & activities that will help hike that will usually take 3-6 hours each you discover why Saint Lucia is such aholiday destination’ way. The drive-in volcano is situated in unique holiday destination. Copyright © 2001-2012 St. Lucia Holidays Limited, all rights reserved.
  3. 3. Destination Guide St Lucia Holidays Online agency of the year 2010/11 Connect Our Planet Centre You’ll also "meet" some dedicated local St http://ourplanetcentre.orgSaint Lucia This is your chance to discover the new multi-million dollar Our Planet Centre, an attraction with a partnership with Lucians – listen to some words of wisdom from the Governor General of St Lucia and hear from four local conservationists Info@ourplanetcentre.orgExcursions, Tours NOAA/NASA which allows you to discover the natural wonders of Saint what they are doing to rise to today’s environmental challenges. After your 001-758-453-0107& Activities Lucia and the planet we live on and which donates all its profits to fund local guided 1.5 hour tour, you can visit the Our Planet shop with its local arts and crafts, environmental programmes such as have a hot or cold drink or savour one of‘Our Planet, St recycling and wildlife conservation. Our Planets home made ice creams made from local fruits and spices whichLucia’s new multi- In this sophisticated and highly rated are becoming an attraction in their ownmillion dollar Centre, you can view Earth as if from right!attraction which space on a sphere installed by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Located right in the heart of Castries, ifgives all its profits Administration and NASA, enter the you want to combine your visit with a walk in the town, Our Planet has just producedback to the island’ Immersion Zone on a journey through Our a walking guide to Castries which you can Planet’s past, or even experience extreme weather events in the special effects pick up for a small fee from the ticket desk theatre. You can see a kaleidoscopic view on your way in or out and which will tell of life in the Mirrorsphere, play the Iguana you about the main features of the city Game, send e-postcards home or and its history. programme your own hurricane in the Hurricane Game. Copyright © 2001-2012 St. Lucia Holidays Limited, all rights reserved.
  4. 4. Destination Guide St Lucia Holidays Online agency of the year 2010/11 Connect Saluna Watersports & Tours mineral waterfalls with further details www.saluna-watersports.comSaint Lucia For those who wish to have fun or take water sports seriously, Saluna Watersports on Reduit Beach, Rodney available on the Saluna Watersports’ website. contact@saluna-watersports.comExcursions, Tours Bay, provide the opportunity with boat tours, day trips, water skiing, sailing and Where better to go snorkelling, water skiing, sailing, or on a breathtaking 001-758-518-8236& Activities snorkeling. Full instruction is provided along with supervision if needed or just sightseeing boat tour than St. Lucia? – Andrew Calderon, Saluna Watersports & the equipment for those who have Tours.Where better to go experience.snorkelling, water Saluna Watersports powerboat tours areskiing, sailing, or on one of the most exciting and exhilaratinga breathtaking ways to spend a day on Saint Lucias waters. Sail along the dramatic coastlinesightseeing boat with views of the mountains, rainforesttour than St. Lucia? and valleys, visit remote beaches lined with swaying palms, snorkel and fish or just sunbathe in style. This unique tour concept provides a mix of boat tour with day trip events based around Soufriere. Visit the drive-in volcano, Sulphur Springs and warm Copyright © 2001-2012 St. Lucia Holidays Limited, all rights reserved.
  5. 5. Destination Guide St Lucia Holidays Online agency of the year 2010/11 Connect Hackshaw’s Boat Charters and 60ft Humpback whales along with www.hackshaws.comSaint Lucia Having introduced charter boat fishing to the island some 60 years ago, Hackshaws Boat Charters has large pods of Dolphins this a great tour to join or customise with a private charter. sales@hackshaws.comExcursions, Tours unparalleled experience and knowledge of boating in Saint Lucia. ‘All our captains are “hooked” on fishing- just try to drag’em home without a catch! 001-758-453-0553& Activities The fleet of boats available for charter After all, we had the grandfather of all fishermen “Big Bill” as our mentor! – includes three boats used mainly for Chris Hackshaw, Hackshaw’s BoatAll our captains are sports fishing and a 64’ double deck Charters.“hooked” on fishing- Catamaran for weddings, birthdays and other such functions.just try to drag’emhome without a St Lucias waters are abundant with big game fish including Blue Marlin, Wahoo,catch! Dorado, Sail Fish and Yellow Fin Tuna. Both the pro and novice can enjoy this exciting sport aboard tournament rigged boats with the very latest equipment. Dolphin/Whale watching safaris are also a not to be missed magical experience. With 25 varieties of these magnificent mammals including 45ft Sperm, 20ft Pilot Copyright © 2001-2012 St. Lucia Holidays Limited, all rights reserved.
  6. 6. Destination Guide St Lucia Holidays Online agency of the year 2010/11 Connect Rent-A-Ride Car Rental Alternatively you can build your own www.vcrentals.comSaint Lucia Providing both vehicle rental services and Saint Lucia Island tours, Rent-A-Ride Car Rental offers full access to the best tourist memories and explore in complete comfort with the lowest rates on premium SUV and car rentals. reservations@vcrentals.comExcursions, Tours attractions. ‘Enjoy the outstanding natural beauty of 001-758-452-9404& Activities From the drive-in volcano to the Soufriere Sulphur Springs or Botanical Gardens St. Lucia with St. Lucia Island tours and the best car rental deals’ – Pinkley, Rent- and from The Pitons to the rain forest or A-Ride Car Rental.‘Enjoy the Pigeon Island Park (home of Fort Rodney,outstanding natural an old British military base) you have the freedom to explore the very best of Saintbeauty of St. Lucia Lucia.with St. Lucia Island Saint Lucia Island tour packages includetours and the best the Sky Canopy and Aerial Tram Ride,car rental deals’ Dolphin & Whale Watching, Scuba Diving, Sunset Cruise, Biking & Waterfall Hike, Shopping Tour, Rainforest Hike, Tropical Jeep Safari and ATV Adventure to name but a few, with further details available to view on the Rent-A-Ride Car Rentals website. Copyright © 2001-2012 St. Lucia Holidays Limited, all rights reserved.
  7. 7. Destination Guide St Lucia Holidays Online agency of the year 2010/11 Connect Best Rates 24 Hours Car Rental Attractions not to be missed during your www.bestratescarrental.comSaint Lucia Winning the much coveted Best Car Rental Service Award in 2007, Best Rates 24 Hrs Car Rental operate a 24 hour rental include the Sulphur Springs, Pigeon Island National Park, Fort Rodney, the Diamond Falls and The Cathedral, the 24hourscarrental@candw.lcExcursions, Tours service and are a member of Saint Lucias Auto Rental and Hotel & Tourism largest church in the Caribbean. 001-758-452-1330& Activities Association. Best Rates 24 Hrs Car Rental is well known for providing good value on a wide The professional, efficient, co-operative range of late model vehicles – MaryBest Rates 24 Hrs and customer friendly service ensures Samuel, Best Rates 24 Hours Car Rental.Car Rental is well your satisfaction along with the lowest rates on SUV and car rentals.known for providinggood value on a wide Long and short term leasing is available and the complete service offers 24-hourrange of late model roadside emergency assistance, unlimitedvehicles mileage, baby seat & boosters, free maps and free delivery & pick up at the airport and island wide. From splendid forest to the soaring peaks of the Pitons you will have your freedom to explore the true beauty of St. Lucia. Copyright © 2001-2012 St. Lucia Holidays Limited, all rights reserved.
  8. 8. Destination Guide St Lucia Holidays Online agency of the year 2010/11 Connect Bateau Mygo Sailing Charters Bateau Mygo will also pick you up from www.sailsaintlucia.comSaint Lucia Specialising in private sailing charters, Bateau Mygo is locally owned and has a fleet of both catamarans and monohulls, Rodney Bay, Castries, Anse Cochon, Marigot Bay, Anse Chasnet or Soufriere for you convenience. info@sailsaintlucia.comExcursions, Tours which along with professionalism, customer service, reliability and a passion Our goal is to provide you with the best 001-758-458-3947& Activities for the art & science of sailing will create the perfect luxury excursion. sailing vacation in the world. Sailing in St. Lucia is the only way to see the island! – Frank, Bateau Mygo Sailing Charters.Our goal is to Day charters, half-day charters, sunsetprovide you with the cruises and a romantic lobster dinner cruise with champagne, tropical fruits andbest sailing vacation a chef to prepare your fresh Caribbeanin the world. Sailing lobsters infused with spices & herbs and served with other local ingredients are allin St. Lucia is the popular sailing excursions. Bateau Mygoonly way to see the also specialise in honeymoon and wedding packages.island! You may charter your own private catamaran, yacht or monohull or take advantage of a fully crewed charter to Martinique and St Vincent & the Grenadines. Copyright © 2001-2012 St. Lucia Holidays Limited, all rights reserved.
  9. 9. Destination Guide St Lucia Holidays Online agency of the year 2010/11 Connect Dreamy Weddings & Tours available as well as specialist wedding www.dreamyweddings.comSaint Lucia Dreamy Weddings & Tours specialises in providing romantic tropical weddings and scenic tours on the beautiful island of St offers and you can choose to customise your wedding in whatever way suits you and options are available to view on the stlucia@dreamyweddings.comExcursions, Tours Lucia. website. 001-758-452-6473& Activities All of your wedding arrangements from your reception, music, food and flowers, ‘At Dreamy Weddings & Tours, we add a personal touch to make your dreams a the make-up artist and hairdresser, the reality’ – Natalie John, Dreamy Weddings‘At Dreamy photographer and even the marriage & Tours Inc.Weddings & Tours, licence process are taken care of for you.we add a personal So if you want a St Lucia wedding you willtouch to make your be provided with your personal wedding planner to make your wedding dreamsdreams a reality’ become a reality. There are many wedding concepts available such as church weddings, beach weddings, horse and carriage, waterfall and catamaran weddings as well as many more options. There are a number of packages Copyright © 2001-2012 St. Lucia Holidays Limited, all rights reserved.
  10. 10. Destination Guide St Lucia Holidays Online agency of the year 2010/11 Connect Eastern Caribbean Diving Alternatively a speciality course may www.easterncaribbeandivingstlucia.comSaint Lucia Located at the Windjammer Landing Beach Resort & Spa and the Bay Gardens Beach Resort, Eastern attract your attention and lead you into Underwater Photography, Videography or Night Diving, further details on website. info@easterncaribbeandivingstlucia.comExcursions, Tours Caribbean Diving is a PADI International Resort Association Member providing Dive and explore the underwater world 001-758-456-9581& Activities daily dive and snorkel trips. with Eastern Caribbean Diving in St. Lucia where your safety and fun is our Suitable for both beginners and Certified Business – Donovan Brown, EasternDive and explore the Divers, an abundance of marine life is Caribbean Diving.underwater world waiting to be discovered amongst the reefs, wrecks and dive walls. Enjoywith Eastern access to the best dive spots around theCaribbean Diving in island, which include Turtle Reef, The Blue Hole, Pigeon Point and the DainiSt. Lucia where your Koyomaru Wreck to name but a and fun is our A wide variety of scuba courses are alsoBusiness available and these include the Discover Scuba Diving course, which is the beginners introduction to diving, right through to Dive Master Certification and Instructor courses. Copyright © 2001-2012 St. Lucia Holidays Limited, all rights reserved.
  11. 11. Destination Guide St Lucia Holidays Online agency of the year 2010/11 Connect Mystic Man Tours St. Lucia has some of the deepest waters www.mysticmantours.comSaint Lucia Mystic Man Tours offers a complete range of ocean adventures to visitors. The company has grown a solid reputation by in the Caribbean making fishing very accessible year-round. Blue Marlin, Tuna, Dorado and Wahoo are some of the info@mysticmantours.comExcursions, Tours offering good value for money, excellent customer service and operates a fleet of species normally caught. Half / Full Day fishing charters are available onboard 001-758-459-7783& Activities modern vessels. “Reel Affair 2”, a Bertram 38 Sport Fisher, professional rigged with the gear needed Sailing provides the best opportunities to for serious fishing at very competitive‘Sailing provides the view the islands amazing coastline and opportunities to Mystic Man offers Half / Full Day Sailing excursions as well as Sunset Cruisesview the islands onboard both mono hull yachts or ourstunning coastline luxury 42ft sailing catamaran “Serendipity”; which is also available forand Mystic Man offer private full day and multi day charterssports fishing, daily from anywhere on the island.sailing tours as well Soufriere also boasts the best areas foras sunset cruises’ Whale and Dolphin Watching only a few miles offshore; and the snorkel excursions and glass bottom boat tours provide exceptional access to coral reefs and other marine life in the Soufriere Marine Management Area. Copyright © 2001-2012 St. Lucia Holidays Limited, all rights reserved.
  12. 12. Destination Guide St Lucia Holidays Online agency of the year 2010/11 Connect Scuba Steve’s Diving Snorkeling trips and sightseeing www.scubastevesdiving.comSaint Lucia Scuba Steves Diving is a British run PADI 5 Star Resort Dive Centre that caters for those who are about to begin diving or are excursions by land and sea are offered and this gives you the opportunity to see the Caribbean’s only drive in volcano and info@scubastevesdiving.comExcursions, Tours already certified divers as well as providing snorkel tours for non-divers. sulphur springs. 001-758-450-9433& Activities The warm clear St Lucian waters offer the ‘Join our daily guided dive trips to St Lucia’s premier dive sites and enjoy some perfect conditions for viewing an of the best diving in the Caribbean –Join our daily abundance of colourful fish & coral and Steve Smith, Scuba Steve’s Diving.guided dive trips to with Scuba Steves Diving you can enjoy top quality service at an affordable price.St Lucia’s premierdive sites and enjoy Experienced divers have access to over 25 different dive sites including drifts,some of the best walls and wrecks whilst non-certifieddiving in the divers can embark on a private boat charter and half-day dive trips that includeCaribbean 2 real dives in the Caribbean, through the PADI Discover Scuba Diving experience. A wide variety of activities are also available for non-divers, which you can enjoy with your friends or family. Copyright © 2001-2012 St. Lucia Holidays Limited, all rights reserved.
  13. 13. Destination Guide St Lucia Holidays Online agency of the year 2010/11 Connect A-Touring Services Further adventures available include a www.ataxiservicestlucia.comSaint Lucia A-Touring Services is a small touring company that guarantees to give you the attention you deserve. Services include shopping tour, rainforest tour with a gondola ride through the rainforest and East Coast tour with itineraries available info@ataxiservicestlucia.comExcursions, Tours private transfers, share-a-ride services, taxi services and customised tours upon to view on the website. 001-758-484-3689& Activities your request. A-Touring Services welcomes you to a true St. Lucian experience with warm Catering for individuals, couples, families, hospitality and professionalism – AndreA-Touring Services business travellers, groups and cruise Joseph, A-Touring Services.welcomes you to a ship passengers, Andre Jospeh will share his local knowledge and passion as youtrue St. Lucian enjoy the beauty, lush vegetation andexperience with historical sites of the island.warm hospitality and Andres special is a guided tour toprofessionalism Soufriere and along the West Coast. This comprehensive tour lasts between 5-7 hours and visits the city of Castries, Morne Fortune, a banana plantation, Marigot Bay, 2 fishing villages, part of the rainforest, the Pitons, Sulphur Springs, Botanical Gardens and the Diamond Waterfall. Copyright © 2001-2012 St. Lucia Holidays Limited, all rights reserved.
  14. 14. Destination Guide St Lucia Holidays Online agency of the year 2010/11 Connect Real St. Lucia Tours Further popular tour options include the www.realstluciatours.comSaint Lucia Specialising in affordable small group tours with a personal touch from enthusiastic local guides, Real St. Lucia Gros Piton Hiking Expedition, Beach Barbecue Bonanza, Volcano Night Bash, Rainforest & waterfall Barbecue Expose info@islelander.comExcursions, Tours Tours offer shore excursions, day trips, airport transfers, Zipline adventures and and a special Land & Safari Tour. 001-758-486-1561& Activities individual or private tours. Real St. Lucia Tours, - using local knowledge to create authentic island The most popular tour is the completely adventures– Janus Gyan, Real St. LuciaReal St. Lucia Tours, customisable Islander Expo, which is Tours.- using local suitable for everyone and the sightseeing trip of a lifetime. This VIP style tour of Stknowledge to create Lucia takes in all the sights andauthentic island attractions that Saint Lucia has to offer.adventures The Islander Expo highlights include the Governors House, Marigot Bay, Morne Fortune, A banana plantation, Canaries, Anse La Ray, the majestic Pitons, volcano sulphur springs or mud bath, Diamond Botanical Gardens and beach time & snorkel. Copyright © 2001-2012 St. Lucia Holidays Limited, all rights reserved.
  15. 15. Destination Guide St Lucia Holidays Online agency of the year 2010/11 Connect St. Lucia Executive and dining can all be combined into a www.stluciaexecutive.comSaint Lucia Take the stress out of travelling with St Lucia Executive, providers of unparalleled levels of service at a surprisingly custom VIP tour with scenic drives through local fishing villages, to the Pitons and the capital Soufriere. executive@islelander.comExcursions, Tours affordable price. The best chauffeurs and vehicles on the island are at your disposal We at St. Lucia Executive are devoted to 001-758-717-0584& Activities for luxury airport transfers and St Lucia VIP tours. making certain that our customers’ airport shuttle & VIP Tour experience is reliable, personal, affordable and luxurious –We at St. Lucia Sit back and enjoy the scenic drive as a Janus Gyan, St. Lucia Executive.Executive are luxury Sedan transfers you from George F.L. Charles or Hewanorra Internationaldevoted to making Airport to you resort in comfort and style.certain that our Business travellers enjoy the benefits ofcustomers’ airport Executive Sedans that have been builtshuttle & VIP Tour specifically with the business traveller in mind with an extended amount of legexperience is room and the latest mobile-officereliable, personal, technology on board while the vacationer can enjoy power and opulence in aaffordable and compact luxury Sedan or SUV.luxurious Adventure, relaxation, romance, shopping Copyright © 2001-2012 St. Lucia Holidays Limited, all rights reserved.
  16. 16. Destination Guide St Lucia Holidays Online agency of the year 2010/11 Connect Spice Travel rainforest with a gondola aerial tram ride Lucia Spice Travel is a small family-owned company offering a wide selection of tours that have been carefully designed in order and zip-lining. ‘With over 25 years experience in the spice@casalucia.comExcursions, Tours to help make your stay memorable. tourism industry we would like to put our knowledge to work in ensuring that your 001-758-452-0865& Activities The complete choice of tours is available to view on Spice Travels website and stay in St. Lucia exceeds your expectations’– Michael Thom, Spice includes half-day tours, day trips to Travel.‘With over 25 years Soufriere, a sunset cruise, nature &experience in the adventure excursions, nightlife, tours originating in the south, sports, fun andtourism industry we pleasure.would like to put our Every interest is catered for and just a fewknowledge to work include shopping, jeep safaris, whale &in ensuring that your dolphin watching and taking a cruise on board the Brig Unicorn.stay in St. Luciaexceeds your Rum and sugar plantation tours are also available along with horseback riding withexpectations’ beach & bbq, snorkeling, helicopter island tours, sport fishing and adventure in the Copyright © 2001-2012 St. Lucia Holidays Limited, all rights reserved.
  17. 17. Destination Guide St Lucia Holidays Online agency of the year 2010/11 Connect The Health & Beauty Day Spa The Health & Beauty Day Spa also offers www.stluciadayspa.comSaint Lucia The Health & Beauty Day Spa is situated on a sunny hilltop in Bois DOrange, named for the orange scented woods that bridal packages, spa party options and promotional offers that can be viewed on the website. info@stluciadayspa.comExcursions, Tours once populated the area. ‘St. Lucia’s favourite spa for over 25 001-758-452-8031& Activities This retreat from the hassle of everyday life is a full service salon that offers head years; leading the way for others to follow’– Antonia Flossac, The Health & to toe pampering for both men and Beauty Day Spa.‘St. Lucia’s favourite for over 25 Choose from an extensive range ofyears; leading the treatments from traditional and specialistway for others to facials such as Hydradermie lift that provides a lifting and toning effect to facialfollow’ muscles to rejuvenating body scrubs and deep cleansing body wraps. Various manicure and pedicure treatments are on offer such as the Spa Caviar manicure and a Chocolate Mousse pedicure as well as a range of waxing and massage options. Copyright © 2001-2012 St. Lucia Holidays Limited, all rights reserved.
  18. 18. Destination Guide St Lucia Holidays Online agency of the year 2010/11 Connect Vistarama Tours Island Tour and Island Getaway Tour with www.vistaramatours.lcSaint Lucia Explore Saint Lucia with Vistarama Tours and gain a true perspective of why Saint Lucia is simply beautiful, from pristine complete itineraries are available to view on the Vistarama Website. vistaramaslu@gmail.comExcursions, Tours beaches to hiking through the rainforest and visiting the islands historical Complete your vacation experience by allowing Vistarama Tours to book you the 001-758-485-1299& Activities landmarks. best hotel rates, a friendly meet and greet service, airport transfers and a A variety of tours are presented alongside personalised service to ensure theShowcasing the the custom Mix and Match, your personal comfort of your stay in St. Lucia.culture, history and tour where you can put together your own itinerary and see the sights you want tobeauty of the Island, see.Vistarama Tours will The Piton Nature Hike will take you to themake your holiday in top of St Lucia for an experience of aSt. Lucia an lifetime with breathtaking panoramic views and time to cool off in a waterfallunforgettable after lunch. Alternatively the Fish Fry inmemory of a lifetime Anse-la-Raye maybe the experience for you as this street party is infused with– Janice, Vistarama Caribbean music and seafood delights.Tours There is also a St Lucias Scenic North Copyright © 2001-2012 St. Lucia Holidays Limited, all rights reserved.
  19. 19. Destination Guide St Lucia Holidays Online agency of the year 2010/11 Connect The Exodus Adventure 2 Pitons where visibility is 20-40ft, perfect www.exodusboattours.comSaint Lucia Offering small group, half-day boat excursions, The Exodus Adventure is suitable for guests staying on the island for viewing the tropical fish, dramatic coral and other exotic and delightful sea-life. info@exodusboattours.comExcursions, Tours as well as cruise ship passengers. The Exodus Adventure is a wonderful experience that will be the highlight of 001-758-484-6462& Activities Enjoy the best sight seeing attractions in style as you cruise along the western and your holiday! – Team Exodus. southern coasts of Saint Lucia. HighlightsThe Exodus of the tour include the beautiful MarigotAdventure is a Bay, Anse La Raye - known for its popular Friday night fish fry, the tranquil Canarieswonderful and Soufriere & the majestic Pitons.experience that will You will visit the now dormant drive-inbe the highlight of volcano and tour its bubbling steamingyour holiday! sulphur springs and have the opportunity to try a therapeutic mud bath. A Creole lunch and souvenir shopping in Soufriere follow a visit to the Botanical Gardens and mineral waterfalls. You may then enjoy an hour of snorkeling at the marine reserve located between the Copyright © 2001-2012 St. Lucia Holidays Limited, all rights reserved.
  20. 20. Destination Guide St Lucia Holidays Online agency of the year 2010/11 Connect St Lucia Luxury Car Rental complimentary pick-ups and drop-offs www.stlucialuxurycars.comSaint Lucia Explore the beautiful island of St Lucia in comfort with a stylish vehicle rental from St Lucia Luxury Car Rentals. from George F.L. Charles Airport, a full tank of gas (added to your bill) and the option to return the vehicle empty. via website formExcursions, Tours Enjoy the island alone or with friends and We invite you to hire a car from our 001-758-450-4192& Activities family and choose from a popular jeep to air-conditioned vehicles or luxurious fully illustrious brand and explore St. Lucia for yourself! – Tyron Desrivieres, St Lucia loaded SUV’s. Luxury Car RentalWe invite you to hirea car from our With 238 square miles to explore there is something new around every corner fromillustrious brand and the bustling capital Castries to the oldestexplore St. Lucia for town Soufriere, which sits beneath the majestic Pitons that soar 2,000 feet aboveyourself! the cobalt blue water. Visit the Sulphur Springs at the drive-in volcano, waterfalls, Botanical Gardens or a centuries old banana and cocoa plantation. Discounts on long-term rentals are also available along with child seats, Copyright © 2001-2012 St. Lucia Holidays Limited, all rights reserved.
  21. 21. Destination Guide St Lucia Holidays Online agency of the year 2010/11 Connect LucianStyle To experience it all book the Tour www.lucianstyle.comSaint Lucia Providing consistent high quality tours, LucianStyle are the experts in providing popular tours including Segway, scuba & Package Special and enjoy 5 tours in 1 - Segway, safari, swim, shop and snorkel. bookings@LucianStyle.comExcursions, Tours snorkeling, zip line, boat, helicopter, ATV, jeep, horseback and fishing & whale Our Mt. Pimard Nature Trail Experience and LucianStyle Multi-Experience have 001-758-452-8300& Activities watching tours. exceeded all expectations and we are currently the #1 reviewed tour on The Segway Mt. Pimard Nature Trail TripAdvisor – Michael Brigham,Our Mt. Pimard Experience takes you on a glide up the LucianStyle.Nature Trail scenic nature trail with breath taking views of St Lucias dramatic coast. SeeExperience and the local fisherman at Pebble Beach, takeLucianStyle Multi- photos at viewpoints up the mountain and descend towards the beach with views ofExperience have Pigeon Island, Reduit Beach, The Rodneyexceeded all Bay Marina and the Caribbean Sea.expectations and we If you are a diver or non-diver looking forare currently the #1 a new way to experience the amazing underwater world off St Lucia then areviewed tour on SNUBA adventure is a great choiceTripAdvisor allowing you to keep your face and hair dry as you explore. Copyright © 2001-2012 St. Lucia Holidays Limited, all rights reserved.
  22. 22. Destination Guide St Lucia Holidays Online agency of the year 2010/11 Connect Cox Tours Horse riding, Segway and sunset cruises www.coxcoltd.comSaint Lucia Guiding you through all aspects of your vacation from dining out to spa retreats and tours of the beautiful island, Cox are also available along with many others. Our genuine care for our clients has tourism-ops@coxcoltd.comExcursions, Tours Tours offer a great range of half-day, full- day and evening excursions. gained us a reputation as the leading provider of exciting, dependable and 001-758-453-4362& Activities The newly added Sea Trek Adventure above all, safe excursions to and through every corner of our tropical island, rich Helmet Diving experience has been an with history and culture – Eleanor Rae,Our genuine care for instant success giving you the thrills of Cox Tours.our clients has exploring underwater without getting your face or hair wet. Say hello to a seahorsegained us a and walk with a school of zebra fish allreputation as the without having to surface for air.leading provider of Alternatively you can go beyondexciting, dependable snorkeling with the SNUBA Adventure Tour for which Cox Tours were awardedand above all, safe the best in the world for 2011. With noexcursions to and time consuming training you can experience the beauty of St Luciasthrough every corner marine life with absolute freedom andof our tropical comfort.island’ Copyright © 2001-2012 St. Lucia Holidays Limited, all rights reserved.
  23. 23. Destination Guide St Lucia Holidays Online agency of the year 2010/11 Connect The Reef Kite + Surf Centre The Reef Beach Cafe & Restaurant isSaint Lucia The Reef Kite + Surf offers wind and kite open 7 days per week, 8am - 10pm, surfing at Sandy Beach, Vieux Fort, in the Mondays until 6pm, with a nicely varied menu of Creole and international seafood, south of the island, as well as sit-on-topExcursions, Tours kayaks and Stand Up Paddle Boards. Providing lessons in windsurfing and kite a range of fast foods (including home made pizza), fresh milkshakes, 001-758-454-3418& Activities surfing for all levels, from zero to hero, with a wide range of high-quality cappuccinos, cold beers and hot cocktails, with low prices, making it a equipment for rent also. really nice spot for non-surfing friends &‘Sandy Beach is one family as well.of the best wind and Sandy Beach is one of the best wind and kite surfing locations in the Caribbean,kite surfing locations with strong, steady cross-shore windsin the Caribbean’ – from the left. Its a really safe spot, as the beach curves gently into the wind on theJolien, The Reef Kite downwind end of the bay, so if anything+ Surf Centre happens (and the safety boat doesnt get there first), you always end up back on the beach. Situated well away from the coral reefs, there is nothing sharp underfoot, no rocky areas, and the water is always warm at about 27 degrees Celsius (80 Fahrenheit). Most commonly used size kites here is 8m to 14m. Copyright © 2001-2012 St. Lucia Holidays Limited, all rights reserved.
  24. 24. Destination Guide St Lucia Holidays Online agency of the year 2010/11 Connect Sea Spray Cruises Couples can enjoy a romantic Sunset www.seaspraycruises.comSaint Lucia Relax in style aboard one of Sea Spray Cruises Tango Catamarans with their huge spacious decks as you see the Cruise with champagne or enjoy the thrills of Zip Line Sunday. info@seaspraycruises.comExcursions, Tours beautiful island of St Lucia. A selection of adventures are available and feature Sea Spray Cruises is St Lucias leading Catamaran cruise operator, and recipient 001-758-458-0123& Activities swimming/snorkeling, visits to the drive-in volcano, Toraille waterfalls, a sail through of two Thomson Gold Awards of Excellence – Corey Devaux, Sea Spray 001-758-452-8644 Marigot Bay and complimentary rum Cruises.Sea Spray Cruises is punch or sodas.St Lucias leading The Tout Bagay Day Tour is a catamaranCatamaran cruise adventure past the famous Pitons andoperator, and down the West Coast. Visit the sulphur springs, an 18th century workingrecipient of two plantation and relax at one of St LuciasThomson Gold protected bays. A local Creole buffet is served at the Morne Coubaril Estate.Awards ofExcellence A Pirate Family Adventure sees your children dressed up as a pirate for the day as you set sail for Soufriere with plenty of onboard action. Copyright © 2001-2012 St. Lucia Holidays Limited, all rights reserved.
  25. 25. Destination Guide St Lucia Holidays Online agency of the year 2010/11 Connect The Visitor Channel place to start planning your on island http://thevisitorchannel.tvSaint Lucia The visitor channel is the only television based information service on the island and a great source of local information activities. The Visitor Channel offers a diverse mix discoversaintlucia@gmail.comExcursions, Tours that you can enjoy in the comfort of your hotel room, guesthouse, villa or private of programs on activities & interest available to visitors including programs on 001-758-452-8687& Activities home. history, culture, language, festivals, doing business, real estate, off island tours and Each short advertisement lasts between cuisine – A. Alexander, The VisitorThe Visitor Channel two and five minutes and present the Channel.offers a diverse mix viewer with a mix of interesting information that will help you enhanceof programs on your holiday.activities & interest On island services featured includeavailable to visitors available activities, festivals and tours asincluding programs well as information about the history and culture of Saint Lucia.on history, culture,language, festivals, Target the activities that you wish to enjoy by tuning into the Visitor Channel whendoing business, real you arrive. You may also visit the visitorestate, off island channels website, which is a greattours and cuisine Copyright © 2001-2012 St. Lucia Holidays Limited, all rights reserved.
  26. 26. Destination Guide St Lucia Holidays Online agency of the year 2010/11 Connect The Cliff at Cap Restaurant The restaurant is open for breakfast www.thecliffatcap.comSaint Lucia Overseeing the kitchen at the Cliff and Cap Restaurant, Welsh born Executive Chef Craig Jones, a St Lucian Chef of the through to dinner with a smart casual dress code. thecliff@capmaison.comExcursions, Tours Year recipient, brings an inspired French West Indian contemporary cuisine to the Located in one of the Caribbeans most dramatic settings overlooking the surging 001-758-457-8681& Activities island. Caribbean Sea, The Cliff at Cap Restaurant is one of the most highly Unobstructed views across the Caribbean sought after tables on the island –Located in one of Sea towards Pigeon Island in the west Matthew Hartmann, The Cliff at Cap.the Caribbeans most and Martinique in the north accompany your dining experience along with sunsetsdramatic settings to die for.overlooking the The nouveau West Indian menu presentssurging Caribbean the bounty of Saint Lucias fresh localSea, The Cliff at Cap produce & seafood and can be served with cocktails or a wine from the privateRestaurant is one of wine cellar.the most highly A special dinner for younger children issought after tables also available with a focus on non-on the island processed organic foods, and children eat for free when dining with their parents. Copyright © 2001-2012 St. Lucia Holidays Limited, all rights reserved.
  27. 27. Destination Guide St Lucia Holidays Online agency of the year 2010/11 Connect Fire Grill Restaurant Fire Grills website. You can finish off your www.firegrillstlucia.comSaint Lucia With food over fire and a bar with a twist, Fire Grill Restaurant and Lounge Bar is Saint Lucias premiere Steakhouse evening in the bar, which operates in association with Veuve Clicquot and Absolute Vodka. firegrillstlucia@gmail.comExcursions, Tours offering the islands largest selection of beef and other meats. Premium brands at reasonable prices 001-758-451-4745& Activities If you have that craving for steak then let brings everything together for the perfect night out – Executive Chef Bobo the experts guide you with the knowledge Bergstrom, Fire Grill Restaurant.Premium brands at of the very best cuts from high standardreasonable prices imported meats such as fresh Certified Black Angus Beef. Fillet mignons,brings everything tournedos, fillet steak, rib-eye, strip lion,together for the strip steak and new cuts such as flat iron steak, cut from the shoulder blade, are allperfect night out tender cuts available and full of flavour. The Fire Grill Restaurant also offers two cuts of dry age beef specifically aged to Chef Bobos own requirements, with the exact time for ageing guarded as a Fire Grill secret! The restaurant offers a comfortable setting to enjoy your meal and you can view the menus at the Copyright © 2001-2012 St. Lucia Holidays Limited, all rights reserved.
  28. 28. Destination Guide St Lucia Holidays Online agency of the year 2010/11 Connect The Coal Pot Restaurant The Coal Pot is open for lunch Mon-Fri www.coalpotrestaurant.comSaint Lucia The Coal Pot Restaurant has been a family business since 1966 and boasts a waterfront setting in Vigie Marine, where 12pm-2:45pm and for dinner Mon-Sat 6:30pm-9:45pm. xavier@candw.lcExcursions, Tours the trade winds go through all year round and keep the open dining room breezy The food is not over the top, it is simple, tasty, well presented with mainly local and 001-758-452-5566& Activities and cool. some French flavours – Chef Xavier, The Coal Pot Restaurant. Locally known as Chef LA, theThe food is not over Frenchman arrived in St Lucia over 14the top, it is simple, years ago and was chef at The Great House Restaurant who received Besttasty, well presented Restaurant of the Year after 1 year. Chefwith mainly local and Xavier moved to the Coal Pot when his mother-in-law retired and again won Bestsome French Restaurant of the Year with his wife.flavours The menu is available to view on the website and we highly recommend that you call ahead to make your reservation and enjoy a romantic dinner, lunch or night out with your family. Copyright © 2001-2012 St. Lucia Holidays Limited, all rights reserved.
  29. 29. Destination Guide St Lucia Holidays Online agency of the year 2010/11 Connect Spice of India The Spice of India is open Tue-Sun from www.spiceofindiastlucia.comSaint Lucia Located in the heart of Rodney Bay, Spice of India is a sophisticated fine dining Indian restaurant were Chef Adil 12 Noon till the last dinner guest leaves and private functions on or off site can be catered for. spiceofindia@candw.lcExcursions, Tours uses his 20 years of experience to create scintillating dishes to satisfy the palates of Chef Adil celebrates his love of cooking 001-758-458-4243& Activities eager patrons. by bringing a modern flair to the ancient, traditional Indian Tandoor technique of See the chefs in action in the open cooking to St. Lucia – Spice of India.Chef Adil celebrates display kitchen and enjoy yourhis love of cooking surroundings in a uniquely designed restaurant with arts and artefactsby bringing a imported from the many regions of India.modern flair to the Dishes can be tailored to your own palate with authentic flavours created from theancient, traditional freshest of ingredients.Indian Tandoor A daily changing lunch menu is served intechnique of cooking a family style setting and you can shareto St. Lucia rather than chose from an array of foods, ensuring that your taste buds are deliciously satisfied. Copyright © 2001-2012 St. Lucia Holidays Limited, all rights reserved.
  30. 30. Destination Guide St Lucia Holidays Online agency of the year 2010/11 Connect Big Chef Steakhouse The Big Chef Steakhouse is open daily www.bigchefsteakhouse.comSaint Lucia Located in Rodney Bay Village, Big Chef Steakhouse can be found busting at the seams every night, with nothing but from 5pm and also offers a takeaway service. bigchefsteakhouse@gmail.comExcursions, Tours excellent food and a friendly yet efficient service. Throw-in perfectly cooked Angus Beef, succulent local fish and seafood, an 001-758-450-0210& Activities The busy but relaxed atmosphere in this educated wine list and all there is left to say is Welcome to Big Chef Steak House! chic setting offers the ingredients for a – Big Chef Steakhouse.Throw-in perfectly great night out and Big Chef Steakhousecooked Angus Beef, is the flagship-licensed restaurant of Certified Angus Beef L.L.C. in St Lucia.succulent local fishand seafood, an Enjoy baby back ribs, seafood, salads and unmatched steaks with a perfectlyeducated wine list matched atmosphere.and all there is left to Tapas on the Baysay is Welcome to Situated on the waterfront behind BigBig Chef Steak Chef is the newly opened Tapas on the Bay, serving a delectable selection ofHouse! food and drinks from the same location as the Lil Chef (open on Sunday mornings). Copyright © 2001-2012 St. Lucia Holidays Limited, all rights reserved.
  31. 31. Destination Guide St Lucia Holidays Online agency of the year 2010/11 Connect Buzz Restaurant The menu can be viewed on the website, www.buzzstlucia.comSaint Lucia As a restaurateur in St Lucia for the past 35 years, Par Bowden knows the secret to success having owned several notable dress code is casual and Buzz Restaurant and bar is open nightly from 5pm except Mondays. buzzreservations@gmail.comExcursions, Tours establishments, and today you can enjoy a meal at Buzz in one of the dining areas I have created a restaurant and bar with a 001-758-458-0450& Activities or outside in the garden. warm ambience, friendly atmosphere and lots of charm – Pat Bowden, Buzz Charbroiled Steaks and sumptuous Baby Restaurant.I have created a Back Ribs are a hit with diners along withrestaurant and bar other specialities such as Lobster & Crab Cakes, herb crusted Rack of Lamb,with a warm Potato Crusted Red Snapper (fresh fromambience, friendly the Caribbean Sea) and Parmesan Crusted Chicken on a bed of Fettucciniatmosphere and lots Alfredo. Buzz is also one of the fewof charm restaurants catering for vegetarians. Moroccan Spiced Lamb Shanks have been added to the regular menu by popular demand and if you fancy something local you can enjoy the Pepper Pot or Seafood Creole along with a cocktail or two! Copyright © 2001-2012 St. Lucia Holidays Limited, all rights reserved.
  32. 32. Destination Guide St Lucia Holidays Online agency of the year 2010/11 Connect Jacques Waterfront Dining The restaurant is open for lunch and www.jacquesrestaurant.comSaint Lucia Jacques Waterfront Dining is one of St. Lucias most popular restaurants, with a long-standing reputation for consistency dinner Monday to Saturday. In the high season, on Sundays Jacques offers a Mediterranean Brunch, featuring the cathy@jacquesrestaurant.comExcursions, Tours in both the quality of the food and the service with which it is delivered. Recently David Bode Trio, an interesting mix of Saxophone, Bass and Steel Pan playing 001-758-458-1900& Activities re-located, this intimate and elegant waterfront restaurant is set within the soft background Jazz. main tourist area of Rodney Bay with Excellence since 1999‘Chef Jacques offers superb uninterrupted views of the marinaan exciting and fresh and hills from the Chef Jacques offers an exciting and freshMediterranean menu from the Mediterranean region of his home country France, with aregion of his home Caribbean twist using fresh localcountry France, with ingredients wherever possible. Besides the regular lunch and dinner menus,a Caribbean twist Jacques very often features specials suchusing fresh local as lobster when it is available. Jacques also offers outside catering and is theingredients wherever caterer of choice for many weddings andpossible’ special events. Copyright © 2001-2012 St. Lucia Holidays Limited, all rights reserved.