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unsuck@marketing webinar


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A marketing mind-shift for entrepreneurs, coaches, change-agents and solopreneurs who believe they ‘suck at marketing' …

A marketing mind-shift for entrepreneurs, coaches, change-agents and solopreneurs who believe they ‘suck at marketing'

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What Others Have Said:
“Wow, I was hugely impressed with the webinar last night. I must say I have never thought marketing could be that simple!” – Hannalee, Wedding Photographer

“I would like to thank you for an excellent and informative webinar last night. It was packed with tons of value and I have certainly gained a LOT by attending. You assured me in your LinkedIn invitation that I would benefit by attending and I have to give it to you Mike; I did and again thanks a mil to you.” – Ruan, Online Entrepreneur

“I need to really thank you from the bottom of my heart for this webinar. I’m in tears……….. because for once it feels like I received an answer after a very uncertain time in my business.” – Charlene, Maternity and Baby Photographer

“Shew, what a webinar! I don’t really know what to say except for the fact that I have some homework to do! Lots and lots of homework to do! I don’t think you realise how much your help and advice means to me and that makes up for hearing the positive criticism – In the end it us going to help me tons!” - Juanette, Wedding and Lifestyle Photographer

Published in: Business, News & Politics

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  • 1. a marketing mind-shift for entrepreneurs, coaches, change-agents and solopreneurs who believe they ‘suck at marketing’ With Andi Brand & Michael Haupt www.MichaelHaupt.comFor a live version with sound, go to
  • 2. Andi’s MarketingStoryThree Questions to Ask:1. Why do you do what you do?2. How can you help the greatest number of people in the most effective way?3. Who is my exact target audience?
  • 3. Quick Marketing Poll How many marketing books have you read in the past 2 years? The best way to learn marketing is to read as widely as possible. For a huge collection of highly recommended marketing mentors and their material, go to: or Google: marketing legends
  • 4. Mike’s MarketingStory Wasn’t born a marketer Background in technology – ran large implementation projects Learnt to sell professional services Learnt online marketing in 2006 Very widely read (over 200 marketing classics)
  • 5. Common Marketing Myths1. Doing any marketing at all, is better than doing nothing.2. The best marketing presents a company and/or its products as beautiful, creative or sexy.3. For marketing to be effective, you have to use and have a deep knowledge of the latest tools.4. Everybody needs my product/service.5. People always buy where they get the cheapest price.6. We’re in a recession, so business is bad for everyone.
  • 6. Common Marketing Myth: 1Doing anymarketingat all, isbetter thandoingnothing.
  • 7. Common Marketing Myth: 2The bestmarketingpresents acompany and/orits products asbeautiful,creative or sexy.
  • 8. Common Marketing Myth: 3Formarketing tobe effective,you have touse the latesthigh tech,complicatedtools andplatforms.
  • 9. Common Marketing Myth: 4Everybody needs my product or service.
  • 10. Common Marketing Myth: 5Peoplealways buywhere theyget thecheapestprice.
  • 11. Common Marketing Myth: 6We’re in arecession,so businessis bad foreveryone.
  • 12. Myth-Busting Tips1. Become a marketing spendthrift2. Focus on helping people3. Have a story to tell4. Define your customer as narrowly as possible5. Add value, don’t reduce price6. Have a mindset of abundance
  • 13. Myth-Busting Tip: 1Become amarketingspendthriftWebsiteLinkedInTargetedmessages viaLinkedIn
  • 14. Myth-Busting Tip: 2Focus onhelping Derek Sivers:people Don’t pursue business for your own gain – only answer the calls for help.
  • 15. Myth-Busting Tip: 3Have a story to tellAll Marketersare LiarsSeth Godin
  • 16. Myth-Busting Tip: 4Define yourcustomer asnarrowly as possibleDemographicsLargest worry, fear,problem, desireWhat secrets dothey have?
  • 17. Myth-Busting Tip: 5Add value,don’treducepriceBonusesHow toGuideUpsells
  • 18. Myth-Busting Tip: 6 Have a mindset of abundance
  • 19. Case Study: DeAnna Photography
  • 20.  Above-the-Fold is valuable real estate – poorly used First impressions: 3 seconds to grab attention & engage Misperception that prospects choose photographers based on portfolio (skills). Rather differentiate & add value.
  • 21.  After the scroll No compelling CTA No differentiating proposition
  • 22.  Tell an engaging story – find your WHY “Why DeAnna?” not: Missing a picture where it’s most needed!
  • 23.  Tell the prospect WHY they should contact you Ask questions Offer something of value in exchange for email address
  • 24. DivingDeeper Need more detailed advice? Need more specifics for your business? Need your unique challenges addressed?
  • 25. Live Upcoming EventsWe run regular free online events for entrepreneurs, coaches and solopreneurs who believe they ‘suck at marketing.’To register for the next event, visit:
  • 26.