Integrating technology in the classroom through the

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  • 1. Maria Benitez
    Integrating Technology in theClassroom Through the use of Multimedia
  • 2. Using Multimedia
    Helps students create stories and share ideas
    Digital storytelling by using a computer
    Examples are iMovies and a video editing program
  • 3. Procedure
    Students self reflect or inquire a memory of a special place feelings and attitudes to write about.
    This is done to inspire and encourage students to write.
    Have students create a visual representation of topic
  • 4. Hands on Approach
    Have students draw, paint or create a collage using KidPix computer software program.
    This empowers the reader to better understand.
  • 5. Different Types of Multimedia
    Students can use digital scanner or a camcorder to recorder their story.
  • 6. Digital Storytelling
    This type process promotes students to assist in peer coaching.
    Enables them to help each other in the editing process of their story.
    Student also embrace feedback from teachers.
  • 7. Another Type of Multimedia
    Microsoft Power Point serve as a means for presenting assignments.
    Students are also able to express their thoughts and display their skills and become creative.
    Students can include images, visual, and sound as part of their presentation.
  • 8. Technology across the Content Areas
    The use of technology can also be carried across Reading, Math , Science and Social Studies.
    Students are also able to utilize technology in any course.
    Writing is utilize throughout the content areas.
    Using technology assisting students with this process in ways they do not realize.
  • 9. Benefits of Using Technology
    Teachers and Districts encourage students to participate by testing their abilities and limits to become critical thinkers.
    Students are becoming creative in the use of technology.
    They also gain experience as they manipulate these types of computer programs and multimedia resources.
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