2011 6th to 7th elementary presentation


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2011 6th to 7th elementary presentation

  1. 1. 6th to 7th Course Selection
  2. 2.  Class choices Student Questions Additional Parent Information Parent Questions
  3. 3.  Course Selection Guide Course Selection Sheets  February 24th Highlighted Courses
  4. 4.  English or Advanced English Basic Pre-Algebra 7, Pre-Algebra 7, or Pre- Algebra 7/8 Geography/Civics Life Science Lunch/Study PE Elective
  5. 5.  Electives descriptions are in the Course Selection Guide. 7th graders have 1 elective slot: 1 yearly elective or 2 semester electives (2 electives may be taken if zero period PE (7:15am) is selected.) Choose an alternate elective, otherwise the computer will randomly assign you an elective.
  6. 6. What are the choices?
  7. 7.  Academic Skills (Recommendation Required) Resource Lab (Recommendation Required) Beginning Band Concert Band Choir French Immersion Latin 1-A Spanish 1-A
  8. 8.  Art Foundations Creative Writing Drama Intro Rotating Electives Program- Technology (Career Explorations and Computer Essentials) Rotating Electives Program- Fine Arts (Speech/Drama/Debate and Choir)
  9. 9.  Lunch/Study Lunch/JUNA Lunch/Band Lunch/Resource Lab Lunch/PE Lunch/Math
  10. 10.  May 2nd: CBS & MBE May 4th : BWF & CES Private Schools attend either day
  11. 11.  Spartan Day is August 8, 2012. Attendance is not mandatory but most students attend. Activities include walking your schedule, meeting your teachers, and interacting with peers.
  12. 12.  Some students have been recommended for an elective such as Resource Lab or Academic Skills. These classes offer organizational, tutorial, and academic assistance.
  13. 13.  ForeignLanguage taken in the 7th grade with the intention to continue in 8th grade will be part of a student’s high school transcript, including credit toward graduation, computing class rank, and GPA. ForeignLanguage is another academic subject that requires nightly homework, studying, and a semester exam.
  14. 14.  Thisis a 90 minute course that provides 60 minutes of Pre-Algebra 7 curriculum instruction with an additional 30 minutes of remediation in math skills. Theadditional 30 minutes can be taken at 7:30 in the morning or during the study hall portion of the lunch/study period.
  15. 15.  This is the math level the majority of 7th graders take.
  16. 16.  This is a 90 minute accelerated course. The additional 30 minutes can be taken at 7:30 in the morning or during the study hall portion of the lunch/study period. Students successfully completing Pre-Algebra 7/8 will be considered for placement into Algebra I or Advanced Algebra I as 8th graders. These courses are part of a student’s high school transcript, are used in computing class rank, and a student’s GPA.
  17. 17.  Circle the desired course on the Course Selection Sheet. Email Shelly Johnson at johnsons@mtnbrook.k12.al.us to schedule an appointment to meet with one of our teachers for discussion about the class expectations. Teachers will be in the elementary schools for some of the meetings on:  March 13th at MBE 8:15-11:00  March 13th at CES 12:30-3:00  March 15th at CB 8:15-11:00  March 15th at BWF 12:30-3:00
  18. 18.  Students are not required to take an advanced course. If a student was recommended for an advanced course that you do not want him/her to take, simply mark through the advanced course and circle the regular level course.
  19. 19.  Mrs. Johnson will be the 7th grade counselor. Ifyou have any questions or concerns, please contact her at johnsons@mtnbrook.k12.al.us.
  20. 20.  Course Selection Sheets are due to your child’s homeroom teacher by March 6, 2012. Pleasereturn these selection sheets even if parent placement meetings are still pending.
  21. 21.  Registration will be held on August 1st and 2nd, 2012. Students will receive their schedule, textbooks, buy supplies and pay fees at registration. Make up registration is August 13, 2012.
  22. 22.  OpenHouse for parents will be on August 16, 2012.
  23. 23.  Registration- August 1st and 2nd Make-up Registration- August 13th Spartan Day- August 8th First Day of School- August 14th Open House- August 16th