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  1. 1. DOOSON, The name of Quality Grain Equipment DOOSON is improving your options with quality grain equipment and adding to your margin of success.
  2. 2. INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS In the grain business you constantly have to find ways to get more return from your investment. More storage capacity, greater reliability and more cost-effective operations. DOOSON is specialized in Designing, Manufacturing and Construction of a variety of material storage and handling equipments of grain, feed and chemical industries. And DOOSON is a Technology concentrated company with an acquisition of NT(Korea New Technology) which is endowed to the premier technology company in 2005 by the Korean Government. DOOSON silos help you reach higher with superior designing, engineering, manufacturing. We build strength, durability and value into every grain bin and storage system. And we design them to be safe and easy to use under even the most demanding conditions. Contact DOOSON about your handling and storage needs for commodities. Whether your storage requirement is large or small, DOOSON will provide the design and manufacturing support you need. More storage capacity, greater reliability and more cost-effective operations. Stiffened Silos 3 Roof Systems 5 SideWall Panels 6 Aeration & Drying Systems 7 Hopper Bottom Bins 8 Quality, Design & safety 9 DART Systems 10 Specifications 12
  4. 4. STIFFENED SILOS DOOSON silos offer many outstanding strength and durability features. Wide corrugated steel sheets manufactured from high strength steel, heavy duty galvanized steel stiffeners and strong roofs are some of the quality features available. DOOSON complete line of commercial silos is available in diameters from 15feet(4.57m) to 105feet(32m). DOOSON also has a full range of accessories available to complete your storage installation. We can handle the pressure The profile of DOOSON stiffeners are computer-designed for optimum load-bearing capacity, ease of installation and manufacturing efficiency. Upright stiffener columns transfer the bin load straight to the foundation and can be mounted internally or externally as required. Stiffener slices are offset from sidewall seams for improved structural integrity and easier instal lation. All bins have at least two stiffeners per sidewall sheet, while larger capacity bins have a third stiffener for the increased load-bearing capability and vertical stability that their size demands. Bearing the load… DOOSON super stiffeners take strong & hot dip galvanized steel. The shape of the super stiffeners surpasses the compressive strengths of previous open-faced stiffeners. This profile can handle the drawdown loads imposed by very tall silos, as well as severe seismic loads. Each silo utilizes several stiffener gauges and up to three profiles for the most efficient column design. Heavy-duty stiffeners transfer drawdown loads from the side-walls to foundation. Stiffener base plate is factory-welded to bottom stiffener providing durable silo anchorage to resist and uplift loads.
  6. 6. ROOF SYSTEMS DOOSON structured roofing system delivers a standard peak roof load of 10,000lbs(5,550kg). Higher peak roof load options of 20,000lbs(9,000kg), and over are also available when desired. That means you will have all the support you need for conveyors, spouting, temperature cables and other ancillary equipment without worry. Intermediate structural supports deliver maximum strength to our special structured roofing system for larger bins heavy loads. Let's start at the top DOOSON’s super-deep roof ribs-varied in depth according to the size of the bin-ensure strength and structural integrity. All roofing options come with a durable galvanized design for roof supports, roof panels and other major components for lasting strength and weather resistance. Put it all together and you have a roof structure that can carries its weight. Putting it all together… DOOSON manufactured from galvanized steel are provided for bolting to the roof around the perimeter of the peak cap. Super deep roof ribs-varied in depth to match your bin size on structured roof models-also help to ensure proper and structural integrity. All seams are fully double-overlapped for maximum strength.
  7. 7. SIDEWALL PANELS Up and down all around – DOOSON offers the perfect combination of stiffener columns and support rings to handle the pressure, inside and out. Sidewall panels are designed & manufactured in our own factory under our strict manufacturing specifications. DOOSON bins are performance-tested and field-proven to withstand the most demanding conditions. Our attention to detail in sidewall manufacturing is one reason why. Bearing the heaviest loads Bins are attached to the concrete at the base of the stiffener-transferring the entire vertical load of the bin to the concrete foundation. Today’s bigger bins demand dependable vertical stability and load-bearing capability. With DOOSON, that’s exactly what you get. Convenient handling and easy-access Rugged upright stiffener columns transfer the bin load straight to the foundation. Stiffeners can be internally or externally mounted according to your specifications. On smaller capacity bins, there are two stiffener columns per panel. Easy access walk-in door Extra large side doors provide convenient two-way access. Fully galvanized, heavily reinforced and suited for two and three stiffener designs.
  8. 8. AERATION & DRYING SYSTEMS Proper aeration is an important part of every grain storage system and is essential to maintaining grain quality. Properly operated aeration systems help control insect infestation and moisture migration, reducing grain spoilage and saving money. DOOSON's aeration system can be installed in new or existing storage facilities. We use rigid corrugated, perforated aeration ducts made from heavy gauge galvanized steel combined with high efficiency aeration fans. Maximum airflow and strength Your grain deserves protection from the bottom up to maintain grain quality and proper airflow. DOOSON has the right floor and floor support system to match your needs – and give you the perfect combination of open area and load-bearing strength. All DOOSON floors, floor supports and flashing are built for years of dependable service. Silos that help protect your investment DOOSON silo system can include aeration, drying, temperature monitoring and silo unloading-all designed to assure grain quality and your profitability. Timing is everything in the grain business and can sometimes mean the difference between profit and less. That's why you need grain storage and drying system that allows you to get your crop out of the field when you're ready- and to preserve grain quality when you need it most. DOOSON dry system is a complete for drying, cooling and storing grains of many types-and has a record of outstanding performance in the field. Its intelligent design ensures handling ease, reliability and lower drying costs per bushel. DOOSON dry system is ideal for adding grain storage and drying capacity to your operation. For even higher capacities, consider our continuous flow model with 24-hour continuous operation and automatically operated dump spouts.
  9. 9. HOPPER BOTTOM BINS If you application requires a complete silo cleanout, or you need lower material handling costs, DOOSON hopper bottom silo may be your solution. Our unique design and quality materials make our product stronger and more durable than ordinary hopper silo. In addition, we offer a wide range of features and options to provide you with a silo that is custom-made to your application. Commercial hopper bins from DOOSON are built with the same quality, strength and good sense as our flat bottom bins for long life and ultimate ease of unloading. Sidewalls, stiffeners and fasteners are designed to the same specifications as our commercial flat-bottom bins. Supporting columns are wide-flanged beams with heavy-duty tie-road braces, bolted solidly to the steel substructure. A heavy-duty compression ring ties the bin components securely to the galvanized hopper cone. Strong legs to stand on DOOSON hoppers feature galvanized hopper lates which are supported by DOOSON's unique compression ring assembly for additional strength. This effective transfers the bin load from the hopper onto the legs and into the bin foundation. A steel sealing strip is continuously welded to the compression ring assembly to ensure a moisture tight fit. Quick and complete grain unloading… The vertical load in the hopper bin is transferred down the stiffeners to the support columns which are anchored directly into the concrete base. Rack and pinion designed also ensures the slide gate operates smoothly and it allows for extremely accurate size adjustments of the opening. This hand-operated gate is standard on DOOSON commercial hopper bins. Hopper bottom silos can store any flowable commodity from grain, feed, seed and plastic pellets to certain mineral supplements. DOOSON also supplies structural platforms to elevate silos above rail sidings or truck driveway for rapid loading of railcars or truck. DOOSON hopper bins are available in diameters from 6feet(1.83m) to 36feet(10.97m).
  10. 10. QUALITY, DESIGN & SAFETY DOOSON produces a complete line of storage and handling systems for a variety of applications ranging from small farms to large commercial installations. We offer a wide range of products for cleaning, drying, aeration, conveying and storage needs for grain. DOOSON stiffened silos, hoppers and accessories are used worldwide. Adding more safety, convenience and performance DOOSON engineers use the latest in computer drafting and analysis techniques to develop and produce projects designs, layouts, drawings and manufacturing specifications. Our engineering staff has decades of combined experience in a wide variety of storage. A modern computer aided design (COSMOS/SOLID WORKS) system is used to assure timely, accurate and efficient standard or customized de signed. With DOOSON, you can be assured that you will receive a superior quality product built to the most strenuous design and safety standards and have a committed partner standing behind the product to guarantee your satisfaction. Whether you need a standard or customized solution, contact DOOSON for engineering, design and production assistance the next time you need silos, handling equipment or accessories. Ways to add safety and convenience DOOSON produces a complete line of storage and handling systems for a variety of applications ranging from small farms to large commercial installations. Your commercial storage system with DOOSON bins can be customezed with a number of our accessories to meet your specific applications best, including: - Outside ladder and safety cage systems - Spiral stairways with double handrails - Inside safety ladders - Roof stairs - Top-cap handrail - Side-draw unloading systems
  11. 11. DART SYSTEMS - INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS The automatic control system of temperature and humidity of grain bins for quality grain storage management. On the quot;Autoquot; mode, the stirring machine and fan will automatically start with a warning alarm when the difference in temperatures between the stored grain and outside air exceeds a certain point. And, they will stop automatically when the temperature difference comes within the safe zone. The machines and grain temp. conditions can be stored in the computer for future reference. The machines and grain temp. can be monitored DARTS: DOOSON Automatic & Remote Temp. Control System and controlled by the manager far away from the silos through the telecommunication system we developed. A continuous development to excellence DOOSON has a acquired a government certificate of new technology only given to the first technology development at home and abroad. System that maintains the best status of stored grain through an unmanned automatic control based on an equilibrium moisture and humidity inside and outside a rice processing complex (RPC) and a drying & storage center (DSC)' s grain drying/storage silo. Intelligent engineering in every system * Automatic, Remote Operation is possible Not necessary to visit a field to * Remote Controlling is possible check the status of stored grain. * Triple alarm system is an emergency It is high quality production * Data saving for 24 hours system that can maintain the * 24hour monitoring system with quality of stored grain. installed camera * checking the operation of silo equipments * checking the temperature & humidity of the grain stored * checking the quantity (protection for thief)& storage conditions of the grains * automatic monitoring & operating are possible from the long distance
  15. 15. COMMERCIAL HOPPER BOTTOM BINS 45 HOPPER BOTTOM BINS FEED STORAGE HOPPER BINS For more information, please visit our home page w AUG 24, 2007
  16. 16. CO., LTD.