10. program flow feb 8 to 11 oct 30 copy


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ENEDA is 11 Progam_Schedules_Flow_Tenatative

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10. program flow feb 8 to 11 oct 30 copy

  1. 1. February 8, 2013, Friday - Day 1: Arrival – Early in the Morning Day / Time Venue Activity 8:00 am-12:30 noon AMIGO TERRACE Registration HOTEL 8:00 am- 9:00 SPU Iloilo - Marian Eucharistic Celebration Auditorium 9:30 am-10:30 am ROUTE TBA Parade of Schools & Delegates 10:30 am-11:00 am AMIGO TERRACE Opening of Exhibits HOTEL FOR THE EXHIBIT February 8: Day 1: 1:00 -1:15pm - ILOILO WELCOMES ENEDA DELEGATES EDUCATORS /STUDENTS/HONORABLE GUESTS 1:15 pm-2:15pm AMIGO TERRACE 1. Conference Proper; HOTEL 1. Invocation/National Anthem 2. Welcome to Iloilo: Hon. Jed Patrick Mabilog, Mayor of Iloilo City 3. Welcome Remarks and Acknowledgment of Participants/Schools: Sister Carol Agravante, President SPU Iloilo 4. Opening Remarks: Maria Luisa B. Gatchalian 5. Keynote/Talk: Keeping the Entrepreneurship Spirit Alive! a. Bam Aquino b. Dr. Virginia Resurreccion , CHED Director Region 6 - The Challenges of the Academic Community in Keeping the Entrepreneurship Spirit Alive c. Messages: Hon. Manny Villar; Manny Pangilinan; Loida Nicolas Lewis 2:15 -3:15 AMIGO TERRACE 2. Forum (Educators and Students) (Afternoon Coffee/tea; HOTEL Forum 1: Fueling and Keeping the Entrepreneurship Spirit: Iloilo way! snack) 1. Hon. Arthur Defensor, lIoilo Governor (TBA) 2. Jason Gonzales, City Councilor, I Love Iloilo Foundation: and raising the bar (TBA) 3. Jerry Guadarama, BiscochoHaus: the brand that help built Iloilo (TBA) 4. Patrick Mabilog: Fuel:technology to the world (TBA) 5. Dr. Mae Panes, Chair ,IloiloTourism Council : “For A memorable Iloilo!” February 8: DAY 1: BREAKOUT SESSION 1: EDUCATORS 3:30-5:00 pm AMIGO TERRACE 1. Forum: Investing in the New Change Makers for an HOTEL Enterprising Nation 1. Nestor O. Raneses, Director, UP ISSI (Confirmed) 2. Dr. Antonio M. Lopez, CHED, Vice-Chair Technical (Confirmed) Panel Member,Entrepreneurship Business; Director, Planning & Development Office and ENEDA Past President 3.DTI, Regional Director, Region 6 (c/o Ms/ Elsa Hufano) 4. Bam Aquino, Partners in the New Change Makers (c/o Maura Alvero) 5. Maria Luisa B. Gatchalian, President, ENEDA National SY 2011-2013 6. Diane Eustaquio, Idea Space (mbgatch) 2. ENEDA Partners in Educator and Student Development (Slide presentations; Summary of Program – 15 Minutes Documentary – c/o MC) 2.1: Institutional Supporters: ENEDA and the ENEDA is 11 a. UPISSI: Prof. Nestor O. Raneses, Director -UPISSI b. SERDEF: Dr. Paterno V. Viloria, President c. TBI Network – Entrepreneurship: Mercedes Barcelon Ayala Foundation,
  2. 2. d. Enterprise: Dr. Luis Sison UP Diliman UPCE/DOST e. Loida Nicolas Lewis – Honorary Adviser 2012 f. The Cookery, Chef Jan Viray, Chef Paul Samson) g. CHED, Dr. Antonio M. Lopez 2.2: Company Sponsors: ENEDA is 10! a. Meralco Foundation b. PLDT SME Nation c. Pascual Laboratories d. Robinsons Malls 3. ENEDA is 11 Sponsors February 8: DAY 1: BREAKOUT SESSION 2: STUDENTS 3:30 pm – 4:30 pm AMIGO TERRACE Parallel Session 2: Session for Students: 4:30 -5:00 HOTEL A. Powerful Venture Pitching (TBA)IDEASPACE 1. Diane Eustaquio, Executive Director, Ideaspace 2. Earl Valencia, Ideaspace February 8: DAY 1: BREAKOUT SESSION 3: SEARCH FOR ENEDA NATIONAL GAWAD AWARDS and COMPETITIONS 3:30 -6:00 AMIGO TERRACE Interviews/JUDGING ROOM FOR FINAL 1. Gawad ENEDA –Educators INTERVIEWING AND 2. Gawad ENEDA Student JUDGING ( 3 ROOMS) 3.Best Business Operation Practices by Students 4. Best Business Plan Presentation February 8: Day 1: RED PARTY EDUCATORS and STUDENTS 6:30 pm - 9:30 pm AMIGO TERRACE Red Party; Iloilo Cultural Evening Treat; Variety Show (YES/SPU Student Org) Dinner HOTEL The ENEDA /YES Family and Friends Part 1. Presentations of ENEDA (c/o MC) Part 2: Presentation of YES; Partner Schools ; and Affiliations with Student Organization (c/o YES National :Cheska/Josh) Part 3: Variety and Game Show (c/o YES National :Cheska/Josh)February 9, 2013: Saturday: Day 2: Arrival – Early in the Morning ; VIP/Guests (Welcome at the Airport) Day / Time Venue Activity 7:00am- 8:00 am AMIGO TERRACE HOTEL Registration nd 8:00 – 8:15 Welcome to 2 Day of the Conference 1. Trends in Entrepreneurship Education ASEAN Region and the World Slide Presentations: a. ENEDA ASEAN Delegates to Malaysia(Gatchalian and Party) b. UC-USA /Entrepreneurship Academy (Prof. Edwin Suson c. Turin, Italy/International ToTFroum Team/ILO: (Prof.Edwin Suson) d. SERDEF and ENEDA (c/o Ghia Agapay/Nice Gomez/Abi Diaz –MC) 2. ENEDA Chapters Slide Presentations: 7 to 10 min (Dr. Melchor Morandarte) 8:15-9:00 AMIGO TERRACE 3. Paper Presentations Moderators (Prof. Raem Mendoza/Dr. Eunice Areola) February 10 2012/Saturday: PARALLEL SESSIONS: APPRECATION WORKSHOPS: EDUCATORS 9:00 -11:00 AMIGO TERRACE Parallel Session 1. Organizing a Business Boot Camp
  3. 3. Presenters: Diane Eustaquio; Earl Valencia Idea Space (TBA)9:00-11:00 AMIGO TERRACE Parallel Session 2. Coaching & Mentoring Skills for Teaching Entrepreneurship Presenters: Dr. Nancy C. Bartolome/ Prof. Mary Hildence-Baluyot Facilitators: Prof. Noel Aban/Prof . Edwin Suson9:00-1I:00 AMIGO TERRACE Parallel Session 3. Global Trends in Teaching & Learning E-books for e-learning Ms. Maya Uriarte, Wiley International (TBA)9:00-11:00 AMIGO TERRACE Parallel Session 4: Guidelines and Tips in Publishing Your Work Wiley International11:00-12:00 AMIGO TERRACE PLENARY: EDUCATORsFebruary 9, 2013/Day 2: LUNCH FORUM with the CHANGE MAKERS! In Collaboration with CCII : EDUCATORS, STUDENTSAND SPECIAL GUESTS12:00 -2:00 AMIGO TERRACE HOTEL ENEDA National In Partnership with the Chamber of Commerce of Iloilo Industries Present: 1. Lunch Forum with Change Makers: The Love that Keeps the Entrepreneurship Spirit Alive a. Johnlu andMarilou Koa: French Baker, Chatime; Escada, Van Laack; Transforming the local market with international Flair (TBA) b. Alfonso and Lourdes Supetran, Head on with the giants! Pride and Pinoy! (TBA/c/o Sister Nicole) c. . Atty. Art and Mrs. Mona Serrano, Shipping, Call Center and now in Education: Seizing Opportunities (TBA) d. Tony and Grace Tan Caktiong; Keeping the Entrepreneurship Spirit Alive through its Foundation(Jollibee, Red Ribbon, Greenwich, ChowkingInasal , Real Estate and and beyond ) (TBA) e. Martin and Leah Lorenzo, Pancake House, Buy-outs and Growing Business and Linking with Education (TBA)2:30-3:30 AMIGO NATIONAL ELECTION ENEDA YES3:30-4:15 AMIGO First General Meeting/Orientation of Current 2012-2013 and Newly Elected Officers: 2013-20154:15-5:00 AMIGO First General Orientation of Newly Elected Officers6:00-9:00 AMIGO AWARDS AND CELEBRATION NIGHT Formal Attire/Barong or Coat & TieFebruary 9,2013: SATURDAY PARALLEL WORKSHOP SESSIONS: STUDENTS7:00 am-7:45 SPU Iloilo Registration Final Confirmation of Competition Registration; Teaming up and Preparation for the Workshop /Flash Competition7:45-8:15 SPU Iloilo : Marian Welcome to Conference Proper Day 2 Auditorium 1. Student Session 1: Whats is all about Entrepreneurship Students and Graduates? Part 1: 5 Minute Slide Presentation of Best Business Operations
  4. 4. Practices from Various Schools (AVP by YES National) 1a: 5 Minute Documentation: A Selection of Student Business Operations Batch 2013 From Various Schools (AVP by YES National) 1b: 5 Minute Documentation: A Selection of Entrepreneurship Graduates and Making it on their Own (AVP by YES National)8:15 – 9:15 SPU Iloilo, Marian That’s Entreptainment !with DZUP Host: Ian D Vera! 1602 – KasaliKa! Auditotiun Student Parallel Session 2: Forum/Discussion Deciding and Owning Our Future: Student Leaders Self-determination and owning our own entrepreneurial future: Special Guests: John Michael Lu; Claire Santos/Patrick MabilogPARALLEL SESSION 1: STUDENT WORKSHOP/COMPETITION9:15-11:00 SPU Iloilo Marian Mini Boot Camp TBA Auditorium,/Classrooms Student Parallel Session 3: Boot Camp Sessions Product Design and Packaging - Part 1: PRODUCT DESIGN – TBA invite Designer (30 min) TBA with Mr. Gerry Guadarama of BiscochoHaus for the workshop st nd activity (open to all; preferably 1 and 2 year; and those who will not attend the Powerful Venture Pitch)PARALLEL SESSION 2: STUDENT WORKSHOP/COMPETITION9:15-11:00 SPU Iloilo Student Parallel Session 4: Marian Auditorium POWERFUL VENTURE PITCH(Ideation and Delivery) Over-all Moderator: CapSU, MarkVillamor ; UST: Prof. Edwin Suson; MC: TJ Macapagal; Ian de Vera Facilitators: SPU Student Organization; SJE-MCl; UPV-JES; Treston; UST (Note: To decide only 2 Venture Pitch Theme out of the 5 themes presented below) Venture Pitch 1: MEMORABLE ILOILO Event Concept for Iloilo Judges: SPU HRM/Tourism; I love Iloilo Foundation (2 Judges) + 1 ENEDA Officer (1 judge) Venture Pitch 2: AFFORDABLE WELLNESS Wellness Clinic for the Masses Judges: SPU College of Nursing; Business; Ideaspace + 1 ENEDA Officer Venture Pitch 3: YOUTH FOR GOOD BUSINESS Creating a student center where profit and values work together Judges: UPV Enterprise Club, MilynLeghid and judge); I Love Iloilo Foundation + 1 ENEDA Officer Venture Pitch 4: BARKADA FUN Create a package tour for college students: Destination is your own province or hometown – Market your province to college students! Judges: CapSU; Iloilo Tourism + 1 ENEDA Officer Venture Pitch 5: DIGITAL YOUTH Develop a new mobile application that would make an impact to the lives of a particular market segment; age group; or profession; or
  5. 5. families; or students etc 11:00-11:30 SPU Iloilo - Marian STUDENT PLENARY Auditorium February 9, 2013/Day 2: 12:00-2:00 AMIGO TERRACE HOTEL LUNCH FORUM with the CHANGE MAKERS! In Collaboration with CCII; EDUCATORS, STUDENTS AND SPECIAL GUESTS 2:00-2:45 AMIGO TERRACE HOTEL ELECTION 2:45-3:30 AMI TERRACE HOTEL First General Meeting/Orientation of YES National Officers 2013-2014 Snacks 3:30-onwards AMIGO TERRACE Practice for the Awards and Celebration Night HOTEL 6:00 -9:30 AMIGO TERRACE HOTEL AWARDS and CELEBRATION NIGHT Educators and StudentsFebruary 10, 2013, Day 3: Sunday: Explore Your Own – Iloilo orGuimaras Day / Time Activity 6:00 -1:00pm Your Own Choice: Memorable Guimaras Iloilo Payola to Memorable Iloilo: Visits to Business Establishments/Agencies/ Cultural Heritage-Churches/Ancestral Guimaras Houses Ferry boat to Day Trip 1: Guimaras Island: Trappist Monk Church/Pasalubong Business Model; Mango Research Guimaras Institute; Sibunag Seaweed Farmers Association (This is being arranged with the Office of the Governor on Tourism Then back to Iloilo og Guimaras) at 1:00 pm Package: TBA – Travel to Guimaras IslandRanging from P750.00- P850.00 (Limited only) 1. Thanksgiving Mass: Trappist Monk Monastery: YES/MC and SPU Student Org 2. Brunch at the Monastery or at the Fiesta Fare at the Provincial Capitol Grounds - TBA 3. Mango Research Institute TBA (Lecture/)Demonstration ) 4. Sibunag Seaweed Farmers TBA (Product Demonstration) 5. BFAR – Guimaras (Product/Showcase : TBA) To Guimaras Ferry Back to Iloilo (30 minutes from Iloilo Payola to Guimaras pier /and back) Depending on your schedules and flights you may explore Iloilo City in the afternoon Memorable Iloilo: Visits to Business Establishments/Agencies/ Cultural Heritage Explore Your Own (EYO) Day Trip 2: Cultural Heritage: Iloilo City and Miag- ao; Food Trips Explore on Your Own: Historical Attractions (Arranged by Iloilo City Tourism/ or on foot of by local transportation/jeeps) Plaza Libertad, Iloilo City. Where the flag of the First Philippine Republic was raised in triumph after Spain surrendered Iloilo on December 25, 1898. La Villa De Arevalo, 6 kms. southwest of Iloilo city proper. 2nd capital of the Alcaldia of Panay; flower village of Iloilo City. Jaro, 3 kms. from city proper. Old colonial houses of sugar barons and Hispano-Filipino houses of the elite still stand; seat of Catholicism in Western Visayas. Jaro Belfry, Jaro. Ruined by 1948 earthquake ,but now restored. One of the few belfries in the country that stands apart from the church. Guimbal Watchtowers, Guimbal. 29 kms. southwest of Iloilo city proper; called "bantayan", built to warn the people of pirates. MiagaoChurch,Miag-ao, 40 kms. southwest of Iloilo city proper. Built in 1786; declared as national landmark in 1973; in UNESCOs World Heritage List. Sta. Barbara Church, Sta. Barbara, 16 kms. North of Iloilo city proper. Neo-classical church where Gen. Delgado convened the junta that raised the first cry of revolution against Spain; made of red brick and coral stones.
  6. 6. Iloilo Golf and Country Club, Sta. Barbara, 16 kms. north of Iloilo city proper. 18 holes, 37-hectare golf course built in 1907; oldest in the Philippines. San Joaquin Church, San Joaquin, 53 kms. Southwest of Iloilo city proper. Sports a bas-relief of historic battle between Christians and Moors of Morocco in Tetuan in 1859. Tigbauan Church, Tigbauan, 22 kms southwest of Iloilo city proper. Baroque facade; site of first Jesuit school for boys in the Philippines established in 1592. Panay Liberation Marker, Tigbauan, 23 kms. Southwest of Iloilo city proper. Commemorates American liberation of Panay from the Japanese in 1945. Iloilo City downtown area - Has buildings that date back during the Spanish and American colonial periods. MuelleLoney, Iloilo Citys waterfront named after Nicholas Loney, father of the Phil. Sugar Industry; opened to foreign trade in 1855. Molo District, Iloilo City. Known as Chinese quarters of Iloilo during Spanish times. Japanese Fortification, Cabatuan. Built by Japanese as a lookout for enemies. Guimbal Church, Guimbal. Yellow sandstone church built by Fr. CamposFebruary 11, 2013, Monday: Working Staff Only: ENEDA /YES Conference Officers: General Meeting/Documentation/Wrap up Day / Time Venue Activity 8:00 -1:30 pm AMIGO TERRACE HOTEL Breakfast General Meeting of EXEC Co and Conference Working Team Lunch Workshop Documentation; Audit; Evaluation and Wrap up 2:00 Check-out Prepare for Flight Back to Manila